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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 6/13/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

At Company, Frank tells Buzz that Lizzie and Coop are engaged. Buzz goes ballistic and leaves saying, “I going to go rescue my son”. At Towers, Lizzie and Beth discuss her wedding shower. Lizzie tells her that Tammy will throw one for her. Beth tells her that she hopes Tammy doesn’t bring Jonathan. Lizzie tells her that once Coop and she are raising their child, everything will be perfect. Lizzie tells her mom that she wants the doves at the wedding and Coop walks up just in time to hear this, saying, “Well, so much for a small simple wedding”. Lizzie turns around and grins at him.

At his apartment, Jonathan brings home Reva. She tells him she needs to take her pills and then they will do it. He asks what they all do and she tells him for nausea, vitamins, and…her voice trails off. She tells him that’s not the hard part. “This is the hard part”, she says as she dials the phone. At the Cross Creek cabin, Josh is preparing the cabin for his interview. He flits about and Billy tells him to calm down. Billy tells him that he will have a bone fide star anyway to help; Reva Shayne Lewis. Suddenly the phone rings and it is Reva telling him that she cannot be there for she has to see Jonathan. Josh tells her the reporter will be there in a minute and she apologizes again. Josh tells her it is important and she tells him that Cassie can fill in for her. She tells him that she will make it up to him. After she hangs up, Jonathan asks her how many more times she can keep doing this. Reva tells him, voice breaking, “Too many times already. But this time I really think I let him down”. Jonathan tells her to call him back and she tells him she cannot, adding, “I have to do this before I lose my nerve”.

Reva sits with a towel around her neck and tells Jonathan that she keeps looking at her skull to see if there are lumps or bumps. Jonathan tells her that she has a good head. He tells her they don’t have to do this and she says they do for it will grow back. The phone rings and it is Tammy. He says he will call her back and Reva tells him to take the call. Tammy tells him that she is giving a bridal/baby shower for Lizzie. He says it is good that Coop is marrying Lizzie and adds that he has something to do. Reva says, “So, you are going to let Coop marry Lizzie”, and he says that it is better Coop then him. He asks her if she is ready and Reva says she needs a drink first. Reva jumps up to get a drink and Jonathan tells her she isn’t supposed to be doing that. “Well, one of us needs to be drunk before I go all cue ball”, she says laughing. Jonathan grins at her. Reva guzzles a drink and Jonathan tells her enough. Reva reminisces about when her mother told her she had a beautiful head of blonde hair. Her dad told her that he knew when she was age four that she was going to be trouble. She flips her hair and tells him that the power of her hair flip turned the Lewis boys into jelly when she was younger. She goes on and on about her hair. She tells him to, “Crank that puppy up”. Jonathan turns on the shavers and she tells him to stop and turn up the music.

Back at Towers, Beth jumps up and hugs Coop and tells him welcome to the family. Coop tells Lizzie that he thought they agreed not to go crazy with the wedding. He looks at more plans and says, “Kelly Clarkson”? Lizzie says that she heard that she was going to be in Chicago.

Alan walks in and asks what is going on. Beth tells him that Lizzie and Coop have something wonderful to tell them. Alan says, “Oh, that Coop isn’t the father of Lizzie’s baby”? Beth tells him think how grateful she would be if he didn’t interfere at all. Lizzie jumps up and hugs Alan, as Coop looks on. She tells Alan that she and Coop will be married this week and Alan exclaims, “Absolutely not”. Buzz is standing by and hears this and adds, “Well, hell has actually frozen over. Alan is right”. Buzz asks Coop when he was going to tell him. Buzz tells them he doesn’t like this idea either. Alan says that if her grand daughter chooses Coop, he isn’t going to stand in the way.

