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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 6/21/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

Coop – Inside the Light
“Summer Solstice”

At Towers, Coop rummages around in the presents. He finds a gift from Ava and a small smile begins to form. Meanwhile, Ava goes to Company, bags packed.

She takes out a note for Coop which reads: “Coop, this place has been more than a great place to work, it’s been my home. You treated me like a part of the family. That meant everything to me. I’m so sorry to leave you like this, but I think you will understand why. I will miss you more than you’ll ever imagine. Good luck with Lizzie and the baby”. She kisses the note and replaces it in the envelope. Back at Towers, Buzz arrives and asks why Coop is still there. Coop asks him what he does when he feels 500 different emotions at the same time, like fury with Lizzie and disappointment for losing a child. Buzz tells him to choose the positive emotion and Coop asks him which one is that. Buzz says very quietly, “Hope”.

Meanwhile, back at Company, Ava looks at the calendar with the date circled: June 21 and says, “That was supposed to be our day Coop”. Outside Company, Frank looks through the window and suddenly draws his gun, runs inside and yells, “freeze”. This scares Ava. She tells him that she is there getting her things to leave Springfield. He tells her that she had a rough day, but will get over it. She tells him that Coop believes in the right thing and she saw him at the altar with Lizzie. She tells Frank that she would never make Coop break his vows to Lizzie. Frank tells her that he had to leave the wedding and had no idea she was there. She says that she thought of stopping the wedding, but the look on Coop’s face stopped her. She tells him that Lizzie doesn’t deserve Coop, but the child does. Frank tells her that he is sorry. Ava cries and tells Frank that she will never get over Coop.

He hugs her and Olivia, lurking in the shadows, watches; a look of fury written all over her face. Ava tells him she is sorry for slobbering all over his jacket. Olivia rolls her eyes. Frank tells her that she doesn’t seem like the cut and run type and Ava says that if she stays here, she will just see Coop and Lizzie. She hugs him again and Olivia’s eyes shoot darts.

Back at Towers, Buzz asks Coop what he will do and Coop tells him that he knows what he has to do. He kisses Buzz good bye and Buzz is elated. As Coop exits the elevator, he attempts to call Ava. Beth enters and they stare at one another. Beth tells Coop that Lizzie has great taste and Coop says, “Unless you count Jonathan”. Beth tells him that Lizzie loves him. Coop yells at her and tells her that he almost went along with that lie of a wedding and gets in her face saying, “I did everything I was supposed to do; it’s over and you people get on with the rest of your lives and I’ll get on with mine; what’s left of it”. Beth screams after him, “You’re going to regret this”.

At her apartment, Ava continues to pack. She looks at a picture of her and Coop and looks so sad. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door; it is Olivia. She asks Ava if she can help with anything and Ava tells her that she will pay the bill when she leaves. Olivia says sarcastically, “Yeah, you sure; no more sympathy from Frank”? Ava asks if she is accusing her of something and Olivia tells her no. Ava tells her that Frank was just being nice to her and that Olivia is lucky to have Frank. Olivia says that all Ava wants is love, but says it very sarcastically. She tells Ava that she has lived longer than she has and things you do make you needy. Ava says she will avoid that. She calls Olivia a hypocrite and says that she led Buzz around while dating Frank and adds, “And, Josh Lewis; how about Bill”? Olivia smiles and says, “Bye, Ava. I’ll look after the Coopers after you’re gone”. Olivia clicks her tongue and winks at Ava as she walks out the door. Ava throws her luggage and attempts to stare a hole in the door.

Back at Company, Coop runs in and asks Frank if he has seen Ava. Frank tells him that yes, he saw her and she was leaving him a note. Frank suddenly asks him why he is there for he should be married. He tells Coop that he got called out during the vows. Coop stammers and finally tells him that he left Lizzie at the altar for she is pregnant with Jonathan’s baby. Franks says in shock, “I hope I’m retired before that baby grows up”. Frank tells him where the note is, Coop anxiously reads it and exclaims, “Oh, no, she’s leaving, Frank. Dammit”. He asks Frank when Ava left and Frank tells him that she is at the Beacon. At the Beacon, Coop knocks on the door of Ava’s room. He talks through the door and tells her that he didn’t marry Lizzie. Suddenly, the door opens and Olivia asks him why he isn’t at his wedding. Coop explains that Lizzie lied to him, again. He asks where Ava is and Olivia tells him that Ava is gone.

