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Guiding Light Update Thursday 6/22/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

Mallet goes home and brings Dinah a bouquet of flowers. She asks him if he feels guilty about something and he says yes, especially when she doesn’t appreciate them. He tells her they are a thank you for saying yes to his proposal. She kisses him and tells him there was never any doubt. There is a knock at the door and Marina visits. Marina tells Dinah that she knows she is early, but really needs to talk to her about the plans to nail Alan-Michael. Dinah hushes her and Marina realizes that Mallet is in the room. Mallet realizes he needs to make himself scarce and leaves the room. Marina tells her that now isn’t a good time to talk and wants to write something down for her. Dinah searches for a pen and looks in Mallet’s jacket. She finds a motel key instead, a puzzled look on her face. As she stares at the key, Marina tells her that they can work together to protect Harley from Alan-Michael. She realizes that Dinah isn’t listening. Then, Dinah tells her that she can’t do that for it would be too tempting and she would only be hurt. Marina tells her that she is a cop and Dinah tells her that she is also a woman. She tells Dinah that she is totally over Alan-Michael, but that he is crazy about her (Marina). Dinah has a funny look on her face, looks at the flowers from Mallet and tells Marina that she might have to kiss Alan-Michael to get information. She goes on to explain that she doesn’t think she should place her hopes in somebody and then play with their feelings. Dinah casts her eyes down and adds that it isn’t fair to get their hopes up that high. Marina asks her since when did she become Alan-Michael’s best friend. Dinah tells her that she isn’t and in the meantime, give her time to think of another plan of action for she knows Marina isn’t over Alan-Michael. After Marina leaves, Mallet comes back in the room and asks if everything is okay with Marina. Dinah is rather cool and tells him everything is fine. Mallet leaves and Dinah pulls out a rose, tears it up and says, “Oh, yeah, he’s guilty”.

At Towers, Gus calls Harley and tells her that he is on the straight and narrow. He tells her to come home when the operator breaks in and asks him if he wishes to place his long distance call now. Gus hangs up instead.

At the cabin, Reva finds a note from Josh telling her he hated to wake her for she was sleeping so soundly. She says, “That’s because that’s the only thing I can do these days”. She goes through a box and finds a note in her own hand writing: “Ten things I want to do before I die”. Reva reads off the list: Buy myself a fur coat and one for Mama. Visit the French Riviera. Ride in a race car. Go surfing in Australia. She asks herself where in the world she got that. She starts to get up off the couch and realizes she is too weak. She continues reading the child-like writing and says, “Marry Joshua. Just let me marry Joshua, Lord. Let me marry him and have his kids and be a grandma to their kids. And, I swear I can die happy”.

At the Light House, Coop and Ava kiss and watch the sunrise. She tells him they have been watching it rise for 4 hours and he tells her it probably is time to go. They don’t and continue to kiss. Outside Company, Lizzie walks up and finds Buzz getting rid of nursery items. She asks him why and he just stares at her, silent. He asks if she wants to torture herself and she says no. He tells her to go home, very curtly. Jonathan walks out of the door; Lizzie sees him, pushes him and says in a hateful voice, “This is all your fault”. She starts to beat on him and tells him it is all his fault. Jonathan tells her to knock it off. She yells and tells him that he pushed Coop into Ava’s long freaking arms. Suddenly, Coop and Ava walk up and Lizzie says, “Coop, hey you look great”. Coop and Ava rush inside and Jonathan laughs at her. Lizzie walks back to him and hatefully says, “You see that door? That’s your future, too, for Tammy will never take you back. Are you glad that you did the right thing now”? Jonathan just looks at her. She tells him that he ruined her life and Jonathan tells her to stop the drama queen crap. He tells her to show him respect for he is the father of the baby. Lizzie tells him he is a cruel act of nature and Jonathan tells her that she liked it. He asks her what she is going to do to fix it and Lizzie asks him if he has ideas. He tells her that with her imagination, she will be fine. Lizzie stares in the window and cries. Gus walks by and says, “Hello, Lizzie how’s the baby”? Lizzie says very hatefully, “Drop dead”. Gus says okay and walks on inside.

Once inside Company, Gus tells everyone that he missed quite a wedding much like the one when he tried to marry Buzz’s daughter. Lizzie continues to watch through the window. Gus asks Coop if he is okay and Coop tells him that Lizzie is out of his life and they are turning the nursery back into Ava’s room. Ava tells Coop that she will love to move back in.

