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Guiding Light Update Friday 6/9/06

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Written By Michelle
Pictures by Boo

In bed, Dinah and Mallet discuss their impending nuptials humorously. They are enjoying practicing for their honeymoon. Both seem nervous at the prospect of marriage, but hide it. The get on the subject of the notes that they’ve received, there is a question of who the notes are intended for. Mallet believes he could be the target and thinks before they tie the knot they should find the person behind the threats.

Gus, outside of Company, on the phone discussing the house with someone, admits that he has no idea where Harley is, but says the house is her responsibility and if there are any issues with it, that person needs to take it up with Harley. Buzz overhears him and asks if he’s looking for his daughter and says he may be able to help him.

At Cedars, Tammy is looking for Lizzie and runs into Colin. She asks him for directions and he points her towards the third floor where Lizzie is undergoing a sonogram. Inside the sonogram room, Jonathan barges in, just in time to see that he and Lizzie are having a baby daughter. Jonathan is the first to see her face.

Coop, barges in on Ava’s date but she makes him see that they don’t have a reality together because he’s gotten Lizzie pregnant. Ava tells him that his place is with Lizzie and she can’t interfere with that.

At Company, Buzz tells Gus that Harley is in a safe place. That all Harley’s life she’s needed to feel safe and that Gus used to be that place for her until recently. Buzz lets Gus know that he’s aware that he’s high. The two men discuss Harley’s track record with men, and Buzz insists that Harley was looking for a safe place with each man she married. Gus says that he’s going to get clean, that he’s going to fix things. Buzz jokes that he better or he’s going to sic Frank on him.

Coop lets Ava know that he was jealous seeing her with her policeman date. Ava wants to know why, and Coop tells her that he’s consumed by her and that he doesn’t want her with anyone else but him. Ava reiterates to Coop that they are over and Coop says “fine”.

At the hospital, Lizzie threatens to tell Tammy unless Jonathan backs off. Jonathan begins to verbally doubt whether or not Coop will be there for his daughter or not. Lizzie assures him that Coop is going to be there and that things will work out for both of them if Jonathan will let things be.

Outside the Sonogram room, Reva wrangles Jonathan and questions him about the baby. Jonathan admits that it was pretty cool to see the baby for the first time but says he won’t be sticking around Springfield to be the baby’s father, and insists the baby will be better off without him. When Reva presses him on this, Jonathan storms off and Dr. Colin witnesses the exchange and tells Reva to let Jonathan go. Colin takes Reva aside and delivers grim news that she according to her most recent tests her cancer is spreading throughout her bloodstream. Reva once again tries to backburner Dr. Colin and goes off to have a talk with Tammy when she comes back, apparently having gotten lost looking for the third floor. (How hard could that be? you push three and step off the elevator).

Back at the hotel, Mallet and Dinah discuss the notes further. Mallet points out that the most recent note was attached to her dry cleaning and says that if someone was after him they would have put it on his. They joke about marriage again and Mallet’s phone rings. It’s Harley and he tells her that he’s keeping an eye on Gus and tells her they are still not getting along. Gus drops by and surprises them and notices that Mallet is on the phone with his wife and it sets him off. He wants to know where she is. Dinah says that even if she knew she wouldn’t get in the middle of their marital problems.

Gus gets in Mallet’s face about talking to Harley on the phone. Mallet asks how he knows it was Harley. Gus suggests that he make sure that he’s there to comfort Harley like he was last time. A struggle ensues and Gus verbally threatens Mallet in front of Dinah.

Immediately after receiving the news her cancer has spread, Tammy stumbles upon Reva. Calling her “Aunt” Reva, Colin realizes that Tammy is also Cassies’ daughter. Reva uses Tammy’s appearance to delay talking to her doctor. They get on the subject of Lizzie’s baby and Reva almost spills the paternity secret to Tammy when she tells Tammy she’s concerned about her. Reva eventually catches on that Tammy is clueless and just tells her to remember the love she has for Jonathan and that no relationship is perfect all the time and also adds that running away from Springfield won’t solve her problems. Tammy wants Reva to keep the secret of her leaving town secret from Cassie.

Jonathan bursts in on Coop and Ava in an intimate moment. He tells Coop he doesn’t deserve to be the baby’s father and of course Coop wants to know how this is Jonathan’s business. Jonathan gets very angry and tells Coop he needs to step up to the plate for his baby.

When Lizzie leaves the sonogram room she runs into Tammy who insists on helping plan her baby shower. Once alone with Colin, Reva insists she’s going to fight her cancer so she will be around for her granddaughter. She tells Colin to save his sad stories, she’s a fighter.

At the hospital, Lizzie confides in Tammy that she’s worried about Coop as he didn’t show up for the sonogram. Tammy reassures her.

Dinah insists that Gus isn’t the one gas lighting them. She sets off to prove it against Mallet’s wishes.

Coop realizing that everything is done between him and Ava proposes to Lizzie, they decide to name the baby after his mom, Jenna.

Reva and Jonathan argue about the baby and Reva cryptically tells Jonathan she’s not going to be around forever, and he doesn’t get where she’s coming from, and seems worried. Reva gets upset and steps out into traffic in front of a speeding car.

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