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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 6/28/06

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Written By Siri

Reva – Inside the Light

“Finish Line”

At the Lighthouse and voice quivering, Reva reads a note to Josh telling him she sees his face in her mind. She thinks about seeing him at Company working on his project. She stands outside Company and longs for him. At the cabin, she stands outside and watches him in the living room. The note goes on to explain that she is going to Minnesota for surgery and possible experimental treatment. She tells him that she will explain why he can’t be there to support her and that it is time for her to handle things on her own. She ends the note, “I love you with all that I am…Reva”. Reva looks so sad, but determined. Josh turns off the porch light as Billy walks up and asks her if she is ready. She nods and whispers, “See you, Bud”. On the airplane, Reva looks around as Billy sleeps. She whispers again, “Goodbye Springfield”.

Reva and Billy arrive at the cancer center and Reva negatively critiques the place. She tells Billy that she doesn’t feel like one of them. Billy takes her to her room and Billy tells her he will get some sandwiches and shakes for them. Reva tells him that he just needs to go and Billy tells her that he will be damned and will not leave. Billy starts to cry and cracks jokes. He stops crying and tells her that he wants to do things for her, but Reva stays strong and tells him that he needs to be her link back in Springfield. Billy hugs her and tells her that she will get better. Reva tears up and Billy leaves.

Reva walks into her room and looks around. Suddenly, a woman wearing a turban walks in and tells Reva that she must know somebody to get such a nice room. Reva is nervous and tells the woman that she is there for procedures just like anyone else. The woman is rude and tells Reva to save it for someone who cares. Reva becomes irritated and tells the woman that she, too, has cancer and doesn’t have to be nice to her. The woman insults Reva’s wig and Reva tells the woman that all she is missing with that turban is a patch on her eye and a parrot on her shoulder. The woman bursts out laughing and tells Reva she likes her. They introduce themselves and the woman’s name is Tracey. Reva asks how things work around the place and Tracey tells her it is her fourth time there and the staff are so good, especially Joe, who gives sponge baths. Reva trills her tongue. Tracey asks where her “man” is and Reva starts to cry and tells her that she really doesn’t want to get into anything. Tracey apologizes and Reva tells her that she is hiding from the people who love her. Tracey takes off her turban and approaches Reva to take off her wig. Reva halts and tells her that she isn’t ready. Tracey tells her that neither have time to fool themselves. Reva looks in the mirror and takes off her wig. Tracey tells her she looks terrible and Reva disagrees. Tracey laughs and says, “No, you don’t”. Tracey asks what type of treatment she is having and Reva says lymph node surgery and possibly Stem Cell treatment. Tracey tells her that she is glad she is there and Reva tells her that they both will be okay. Tracey says, “Really”? They hold hands and cry.

At the motel, Billy reaches in the drawer and finds a Bible. He holds the Bible and looks up to the Heavens. “I know a good person who needs your help”, he talks to G-d. Billy begs G-d to bring back Reva to all.

Back at her room and during the late night, Reva wakes up and finds the staff working on Tracey who appears unconscious. The monitor reveals a flat-line and they take Tracey away on a stretcher. Reva looks terrified and confused and goes back to her bed. In the morning, Reva asks where Tracey is and the nurse tells her she will find out. Reva looks worried and whispers, “Hang in there, Tracey”. Suddenly, Josh walks up and places a hand on her shoulder. Reva starts to cry and tells him that she doesn’t want to be “her” right now. Josh looks so sweet and tells her that when her time comes, she will have people around who she can count on. Reva asks him if she was stupid to be like him; self sacrificial. Josh tells her no. Reva asks him if he ever thought what his life would have been without her and Josh laughs and tells her, “It would have been simpler”. Josh tells her that she didn’t give him a chance to help her. They talk about her having cancer and how she couldn’t tell him. Josh tells her to stop beating herself up. She tells him that she is sorry and Josh tells her that he loves her. He says, “You’re going to make it”, and they kiss. She goes to retrieve her list to read to him, turns around, and realizes Josh was never there. A knock on the door and a shocked Reva finds Colin standing there.

