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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 6/27/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

At their wedding, Mallet and Dinah dance and kiss. He does the dip with her and tells her that he thinks Harley looks hot in her dress. She tells him that it is their wedding and how dare he talk about Harley. He tells her he isn’t obsessed with Harley and then steps on Dinah’s foot. She tells him that he needs to be paying more attention and he tells her that she is awfully klutzy for someone who was raised in a circus. She gets mad and tells him that she was raised in a carnival and that she developed very good skills like knife-throwing. She picks up a knife and they start to wrestle. They back up to the edge of the balcony and suddenly, both fall screaming over the edge. Suddenly, Dinah wakes up with a start in her bed at home. She gets up and goes to find Mallet who is up and tells her he had a weird dream. She tells him that she did, too. They embrace and kiss as someone is watching them through the greenery on the balcony.

Outside Company, Marina receives a bouquet of roses from Alan-Michael. The note attached instructs her to meet him at his place. Marina throws the roses away. Remy walks up and she asks him about interrogation techniques. She asks how to interrogate someone you know and that it’s hard to “put the screws to him”. Remy tells her that she needs to use this to her advantage and the person will think she is on his side.

At the Beacon, Frank and Olivia awake. He tells her that she is beautiful and that he could look at her forever. She kisses him and tells him that he needs to get going. He tells her that he has to help Buzz with morning shift. She asks him if he has the brochure for the estates for she wants to look at the houses. He finds one and gladly gives it to her.

At the site of the construction of Harley’s house, Gus works on the building. Buzz arrives and tells him that if Harley knew he was drug-free, she would come back home. Gus tells him that he needs more time. Gus says he has to leave. Harley walks in, unnoticed.

Back at their apartment, Dinah shows Mallet a wedding-planning workbook. He tells her they have all they need to know now. She tells him to fill out a personal profile to identify their tastes in how to create the perfect wedding. Mallet protests, but says he will do it. After Mallet leaves, Dinah reads through the profile and fills out the process. There is a knock at the door and it is Harley. Dinah says, “Oh, welcome back”. Harley finds the wedding stuff and is excited that Dinah and Mallet will be married. Dinah worries about the small stuff and asks her if she has seen Gus. She tells her that she went into the “Tough Love” approach and needs to keep it up. She does ask how Gus is and Dinah tells her that he was a wreck and actually had a car wreck. She also tells her that it served as a wake-up call and has quit the pills. Harley is skeptical and Dinah tells her that Gus is determined. Harley agrees and says she wishes she could believe things will be different. Dinah tells her the “Tough Love” thing is working and Harley says that maybe she should just go back to Europe then. Dinah tells her no and that now Gus needs her love and support. Dinah tells her that to put back a relationship is hard work, but to lose the person is hard to deal with. Harley cries and tells her that she saw him at the construction site and watched him work. She tells Dinah that she needs to go and Dinah tells her to call her. Harley asks her to not tell anyone she is in town and Dinah says she won’t. They giggle about Dinah and Mallet getting married. After Harley leaves, Dinah grabs the wedding planning book and leaves.

Back at the construction site, Olivia walks up and asks for anybody to help her for her car broke down. As she dials the cell phone, she starts to fall. Buzz quickly catches a startled Olivia. They just look at each other and say hi. As they lay on the ground, she tells him her car broke down. They look awkward and finally he tells her he can take her to town on his bike. He finds the brochure about the estates and she tells him Frank wants to do this. She tells him that she hasn’t agreed to do this, but keeps thinking about it. She also tells him the houses with fences are nice, but she doesn’t really like them. Buzz tells her to take down the fences then tells her that in her heart, she knows what makes her happy. They just look at each other.

