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Guiding Light Update Thursday 6/8/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

At Company, Buzz tells Frank it is nice to have him around again. Frank tells him it is nice to be somewhere where everybody knows your name. Buzz cuts his eyes at him. Frank tells him that he has been thinking a lot about Gus and Harley and they don’t realize how great they have it. He tells Buzz that Olivia makes him feel that he can do anything. He tells Buzz that he knows Buzz has feelings for Olivia still but it doesn’t bother him anymore. He adds that he wants more and tonight, he is going to do something about it. Buzz squeezes the catsup bottle in disgust.

At the nursery, Lizzie finds Coop packing books. He asks her about the time of the sonogram. She tells him they have time and that she thinks it will be a girl. Coop tells her that he doesn’t care as long as it has 10 fingers and 10 toes. He tells her he needs to check to be sure there are enough people for the shift at CO2. Lizzie tells him “we” will be waiting. Lizzie goes to Coop’s room and starts snooping. She finds a journal and starts to read. Coop has been writing about the baby and how it changes ones’ life. He writes a line that upsets her, “The sad irony is, I can’t share this exciting time with the woman I care most about – Ava”. Downstairs, Coop runs into Ava, literally. They are awkward with each other. He tells her to have fun on her date tonight and she tells him to have fun at the sonogram. Jonathan is watching the two through the window from outside. Joshua says hello to Coop and congratulates him about being a dad. Reva has a perturbed look on her face. Buzz tells Josh that in his day, one had to wait until the baby came out to see what the sex was. Reva says, “Well; now you get to find out all kinds of things”.

Outside Company, Jonathan tells Ava that she and Coop could cut the tension with a knife. Jonathan tells her that he was the first person to help her when she came to this town and he just wants to make sure she doesn’t get a raw deal. Ava tells him to stay out of her business. Ava leaves and Beth walks up and tells Jonathan that maybe Ava has a good point; he should mind his own business. She tells him sarcastically, “If I were you, I would stay as far away from Lizzie as possible”. She adds that she has something to help him do that and hands him a check. Jonathan takes the check, looks at it, and looks shocked. “It’s time for you to go away”, Beth says with a smile.

Jonathan tells her that the check ($100,000) has a lot of zeros and that she must really hate him. She tells him that he knows the truth about Lizzie’s baby. She tells him that she doesn’t care about his rebellious attitude and says, “That child is ours”. Jonathan says, “Yours?; that’s so Spaulding”. Beth tells him that he loves Tammy and not Lizzie and if he claims the child, he will lose Tammy. She tells him that she is offering him a life of freedom with the woman he loves. Jonathan stares into space and considers her words. Beth leaves and Jonathan stands alone, holding the check.

Back inside Company, Reva tells Josh that Jonathan and Tammy want to move away. She says that she wants things to be good for the people she loves for so much time is wasted on mistakes and fear. Josh tells her that people have to live their own lives and that she cannot save the world. Josh adds that she did save him and Billy and even Jonathan. Reva kisses him, tells him that she has a lot of work to do and leaves, going to Cedars. Upstairs in the nursery, Coop goes to his room, finding Lizzie. He asks her if she is looking for something and she lies, telling him that she is just checking his furniture to be moved. Coop tells her that he isn’t ready to move in just yet and they have time before the baby gets here. Lizzie tells him that she doesn’t mean to rush him. Coop says he just needs to sort out some things first. Coop leaves to get another box to move some things and after he leaves, Lizzie phones her mother. Beth says, “Lizzie? You will never guess what I’m looking at on my wrist right now”, as she eyes a very expensive-looking bracelet. Lizzie says, “Uh, a leash”? Beth rolls her eyes and Alan asks if Lizzie is all right. Beth tells him it is just hormones. Beth proceeds to tell Lizzie that she took care of the problem and that she can cross Jonathan from her list. Lizzie is ecstatic. Lizzie tells Beth that Coop is stalling about moving into the mansion due to Ava. Beth asks Lizzie if she is going for the sonogram and Lizzie says yes. Beth watches Ava walk by and says to Lizzie, “And, don’t worry about Ava, I’m on it”. Beth looks at Ava again after hanging up and assures Alan that Lizzie is okay; just needing a mother’s touch. Beth goes to Ava and tries to make small talk, but Ava doesn’t turn her head towards Beth. Beth tells Ava that Coop will move to the mansion with them and Ava looks sad. Her date arrives with roses and she still looks sad.

Frank goes to Olivia’s apartment. Olivia is packing some of Emma’s toys for donation. Frank tells her that she wouldn’t have to make room if she actually had more rooms. Olivia tells him she only has the one suite. Frank walks around the room with his hands shoved in his pockets and tells her that he was thinking more of a house with a yard. Olivia tells him maybe one day. Frank pulls out a brochure and tells her that maybe that day is now. She says that she thought about that area and wonders if he is moving in that area. Frank finally tells her that he wants her to move in with him. Olivia is speechless. Frank tells her that he wants her and Emma. Olivia asks him what if she says no and Frank’s face falls. He tells her he knows it is a huge step. She tells him that she might be saying no to move in with him, but she is saying yes to…..”You know”… Frank tells her he is going for the gold. She tells him to trust her for he will feel like a winner in just a minute.