Outside Alan-Michael’s room, Marina pretends to be talking on the phone and says, “Come on Alan-Michael, how long to come out and get a package. Suddenly, he walks out and is surprised she is there and tells her that he has to get a package from downstairs. He asks her in for a cup of coffee and she tells him a cup wouldn’t hurt. She walks in, surveys the room and spies folders on the desk. He asks her if Buzz is going to take a contract out on his niece and she tells him that isn’t a bad idea. He tells her there is cause for rejoicing for there will not be another Cooper united with a Spaulding. He tells her that he never lied about loving her and wanted the Company at the same time, but should have been upfront with her. His cell phone rings and she tells him to get it. He walks out of the room and Marina starts to look at the folder on the desk. Suddenly, Alan-Michael walks back into the room and catches her. He asks what she is doing and Marina lies and says that she was looking for a mint so she could …..then she grabs him. They begin to kiss passionately.

At Towers, Mallet meets again with Regina. Dinah lurks behind a curtain and watches the two together. Regina tells him that she realizes that it is wimpy to admit that she was scared. Mallet tells her there is nothing to be scared of for the man is back in prison. He hands her the motel key and tells her she doesn’t need a body guard anymore. Dinah continues to watch and listen as Regina says, “You can guard my body anytime you like, A.C.”. She tells him they were good together once and maybe she needs to stick around Springfield. She takes his hand and Mallet just listens. Dinah continues to watch, expressionless. Mallet tells her that he is engaged and Regina tells him that he was married before and it didn’t stop him. Mallet holds his head in his hands and tells her that she wouldn’t want to settle being the “other woman”. She tells him that she didn’t settle at all. She asks him why he cheated on Harley and he tells her that he didn’t think he deserved her and wishes he could take everything back. He says, “But, by the grace of G-d, I have been giving another chance with a really amazing woman”. She asks does that mean no and he says yes it does. A waiter walks up to Dinah, gives her a drink and says, “From the gentleman”. Dinah asks what gentleman and Mallet waves at her. She takes a drink and stares a hole through him.

Meanwhile, at the cabin, Reva gets up slowly to answer the door. Jonathan walks in and asks her why she lied to him about being sick and out of the hospital. She tells him that she was and still is sick. He tells her that he thought she wasn’t going to make it and went to the wedding and busted it up. She is elated and hugs him because he stopped the wedding. He tells her to get off him and that Tammy will probably break up for good. Reva tells him that Tammy will forgive him for he was only trying to protect her. Jonathan tells her that this is the same thing she is doing with Josh. He adds, “You are protecting him from the fact that you have cancer. Well guess what, Mom. I fessed up and now it’s your turn. Either you tell Josh you are sick or I will”. Reva just looks at him, her mouth agape. Reva asks him what kind of person threatens a cancer patient. He tells her that she can keep secrets but he cannot and tells her that he wishes she could have seen the look on Tammy’s face. He adds that on top of the fact he crushed Tammy, he will be chained to psycho Lizzie for the rest of his life. Reva tells him it isn’t a chain, but a baby and that he will not abandon the baby like she abandoned him. She tells him that he has created something perfect and precious and that he must stop complaining for he is going to be a daddy whether he likes it or not. Jonathan doesn’t look convinced, but listens.

Back at Company, Gus stumbles down the stairs and drops the baby’s bassinette. Coop tells him to be careful and Gus says, “There’s not a baby in it”. A woman name Regan Marshall from Internal Affairs comes in and meets Gus. He says, “Oh, you’ve come in to check up on me”. He tells her that he is good, clean, and sober.

She just listens. He goes on and on that he is good and that is father-in-law wouldn’t let him in the place if he wasn’t. The woman tells him that is good and she will go to headquarters and file the report. She tells him good luck and that will be all, for now. Gus looks relieved and skeptical at the same time.

Outside Company, Coop gently places the baby’s bassinette down and looks sad. Back inside, Lizzie finds Ava and tells her that she owes an apology to her (Ava). Lizzie tells her that she doesn’t want to fight, but find a way for her, Coop and Ava to get along. Ava looks as if she will bust out laughing. Ava tells Lizzie there is no three of them for there is Ava and Coop and then there is Lizzie flying around in the radar not being detected. She walks away and Lizzie tells her that she is sure of herself. She adds that Coop isn’t over the baby for Coop still loves the baby. Ava tells her that’s because he thought it was his. Lizzie tells her that Coop will not be able to turn off that love, he is hurt, and he will question his choice of Ava. She laughs at Ava and tells her that Coop left Ava for Lizzie. She adds, “Part of you has to be angry at him and will have to wonder if you can trust him again”. Coop comes back in the room and tells Lizzie to get out. Ava tells him that Lizzie thinks he will be the father again. Coop tells Lizzie that he is done with her. Ava rolls her eyes at Lizzie. Lizzie looks at Coop and says, “Okay, I’ll go, but I know that I’m right, Coop. I know that you still love this baby”. Coop doesn’t turn around, but the look on his face is sadness. Lizzie leaves and Ava tells him that he still has feelings for the baby. He looks awkward and she tells him that he must be honest with her.

