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Guiding Light Update Monday 6/26/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

At her home, Lizzie falls to the floor and screams in agony. She tells Tammy something is wrong with the baby. Lizzie continues to scream about the pain and how her life is so messed up. She tells Tammy that she should be shopping for baby stuff and married to Coop and says, “I am all alone”. Tammy tells her that she has to take care of Jonathan’s baby and everything isn’t about her anymore. She tells Lizzie that she must go to the hospital and helps her out the door.

At Company, Beth and Alan come in. They watch Coop and Ava at the bar. Alan tells her they have more things to worry about than young Henry and Beth tells him that Lizzie begged him to help her get Coop back. Alan tells her to trust him for Elizabeth will be content and the baby will be protected and safe. Meanwhile, Coop tells Ava that he hoped there would be at least one week where there was a Spaulding-free day. She tells him she will wait on them and he tells her maybe they should just leave for Lyn can take care of Company. She asks where they will go and he tells her that Harley asked him to do a favor for her. They leave. Cassie and Blake arrive. Blake tells her that she wants to talk about the Fourth of July celebrations where Jeffrey is a part of the project. Cassie barely listens and Blake notices. Cassie says, “Have you ever had something just sneak in your head and no matter what you do you can’t get it out”? Blake, with an all-knowing look in her eye, says, “Something or someone”? Cassie looks at her and is surprised.

At the cabin, Reva packs to leave and Josh asks her where she is going. She tells him there is a story in Minnesota and could be her comeback to WSPR, so will go there and maybe visit her father and Marah and Dillon. He asks her if she will go alone and when she decided this. She answers only the second question that she has thought about it for a while. Josh tells her it doesn’t make sense and that she is the most important thing in his life. Reva has a hard time facing him, tells him that the Veteran’s project is the most important thing in his life and needs to focus on that; not wondering if she will be around. He snaps at her and tells her she doesn’t get to leave and adds, “You need to tell me what the hell is going on”. She tells him he is reading too much into this. He tells her that she might be pulling away from him again for she missed the TV interview, the hospital fund-raiser, pulled out of the trip to Chicago…..she interrupts and tells him that she has had a lot going on with Jonathan. He tells her that she keeps thinking of things that she doesn’t want him helping her with. Finally, Reva raises her hand for him to stop and tells him it is personal. Josh looks hurt and tells her he is sorry for over-stepping his boundaries. Reva tells him the sooner she can take care of things, the sooner she will be back to him. She adds there is no way to make him understand. Josh raises his voice and tells her he understands just fine. “You’re selfish”, Josh bellows. Reva turns her back to him, her mouth wide open.

Back at Company, Blake asks Cassie what is going on and Cassie tells her to drop it. Blake says she doesn’t think so and also tells her that she can help her if she is having the wrong feelings for the wrong guy. Cassie tells her that is the problem and Blake asks who the guy is. Billy walks in and Cassie looks towards him. Blake asks, “Billy”? Cassie tells her no, but she is close. Blake looks shocked and says, “Josh? Are you saying you have a thing for Josh”? Cassie giggles nervously and says, “Yes”.

At the site of the construction of Harley’s house, Coop playfully chases Ava around. They kiss and talk about making plans. She talks about the fact they made a baby-ready nursery and suddenly, Coop looks melancholy. He becomes tender and tells her how brave she has been through all of this. They kiss some more and tell each other they have no regrets.

At Cedars, Lizzie cries in pain. The doctor tells her it is false labor and Tammy asks if the baby is all right. The doctor connects Lizzie to a monitor and tells her once they can stop labor, the baby will be okay. He asks Lizzie if they can contact the baby’s father and Lizzie says, “No, that won’t be necessary”. Tammy interrupts and says, “Yes, I’ll call him”. Lizzie shoots her a ‘shut-up’ glance. Lizzie begs Tammy not to call Jonathan and tells her the baby is fine. Tammy tells her that Jonathan needs to know what is going on. Lizzie asks why she cares and Tammy tells her she may hate what Jonathan did, but she still loves him. Tammy leaves to phone Jonathan and Lizzie tells her doctor she made a mistake. She asks him to phone the father and says, “Here’s the number and his name is Henry Cooper Bradshaw”. Meanwhile, at the construction site, Coop receives a phone call and answers saying, “Hello? Yes, what happened? Is she okay”? Outside the hospital, Tammy makes a phone call and asks for Jonathan at Outskirts. The person tells her that Jonathan left leaving no message.

