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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 6/20/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

At the wedding, Lizzie starts to faint and Jonathan catches her. She tells Coop that she didn’t want him to find out this way. Coop looks on and is silent. Lizzie finally admits out loud that Jonathan is the father of the baby. Jonathan tends to her and tells her to relax. Coop says, contempt in his eyes, “Jonathan, get your hands off of her”. Jonathan tells him that he was just trying to prevent him from making the biggest mistake of his life, but if he is in to that, “Knock yourself out”. Tammy watches. Coop bends down and asks Lizzie if she is okay and she tells him that she is worried about little Jenna. Jonathan stops a waiter and asks for a glass of water for Lizzie. Tammy hears this and walks away, irritated. Coop tells Lizzie her family is there to take care of her and Alan and Beth agree. Lizzie begs for Coop to stay and that they can still get married. Coop stares at her. Jonathan realizes that Tammy is missing, goes to find her and Alan stops him saying, “Leaving so soon”?

Meanwhile, on her front porch, Cassie thinks back on her and Josh’s kiss. Suddenly, Josh walks up on the porch. He makes small talk and she looks uncomfortable. She tells him that he was supposed to be in San Francisco and he says, “Yeah, I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving”. Their eyes meet. Josh tries to apologize for the kiss and tells her that it was an accident. Cassie just shakes her head. Josh tells her that he hopes she wasn’t offended and Cassie tells him it was not a big deal. Cassie rapidly changes the subject and asks what is going on with Reva. Josh tells her that she was going with him to San Francisco, but didn’t because Reva is exhausted. He tells her he has a solution and will try to make time for Reva. Cassie nods. Josh asks her to keep an eye on the project. Cassie says, “Oh, I see, so that’s why you came by”. Suddenly, Tammy runs in and embraces Cassie saying, “Oh, mom. You were right all along”. Cassie asks about what and Tammy says, “Falling in love with Jonathan”. Cassie asks what happened and Tammy tells her she doesn’t know where to start. Josh looks at Cassie, smiles, waves good bye, and walks out the door. Tammy tells her that Jonathan will come there to look for her and wants her to lock her in the room to hide her from Jonathan. Suddenly, Jonathan pounds on the door and screams, “Tammy”? Cassie tells her it will be hard to get rid of Jonathan. He continues to pound and yell. Tammy finally tells her that he got Lizzie pregnant and just now announced this about an hour ago. Cassie, rage in her eyes, goes to the door and opens it. Jonathan asks where Tammy is. Cassie tells him the two of them need to talk. Tammy and he stare at each other.

At Cedars, Reva gripes at Billy for bringing her there. He tells her that the only reason he brought her back was for support. Reva tells him that she needs to find Jonathan and Billy tells her that she is sick. As she continues to tell him that Jonathan needs to face facts, Billy turns her around and she reads the sign on the door: “Cancer Support Group Meeting”. Reva sighs, turns around to face Billy and tells him, “Oh, no, I’m NOT going to that meeting”. Billy tells her that he will take her back to Cross Creek as soon as she goes to the meeting. She tells him that she isn’t going to a meeting with a bunch of stupid cancer patients. Billy stops her from leaving and tells her that if she doesn’t go to the meeting, he will call Josh and tell him she has cancer. Reva is irked. Reva stands outside the room and tells Billy that she is bald, sick, weak and now, being blackmailed. There are several people in the room milling around. Billy tells her she is being blackmailed with love. She asks him if he would actually rat her out to Josh and Billy says, “What do you think”? He tells her that he knows what denial looks like and the meeting will help. Reva tells him that AA meetings get people to stop drinking, but what will this meeting do for her. Billy tells her the meeting will make her feel not alone. She protests and tells him no thanks. Suddenly Reva asks one of the workers who the man is in the room and that he has a daughter named is Suzy. She tells the worker that Suzy was in the waiting room when she first found out…..and, she stops. Reva asks how Suzy’s mom is doing and the worker tells her that she died two days ago. Reva stutters and says, “That can’t be; she was diagnosed a while before me; she was fine”. Suzy runs to her dad who picks her up. He tells a crying Suzy that she was supposed to wait in another room. Reva turns to Billy with tears in her eyes and says, “Take me home”. Billy starts to talk to her and Reva looks at him and very sternly says, “No Billy, I mean it; get me the hell out of here”. They walk away from the room and down the hall.

