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Guiding Light Update Thursday 6/15/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

Jonathan, as he enters his apartment, picks up the newspaper with the headlines that read: “Spaulding Heiress Weds today”. He sighs and walks in finding Tammy who is trying on dresses for the wedding. Jonathan asks her if she really wants to go and Tammy says she does. As Tammy leaves, she tells him that Reva phoned.

At the cabin, Reva takes medicine and coughs almost non-stop. She, too, looks at the headlines for the day. Still coughing, she phones Jonathan and leaves a message for Jonathan to please stand up for the baby. Meanwhile, outside, Josh starts to walk in, pauses, and starts to think back about the kiss between him and Cassie. He mutters to himself, “Okay, it didn’t mean anything; It-didn’t-mean-anything”. He sighs deeply and walks in. He tells her that he has to go meet with the architect for the rehab project in San Francisco. He has two tickets and asks her to go with him. He tells her that it is a special request and not to turn him down. Reva looks at him and tells him that she wants to be a part of everything he is working on. Josh tells her that he knows she is happy at the cabin and with him, but he has been feeling distance between them. Reva tells him it isn’t and that she is so proud of him. Josh tells her that he would be happier if his wife were with him. He asks her to go with him again and she tells him that she just cannot go.

At Towers, Lizzie and Beth direct people to place the wedding decorations. Lizzie tells Beth she has to leave for a little while. She is so excited and tells her mother that she didn’t know she could be this happy. Alan arrives early and tells Beth that Coop isn’t worthy of Lizzie for he doesn’t love her.

Outside Company, Coop watches Ava through the window. Buzz walks up and asks him just exactly what the job description for the Father of the Groom is. Coop tells him that if he has words of wisdom about marriage to please give them to him. They embrace and Buzz leaves. Inside, Buzz tells Ava that he has to get pastries ready for Lizzie’s wedding. Back outside, Tammy comes up and apologizes to Coop for Jonathan’s behavior at Lizzie’s shower. He tells her that he is glad she came here for he needs to ask a favor. “I need you to keep Jonathan away from the wedding today”, he says. Tammy asks him if he is uninviting the two of them and he says just Jonathan. She tells him that if he takes away Jonathan’s invitation, he takes away hers. Coop tells her that Lizzie has worked very hard to make everything right and she asks him just what he thinks Jonathan will do. Coop says he doesn’t know. Tammy then tells him not to worry about it and adds, “Have a nice wedding and congratulate Lizzie for me”. She looks disappointed and leaves.

Back at his apartment, Jonathan, looking at the sonogram picture, gets a visit from Lizzie. She tells him that she doesn’t want any surprises today and doesn’t want him to screw up anything. Jonathan stares at her in exasperation. She tells him that he swore to her that he would not do anything to mess up her shower but he has turned into a nervous Nelly for he thought she was boozing.

She looks at the sonogram picture and yells, “You kept this; what the hell are you doing, are you trying to blow this for everyone”? He tells her that he is walking away. She tries to get the picture from him and tells him that Coop is going to be a great dad. Jonathan screams at her to get off him. Lizzie still grabs at him and tells him that he has to burn the picture. She adds that he has just as much to lose as she does. Jonathan is irate. Lizzie still tries to get the picture and Jonathan tells her to leave and do the ring thing with Coop. He tells her to be sure to get Henry’s name on the birth certificate when baby Lizzie pops out. She tells him that she is going to go and he better keep his word. “Don’t I always”, he says as he yells for her to leave. After she leaves, he gets another message from Reva. Reva is coughing and trying to talk, he looks at the sonogram and suddenly, Tammy comes in. He runs to hide the sonogram picture. She tells him that she is having a wonderful day and that Coop asked her to very politely keep Jonathan away from the wedding. She tells Jonathan that she isn’t going and that Coop did them a favor. Jonathan wants to know how and she tells him that they have been wanting to get out of town. He asks her if she is serious and Tammy tells him that nothing is keeping them here. He thinks about this.