At the Lighthouse, Ava says, “It is the worst day of my life”. She says that this day wasn’t to be like this and that she was lucky to find Coop at all. She cries and remembers a time when they where at Company. He tells her that his favorite holiday is Boxing Day and she tells him that her favorite holiday is Groundhog Day. They giggle and kiss. They drink champagne and dance around. Coop tells her that his other favorite holiday is the Summer Solstice, June 21 for it is the longest day. Ava looks shocked and tells him that is her favorite day of the year. She tells him about when she always got to go out and play from sunrise to sunset on the longest day of the year. They dance some more and he tells her that this year, they will be together on the longest day of the year. Back to reality, Ava says with a sad voice, “The longest day of the year; no, the longest day of my life”. The lighthouse guiding light rotates in the background as Ava looks heartbroken. Meanwhile, at the Beacon, Olivia tells Coop that Ava didn’t say where she went. Coop flits around the room and still asks where Ava is. Olivia tells him to take a deep breath for he has had a very long day. Suddenly, Coop halts and says, “A long day. That’s it, the longest day. It’s the summer solstice”. He knocks his head with his hand, looks at the window and tells Olivia that today is the longest day. He kisses Olivia and thanks her, then runs out the door. Olivia looks confused.

Back at the Lighthouse, a sad Ava looks at her watch and says, “Sunset: 8:03. She sighs and picks up her bags as she looks longingly out over the ocean. She starts to walk away and a man walks around the other side. The man goes through a suitcase that Ava left behind. Suddenly, Ava returns and starts to hug the man saying, “Coop, I knew you would come, I knew it”. Colin McCabe says, “Excuse me”. Ava yells and Colin tells her that he was looking through the bag for identification. She tells him that she thought he was her boyfriend. They introduce themselves. He tells her that she looks strange and she tells him that she almost stopped her boyfriend’s wedding today. Colin asks her if she wants to go for a drink and tells her that he had a rough day, too. She tells him she would love to have a big huge drink and they leave together. As she leaves, she looks at Coop’s diary that has fallen from her purse and says, softly, “Good bye, Coop”. After the two leave, Coop runs to the observation deck and yells, “Ava”. The maintenance man arrives and tells him it is closing time. Coop asks him if he has seen a girl matching Ava’s description and the man says, no. Coop sighs, looks down and sees the diary. He lets out a sigh and says, “She was here and I am too late”.

At a bar, Ava and Colin share a drink. She asks him if he believes in fate and Colin tells her that that was beat out of him in med school. She tells him that she thinks the world would be a sad place if everything was decided. He says, “The guy you love runs off and marries someone else or if a patient you poured your heart and soul into takes a turn for the worse”. She asks him if they are here to cheer the other or wallow in each others’ sorrow.

Outside the bar, Coop phones Ava. She refuses to answer and Colin asks if she will answer it. She tells him that it is her boyfriend and Colin wants to know why he would phone. Ava hands the phone to Colin and tells him to step on it or throw it in front of a car. She gets up to get another round of drinks and leaves Colin at the table, phone still ringing. Coop walks in and orders a drink. He starts to walk away and literally runs into Jonathan. They stare at the other with hateful intensity. Jonathan has a wry smile on his face and Coop sees red. Jonathan asks Coop if he decided to skip the honeymoon. He tells him that Coop is free from Lizzie, free from the kid, and free to do whatever he wants to do with Ava. The bartender asks if there is a problem and tells them to take it outside. They leave and Jonathan starts to take off his jacket. He tells Coop that he can have the first punch. Coop tells him that he doesn’t care enough about him to bother. Jonathan asks him if he still cares about the baby and Coop asks him if he does. Jonathan tells Coop it isn’t any of his business. Coop asks him if he is going to step up and Jonathan tells him not to worry about it for the best thing he (Jonathan) can do is walk away. Jonathan adds, “You can thank me later when you and Ava come up for air”. They leave. Back inside, Ava tells Colin it’s time to leave and he offers to drop her off somewhere.

