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Guiding Light Update Friday 6/16/06

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Written By Michelle
Pictures by Boo

At Towers, the reverend is congratulating Alan on Lizzie’s wedding day. Olivia and Frank come in bearing gifts and he remarks how swanky the affair is. She says its low key for the Spaulding’s and Frank cracks that she would know. Olivia takes the chiding well. They try to figure out if it’s a happy occasion or not. Frank says he’s just proud of Coop for standing up for his child and that nothing is more important than family.

Next to arrive is Marina who is handed a glass of champagne by Alan Michael to calm her nerves. She doesn’t believe he’s nervous about Coop and Lizzie getting married, he says it is what it is, but that he’s nervous about seeing her. In come Buzz and Alexandra arm in arm, the comment on how lovely things look. Buzz says the Spaulding’s throw great parties. Alexandra says Buzz doesn’t look in the mood to celebrate, Alex says she’s cautiously optimistic. Buzz asks where the bride is, Alexandra says getting dressed and Alex asks where the groom is and Buzz says Coop disappeared when he was dressing but not to worry that Coop wasn’t like him, he’d show up.

At the Towers, stands in the hallways remember good times with Ava and Lizzie telling him she’s pregnant. It echoes in his mind.

At Reva’s Tammy excitedly jumps up and down on the bed, singing that she and Jonathan are leaving town. He tells her not to think of anything else, she wants to know where they are going. She goes to the bathroom and out of the room; she yells to Jonathan they have no reason to stay in Springfield. There moms don’t need them, it’s not like they are babies and Jonathan takes out the ultrasound picture of his daughter and looks at it, remembering Lizzie saying that she’s going to be a family with Coop unless he does something to screw it up, she makes him promise he won’t ruin things. When Tammy comes back into the room she wants to know what he’s thinking, and Jonathan says she’s right they have no reason to stay in Springfield.

At Cedars, Reva is being tended to by her doctor, Collin. She insists it’s the flu, downplaying her symptoms. Collin tells her that her chemo has damaged her immune system and he was afraid something like this might happen. He’s trying to get the antibiotics in her as fast as possible before things progress rapidly. Reva needs clarification, could she die. He says it’s very serious and tells her to lie back. Reva can’t believe its happening, she was just coughing and now this. Collin goes into doctor mode and tells her to call someone and let them know she’s there. He wants to call Josh but Reva is against it. Collin doesn’t want her to be alone.

At Reva’s, Jonathan and Tammy celebrate leaving town by making love.

At Towers, Beth is choked up while Lillian helps Lizzie get ready for her wedding. Lizzie is glowing and Beth rushes around to assist Lillian who is trying to make Lizzie perfect today. Lizzie stop Lillian as she leaves the room for more bobby pins to tell her that everything with Coop is going to work out and that she’s happy. Lillian insists that is all she wants for Lizzie. Beth tells Lizzie that she’s going to have the happiness that has eluded the Raines women. When Lizzie worries that Ava is going to show up Beth assures her that she’s taken care of everything. There’s a knock at the door, it’s Coop who wants to talk to Lizzie alone. Beth doesn’t seem to want to leave them alone, but Lizzie says it’s fine.

Beth leaves and Lizzie asks what’s going on, is it her grandfather bothering him. Coop says Alan is trying to turn him into a Spaulding but that will never happen and Lizzie hugs Coop and says she’s not trying to change him and she loves him as he is. Coop says he needs to be clear with her about something. For a while things have been complicated and his feelings have seemed divided, but after today she won’t have to worry about doubting him again, he’s going to be a real husband and father. And he’s only going to think about that from now on. Lizzie tells him she loves him. Coop does not reply.

Outside in the hotel, Alan is on the phone wondering what the hold up is. Buzz walks up and asks if he has everything under control. Alan tells Buzz about Coop insisting on seeing Lizzie alone; he wants to know what they are talking about. Buzz says it’s interesting. Alan is annoyed by it and the Spaulding/Cooper pairing.

Across the room, Marina is telling Alan Michael off. She says she notices that she’s not his date tonight. He asks if she would have accepted, she walks off saying it would have been fun to turn him down.