Back outside Company, Ava finds Coop shining his shoes. He is glad to see her and she tells him that today is his big day. Ava tells him that she wants him to be happy and he tells her that he wants her to be happy, too. He tells her he needs to go to the wedding and they stare into each other’s eyes. He tells her goodbye and she grabs him and kisses him. He responds and kisses her back very passionately. Coop finally stops and says in a breathless voice, “Whoa, what am I doing”? He apologizes to Ava and she tells him not to apologize. Coop tells her that things will be better after the wedding and she tells him they will not. He tells her goodbye again and this time, leaves. Lizzie walks up and says to Ava, “Wow that was touching”.

Back at Towers, Alan tells Beth that Ava was in the arms of Coop. He tells her that it was obvious the two were very connected. She asks him did anything actually happen and he says no. Beth tells him that once Lizzie and Coop are married, the baby will bring them together. Alan protests and Beth tells him that it is what Lizzie wants and Coop will take care of them. Alan says, “Why must there always be a Cooper involved in our future; no good….” Beth interrupts and tells him that it is what it is and Lizzie wants to marry Coop. Alan tells him that the child is his priority, not Lizzie. Beth tells him that he will not call off the wedding and that Lizzie’s happiness is important to her. She tells Alan that Coop knows his obligations and Beth says that Coop is a good young man. “And, so is his father”, she adds. Buzz walks up and tells her thanks. He tells her that he has created a pastry just for her. Beth gets all coy and says thank you, Buzz. Alan asks Buzz what woman he is baking for these days, a sarcastic tone in his voice. Buzz tells him that is cold. Alan tells him that Coop is lucky to have Elizabeth and Buzz tells him that she is lucky to have Coop. Buzz asks Beth to save a dance for him and Beth grins. She tells Alan that Lizzie is marrying into a very nice family and Alan bemoans having to spend another holiday with a Cooper. Beth tells Alan that Coop and she understand each other. He asks her why she wants Coop to marry Lizzie and she says because he is the father and it is better than the alternative. Alan asks her what she means and Beth changes the subject and tells him that she needs to help Lizzie get dressed. She adds that nothing will stop the wedding. The wheels in Alan’s head are turning.

Back at the cabin, Josh tells Reva he wants to understand why she doesn’t want to go. She tells him that she is getting a cold. Josh doesn’t buy it. She coughs a little and tells him that if she goes, she might get full-blown pneumonia. He tells her that doesn’t make sense. He tells her that she is doing her best to avoid him and she says she isn’t. He asks again and she says she just can’t go and there is a wedding. He raises his voice, finally, and asks what is important about Lizzie Spaulding’s wedding. She stalls and stammers and tells him that she cares about the wedding. He yells, “Why”? She tells him to not make her explain. Josh relents and says, “Okay. I’ll see you when I get back”. And, he leaves. Reva starts to cough again and sits down, exhausted.

Meanwhile, back at their apartment, Tammy tells Jonathan that she can be ready to leave in less than 5 minutes. He tells her to make it 10 minutes for he has to do something. She asks what and he tells her to finish packing so they can leave. Later, Jonathan, looking at the sonogram, hears Tammy say she is ready to leave. He tells her that he needs to make one quick phone call.

Back at the cabin, Reva receives a package. She coughs again and the delivery man tells her that she has some cold there. The package contains a silver rattle for her grandbaby. She starts to cough more violently and appears breathless. She looks at the rattle between gasps and says, “New life”.