At Company, Coop tells Frank, Olivia and Buzz that he cannot find Ava. Coop tells Frank that since he is his brother and Chief of Police, he can do something for him. Frank tells him that he doesn’t think he can do this. Buzz yells at Frank to help Coop. Coop tells Frank that Ava doesn’t know he didn’t marry Lizzie. Frank is skeptical. Coop goes on to tell everyone that now he has the life he always wanted with Ava. Olivia says, “But, you know she doesn’t want to be found”. Coop tells them that he lost a child today and was slapped in the face at his own wedding, but he walked away with hope. He begs Frank to help him. Finally Frank phones the station and tells them to put a 20 on Ava and spread to all patrol cars. Coop is very relieved. Frank says, “True love”.

At Towers, Ava arrives, suitcases in tow. She picks up a bouquet and sniffs the flowers, looks around and envisions her and Coop saying vows to the other. She hears Coop’s voice tell her there is no one for him but her. Beth walks in, champagne in hand. “Surprised to see me thawed out, Beth”, Ava says. Beth tells her that she wasn’t trying to hurt her and that she had plenty of air in the meat locker. Beth asks her why she is there and turns her back. Ava tells her that she knows that Coop and Lizzie are long gone on their honeymoon. Beth almost chokes on her champagne with surprise. Beth turns to Ava and tells her that she, too, has been in the same place as she; loving someone and not being with them. She tells Ava the best thing is to go away. Ava tells her that she knows this. Beth tells her to go as far away as she can so she will not turn out bitter like her (Beth). Ava says that she wants to go to England for that is somewhere Lizzie never touched and couldn’t come between her and Coop. An excited Beth offers her limo to take her to the airport and leaves to help Ava with her bags. Ava rolls her eyes.

Back at Company, Frank tells Coop that Ava checked out of the Beacon. Buzz asks Coop where Ava goes when she is upset and Coop says she comes to Company. Marina walks in and tells Coop that Ava called her from the airport on her way to England. Olivia says, “Maybe you should let her go for she has had a lot of drama today”. Coop says that is not an option. Coop starts to leave and Frank asks him if he has a siren on top of his car. Coop says no and Frank says, “I do”. They rush out the door.

At the airport, the ticket person tells Ava that the plane is boarding. She turns, pauses and says, “Okay, Coop. This is where you rush in and you stop me just before I board the flight out of your life forever”. Ava looks heartbroken, and the door closes as she boards the plane. After she leaves, Coop comes running frantically to the counter. He tells the ticket person that he must get on the plane to England. The person tells him the flight has already left. Coop, out of breath looks devastated. Suddenly, the cell phone rings and he says, “Ava”.

It is Lizzie who tells him that she knows he doesn’t want to talk to her now, but she cannot find her prenatal vitamins. He tells her that he thinks they are in the refrigerator. Lizzie asks him that if she begs will he come back to her. She starts crying and tells him that she realizes what she did was wrong. Coop listens as Lizzie begs. She keeps asking him to try and make sense of everything. Coop tells her that he cannot promise her anything and to just take her vitamins. Lizzie tells him that she checked and cannot find the vitamins. Suddenly, Coop sees security personnel running to the boarding gate. Lizzie stalls and continues to tell him that she has some stuff at the nursery and when can she come get them. Coop, preoccupied by all the hustle and bustle of the officers, tells Lizzie he will send them to her. He approaches an officer and asks what is going on. The officer tells him to step back. Lizzie asks what is going on and Coop tells her that he has to go, hanging up on her. Lizzie screams to no avail, “Coop no”!!

Suddenly, the security officers bring out Ava from the boarding gate. She yells, “Stop it; get your hands off of me”. Coop yells, “Ava”!! She says, “Coop, I thought you were on your honeymoon with Lizzie”. He tells her that he didn’t marry Lizzie for she lied about the baby and says, “It’s Jonathan’s”. A surprised and ecstatic Ava says, “The last thing I saw, you were doing your vows”. He tells here that Jonathan burst in and the wedding never happened. She says, “You’re not married”? He tells her that he is here with her and they kiss as the officers handcuff Ava. Frank walks up and tells the officers that he can take it from here. Coop hugs Frank and tells him that he owes him.

Coop and Ava kiss again and he tells her that he never gave up hope. She tells him that she kinda gave up for she didn’t think it could happen. Coop tells her they are here together right now. She tells him that he better not leave her and says, “I’m going to make sure you don’t get away from me”. She handcuffs him to her as they kiss…

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