Frank and Buzz notice the couple (Alan Michael and Marina) and Frank comments that he wishes she’d find a decent guy. Buzz reminds him it could be worse; they could be getting married today. Buzz leaves saying he has to do something and Olivia notices Buzz leaving and asks Frank if he’s ok. Frank says that Buzz has something on his mind but he’ll be fine.

At Cedars, Reva gets riled up and threatens to leave the hospital if Collin calls Josh. He asks how she’s going to leave in her condition, crawl out? Collin says he knows how hard she’s worked to keep her illness from Josh and that he kind of admires her for it, but it’s time he knew. Collin says he doesn’t want to scare Reva but if the antibiotics don’t work things could get worse very quickly and she’ll want Josh there. Reva says no that if he’s a good doctor he’s going to keep her alive. Collin leaves telling her to get some rest. He steps into the hall and makes a phone call.

At Revas, Jonathan and Tammy are dressing from their session. Jonathan says they could have been out of town if Tammy hadn’t distracted him. Tammy wants to know where they are going. Jonathan says it’s not important where they go; it’s what they learn along the way. Tammy says he sounds like someone’s dad; Jonathan gets a strange look on his face. Tammy doesn’t notice and asks if he’s ready to go. They grab their bags and the phone rings, as they walk out the door. Jonathan answers, it’s Collin, and he needs to see him.

Jonathan says he’s on his way out of town, Collin says it’s very important. Jonathan tells Tammy he has to take care of something and go talk to Reva. He says that it was Reva’s assistant making up an emergency to see him. Tammy says go, she has things she needs to take care of too.

At the wedding, Olivia says there is weird energy in the room. She and Frank debate whether or not Coop will go through with it. They talk about Ava; Frank feels sorry for Ava and says she’s a great girl. Olivia looks bothered by Frank’s concern for Ava.

In the bridal suite, Lizzie promises to be a wonderful wife and mother. Lizzie says if it wasn’t for the baby Coop wouldn’t be there. She also acknowledges his feelings for Ava and how he might be wondering what could have been with her. Lizzie says the baby is there because someone “up there” wanted it and thinks they deserve a second chance. Coop picks Lizzie up and playfully spins her around. Lizzie’s glad he didn’t see her in her dress, it would have been bad luck. They kiss passionately as Beth paces outside the door. She’s approached but Lillian who is glad that Coop is talking to Lizzie; she thinks he’s come to his senses. Beth is perturbed by her mother. Lillian says it’s hard enough to make a marriage work when people are in love. She wants Lizzie to be happy. She compares them to Phillip and Beth and Beth says look and her and Phillip, maybe Lizzie is better off entering her marriage the way it is. They both agree that they want Lizzie happy. Buzz comes in and wants to speak to Coop. Beth asks Buzz if Coop would call things off at this point. Buzz doesn’t know. Coop comes out and says everything is fine, Lizzie says it’s better than fine. Beth and Lillian go off to help Lizzie dress, leaving Buzz and Coop alone. Buzz wants to know if everything is still ok. Coop says it is.

At Cedars, Jonathan asks Collin what was so important that he had to come down there. When Collin says that Reva has the flu, Jonathan gets angry and goes into her room before Collin can prepare him for Reva’s medical condition, he barges into the room and sees her. Jonathan sees her and is taken aback. He wants to know why she looks so bad. Collin explains Reva’s weakened state. Jonathan asks Reva what she needs from him.

Reva begs him to acknowledge that he’s the father of Lizzie’s baby. Jonathan tries to change the subject but Reva won’t let him. Reva wants to know when the wedding is, Jonathan tells her it’s happening now, Lizzie is marrying Coop and it’s the best thing for everyone. Reva says that he’s walking away from his baby like she walked away from him, and he hated her for it. She says he’s making a mistake and he knows it, Reva says she can see it in his eyes. Collin asks to see Jonathan, he doesn’t want her agitated. Jonathan wants to know when the drugs are going to start working, when she’ll get out. Jonathan wants to know if Reva’s going to recover, Collin says he’s doing everything he can. Jonathan says that it’s crazy, Reva’s dying before she gets to see the baby. Jonathan is fighting back tears. Collin wants to know if Jonathan is going to be there for her, he says he will but he has to take care of something first and asks Collin to stay with her. Collin sits with Reva.