Back at Company, Alan tells Beth that Jonathan has left town. She suddenly gets giddy and asks him if he made it happen. Alan gloats. She asks how this will help Lizzie and he tells her that the baby will lack for nothing. She tells him, “Except a father”. She asks what if daddy John wants back in the picture. Alan says with a smile on his face, “He won’t. He’s not coming back EVER again”. Beth asks him if he got rid of Jonathan and says, “Did you literally get rid of him”? Alan says, “Would you be upset if I said, yes”? She answers, “Would you be upset if I said, no”? They both laugh and he tells her that he made Jonathan an offer he couldn’t refuse. Beth tells him that unless he ships Tammy off, too, he will come back for her. Alan tells her he won’t and she forgets how persuasive he can be. Meanwhile, Cassie tells Blake it isn’t what she thinks. She tells her that she isn’t in love with Josh and Blake tells her that he is just etched in her brain. Cassie tells her that Josh has been there for her and she has gotten use to his support or something. Blake says, “Or something”. Cassie tells her that Josh and Reva are meant to be together and Blake asks her if she dreams about Josh. Cassie says she does and thinks about him, too. She tells Blake that she cannot be in love with Josh.

At the cabin, Josh asks Reva if she will just leave and to hell with what he thinks. She says she just cannot NOT go. Josh tells her she better get packing and suddenly, Billy walks in and tells Reva they need to get a move on. Josh looks irritated all over again and says, “You’re going away with him”? Billy and Reva say nothing. Billy finally walks on in and tells Josh he is only taking her to the airport. Josh laughs and asks where the first stop will be. Reva continues to make up another lie and Josh, very sarcastically asks if she will take in a Twins game and shop a little. He starts yelling and tells Reva that she not only told his brother about what she is planning, she booked a flight somewhere before telling him what is going on. He says, “How do I not take that as a slap in the face”? Reva tells him very quietly that she is sorry. Billy shakes his head and tells him it will not be that long. Josh says, “Have a wonderful time”. He tells Reva that he has a life, too, and has taken on a big project thinking she was going to be a part of it. Reva, hurt written all over her face, says, “You know what I think about this project”. He interrupts her and tells her that she says one thing and does another. He ends the conversation and says, “You have a plane to catch. I’ll see you when I see you, unless of course, you decide not to come back”. Josh walks out the door and leaves Reva sobbing in Billy’s arms. Billy tells her that everything will be okay and she asks him if he thinks she is being selfish. He tells her no, but that she is going about this all wrong. Reva explains that she cannot tell Josh because of this project. Billy asks, “Suppose he never sees you again and Josh realizes the last time he had an opportunity to spend time with you, he got mad and walked out”. He tells her that every time Josh thinks about the project, he will think of this. Reva cries and tells him that she is coming home and when she does, she will tell Josh the whole story. Billy looks at her and nods.

Back at Company, Cassie tells Blake to quit looking at her like that. She tells her that what she feels for Josh is craziness for she wanted Reva and Josh together. Blake tells her the reason for that was to keep her (Cassie) from making a move on Josh. Cassie tells Blake that everyone loves Josh. Suddenly, Josh walks in the room, exasperation written on his face. Blake tells Cassie to call her if she needs help. Cassie tells her she is perfectly fine. She and Josh lock eyes. Josh has coffee with Cassie and they discuss the project. He asks why Blake left so quickly and Cassie says she doesn’t know. Josh is short and curt and cannot focus. Cassie looks at him funny and asks if Reva is going to handle some of the issues. He stops her and tells her that Reva must leave town. He looks very sad and Cassie asks, “You mean, Reva just left. Where did she go”? He gets very quiet and tells her, “A lot of places”. She says this is weird and he tells her that he can’t explain anything. He also tells her that he has a lot of things to do and cannot wait for Reva. He adds, “We have a lot of things to do and it is just you and me now, Cassie”.