Meanwhile, back at Towers, Jonathan tells Alan to leave him alone. Alan tells him they have things to discuss and grabs him. Jonathan raises his voice and tells him to leave him alone again. Alan says that Jonathan is thrilled to be tied to Lizzie for a life time. Jonathan tells him to get out of his face and Alan tells Jonathan the same. Alan threatens Jonathan and tells him this is a warning, “You have no idea how much that baby means to me”. Jonathan stares at him, a small grin on his face, turns, and gets on the elevator.

Back at the wedding room, Lizzie tells Coop that what she did was wrong, but did it for the right reasons. She goes on and on and finally Coop yells, upturns the tables and screams, “Lizzie, it’s over”. Lizzie looks horrified and starts to cry. Lizzie tells him that she screwed up everything and is sorry. Coop tells her that if Jonathan hadn’t burst in and blown the scam and grabs her by the wrists. Alan tells him to take it easy with Lizzie. Coop tells her that every single time he showed attention to Ava or anyone, she was always there with a kiddie gift and to make him feel guilty. Lizzie tells him that he can still be the father and Coop says, “It is over; I am not the father of that little baby”. Lizzie says, “Jonathan doesn’t’ love little Jenna the way you do”. Coop tells her through clenched teeth that is not his problem and one day everyone will wake up and get used to the fact that Jonathan will be in the child’s life. He leaves as Beth looks on, crying. Buzz smiles.

Back at Cross Creek cabin, Reva tells Billy that Suzy’s mom was younger than her. She tells him that she isn’t going to any meetings and now that she is home, she feels better already. She tells him that she will stay at the cabin for a couple days and when Josh comes back, will be good as new. Billy says, “Yeah and I’ll just have a drink with my orange juice in the morning and everything will be fine”. Reva tells him to leave and drop her medications on the kitchen table on the way out. Billy tells her that she has the same thing that Suzy’s mom had and that she will beat it. Reva ignores him and finds a picture. He tells her that he knows how hard it is to look at a disease in the face and say he has it. Reva asks him just how he thinks it has been for Suzy and her dad the last couple of months. Billy tells her that at least he had some time to spend with his wife. Reva tells him enough and asks what he wants from her. She tells him that seeing Suzy’s dad with her made her (Reva) feel like it was Josh with Marah. She says that she felt trapped in that meeting room and powerless as well as ungrateful. She goes on and tells him that she has four incredible kids, a man who has married her a million times and a wild and crazy life, but she never appreciated it. She says that maybe now, her life might be over and she hates it. “It might be the end of the infamous Reva Shayne”, she adds. Billy just looks at her in silence and lets her talk. She throws objects on the floor and says, “So, do I say out loud that this could kill me; that I could die”? Billy never says a word.

Back at the wedding, Lizzie tells Coop that Jonathan forced himself on her. Coop tells her she is a liar and why would Jonathan admit this if he assaulted her. Lizzie tells him that it was a crime of passion and revenge. Coop tells her to stop and that Jonathan really cares for the baby. Lizzie repeats that Jonathan got her drunk, ripped off her clothes……and, Coop stops her. He says, “I know that Jonathan is telling the truth for I recognize the look in his face”. He tells her it is the same look he had on his own face when he thought the baby was his. Lizzie stares at him. After Coop walks away, Lizzie tells Buzz that she is sorry. She tells him that he is always nice to her and gives Jenna’s bracelet back to him. She cries and tells him that she really wanted the baby to be his grand daughter. Lizzie asks Buzz to not hate her and hands back the bracelet. He tells her to keep it. Lizzie is touched and says, “Really”? Buzz whispers to her, “Don’t think for one second this excuses anything; you messed with my kid and you made him care; I can’t hate you, but I’m still angry”. Lizzie looks at him and cries, but says nothing. Alan tells Lizzie it is time for everyone to go home. Lizzie calls after Buzz and says, “She’s going to love the bracelet; little Jenna”. Beth tells her that she cannot still name the baby Jenna after all that has happened. Lizzie says with total confidence, “Of course I am; how else am I going to get Coop back”?

Meanwhile, back at Cassie’s house, Jonathan tells Tammy that she cannot keep running away when they fight. He says that he can’t keep kicking down doors to solve things. He says that he isn’t perfect and that he loves her. Tammy tells him the conversation is over. Jonathan tells her to get mad at him and they will put everything behind them. Tammy tells him that he did something very stupid and awful and that she gets it. She says that when she was upset, she went out with Joey, but nothing happened. She asks him why he did this and Jonathan tells her that she walked out on him and took out a restraining order on him. He yells and tells her that she is trying to put this on him. Tammy tells him that he is right and that she pushed Jonathan right into Lizzie’s arms. Jonathan stops yelling, bewilderment written on his face.

