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Guiding Light Update Monday 6/12/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

On Main Street, Reva begs Jonathan not to walk away from his child. He says to just watch him. They continue to argue, she grabs him and he pushes her away, and tells her to get off him.

Reva falls down and suddenly, Gus, driving in a drugged fog, slams on his brakes. Jonathan screams, “Reva” and runs, shoving her out of the way. Gus guns the car and never stops. Reva scrapes her arm in the incident and Jonathan tries to phone the ambulance. She will not allow this, but says he will take her to Cedars and let them check her out. Reva begs him to not take her to the hospital.

Outside Company, Coop asks Lizzie to marry him. He gets down on one knee and proposes. Lizzie squeals with delight and says she will marry him. Coop gives her the ring he bought with Jenna. She tells him it is perfect and he slips it on her finger. He tells her to come to the courthouse to get the marriage license. Lizzie rambles on and on and recites her soon-to-be-married name over and over. Lizzie pats her stomach and says that little Jenna knows her daddy is here. Suddenly, Ava walks up and Lizzie looks disappointed. Ava tells them she is there to see Jerry, her date. Lizzie tells her that Coop asked her to marry him and she said yes.

Coop asks to see Ava alone and proceeds to tell Ava that he did ask Lizzie to marry him. Lizzie and Coop are next in line for the license and the man at the window tells them they need a witness for the license. Both look over at Ava. Ava tells them she will vouch for them. Coop tells her she doesn’t have to do this, but she does it anyway. Lizzie looks anxious and tells Ava thank you. Lizzie tells her she hopes it will mark a new era of no more fighting. Lizzie and Coop receive their license and he asks her if she is ready to get married now at the Justice of the Peace. Lizzie is surprised and looks disappointed. She finally tells him that she doesn’t want it to be a drive-by-Elvis wedding.

At his apartment, Mallet looks at the threatening notes and calls Dinah. He tells her to come home and not be a hero. Meanwhile, Gus, after slamming into a building, is passed out in his car on Main Street. Dinah finds him and tries to get him to open the door of the car. Dinah tells him, “Honey, you’re stoned out of your mind”. Gus hears sirens and says very nonchalantly, “Uh, oh. I’m in trouble”. Dinah finally gets into the car and tells him that she is saving his sorry butt. She drags him to the passenger seat and gets on the driver’s side.

A police officer walks up and asks her if anyone is hurt. She starts to ramble to the officer that Gus needed coffee. She tells the officer that she wasn’t driving impaired. Gus is acting drunk the entire time. The officer tells her that the only damage is to her car and leaves. Dinah gets back in the car and screams at Gus telling him he owes her.

At Company, Mallet talks to a woman named Regina, the woman who came between Mallet and Harley. She asks about Harley and he tells her they are no longer together. He asks her how long she has been receiving threatening notes. Mallet asks if she has checked to see if a man is still in the prison system. He tells her that he’s sure the man is the one sending the notes. They both agree the notes are coming from a man who has it in for Mallet and not notes to Dinah. Mallet says he thinks he will phone Dinah and tell her the notes are to him. Frank comes in and shows Mallet the DVD from the episode filmed during “The Law”. Frank smiles and tells him his favorite part is when he and Dinah get engaged. Mallet’s mouth drops open. Frank laughs and gets down on one knee and says, “Dinah, will you marry me”? He mocks and talks in a high-pitched voice like Dinah’s, “Oh, Mallet, yes, I love you so much”. He congratulates Mallet and tells him that the kiss was so hot he will get more fans than if he were in lock-up. Frank tells him the episode will air and he cannot do anything about it.

At Cedars, Jonathan helps Reva get ready for her check up after the accident. She lights into him again and tells him he must acknowledge his daughter. Reva scoffs at him when he will not answer her and phones Josh to tell him about the accident. Jonathan goes through his pockets and retrieves Reva’s things that fell during the accident. He finds a bottle of pills and says, “Side effects of chemo therapy”. He has a puzzled look on his face. Jonathan walks back into Reva’s room and says, “Got something you forgot to tell me”? He holds up the bottle of pills and asks her what they are. He tells her they are for side effects of chemo and she tells him the pharmacy got the label wrong. She tries to lie and tell him they are antibiotics for the flu. Jonathan grabs her and asks her what is going on. Reva tells him it is nothing to worry about. “Mom”, he screams. Reva starts to cry and finally yells, “Okay, Jonathan. I have cancer, okay”? She starts to tear and says, “Damn it, I have cancer”. Jonathan looks totally shocked and heartbroken.

