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Guiding Light Update Friday 6/23/06

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Written By Michelle
Pictures by Boo

At Cross Creek Cabin, Reva kissed a just waking Josh on the forehead. Josh pretends not to recognize her and Reva says she didn’t hear him come in. He tried not to wake her. He worked late and today is going to be busy. Reva gets up to make coffee and Josh grabs her and her “10 things I want to do before I die” list. Reva explains she wrote it when she was 14 or 15. Josh asks if she wants to “knock off” a few of them and she says yes but not with him, there are something she has to do alone.

At Cassies’, Billy comes over for breakfast, they joke around about her cooking and she says she’s not a cowgirl, she comes from Chicago but she could make him biscuits and gravy. She tells him she’s going to Okalahoma to take her mind off Josh. She plans to spend more time in Tulsa and less time with Josh. She knows that Josh and Reva are solidly in love and that’s how it should be. Billy agrees.

At Towers, Beth and Alan have invited Lizzie to breakfast. Beth thinks it’s a bad idea to return to the scene of the crime. Alan thinks she’ll be fine and needs to face things. Lizzie comes bopping in full of energy, which puzzles Beth and Alan. Lizzie says she can’t think of one reason not to be happy, today is the first day of the rest of her life with Coop. Alan and Beth exchange confused looks.

At the lighthouse Jonathan is his cell talking to the manager of Outskirts. The business is up and running again. He promises to be there soon. He says to himself that things are looking up and if Tammy wants to talk he’s ready for it. Tammy joins him and wants to know what’s wrong. Jonathan wants to touch Tammy but she evades him saying she needs time. He says he was giving her time until he got her note. After a moment the two realize that someone has set them up, sending each of them a note telling them to meet at the Lighthouse. Tammy thinks it’s Reva but Jonathan says Reva has too much going on in her life right now. Jonathan tries to tell Tammy they belong together and it doesn’t’ matter who sent the notes. He tries to tell her that they should be together and she brings up Lizzie and the baby. Jonathan tells her about the good things happening, Outskirts has reopened and that’s the beginning. She’s happy for him but says she’s got to leave. He wants to know if she missed him.

At Towers, Lizzie is ravenous, eating everything in sight. Beth and Alan think she’s covering her feelings and think she needs to let her feelings out. They try to discuss her losing Coop and Lizzie insists she hasn’t lost Coop. The wedding didn’t go as planned and she sees no reason to wallow in it. She is going to keep going after Coop. Alan and Beth want her to focus on the baby, and not chase after Coop. She insists they are wrong and Coop loves her but he’s angry because she kept “a little bit of the truth from him”. She believes Coop is coming back to her and little Jenna. Beth reminds her that her baby isn’t Coops. Lizzie says that Coop is her and her baby’s future and that’s how she wants it. She wants to know what Alan is doing to help her.

At the farm, Cassie thought Billy would be happy that she’s putting space between her and Josh. Billy is, and he’s glad she has clarity and wishes he did with Reva. He’s having a hard time fighting his feelings for her. Billy thinks Josh and Reva’s love is so contagious they both got caught up in it. Cassie insists she’s over Josh and is about to get back in to hotel management. She says she has a meeting with the hotel manager of Towers about a job. Billy says he has to go visit a sick friend at the hospital.

At Cross Creek cabin, Josh wants to know if he’s missing something. Reva says finding the list was upsetting, seeing the list spelled out that she hasn’t accomplished. She plans to start on it today; Josh reminds her they have a meeting with Jeffrey O’Neil today. Reva didn’t know about it. She says Josh doesn’t need her to sit down with Jeffrey. Josh is angry that she’s missing another meeting and pushing him away. Reva says that she’s not doing that, and everything she’d done is to keep them together. He wants to know if she has doubts about being with him. She said he’s everything to her. Josh says if that’s true forget the list and come away with him. He says he can give her memories and they can do these things together. The phone rings, Josh doesn’t want her to answer it. It’s Billy reminding her of her chemo appointment. Josh wants her to hang up. She tells Billy she will get back to him, Josh tells her to tell Billy that she doesn’t have time for him. Reva says she’s going to see in a while. Josh is angry and can’t believe she’s going to drive race cars with Billy instead of spending the day with him. Reva wants him to understand, Josh doesn’t and storms out, Reva looks to be in pain.

At Towers, Alan says he’s never let Lizzie down…intentionally. Lizzie wants to know if he’ll help her get Coop back. Alan tells her to take care of her baby and he’ll take care of everything else. She thinks he means Coop. Alan evades her and leaves her alone with Beth. Lizzie is upset because she thinks that Beth and Alan care more about the baby than her. Beth says that’s not true, and they are in it together. Lizzie says she feels all alone. Beth tries to tell her she’s lucky. Lizzie says the baby is Jonathan’s and she can’t forget it and if she can’t raise the baby with Coop there is no reason for her or the baby to be alive and she walks off leaving Beth looking very worried.