Back at Cross Creek cabin, Reva continues to talk about dying. Billy tells her that she could die tomorrow and when will Josh find out, adding, “At your funeral”? Reva curses at him. She tells him that she isn’t going to let Josh abandon the project because of her. Billy tells her that she is the only thing that has meant anything to Josh in his whole life. Reva yells at Billy to stop. Billy asks her to tell Josh and Reva says no. She asks him to keep the secret and Billy says he will. He then stops and tells her that he is going to Company to get her some soup. He tells her he will be right back and will slip out the back door. Reva looks at a picture of her and Josh’s wedding and says, “How am I going to make this okay for you, Bud”? Suddenly, Josh comes in and asks if he heard someone say Bud. Reva is surprised to see him and Josh tells her that he could be in San Francisco by himself or right here with his bride. Reva cries. Josh looks at Reva sobbing, brushes away a tear, and asks, “What’s going on, Reva; what’s wrong”? Reva sobs and says, “I can’t do it anymore; Joshua, I have to tell you something”.

On the balcony of Towers, Buzz brings Coop a beer. Coop dries his tears and tells him thanks. They both toast Jonathan for what he did. Buzz asks him if he had gotten used to the idea of the baby and marriage and Coop says that it did touch him. Buzz tells him there is someone out there who will chase the blues away. Coop says tenderly, “Ava”.

Meanwhile, at Company, Billy runs into Cassie who immediately tells him that she is in no mood to be messed with today. She lights into him and tells him that she doesn’t want him to tell her about how shaky Josh and Reva’s marriage is. He tries to get a word in edge wise and tells her that he was wrong for Josh and Reva need each other more than ever now. Cassie looks astonished and tells him he turned a 180. Billy laughs and tells her that it just came to him that Josh and Reva were meant for each other. Cassie looks skeptical.

Back at Cross Creek cabin, Reva very quietly tells Josh that it will come to a shock to him. He tells her that she looks pale as a ghost and that she can tell him anything. She tells him, “It’s Jonathan; he’s in trouble”. She tells him that he got Lizzie pregnant when he and Tammy were split up. Josh holds his head. She tells him that it was an accident and Josh seems unconcerned. She tells him the baby is a girl and Josh smiles. He tries to muster excitement and tells her that babies are good things. She cries and tells him that babies are great treasures, but Jonathan can’t fully love anything right now. She cries harder and tells Josh that she has tried to get Jonathan to understand how important this is and says, “Because you just never know how much time you’re going to have with them”. Josh looks at her, face drawn.

Back at the wedding, Beth tells Lizzie that she will just give away her veil. Alan says, “The dress, too, for I don’t want to keep it around as a reminder”. Lizzie says no for she will need the stuff for when Coop does marry her. She says, “I have to have him back. Spaulding’s always get what we want, right”? Meanwhile, on the balcony, Coop tells Buzz he doesn’t know if it will be easy to get back Ava. Buzz tells him he did the right thing and Coop tells him he hopes Ava understands. Buzz tells him to send her flowers and Coop laughs.

At Cassie’s house, Tammy tells Jonathan that she hurt him as much as he hurt her. Jonathan tells her nothing has changed and Tammy tells him that he is going to have a daughter. He tells her they can still have their own life. Tammy looks at him in amazement and asks him if he really believes it is this simple. Jonathan tells her yes and for her to forgive him. She tells him it really doesn’t matter for every time she looks at the baby, she will think of him as the father. Jonathan tells her that she is the best part of him and not the baby. Tammy tells him it is a big deal and tells him goodnight, dismissing him. She slams the door, Jonathan outside.

Back at Cross Creek cabin, Josh asks how long she has known and she says for a while. He tells her that he now knows why she has been so exhausted all the time; dealing with Jonathan’s mess. Reva, quiet now, tells him that she wants Jonathan to have something to do with the baby. Josh tells her that she will not give this help by herself. Reva looks at him, her mouth open and tells him she is okay. Josh says, “No, you’re not”, and says he will rearrange some things to help. Reva tells him no and that he needs to be available for the project. She tells him that she will not allow him to not be there and that she can handle the “mess”. He says he has his doubts. She lovingly asks him “Don’t you realize we have lived together long enough to know there is nothing I cannot handle”? Josh just looks at her and says nothing.

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