At Company, Gus asks Frank if he can have his job back. Frank tells him it is too soon and Gus tells him that he thinks he is ready. Frank asks how long he has been off the pills and Gus says a little over a week. Frank tells him to ask again when he’s been off the pills for over a month and that he really thinks all he wants is to get his sister back. Frank tells him that he has only been sober a week and that he needs a lot of convincing. Mallet lurks nearby and eavesdrops. Gus says, “Hey partner, long time no see”. Mallet tells him he looks good. Gus tells him that he knows he overheard the conversation with Frank. Gus tells him to just hit him. He screams at Mallet to hit him and says that he almost got him killed and kissed his girlfriend. He screams and begs Mallet to hit him. Suddenly, Dinah walks in and punches Gus in the face. “You said you wanted it you just got it; I think you were apologizing, right”, Dinah yells. Gus says, “Part of the recovery is to make amends to people”. Mallet tells him that Gus tried to goad him to hit him. Dinah says, “You know something? Next time you say I’m sorry, I’m assuming there will not be a next time”. She tells them to play nice and adds, “Understand me”? Neither say anything and she screams, “I’M SORRY, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME”? She tells Gus to go home, get back with Harley, and quit bugging everyone out. Gus rapidly exits and Mallet tells her that she is hot when she’s tough.

Marina visits Alan-Michael at his apartment. He tells her she looks great. He has prepared a candle-lit dinner for two. She tells him that she doesn’t believe in his fancy promises and that if he means his word, he needs to prove it. Alan-Michael tells her that Harley publicly humiliated him but he came back. She tells him that she is trying to pour out her heart to him and he laughs. She tells him that she is leaving and he stops her and apologizes. She tells him that she fell for him right away and that he played her. She tells him she understands he wants the Company, but not to hurt her. She tells him he has to choose her or the Company and to forget about his dream to run Spaulding. Alan-Michael stares at her and tells her to ask anything else. She tells him there is no middle ground with this and that she will leave. Alan-Michael tells her that if he does this, he will regret it all his life. Marina tells him to stop for she understands and that he is dreaming if he thinks he will get the Company back. She also tells him that he has no leverage inside the Company. He receives a phone call, leaves, and tells the caller to not erase the emails for there is an adorable redhead who is very eager to read them. Meanwhile, Marina phones Dinah and leaves a message that she has Alan-Michael right where she wants him.

Back outside Company, Frank phones and leaves a message for Olivia telling her that he cannot wait to talk with her about the brochures. Back at the construction site, Olivia looks at Buzz’s bike and tells him that she really wants to be happy with Frank. Buzz agrees, looks at her tenderly, and tells her he thinks she is terrific. He stares at her and tells her that he thinks very highly of and knows her. She starts to tear and turns away. Buzz wipes the tears from her face and she says, “You do know me”. Buzz doesn’t say anything and she quickly asks him to give her a ride on the bike. She giggles and tells him that once they get to Company, she wants a Buzz Burger. They get on the bike, she wraps her arms around him, and Buzz lets out a long breath. After they arrive at Company, both are giggly about the ride. Frank walks out and asks if she and Buzz went for a ride. She tells him her car broke down. Buzz looks disappointed and leaves. Frank tells her that he phoned the realtor and that the house is still available. She tells him they can tear down the fence and he tells her there is nothing wrong with a fence. She kisses him, Buzz walks in, and his and Olivia’s eyes meet.

Dinah and Mallet go home and both giggle about her punching Gus. They show one another the profile, Mallet lights candles and turns on the romantic music. Suddenly, Dinah announces, “Honey, you’re a stag and I’m a sea turtle”. Mallet says, “What? English, please”. She tells him they are incompatible and shouldn’t marry. He kisses her and tells her they ARE compatible.

As the closing Blues music plays….

At Alan-Michael’s apartment, he gives Marina one of her favorite chocolate covered cherries.

At their apartment, Dinah and Mallet make love.

At Company, Frank and Olivia kiss as Buzz looks on longingly. As he leaves the room, he turns and casts one last look at Olivia.

At the construction site, Harley mutters to herself about how she wants to be with Gus but it is too soon. Suddenly, Gus returns and Harley hides. He putters around the

site and looks for something to do. Gus searches for his hammer which Harley has. Harley places it in view, but keeps herself hidden and Gus finally finds the hammer as Harley peeks out from behind a wall. She watches as he puts in a window. Gus sighs and looks sad as does Harley.

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