Back at the construction site, Coop tells Ava the hospital called him by mistake. He flits around the site and tells Ava that the baby is not his and maybe he needs to phone Cedars to call Jonathan instead. She asks him if he wants to go and he tells her that he is having ridiculous feelings. She tells him again that if he wants to go, she will go with him. He takes her hand and they leave together.

At Cedars, Lizzie asks Tammy if she called Jonathan and she tells her no for Jonathan left town. Lizzie tells her it was all too much for him and adds “Good riddance”. Tammy asks where Jonathan could have gone. Beth and Alan arrive and Beth asks if Lizzie is okay. Alan asks if Tammy upset Lizzie and she tells him that Tammy brought her to the hospital. Lizzie tells them that she and the baby are all better and she wants to go home. Tammy tells Alan that Jonathan will not hurt Lizzie or the baby for he left town. Alan says, sarcastically, “Really. He walked out on his own child; I guess that fits his character well, doesn’t it”.

Tammy rolls her eyes and leaves to make a phone call. “Hi, it’s me. I’m at Cedars. I brought Lizzie to the emergency room”, Tammy says. “Could you come over, I need you”, she ends the conversation. Lizzie asks when she can get out of the hospital and Alan and Beth tell her that she needs to think about the baby. Lizzie tells them that is all she does and when can she think about her? Alan tells her they need to cheer her up and kisses Lizzie. She tells them to make her happy would be to get Coop back for she wants him to help take care of the baby. Alan tells her that Coop would be here if that were true and leaves the room. Beth leaves, too.

Meanwhile, in the hallway of Cedars, Coop arrives with Ava. Beth acts very surprised and excited and tells Coop to go on in and visit, but adds that Ava cannot come in. Coop asks if she minds and Ava shakes her head, no. Lizzie turns to see Coop who tells her she looks good. Lizzie tells him he should have been here an hour ago. Coop listens to the heartbeat and she tells him that Jenna is glad he is here. Coop tells her that he felt he had to come over and says it is weird that he cannot shake the feeling that the baby is his. Lizzie smiles and tells him that maybe the three of them need to be together. Lizzie tells him even with the pain, she was terrified about losing the person that means the world to her. Coop tells her that he thought the baby was out of danger and Lizzie says, “I was talking about you, Coop”. In the hallway, Cassie rushes in to console Tammy. Tammy tells her that Jonathan is gone without warning. Cassie tells her that she used to pray for Jonathan to leave Springfield but never thought he would. Tammy cries and tells Cassie that she seems so real. Cassie asks, “Lizzie”? Tammy says, “The baby”. She tells her mom that Jonathan didn’t leave just her; he left the baby, too. Cassie tells her that Jonathan says he loves her but left her and his unborn daughter and how could she be with a guy that could do this. Tammy says, “I’d never stand for it”.

Back at the cabin, Reva tells Billy that in Minnesota at the clinic, she might have to haul out her Tina Turner outfit and laughs. She tells him that she isn’t ready to give up yet. They laugh back and forth. She looks around the cabin and touches the mantel. She looks at a picture of Josh and says, “Think he’ll wait for me”? Billy tells her that Josh has waited his whole life for her and will wait a few more weeks.

Meanwhile, at Company, Josh makes a phone call to Marah. He tells her that he understands Reva is coming for a visit. During the conversation, he realizes that Reva doesn’t have any intention to visit her or Dillon either. Back at the cabin, Billy tells Reva that she will be coming back real soon. Reva takes one final look at Josh’s picture and says, “I’m gonna beat this thing, Joshua. And, when I do, you are gonna be my next stop”. She takes his picture with her and she and Billy walk out the door.

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