At his apartment, Dinah tells Gus that she has seen kitty litter she would rather play in, referring to his trashed room. Gus, still high, says he doesn’t know how he hit the wall. Dinah tells him he was high and still is. She slaps at him and hits his cigarette. She also tells him that she isn’t covering for him anymore. She tries to get him to realize he almost hurt someone and himself. Gus asks if she has talked to Harley. Then, he taunts Dinah and tells her that he bets Mallet has been talking to Harley, holding her, caressing her. Dinah slaps him, hard. Gus looks startled. Dinah tells him to get a grip and leave her fiancé alone. Gus is shocked to hear this and asks if she is going to marry that schmuk. She yells and says that she is getting married but wants to talk about his drug problem. Gus grabs her phone and tells her he is going to phone Harley. They wrestle over the phone and Gus finally grabs it and tells Dinah that he thinks he and Harley need to get back together.

Back at Cedars, Jonathan asks Reva how bad the cancer is. She tells him they give her numbers, but the numbers are not getting any better. She tells him that she will beat this thing and he says he knows. He asks when it all started and she tells him when she came back from Paris. Jonathan is very concerned and starts to tear up. He realizes that Dr. McCabe is her doctor. He starts to cry and Reva tells him not to be afraid. Jonathan asks her if Josh is afraid and she tells him she hasn’t told him. Jonathan asks who else knows and then realizes he is the only one. “Damn it, Reva. What the hell is wrong with you”, he screams. Jonathan slams her items on the table and raises his voice at her. He tells her that she is a hypocrite telling him how he keeps secrets and lives in denial. She tries to explain that she did this for Josh and the project. She cries and tells him that she isn’t going to be the one to stop Josh’s dream. Jonathan says that she doesn’t want to tell anyone for then, the cancer is real. Reva yells and tells him that she should be happy, but cancer doesn’t care. “You give up everything so you can hold my hand and clean up my puke”, she yells. He tells her that maybe then she wouldn’t be alone. She tells him that she will not be alone now and she wants to get to know her grandchild.

Jonathan tells her that she is unbelievable and if she doesn’t tell Josh, he will. Reva tells him to come clean about Lizzie being pregnant with his child and she will tell Josh about the cancer. He tells her it isn’t the same thing. She tells him that she isn’t telling anyone and neither is he. Jonathan and she stare at each other, Jonathan turns and leaves and Reva stands alone, sobbing. After he leaves, Reva quietly picks up a picture of Josh and holds it to her face, crying. Jonathan comes back in and asks her how she will hide the pills and the puking. She tells him that she is smart and sneaky. He asks her what she might do if she falls down again like she did today. She says that she will pick herself back up again. He asks about a second opinion and she says she is more sure than she wants to be. They embrace and she cries, telling him that she is glad he came back. Jonathan feels her hair and she tells him that it is the chemo and tells him it probably all will come out soon. He looks uncomfortable and realizes it is really happening.

Back at his apartment, Dinah tells Gus she has been where he is and Harley helped her. She tells him that she will take the pills and flush them down the toilet. He tells her it doesn’t work that way and he has to be the one to do it. He tells her to go to her fiancé and she tells him to call her if he needs anything. Gus looks scared. Dinah turns before leaving and tells him that she is proud of him. He smiles. After she leaves, he picks up the bottle of pills and says hatefully, “Don’t stare at me like that”.

Outside Company, Frank finds Ava crying. He asks what happened and she says nothing. He tries to get her to smile and realizes that she is crying. Ava tells him that Coop and Lizzie are engaged and Frank is shocked. She tells him that they just signed the marriage license. He tells her he is sorry. Ava tells him that she was looking forward to getting to know Coop. Frank tries to console her and tells her that Coop really cares for her. Ava says that she knows he is trying to do the right thing.

Back at the courthouse, Coop tells Lizzie that he is sorry, but he feels like she is pressuring him. Lizzie stops and agrees that it is too much to ask for a real wedding. Coop tells her that he is doing this for them and not just for a show for the baby. He assures her that he wants more babies with her down the road. She tells him to get in line to get married and Coop relents and tells her that maybe they do need a traditional wedding.

Lizzie is excited. He tells her nothing crazy and she agrees, grinning and giggling. Lizzie and Coop watch as a couple marry; the bride throws the bouquet and Lizzie wrestles the crowd of girls for it. She laughs and looks up at Coop who just scratches his head and grins. Meanwhile, inside Company, Ava sits and looks very sad as Frank tries to cheer her up with ice cream. She looks at him and smiles.

Meanwhile, outside Company, Regina asks Mallet if he reached his fiancée. He tells her no. Dinah lurks in the shadows and watches as Regina holds Mallet’s hand and tells him that she knew she could count on him. Regina hugs Mallet as Dinah watches, arms crossed; she looks irritated.

At his apartment, Gus cleans the mess. He spies the pills looking at him from the table. He persists, stumbles at times, but continues to clean the mess. He staggers to the desk and finds a picture of Harley, cleans the filth from it and places it on a table very tenderly. He looks over at the pills again.

Back at Cedars, Reva tells Jonathan she is sorry to lay this on him. He tells her to stop and asks what she needs. Reva tells him that she needs a favor; something really important. Reva and Jonathan continue to talk (no audible) and he smiles in acknowledgement. She tousles his hair, holds his hand and he smiles at her. They hold hands and she kisses him on the head.

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