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Guiding Light Update Monday 6/19/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

At Cedars, Billy talks to Reva who is very surprised that he is there. She lies to him and tells him that she just has the flu. Billy tells her that Jonathan told him about the breast cancer. He wants to tell Josh about the flu and she tells him that he doesn’t even know about the cancer. Billy tells her that she cannot go through this alone. Reva asks where Jonathan is and then tries to get up. She tells him that she must find Jonathan for he needs to do what needs to be done before it is too late.

Meanwhile, at the wedding, Tammy stares at Jonathan who just announced that he is Lizzie’s baby’s father. Everyone is talking at once and Alan yells for Jonathan to leave. Buzz asks why Jonathan did this, Lillian hugs Alex and says that she doesn’t know how much more Lizzie can take, Beth begs Alan to do something, Lizzie screams for Jonathan to leave. Coop finally grabs Lizzie aside and asks her why Jonathan would say this, “Did the two of you do something”, he asks. Lizzie denies anything and tells him that he is just trying to hurt her for not helping him with that Ashley girl. Lizzie shakes a finger at Jonathan and tells him that he is going to pay for ruining her wedding. Jonathan begs Lizzie to tell the truth. Lizzie says there is nothing to tell except he is crazy. She holds her head and yells, “Stop, stop, stop; all I want to do is marry Coop and get on with the rest of my life”. Jonathan yells, “Good, marry Coop, I don’t care as long as he knows the kid is mine”. Everyone stares and Tammy looks at Jonathan in disbelief. Beth tells everyone that it is a big misunderstanding. Alan threatens Jonathan and tells him to get out while he still can or he will make sure his usual cell is ready. Jonathan says Alan can do what he has to do, but it will not change the fact that Lizzie is still a liar. Coop asks Lizzie if she has something to tell him and she says that he is the only father little Jenna could ever have. Jonathan asks Coop why he would be here if he wasn’t telling the truth. He says it is the last place he wants to be in the world. Alan tells Alex to call security and Buzz yells to let Jonathan be heard. Tammy looks at Jonathan and begs him to tell her that he is only fighting back against something the Spaulding’s did to him. Jonathan looks heartbroken and tells her that he wishes he could make it go away, but that he screwed up one time. Lizzie says he is lying and tells Tammy to look what he did to her. Jonathan lunges at Lizzie and Coop pushes him off. Lizzie asks Jonathan how much it will take to make him leave and he tells her that it isn’t about money for all he wants is Tammy. He adds, looking at Tammy, “That baby is mine and I have no choice; I can’t walk away anymore”. Lizzie laughs and says, “Ha! Leave it to you to finally to develop a conscience’. Everyone stares at her and she realizes what she has said. Coop stares at her for answers.

Back at Cedars, Reva tries to get out of bed and asks Billy to help her. He says he will not. She, out of breath, asks him if he is enjoying this. Billy asks her again to allow him to call Josh. She tells him no adamantly and tells him that she has been keeping this a secret for weeks. She cries and tells him about the vomiting, and hair loss and all the after effects of the chemo she has kept secret. She says that the only reason Jonathan knows is because he found her medication and the only reason he (Billy) knows is because Jonathan isn’t here. Billy asks for one good reason not to tell Josh. “Josh has been cleaning up my messes forever…..and, now it is his turn; to make his mark and help people other than me”, she says through tears. She says that she wants him here, but she will not take away his dreams just because she is sick. She tells Billy that she needs a time to make up for all her mistakes and needs to help Jonathan. Billy asks what Jonathan has done and Reva tells him that Jonathan is going to be a daddy. She cries and says that she is going to be a grandma, “If I can live long enough”, she says, gasping.

Back at the wedding, Coop tells Lizzie that she has lied to him the whole time and runs out of the room. Lizzie, frantic now, tells the guests to stay for she will fix this and that she and Coop will be married. Jonathan looks at Tammy and she runs away. Beth calmly tells the guests that Lizzie and Coop will be back very soon. Buzz asks her if she has lost her mind and tells Lillian that her grand daughter tried to trap his son. Marina picks up a bottle of champagne and announces to all that she doesn’t think there will be a wedding today. Alex announces that Jonathan is Reva’s son and this is to be expected. Marina says to forget Jonathan for Lizzie admitted it. Beth says she did not. Beth asks Alan if he believes Lizzie and he says he wants to have a word with Jonathan. Lillian catches Buzz going through a gift and he tells her that he bought knives and they are nice. He tells her that he didn’t want the wedding to go off and finally finds the gift with the knives. Marina rubs everything in Alan’s face and drinks down a glass of champagne. He asks where Frank is and tells her that she loves to see his family suffer. She tells him that she supposes Coop looks pretty good right now compared to the alternative. Lillian is eavesdropping and snickers at this. She says to Alan so sarcastically, “Careful what you wish for; I feel for ya big guy because your family is always letting you down”. She slaps him on the shoulder. Alex tells Beth that it is time to let all the guests go home. Beth adamantly refuses and tells her that Lizzie and Coop are going to be married. Lillian tries to convince Beth the guests need to go and Beth becomes irritated. She says, “I have to check on Lizzie because her blood pressure has been going sky high ever since she found out that Jonathan was the father”. Beth stops and stares at her mother. Buzz yells, “Whoa! You knew? You knew that Jonathan was the father of the baby”? Beth stands with her mouth open as Alan looks at her, eyes darting back and forth.

