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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 6/14/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

Josh – In the Light
”Did I Ever Tell You the One about the Traveling Salesman?”

At home, Josh is sleeping. He stirs around and hears, “Josh. Joshua. Come on now boy, you know what the word is on the early bird, don’t cha”? Josh, still in an early morning haze says, “Eats worms”. Josh opens his eyes and looks at HB sitting across from him. He says, “Daddy…oh, my”? “Don’t lie there staring at me son”, HB says, “Nobody ever got a dream built by staying horizontal; up and at ‘em”. Josh cannot believe his eyes. He gets up and looks at a picture of HB and walks down stairs.

He sees his daddy sitting with his big 10 gallon hat on and talks to him. He tells HB about finding the plans for the project and about finding his old desk. HB’s hands trace the plans. Josh tells him that if he doesn’t like it to tell him for he can fix it. HB tells him there is nothing to fix and tells an elated Josh that he is proud of him. HB adds, “Hey, did I ever tell you the one about the traveling salesman and the milking machine”? Josh laughs and laughs at this. Suddenly, back in bed asleep, Reva awakens Josh who is laughing in his sleep. She asks him if he is all right and tells him that he was mumbling a punch line from one of the old jokes Harlan used to tell. Josh says that it was HB and he was here in the bedroom. He tells her that he showed the plans to HB and that he told Josh he was proud of him. Josh says it felt so good to be with him and didn’t want to wake up. Reva tells him that he misses him and Josh agrees and would like him to be here. But, it would hurt to lose him again. Josh looks at her and tells her it is like a sense of helplessness when you lose someone. She looks away. Josh tells her that he has to get ready to go to Chicago for HB’s sculpture. Reva gets a phone call from Cedars and she makes up a lie to Josh about staffing recommendations. After Josh gets up, Reva tells the caller that she will be there for the chemo.

Once downstairs, Reva still wears the red wig. Josh tells her that after the meeting in Chicago he wants to take her out to eat. Reva tells him that she cannot go because there are still things going on. Josh is very disappointed and tells her he understands. He tells her that he will cancel the meeting and Reva tells him no. She tells him that he will not have to go alone because…and, Cassie walks in the door. Josh smiles. Cassie remarks about the wig and Reva laughs and says to call her Carlota. Josh asks if Reva talked Cassie into going to Chicago.

Cassie says that she was thinking on the way over that Josh should cancel the trip and Josh agrees. Reva tells him no for they need to get the bust of HB up and running. Josh asks her if Jonathan is in trouble again and Reva lies and says that Doris Wolfe is causing trouble again. Josh says that something has been keeping her from the big moments of the project. She tells him that her son claims a part of her heart, too. She tells Cassie that she feels as if she owes her to allow Tammy and Jonathan to have all that life offers. Cassie hugs her and Reva tells Josh she needs to leave. After she leases, Cassie asks Josh if Reva is okay. He says he thinks so and adds that in some ways things between him and Reva have never been better, but why isn’t he jumping for joy? He says that only Reva can handle Jonathan, but sometimes….HB interrupts and says, “Sometimes a man just wants his woman, plain and simple”. Josh watches his daddy and nods. He talks to HB and says there is nothing plain and simple about Reva. Cassie says that is true and Josh says, “What”? He comes back to reality and says he wouldn’t want it any other way.

Still at the cabin, Josh tells Cassie that he is going to put off the Chicago trip until Reva can go with him. Cassie nods. Later, Josh arrives back at the cabin with a bouquet of flowers. The phone rings and Josh says, “What? This is Josh Lewis, would you mind telling me what this is about”? At her house, Cassie, dressed in short shorts, looks at a picture of Josh and Reva while mopping the floor. She tells Josh-in-the-picture to stop looking at her. She says, “I thought cousins were a bad idea”. She stops and grabs the bucket of water and says that she is going to wash that man…..as she starts to pitch the water outdoors, Josh walks up. He tells her that he received a phone call from RJ’s school and that RJ started a fight. He tells her the counselor said for the two to get there. She cannot understand why they want both of them and he says that RJ gave them his cell number and begged the counselor to talk to him and not Cassie. Josh tells her that RJ wanted him there and not Cassie. She says that she is going down there and Josh tells her that she isn’t dressed appropriately in her Daisy Dukes. Cassie says she will change and Josh tells her he will wait.

At the school, Cassie angrily says she wants to talk to the principal. She storms off and Josh hears HB talk about old times with the family. Josh remembers the 1995 Annual Summer Festival with Marah and Shayne. Shayne brings a trophy for the first place family relay.

He tells the two that if their momma were here today, she would be smiling at all of them. He picks up the two young children and kisses them. Suddenly, he is back to reality and the counselor introduces herself to him. She tells him there is a serious problem with RJ. Meanwhile, Cassie tells RJ that he is hurt and RJ tells her she should see the other guy. She warns him about starting fights and he tells her that he had to because of the volcano. He tells her he messed up the volcano and RJ tells her that he tried to do it by himself. RJ tells her that she wouldn’t know about volcanoes. Cassie tells him that she can make one and RJ says, “Bull, dads are supposed to help with this stuff not moms.” He tells her he had to hit the boys for they were making fun of him not having a dad. Cassie looks heartbroken and tells RJ she is sorry the boys made fun of him. RJ cries as he listens to Cassie tell him that she wishes he had a dad. RJ sobs and sobs as Cassie hugs him.