Back at the cabin, Josh tells Cassie she has to fill in for Reva again. Cassie tells him that she isn’t dressed for this. Billy walks up and tells her that she looks wonderful. Josh tells Cassie just never mind. Cassie tells him to reschedule and Josh says the reporters are already on their way. Billy asks Josh what’s so important that Reva can’t be here again. Josh looks at him, mouth open, and contemplates that statement. Josh finally asks Billy what he means. Billy points to the mantel and Josh tells him that he has been trying to find cracks in Reva and his marriage ever since he tore up the divorce papers. Billy asks him, “Well, where is Reva”? Josh tells him that he doesn’t have to defend Reva and leaves to make a phone call. Cassie looks on, embarrassed as Billy says nothing. Cassie proceeds to rearrange the furniture and Billy asks her what she is doing. She tells him that he may have feelings for Reva but not to drag her into anything. Billy tells her that she has feelings for Josh. Cassie tells him to stop and Billy tells her it is only natural. Billy asks her why she will not do the interview adding that she is afraid of her feelings for Josh. Cassie tells him he is crazy. The reporters arrive and ask about Reva. Josh tells them that she cannot make it. The reporters are concerned for the female audience wants a woman and Cassie tells him that she will do it for Reva. Josh is baffled and Billy grins, approvingly.

Cassie glares at Billy.

Back at Towers, Buzz is flabbergasted at Alan’s words and stands with his mouth open. Lizzie giggles with glee. Coop, too, is rather shocked. Buzz asks if Alan is nuts. Buzz tells Coop that he made the same mistake and doesn’t want to see Coop do the same. Coop tells Lizzie that Buzz will come around in time. Beth tells Lizzie it is time to get ready for the shower and they leave. Buzz is amazed there is a shower. Alan tells him that a party is tradition and that Coop deserves the same consideration. He adds that Coop will have a party and Buzz will be the host.

At Company, Alan toasts the baby and the future. Frank, Coop and Buzz are present, too. Buzz tells everyone they need to just sit around and see how many reasons they can find to stop this wedding. Alan tells him that he needs to stop or he will blow it. Buzz and he talk in whispers and Buzz says now he knows that Alan doesn’t want the two married either. Buzz asks him what he is going to do and Alan says he will not have to do anything, adding, “Take a look”. Ava walks in the room. She tells Coop she thought they were closed and Coop tells her that he is having a Bachelor Party. Ava looks confused.

At Lizzie’s shower, everyone makes a toast as Marina says to Alex and Lillian, “Well, if you can think of anything I can do to sabotage the wedding, just let me know”. Lizzie thanks Tammy for the shower. Lizzie tells her that she can do simple and says, “Here’s the proof”.

Back at his apartment, Jonathan cuts Reva’s hair as the song, “Naked Pictures of Your Mother”, plays in the background. Tears stream down Reva’s face. Locks of hair fall to the floor. Jonathan pauses occasionally to kiss her on the head. As he starts to shave her head, Reva sobs. As Jonathan cleans up the hair, Reva walks out of a room with a wig on. She asks him if he thinks Josh will notice and he tells her that Josh doesn’t even notice when she cuts her hair. Reva giggles and pulls out a red wig and says, “I still have the red one to spice things up”. Jonathan cackles and tells her that he will leave that up to her and Joshua. Reva kisses him and tells him that it is funny for she might be facing the fact she is on her way out and he is bringing a new life into the world. Jonathan tells her to stop and she says she isn’t going to die. She tells him that she will get better and he asks her if she is scared. She tells him that she is terrified but is only scared when she stops to think. She reminds herself she is doing it for the kids and Josh and her new grandbaby. Jonathan tells her to cut it out. Reva continues to tell him she knows that heart beat and the little baby face got to him. She pulls something from her purse and tells him that she has gotten really good at sneaking around the hospital. She presents him with a sonogram picture of the baby. Jonathan takes it and kisses Reva. Reva leaves and Jonathan looks back at the picture, tenderly.

Meanwhile, at the shower, Alex presents Lizzie with a gift. Lizzie is so happy for it is the earrings that were Alex’s mothers. Lizzie says she will wear them to her wedding. Beth tells Lillian that she is glad she helped the day be special. Lillian asks Beth does she think Coop loves Lizzie and says they have been here before. She reminds Beth of the story of when Mindy was pregnant and the boy, Phillip, felt obligated to marry her. Beth lowers her voice and sternly says, “That’s enough. Maybe you don’t understand how important this is. No one is going to hurt my children. No one”! Beth tells Lizzie no one will be getting in the way. Lizzie tells her that is right for no one is getting in the way. Marina brings them punch and as Lizzie drinks it down, Jonathan runs up and yells, “What the hell is wrong with you”! He slaps the cup from her hands and everybody looks at him in amazement, especially Tammy.