At Cedars, Reva tells Billy that unless Jonathan does something he will not be able to see his little girl. Suddenly, Reva faints. Billy runs out of the room and calls the nurse to tell her that Reva passed out. The nurse comes in, checks Reva and tells Billy he has to leave. The nurse pages Dr. McCabe STAT and he enters. He yells for Billy to get out and then yells for the crash cart.

In the dressing room at Towers, Coop throws the door open and Lizzie follows. She begs him not to throw everything away. He slams his wedding ring down. Coop tells her that they don’t have anything, not even a baby. “Jonathan is the baby’s father; me, I’m just the idiot that believed all of your lies”, he yells. Lizzie tells him that they were meant to be a family and he tells her that he gave up Oxford, Ava and planned to move into that mansion; all for her. He tells her that she is screwed up. Lizzie grabs at him and tells him they can work it out. Coop turns his back on her. Lizzie stutters and begs him to listen, saying, “What happened that night wasn’t my fault for I didn’t have a say in it; Jonathan raped me”. Coop turns around, a look of shock written all over his face.

Alone in a room at Towers, Tammy asks Jonathan when everything started with Lizzie. She tells him that he is making all of this up. Jonathan tells her that when she left him, Lizzie was screwed up and it just happened, but nothing ever started. Tammy says, “Yet, you ended up with a baby”. She tells him that he had sex with a woman he didn’t even like and Jonathan tells her that was when she had the restraining order out on him. Tammy dries her tears and tells him that he made a baby and tried to make Coop think it was his. Jonathan tells her that Lizzie swore to him that the baby was Coop’s. She asks him when he found out the truth and he tells her a while ago. He tells her it is the biggest mistake of his life and all he wants is her. Tammy cries and tells him that all of this is crazy. Jonathan asks her to forgive him and Tammy says, “The night with Lizzie, maybe I could, but that’s not the worst of it”. Jonathan looks at her, eyes filled with tears. Tammy tells him he is having a baby and that “she” matters. “How could you walk away from your baby girl”, Tammy sobs. “Because she’s not yours”, Jonathan tries to explain. Tammy tells him he’s not that cold and he tells her the baby is much better off with him leaving. Tammy asks him why he crashed the wedding and he tells her he did it because of Reva. He holds his head and sighs.

Back at the wedding, Beth says that she did what she had to do for Lizzie for she deserves to be happy. Buzz says that he should have expected this. Alan walks up and says, “Oh, Buzz, would you stop this sanctimonious middle class droning; I’ve heard it more times than I care to remember”. Buzz tells him that he (Alan) knew about all of this and Alan tells Buzz that he and Beth are a team and that he suggests he gather up his family and leave. Buzz gets even more animated and tells Alan that the baby doesn’t deserve him or that Spaulding family. Marina stands behind Buzz and grins. Beth thanks Alan for covering for her. He tells her, “Don’t ever lie to me again, do you understand”? He adds, “Now, you and I have other things to think about now”. Beth looks at him and says, “Jonathan”.

Billy quietly walks back into Reva’s room and she tells him that she is still there. He tells her that he was scared and almost called Josh, but didn’t. She tells him to please go along with everything until she feels better. She sits up and tells him that she has done all on her own so far and will continue to do so. Billy tells her that he will go along with her secret. Reva asks him to get her out of the hospital and he refuses. She begs him to go find Jonathan and he asks her what the grandma thing is. Reva finally tells him that Jonathan is having a baby with Lizzie Spaulding. Billy lets out a huge sigh. She tells him that Tammy doesn’t know either. Reva says that Jonathan is scared and needs his momma. Billy promises to find Jonathan, kisses her good bye and leaves. Reva lies back on the bed.