Back in the counselor’s office, Josh tells her that RJ must have had a pretty good reason to fight. The counselor tells him they have had trouble for a few months and it is difficult for a young boy to not have needs met in a broken home. Josh tells her that RJ’s home is not broken and that Cassie is dedicated to her children. He proceeds to tell her about Cassie; she was dealt a lousy hand from day one. He tells her about when Tammy was placed in a foster home and that Cassie was dedicated to raising her daughter on her own. He raises his voice, paces around the room, and tells the counselor that Cassie is a one-in-a-million. He ends by telling her that Cassie has never been negligent and is a decent human being. The counselor asks if he is finished and Josh says, “Yes I am and I think this is the part where you tell me to take a hike”. The counselor says, “No, this is where I say I wish there were more couples who are as committed to their children and to each other”. Josh has a shocked look on his face. She adds, “It is obvious that you love Cassie Winslow very much”. Josh looks at her, speechless and eyes wide. Josh finally finds the words and tells her that he is Cassie’s brother-in-law. The counselor apologizes for the mistake.

Cassie is outside the door, listening. The counselor continues, “Well, you showed up with RJ’s mother and I just assumed that you and Mrs. Winslow…”. Josh says, “We’re not”. RJ runs in and is happy to see his Uncle Josh. Josh talks to him about the fight and Cassie tells him about the science project and RJ not having a father to build it the correct way. RJ asks Josh to help him and Cassie tells him that Josh has a project of his own right now. Josh looks sad and tells RJ that he can help him with the project; a very cool one. He tells RJ he can get started this afternoon and RJ thanks Josh. After RJ goes back to class, Cassie tells Josh she is sorry he was dragged into everything. Josh tells her no problem. Cassie tells him to go and Josh says that he will help him build it. Cassie tells him no for she will help RJ. Josh tells her that she doesn’t have to do things with RJ alone and he bends down to her face saying, “You got me”. Cassie looks uncomfortable, again, and gets up telling him she has to go.

Outside Company, Josh phones Reva and leaves a message for her that he put off the trip to Chicago. Jonathan walks up and Josh asks what he is doing there. He tells him that he thought he (Jonathan) had pressing business today and that Reva was helping him out with an emergency. “So, that’s not the case. What’s the story; is Reva lying”, Josh asks, a smirk on his face. Jonathan just looks at Josh, searching for the words. Jonathan tells him that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Josh says that Reva can’t go to Chicago because she is helping him (Jonathan) with some plans. Jonathan has a flashback where Reva tells him not to tell anybody about her cancer. He runs his hands through his hair and says, “Okay, you got me”. He tells Josh that he screwed up again and that Reva feels badly for canceling the plans with Josh.

He lies and tells Josh that Reva wants to get a peace offering for Josh and not to say anything to Reva. Josh says that he will not tell her and tells him thanks for placing his mind at ease. Jonathan walks off, turns, and sees Josh standing, thinking. HB says, “That young fellow is a natural born liar”. Josh says at least he came clean this time. HB tells him that the story stunk to high heaven and that he only wants to set up a bigger lie. Josh watches as HB flicks an ash from his cigar. HB walks up to Josh and pats him on the shoulder. Josh is startled and listens as HB tells him that he could never pin down Reva. “She’s just too wild”, HB says, “That’s why I married her and why you fell for her in the first place. Or am I wrong”? Josh tells him that he isn’t wrong and asks HB if he has made a mistake by giving his heart to Reva again. HB tells him that he never did, could, or will. Josh asks HB if he has ever built a volcano and HB tells him no, but he saw Vesuvius once and that was overrated. Josh laughs and HB asks why he asked. Josh says, “I just think every boy needs a father, even if he has to borrow one”.

At Cassie’s house, she is making a very small volcano. Josh tries to tell her that if she allows RJ to take that to school, he will be in a worse fight than before. Cassie tells him that she is going to fight with him. Josh asks if she used vanilla pudding to put the volcano together and tells her that he has the correct materials at Cross Creek to do this. He asks her why she doesn’t want his help; she raises her voice and tells him that she cannot keep depending on him. Josh tells her that this isn’t all about her; it is about him (Josh) being a part of something. RJ comes into the room and is excited that Josh is going to help. Josh tells him that they need to come to Cross Creek to build a new volcano. Cassie just sighs.

At Cross Creek, Josh and RJ build a giant volcano. Cassie looks on and smiles. She serves them lunch, feeds the two, flits around the room and takes pictures. The volcano is a massive creation and erupts bright red goo after completion. She is elated and so is RJ. She tells Josh thanks and Josh tells her that RJ did most of the work. Josh tells him that HB would be very proud of him and proceeds to tell him that HB was a cowboy with big dreams. He tells him that HB built Lewis Construction and a family. RJ listens with rapt attention. Josh tells about when HB built Cross Creek cabin nail by nail. Cassie listens and smiles. Josh gets melancholy and tells RJ that a home is a whole lot more. RJ says he cannot wait to take this to school tomorrow. Josh tells them a storm is coming up and RJ thanks Josh again. Josh hugs RJ and RJ says that today has been one of the best days ever. Josh tells him that it is high on his list, too.

Josh walks out the door and Cassie follows him and thanks him again. Thunder rolls in. Cassie jumps and Josh tells her it is only a summer storm and no one is going to get hurt. She moves closer to him. Josh laughs at her. He tells her he needs to go and she thanks him, again. He tells her she is welcome and leans in to kiss her on the cheek. Cassie moves her head and their lips meet; the kiss is sweet, but neither move away quickly. Josh looks embarrassed and tells her that he is sorry for he meant to kiss her on the cheek. Cassie looks nervous. RJ calls for his mother. Josh closes his eyes and hears HB say, “Just a summer storm, huh”? HB continues, “Say, Josh, did you hear about the man who got what he wished for”? Josh says he hasn’t, to tell him, and HB says, “I was hoping you’d tell me”. Josh looks confused and sad, drops his head, and watches Cassie in the house with RJ. The thunder continues to roll.

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