Returning to Springfield and at Company, Billy and Josh talk about the project. Josh is really working hard on the miniature building and finally asks Billy if Reva got off okay. Billy tells him that he (Josh) knows Reva and to trust him (Billy). Josh tells him that he (Billy) knows what is going on and congratulations. Billy says, “I’m not going to do this with you”, and walks out the door. Josh looks very irritated.

Back at the cancer center, Colin tells Reva she looks good and everything is a go for the surgery. She asks him about Tracey and the trouble she was having last night. Colin says, “Tracey? I’m sorry, Reva, she didn’t make it”. Reva looks numb and says, “I didn’t realize she was so sick”. Reva quickly changes the subject and gets the list of “10 things to do before I die”. She tells him that he will help her complete the list. Later, Reva is dressed and ready to proceed with the list. He tells her that he isn’t there because he cares, but that it is his job. She tells him to just sit and read the list. He starts, “Number one. Did you ever buy your mother the fur coat”? She tells him she did, but her mother left it in the closet. He asks if she went to the Rivera and she says no, she doesn’t think so. He proceeds with that she wanted to kiss David Cassidy and then he laughs. Colin gives up on reading the list and she tells him that he cannot give up on a dying woman’s last request. He takes the list again and tells her that he will help if she will be honest about how she feels. She says, “I don’t want to be Tracey for a very long time”. He tells her that maybe they can knock off a few things on the list. He finally tells her that David Cassidy is playing in a club down the street. Reva is so excited and says it will be great. She drags him to the club and Colin serves her a drink. Reva is excited just like a little girl. Colin looks so out of place. Reva tells him that he has to get the “man” to come to her so she can kiss him. Colin tells her this plan sounds like something Lucy and Ethel would dream up. Reva shakes her finger in his face and says “I want that kiss”. Later, Colin tells her that David Cassidy is sick and will not be playing tonight. Reva is so disappointed and suddenly the music, “I Think I Love You” starts playing. Colin grabs a microphone and starts performing Karaoke to the song. Reva is elated. Colin really plays the room and sings (very off-key). The patrons start clapping in rhythm to the music. Reva sings along, too. Colin starts jumping around and takes another drink of his beer. Everyone gives him a round of applause and Reva giggles like a little girl.

Back at the cancer center the next morning, Colin tells Reva no more for he was up all night waiting for the talent police to arrest him for being a bad singer. Reva laughs at him. She tells him the next project he will be okay doing. She gets him to help her make a video for her children. She talks to Marah and Shayne and tells them she is proud of them. Reva tries not to cry during the video and Colin watches all of this. She tells Jonathan that he taught her more about forgiveness than anyone and that he has a baby coming. She tells him to do the right thing. She ends talking to Josh and tells him that he is the love of her life. Reva looks so sad, but is able to tell him that they have walked hand-in-hand in the journey of life. She tells him that she has been blessed having him as her partner. Colin looks moved with her words. Reva ends the video and says, “That’s it. Bye, everyone”. She becomes very emotional and tells Colin to turn off the video.

Next, Colin takes a blind-folded Reva to the race track. She is ecstatic to see, hear and smell the race track, bringing back memories of her childhood with her dad, Hawk. They walk hand-in-hand to the track itself and she is amazed at the cars. Suddenly, Travis Kvapil walks up and Reva is so excited. She introduces him to Colin. Travis gives her a suit and asks if she wants to take the car for a spin. Reva is so excited, takes the suit, and tells Colin she will see him at the finish line. Reva, dressed in her racing suit, receives instructions on racing. With the Country music playing, Reva helps the pit crew, change tires, hugs the crew, and runs around like a kid. Even Colin gets his mug in the camera. They all act silly and have a good time. Then, Reva gets in the car and takes it around the track. She speeds like a demon around and around the track. Colin gives her thumbs up and he and Travis wave at her as she comes around. Reva is having a blast on the track. She stops short of the checked line, Colin applauds her, she lifts her visor, revealing only her eyes, as she stares at the...Finish Line.

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