Back at the dressing room of Towers, Coops says, “Jonathan raped you”? Lizzie tells him she doesn’t want to relive it again and Coop tells her no, she will tell him. He tells her that they will go to Frank with the details and he realizes this can back fire on the woman sometimes. She tells him that it was the night she was coming to surprise him and Ava was there. She says that she was so lonely and humiliated and Jonathan was as lonely as she was. She goes on and tells Coop that she went to Jonathan’s apartment and he got her drunk. Lizzie cries, looks into the mirror and tells Coop that Jonathan needed someone to take out his pain on. Coop covers his mouth with his sleeve. She tells him that she was scared and it was easier to just go along with everything. Coop asks her why she went with him and she tells him that she hoped he would be jealous and come get her. She tells him that it was stupid, but she just wanted him to love her. Coop listens and finally asks why she didn’t tell anyone. Lizzie tells him that she didn’t think anyone would believe her and that she thought about getting rid of the baby. She tells him that it isn’t the baby’s fault and adds that he could be there for her again. Coop tells her that the baby isn’t “our” daughter. Lizzie tells him that baby Jenna is his in all the ways that count. Coop tells her that his head is about to explode. Lizzie tells him just because Jonathan got her pregnant doesn’t make him a dad. She tells him that Coop is the real father and that baby Jenna is as much his as when he woke up this morning. Coop walks away and tells her to stop calling the baby Jenna. Lizzie tells him that is the baby’s name. Coop tells her that the baby isn’t his and Lizzie has no right to name the baby after his mother. Lizzie tells him she realizes he is hurt and that he does want the baby. Coop begs her why she continues to do this and Lizzie says that if Jonathan gets involved, it will be a disaster. She begs Coop to listen to her and tells him that she lied about the baby to protect her, out of love. Coop doesn’t answer her and Lizzie says, “Please don’t leave us. Please don’t make Jenna pay for my mistake, please Coop”. Coop jerks away from her, picks up his jacket, turns around and says, jaws clenched, “We better get back to the wedding”. Lizzie looks relieved, picks up her train and signs with relief.

Back at the wedding, Beth tells Alan that they can still fix everything if they can convince Coop the baby is his. Alan tells her the baby isn’t his and that it is all over. She looks at him in dismay. Alan adds that they must save that baby from the psychopath of a father.

Back in the room at Towers, Tammy asks if Reva knows about the baby and Jonathan says that it was Reva who told him. She asks how Reva found out and Jonathan tells her it is a long story. Tammy gets irritated. He tells her they still have a future and she asks about the baby. Jonathan tells her that he doesn’t want any part of it. Tammy says that the only reason he came in was to make Reva happy and Jonathan says he doesn’t know. He tells Tammy that he just couldn’t run away, but that he can’t stay. Tammy tells him that she isn’t going to allow him to run either.

Back at Cedars, Billy tells Reva he is looking for Jonathan. Colin comes in and Reva asks to go home. Colin tells her that she cannot leave and that this incident was very serious. He tells her that her immune system is compromised. Reva doesn’t buy it. Colin tells her that patients in this stage can either pull out and go into remission or go down fast. She asks which one she is and he tells her that he doesn’t know. Billy tells him that he doesn’t know Reva Shayne and that he will be here for her. Colin leaves and Billy tells her that she must let him in. Reva smiles and cuddles him. Later, Reva and Billy walk in the cabin. Reva takes a deep breath and says, “Oh, there’s no place like home, Toto”. Billy tells her that he feels like a fugitive sneaking her out of the hospital. Reva tells him that she just couldn’t breathe the hospital air anymore and not to worry about getting in trouble. Billy tells her to sit down and relax, which she does. He dotes on her and she tells him they are in this together. She tells him that she is glad he is there to hold her hand. Reva also tells him that she needs to tell him a secret, but was afraid he couldn’t handle it. Billy tells her to bring it on. She slowly takes off her wig and Billy looks at her. They hug and she tells him that Jonathan told her she had a really good shaped head. He laughs and tells her that her head is really hard, too. She tells him she loves him and he says he does, too. Billy tells her that he thinks she is magnificent. Reva begs him to take her to Jonathan. Reva stares a hole through him and Billy tells her not to look at him that way. She begs him again to take her to Jonathan and Billy says, “Okay”.

Back at the room at Towers, Jonathan tells Tammy they will beat this. She tells him that she needs to get away to think. They walk back into the wedding area and Coop and Lizzie walk in, too. Coop stares at Jonathan with contempt and says “You”. Lizzie tells him, “Don’t”. Lizzie asks where Reverend Rutledge is and Buzz asks, “Are you still going to get married”? Suddenly, Lizzie sees the room spin and hears voices distorted. Beth looks at Lizzie and suddenly, Lizzie faints – right into Jonathan’s arms. Tammy looks on this with disgust.

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