Josh goes to the Beacon to visit Jonathan. He notices that Jonathan is packing. As Jonathan moves about the room, Josh finds Beth’s check to him. He asks Jonathan, “You want to tell me why Beth Spaulding’s is paying you to leave town”. Jonathan is caught by surprise. He tells Jonathan that it looks like a bribe to leave town. Jonathan tells him that the Spaulding’s don’t trust him around Lizzie. Josh tells him that he cannot let him be in debt with the Spaulding’s and he will stand up for him. He adds that if he and Tammy go off together it will hurt Reva and the family. Josh proceeds to tear up the check much to the chagrin of Jonathan. Jonathan tells him to not do him any favors because everyone will be happy that he leaves. Josh says that Reva will not be happy. Josh tells him that he will not have to work too hard to get him to stay for he can tell by the look in his eyes he wants to stay.

At the nursery, Coop tells Lizzie that he has to fill in for someone today at CO2 and will be late for the sonogram. Lizzie goes for her sonogram and asks the nurse to hold off a few minutes until the father can get there. Reva lurks around the corner listening to Lizzie’s conversation.

She phones Buzz and disguises her voice to give a message to Henry Bradshaw that Lizzie’s sonogram is canceled. She then phones Jonathan and tells him he must come to the hospital now. Buzz phones Coop and tells him about the canceled sonogram and he plans to stay at CO2 to help out. He serves his first couple: Ava and her boyfriend.

Ava stands up and tells him she thought he would be with Lizzie for the sonogram. He tells her it was canceled. Her date gives Coop their order and Coop never looks at the guy. He stares at Ava and she at him. He finally leaves to get their order and her date says that Coop must be an ex. When Coop returns, Ava tells her date she needs to be excused. She asks Coop what his problem is and tells him that he needs to be with Lizzie and not here bugging her. Coop tells her that he still has feelings for her. Ava asks him when she was going to be told about his moving to the mansion. She lights into him and tells him that he needs to take responsibility for his actions and she doesn’t want anymore of his nice guy stuff. She ends the conversation and tells him she doesn’t want him in her life anymore. She tells her date that she has to leave. Coop sadly watches as Ava walks away.

Meanwhile, back at Olivia’s apartment, Frank and she share a post-love making moment. She tells him he is full of surprises. He tells her that he is totally reliable and a homebody. She asks him to slow things down a little bit. He promises to take care of her and Emma but she says she isn’t ready for a commitment. They kiss, she gets up and Frank looks content.

Josh goes to Company and finds Beth and Alan who were preparing to leave. Josh tells Beth to keep her filthy money and stay away from his family. He says if there is a next time and he sees her, he will not be nice. A sarcastic Beth whispers to a clueless Alan, “Must be something in the water”. Alan asks Josh what he is talking about. Josh tells him that the intention of the check was to get Jonathan to leave town. Beth asks him since when has he cared for Jonathan for he tried to throw him down a flight of stairs. Josh, very sternly, tells them that Jonathan will not be leaving town and they can get Lizzie to leave town or lock her up in that “Butt ugly house of yours”, he yells. As he leaves, Beth calls Josh a macho blowhard and Alan asks her to shed some light on what’s going on. Beth bats her eyes at him and smiles. She finally admits that she did bribe Jonathan to leave town and Alan asks why. She tells him that he was being a nuisance to Lizzie. Alan tells her that he wants her to tell him these things and she tells him that she wanted to handle it on her own.

Back at Cedars, the nurse tells Lizzie she must get started on the sonogram. Lizzie wants Coop to be there when suddenly, Jonathan walks into the room. Reva watches as he enters Lizzie’s room. Lizzie hears the door open, says, “Coop”, then turns to see Jonathan standing in the room.

Back at CO2, Olivia asks Buzz if Frank is there. She sighs and Buzz looks at her, obviously wanting to talk. She tells him that Frank asked her to move in with him and that she blew it. He tells her that he can’t get involved in it anymore. She tells him that she doesn’t know what’s wrong with her and that she needs more time. Buzz tells her she has all the time in the world and sits down beside her.

She touches his face tenderly and of course, Frank walks up just in time to see Buzz and Olivia. He turns and walks away, a very sad and hurt look on his face.

Ava, at her apartment, phones her date and apologizes for what happened at CO2. There is a knock on the door and it is Coop. He tells her that he cannot let her walk out of her life; not this time.

Back at Cedars, Lizzie gets upset and tells Jonathan to leave. Reva places a chair under the door knob from outside and Jonathan cannot leave the room. Jonathan turns to see the nurse performing the sonogram. “Oh, it’s the baby”, Lizzie coos, looking at the monitor. Jonathan, very intrigued now, walks nearer to the monitor and says, “Is that the heartbeat”?

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