At the Lighthouse, Tammy says she still wants Jonathan and she did want to call him last night. Jonathan says nothing else matters, Tammy says he’s wrong and she accepts her part in all that’s happened. Tammy says things aren’t as simple as he thinks they are. Tammy wants to know how they go there, Jonathan doesn’t care who wrote the notes that brought them together. He wants to know how to fix things; Tammy says she needs more time and space. He asks how much more. She says she doesn’t know and to let her be. Jonathan, turns around and Alan is telling him that Tammy is right, it wasn’t fate that brought them together it was him. Jonathan wants to know if this is how he gets his kicks or is it revenge for his getting Lizzie pregnant. Jonathan says she made a few mistakes. Alan lets Jonathan know that neither he nor Coop is good enough for Lizzie. Jonathan wants to know what Alan wants. Alan wants him to know that Lizzie’s baby will be taken care of and he’s off the hook. Jon agrees the baby is better off without him and he has his own stuff to take care of. Alan lets him know he knows that Outskirts bar has reopened. Jonathan realizes that Alan has bribed Doris Wolfe to let him reopen. He claims to be Jonathan’s guardian angel. The two share a cigar, and Alan calls him his partner. Jonathan says he’s not his partner. Alan says not yet.

At Jonathan and Tammy’s room, Lizzie walks in and sees Tammy packing and she tells her not to leave. Tammy says she hates to disappoint her but she’s not leaving, she’s just taking time to think things over. Lizzie’s happy to hear it. She claims she’s there to apologize for sleeping with Jonathan, she wasn’t thinking when she did it. She considers Tammy a friend, and it was a mistake. Tammy says she believes her. She wants to know why she’s leaving; Tammy tells her it’s none of her business. Lizzie is glad she’s not blaming her, Tammy says there’s enough blame to go around. Lizzie then tells Tammy she wants them to team up to get Jonathan and Coop back. Tammy laughs and says her apology was false and that she only came to her because she needed a favor.

At Towers, Jeffrey is sorry to hear Reva isn’t going to make it. Josh gets right to business. Jeffrey says he believes they can help each other. Across the room, Cassie is selling herself to the manager of Towers; she’s saying what a good fit she’d be with the hotel. She says she won’t take no for an answer.

Jeffrey says when he’s elected mayor he wants Lewis construction to build him a facility in Springfield. Josh says ‘if’ he’s elected mayor. Josh isn’t sold, and says the project isn’t for sale. Cassie is eavesdropping and gets up from her interview and walks up to them. She can’t believe that Jeffrey is suggesting Josh has no passion. She claims that Josh is one of the most passionate men she knows.

At Cedars’ hospital, Reva’s pacing the floor; she corners a nurse and wants to know what’s taking so long. The nurse says it’s Dr. McCabe’s’ orders and that he wants to talk to her before the chemo. Billy tries to calm Reva down. Dr. McCabe comes in and he explains to Reva that her latest test results indicate that her chemo is not working and her cancer is spreading. Reva looks shocked.

At the lighthouse, Jonathan and Alan discuss what’s next. Jonathan jokes a V.P. job at Spaulding or a room at the mansion. Alan says he doesn’t want him near any of those things. Jonathan doesn’t understand why he would help get Outskirts back open. Alan says he lost child weeks ago and that was his last chance for redemption. Jonathan wishes him luck with that. He tells Jonathan that if anyone is less suited to be a father than him it’s Jonathan. Jonathan says he doesn’t want to play daddy and has no interest in Lizzie. He wants to know what he’s offering. Alan says “Tammy Winslow”.

At the hotel, Lizzie and Tammy argue over Jonathan and Lizzie’s sleeping together. Tammy tells her the baby is the one good thing to come out of all this. Tammy says she hopes the baby changes Lizzie who claims she has no desire to change. She says she is who she is. She says Coop did love her for who she is, but its Ava’s fault that he doesn’t. She claims that Ava is also ruining Tammy’s life too. Tammy grabs Lizzie by the shoulders and tells her to stop blaming everyone else and take responsibility for her actions. She tells her the baby deserves better. Lizzie starts to feel pain and Tammy doesn’t believe her.

At Towers, Cassie asks Jeffrey to come with her. They step out onto the terrace. Cassie asks him to look over Springfield at the one building that stands out in the city. She says Lewis construction did that and that passion is in everything they do. Jeffrey says “we”? And she says it’s her family and he should back the project. Jeffrey agrees. Josh overhears and says they have a deal and Lewis will back a facility in Springfield. Jeffrey’s going to arrange a press conference. When he leaves Josh thanks Cassie, who says she meant every word. She thinks Jeffrey is right, without passion they might as well be dead. Josh agrees.

At Cedars, Billy wants the doctor to recheck his results. Reva wants to speak to him alone, and Billy steps outside. Reva realizes there is no mistake. The doctor tells her it’s in the lymph nodes. Reva wants to know why he’s not being direct, she wants answers. He says he’s been looking for the right combination of things to heal her, Reva asks if he can double the doses. He says he’s not giving up on conventional treatment, they’ll continue with those, but she thinks she needs to go to a cancer hospital. He believes she needs a special stem cell treatment. A powerful dosage of chemo that will wipe out her immune system, he wants her to think about the Langer clinic in Minnesota for treatment. Reva sarcastically thanks her doctor steps into the hall and tells Billy she’s not dead yet and Billy comforts her as they leave.

At the airport, Jonathan wants to know if Alan will do what he’s promised. Alan says he doesn’t know. Jonathan tells him that Alan reminds him of Nate. Alan puts Jonathan on a plane, tells him to enjoy himself. Jonathan says “if you screw me over…” Alan tells him to have a good time and Tammy will be as good as his. Jonathan says “she better be” and boards the plane.

At the hotel room, Lizzie doubles over in pain insisting she’s not faking and something wrong with the baby. Tammy doesn’t know if she can believe her.

At Cross Creek, Reva comes home and asks Josh how the meeting was. He says great, she says she proud of him and the whole world will know what she’s always known, he’s a hero. He wants to know what’s going on. Reva says it’s a bad time to tell him but she going out of town for a little while.

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