Jonathan looks at the picture of his baby and Billy walks up wondering what he’s doing at the hospital. Jonathan lies, he’s visiting a friend. Billy is there for an AA meeting. Jonathan tells Billy he has to tell him something.

Outside Company, Tammy notices the door is open. She hears something and realizes its Ava. She lets her out of the freezer. Tammy wants’ to know how she locked herself in there. Ava says something shoved her in there and locked the door. It was Beth’s chauffer. Tammy pours her some wine and puts blankets on her. Ava says Beth did it out of fear she’d show up at the wedding. Ava tells Tammy that Lizzie came by and flaunted that she won Coop like he’s a prize. Ava says Coop is a prize because of who he is. Tammy encourages her to do something about it. Ava says there’s nothing she can do. Tammy says there is, and leads her out of Company.

At the wedding, Frank (standing with Olivia and Buzz) ask Coop if he’s ok. He says he is and Buzz says everything is fine.

Alan Michael corners Marina and tells her that she looks beautiful. She tells him he doesn’t look so bad either. When she leaves, Alexandra tells A-M that Alan is watching everyone he’s talking to. Alan Michael isn’t pleased. Marina admits to Frank she’s playing Alan Michael to get information for Harley. Franks’ not happy to hear it. Marina insists that her feeling for A-M aren’t real, and that she’d be crazy to still care about him after all he’s done to the Coopers.

Across the room, Olivia straightens Coops’ tie and Marina asks Coop if he’s nervous, the group kids Coop, who assures them he’s fine and that it’s a wedding and not a funeral, he tells Marina that he’s happy. Frank gets a phone call and has to leave, Olivia leaves with him. Marina comments that Frank and Olivia look happy and that she likes Olivia. Buzz says he does too.

Alan is nervously waiting for Lizzie and Beth tells him to turn around. There is Lizzie decked out in her white wedding gown. Everyone tells Lizzie she looks beautiful. Alan says he’s not ready to give her away but if that’s what she wants he will. Lizzie says Coop is what she’s always wanted. Lizzie says that everything she did to get there was worth it.

At Cedars, Reva wakes up to find Billy by her bedside. Reva’s eyes fill with tears.

At the wedding, the reverend asks Coop if he’s ready. He is. The ceremony begins and Alan Michael excuses himself, saying he has to take care of something. Ava appears in the background looking scared. Lizzie and Alan are alone on the terrace; Lizzie says she wants to run down the aisle.

Alan walks Lizzie down the aisle. Beth hears the elevator and goes to head off Jonathan. Beth reminds him of the promise he made. Just then Beth’s chauffeur arrives and asks Beth if she needs help.

Inside the reverend begins the vows. Beth says she wants Jonathan escorted out. Jonathan punches out the chauffeur and barges into the ceremony. Lizzie sees him and is clearly afraid her secret is about to be revealed. Jonathan tells Coop to be quiet, that he has something to say. Just then Tammy arrives and wants to know what he’s doing. Jonathan looks forlornly at Tammy.

At Cedars, Billy asks Reva how she is and tells her not to lie. Reva wants to know how he knows. Billy says Jonathan. Reva says it’s the flu, but Billy lets her know that he knows she has breast cancer. They both cry and Billy says he’ll do whatever she needs.

At Towers, everyone wants to know what Jonathan is doing there. Lizzie and Coop tell him he doesn’t belong there. Lizzie wants him to leave, Jonathan apologizes to Tammy and Lizzie tells him not to do it and that he’ll regret it for the rest of his life. Jonathan says if he doesn’t’ do it, he will. Jonathan tells Coop that Lizzie’s been lying to him; the baby is actually his and not Coop’s. There are murmurs of disbelief. Tammy is stunned.

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