Outside Company, Lizzie claps her hands and tells Ava that she gives the goodbye two thumbs up. Ava tells her that she is happy for her and Coop and to take care of him. Lizzie tells her that she was here for the big goodbye and she can drop the whole Mother Teresa thing. She adds that it is over, once and for all. Lizzie taunts her and tells her that it is all she wrote. Ava stands with her back to Lizzie, a smirk on her face. Lizzie tells her that she had him long before Ava came to town. She adds that she and Coop belong together and are fixing something that should have never been broken. Ava tells her that if she weren’t pregnant, Coop wouldn’t be marrying her and that if she loves Coop even a fraction of the amount Lizzie says she does, Coop wouldn’t have to sacrifice his life. She adds that Coop is a great guy. Lizzie tells her that she (Ava) is desperate and to let Coop move on and be happy. She ends with a stinger and tells Ava that by tomorrow, Coop will not even remember her name. Ava tells her that Coop is going to be stuck with a selfish bitch like Lizzie. “Maybe he needs a wake-up call”, Ava says. Lizzie tells her to do what she has to do and Ava says, “Oh, don’t worry, I’ll do what I gotta do”.

Coop arrives at Towers and eyes the decorations. Alan gives him a glass of champagne and tells him welcome to the family. Alan tells him that he got an eye-full of the woman in his arms last night. Coop just stares at him. Buzz walks up and asks if all is okay, then walks away. Coop tells Alan that they both agree that family is important and he will be raising a daughter and taking a wife; taking them both seriously. “Very seriously, Alan”, he adds.

Back at Company, Ava starts to leave and Beth and her chauffeur arrive. In a threatening voice, Beth says, “Hello, Ava”. Ava looks startled and asks her what is going on. In a sing-song voice, Beth says, “This is me making sure my daughter has a wonderful day with no surprises; me taking no chances; me saying it’s time to go”. The chauffeur says, “Yes maam”. Ava asks where they are going and Beth says, smiling, “Bye bye”. The chauffeur covers Ava’s mouth and picks her up.

She struggles with him, pulls free and punches him in the face, but the chauffeur picks her up again and carries her out of the room. Beth looks at her finger and says in a stuck-up voice, “Look at that; I broke a nail”. The chauffeur comes back in the room and Beth says, “Yes”? He tells her, “Meat locker; don’t worry, I threw a coat in there with her”. Beth tells him in a squeaky voice, “That was very nice of you. I have a wedding to go to; shall we”? She turns and picks up a hand full of mints on the bar, eats one, giggles and leaves with the chauffeur.

At his apartment, Jonathan phones Reva. She tells him that she was just going to call for she needs to see him. Jonathan tells her sorry that he doesn’t have time to fit in an argument and he and Tammy are leaving. He doesn’t give her time to respond and hangs up on her. Jonathan tells Tammy, “Let’s get the heck out of Dodge”. Reva, at the cabin, starts coughing again and grabs her car keys.

Meanwhile, at the Tower’s dressing room, Lillian lays out Lizzie’s wedding gown. Lizzie excitedly picks it up and says, “Oh, gosh, it’s a dream; part of me cannot believe it….I am getting married”. Lillian tells Lizzie that she loves her and wants what is best for her. Lizzie tells her that she is sure she wants to marry Coop. There is a knock on the door and Beth arrives. Beth tells Lizzie that she has taken care of everything. Lizzie grins knowingly and says, “Well, I guess there is only one thing left and that’s to get on with my life with Coop. She says she will get dressed and Beth tells her that nothing or no one can take it away from her.

At Cedars, Colin tells Reva not to move. She asks for a Vitamin shot and he tells her that she has the flu. She asks for something for that and to go home. He tells her no and that for patients on chemo who have the flu, it can be very serious. He starts to bark orders to the nurse for IV’s and antibiotics and adds, “Let’s move; we don’t have time to waste”. Reva is obviously frightened, but allows the nurse to work on her”. Back at their apartment, Tammy and Jonathan embrace and prepare to leave. He hugs her and tells her it is time to forget about everything but them. Back at Cedars, Reva once again tries to get Colin to listen to her. Colin tells Reva to listen to him instead, close her eyes and rest then adds, “You’re not going anywhere”. A very ill and exhausted Reva relents and lies back on the pillow.

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