Back at Towers, Dinah walks up and Mallet introduces her to Regina. Dinah doesn’t look happy and gives Regina the cold shoulder. He explains that Regina and he worked together on the force in Florida. He goes on to tell her the threatening notes were for Regina and him, but the guy is in prison and the case is solved. Dinah drinks her drink and has a forced smile on her face. Regina tells Dinah congratulations on her engagement and that she has a guy who is crazy about her. Regina tells them good bye, Mallet tells her to take care, and Dinah FINALLY warms and says, “Nice meeting you”. After Regina leaves, Mallet tells Dinah that she can sit down, wipe the egg off her face, and finish her Mimosa. Dinah mocks him. She asks him what gave him the idea she was following him. Mallet tells her that he is a cop and can spot a tail. Dinah says sarcastically, “Oh, yes you can. You can hold a hand real good, too”. She asks him why he didn’t tell her where he was going and he says that she would be jealous. Dinah tells him that might be what he wanted and maybe he is getting cold feet about the wedding. Mallet tells her that maybe she is having misgivings. She tells him that he lied and he says she followed him. They ask the other if they were having a fight. He says, “If it is over now, we can make up”. She says, “And, have sex; your mind’s one track is S-E-X”. Mallet says, “Oh, honey, like yours isn’t”. She grins at him.

At Alan-Michaels’ apartment, Marina and he share a post-lovemaking moment. He tells her that it was like they were never apart. She stares off in space, barely listening. He tells her the real reason for coming back to Springfield was her and wants to know if she will support what he has to do. She tells him this isn’t what that means. He asks her if she will let what he has to do come between them. Suddenly, Marina gets up and tells him she has to go.

Meanwhile, back at the cabin, Reva tells Jonathan that she isn’t lying to Josh, but sparing him. Jonathan tells her that he wants to be there when he finds out for he wants to watch Josh’s head explode. Reva tells him that she is protecting Josh and that she will tell when the time is right. Jonathan tells her that she thinks she knows everything and says that Tammy was very mad. He tells her that Tammy wasn’t really upset about his sleeping with Lizzie but with the lie about the baby. Reva tells him it will work out and he says it will not because if he ignores the baby, Tammy will think he is a creep, but if he plays “dada”, she will love him less and less. Reva tells him that Tammy will love him more for the baby is a part of him. Jonathan raises his voice and tells Reva to shut up about Lizzie’s baby. Reva yells, “YOUR baby”. Jonathan screams in Reva’s face, “Fine, I admit it is my baby and if by some miracle if Tammy takes me back, she will be my priority; not some baby”. He storms out and leaves Reva alone to ponder his words.

Back at his apartment, Alan-Michael kisses her and tells Marina to call in sick. She, dressed now, tells him that she has a devotion to duty. He asks her to come back when her shift is done. They kiss again and she says, “Okay”. After she leaves, Marina runs into Dinah and Mallet in the hallway. Dinah tells Mallet she will meet him in the lobby and he leaves. She apologizes to Marina for what she said earlier and realizes that the plan to play footsie with Alan –Michael isn’t so bad. She adds, “It’s not like you’re going to be sleeping with him”. Marina looks very awkward and says, “Oh, G-d, no”.

At Company, Gus tells Buzz that he has loaded everything in the truck and will take it all to the shelter. He feels sorry for himself and Buzz asks him if he would like some decaf. Gus says, “I thought you and Frank were trying to avoid me”. Buzz tells him they have been, but he likes Gus. He asks how Gus is and he says good for he has 5 days clean and sober. Buzz jumps from around the counter, hugs Gus, and with elation says, “THAT’S FANTASTIC”. Buzz wants to phone Harley with the news and Gus tells him not until he is ready.

Inside Company, Coop tells Ava that part of him still cares for the baby and he is a bit confused. She tells him this is okay and he tells her thank you. She tells him they must just be up front with the other. They kiss and Lizzie watches from the window. Her jaw fixed, she says, “I’m not finished yet”.

At the cabin, Reva comes outside and brings Jonathan a hot drink. He tells her no more talk about Lizzie and the baby or Tammy. He tells her any topic and she says, giggling, “Cancer’s always good for a laugh”. Jonathan looks sad and says, “What if you don’t make it. Have you ever thought of that”? She tells him all the time. Jonathan forces back the tears; voice breaks, and tells her that she told him she would be here to help with the baby if he came clean. “But, if you die, you can’t be and I will lose Tammy and you, too”, he adds. Reva, calm and with tears in her eyes, tells him that she is scared but will do her best to stick around. Jonathan nods, still trying not to cry. She says, “You need me just as much as that little girl needs you”. Jonathan cries and lays his head on her shoulder as Reva tussles his hair.

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