Back at Company, Frank tells Alan not to get any ideas. Alan tells them that every Bachelor Party needs a girl to jump out of a cake. Frank tells them that seeing Ava right now is the last thing Coop needs. Frank asks Alan if the wedding is called off will he let Lizzie be hurt. Alan tells him that if he has to, yes, but the baby will not be hurt for if she is; there will be hell to pay. Meanwhile, Buzz gives Coop cuff links that Jenna said to give him. Coop says he needs some air and Buzz tells him that he can be a good father but…Coop interrupts and tells him to stop for no one is pressuring him into this. He adds that he and Lizzie have time. Coop leaves to get some air and outside, finds Ava sitting on the bench, smiling up at him.

He sits down beside her, sighing deeply. She tells him that his Bachelor Party appears lame. He sarcastically tells her that Alan is a really fun guy. He adds that tonight is his last night of freedom. Ava tells him that it would be so easy to be selfish right now. Coop and she think about the other night in her room and she tells him that if she were like Olivia or Lizzie, she would grab him and push him against the wall, kissing him; begging him not to go through with it. But, she adds, she is not that girl and knows he cannot walk away from what he has to do. Coop smiles and tells her that she wouldn’t ask him to do this. He sighs again and says, “Good bye, Ava”. Coop walks away. Alan and Buzz watch from the window as all of this plays out, smirks on their faces. Alan tells Buzz that it is obvious Coop is in love with Ava. Buzz tells him that he feels obliged to marry Lizzie and tells Alan maybe they are wrong. Alan tells him that it isn’t over yet and Buzz asks him what he is going to do. Alan says he doesn’t know yet, but he knows that Buzz isn’t going to stand in the way. Buzz drops his head. Back outside, Frank sits down by Ava and tells her about how Marina was in the same situation with Danny. Ava says, “When he broke her heart”? Frank looks away. She says that the most frustrating thing about the whole situation is watching Coop settle for he deserves so much more. Frank tells her that she does, too. He tells her that if she isn’t with Coop it is Coop’s loss. Frank searches for the words and tells her there is someone out there for her. She looks at him and smiles a forced smile.

Back at the cabin, Cassie sits by Josh’s side on the couch giving an interview. She tells the viewers that she knows Josh and that he is an amazing man. She looks at him and tells him that he is the heart and soul of the plan. Josh tells the viewers that his father, H.B. Lewis just ran out of time to do the plan. Cassie tells them that Josh has the talent and the vision to do this. They talk back and forth and Cassie looks at him and tells him that he is a hero. She stops and the reporters tell Josh that his sister-in-law is a big fan. Billy adds, “It is just a big old family love fest”. Josh tells them it is a family project and they need outside help. He appeals to the viewers for their help. Outside the cabin, Reva, wearing a red wig, pauses and says, “How am I going to pull this off”?

Meanwhile, back at Towers, Jonathan screams at Lizzie and asks her what goes on in her head and why would she drink. Lizzie yells back at him and tells him that it was just punch. Beth screams at Marina to arrest Jonathan. Coop runs up, hugs Lizzie and asks Jonathan, “What the hell is your problem”? Tammy tells Jonathan it wasn’t alcohol and tells everyone that they are leaving. She gets Jonathan aside and asks him what all that was about. Jonathan starts to tear up, hugs Tammy and tells her that he just came there to get her adding, “I had a bad day”. She tells him they need to go home and he can tell her all about it later.

Back at the cabin, Josh turns around and sees Reva standing in the room, red wig and all. He is taken aback. Reva says in a sultry voice, “My name is Carlota”. He tells her not to speak for his wife might be in any minute. Josh plays along and asks her to tell him more about Carlota. Reva tells him that she is starved for food… like steaks. Josh looks disappointed and tells her anything for her. He walks away and Reva has a scared look on her face. Meanwhile, Cassie is at home. She sadly looks at a picture of Josh and Reva.

Back at the cabin, Reva, alone, whispers to herself, “Bud, you keep wanting me to tell you what’s been wrong with me; well, there has been something that I’ve been keeping from you”. She has a pained look on her face and reaches up, pulling the wig from her head. She stares in the mirror at her bald head and starts to cry, saying, “No, I won’t do that to you”.

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