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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 6/7/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

AC Mallet – In the Light

At his apartment, Mallet has a visitor. He meets a woman at the door and he’s clad only in a towel. He’s shocked that a camera crew arrives behind the woman. The woman tells him that Chief Cooper sent them there and that he agreed to allow the camera crew to follow him around. Dinah emerges from the bath, clad only in a towel as well. She yells and asks what is going on. Mallet explains that he agreed to let the camera crew follow him around for the TV show. Dinah says “The Law”? She is amazed that he is going to be on TV. Mallet grins at the camera. He says he’ll get dressed and Dinah asks to go along. “I’ll be real quiet, she begs”. Mallet tells her no and Dinah says she’ll be better than the little sexy partner. Mallet goes to the station with the crew and looks into the camera, looking uncomfortable. He tells the crew where things are and points out Frank, who is hiding under the desk. Frank holds up a hand and waves. The camera finds Frank, under the desk and he looks embarrassed. Mallet says, “Dust bunny, upper right corner, Frank”. He tells the crew how they prioritize cases and the camera finds Dinah, standing behind a poster, grinning. Mallet gets a cup of coffee and tries to appear really cool, leans on the hot pot and jerks away after being burned. Dinah slips in and places a picture of herself on Mallet’s desk saying, “Just a reminder folks”. Olivia pokes her head in and talks to the camera, saying that as significant others, they have to remind their loved ones who to come home to at the end of the day. She pulls an obviously embarrassed Frank in the camera eye and tells everyone that he took a bullet a few weeks ago and saved a little girl. Frank hem-haws and finally gets away from Olivia, making an excuse that he has to check the time sheet.

Suddenly, Marina walks in and announces that they have a hot one. She does nothing but stand in front of the camera, poses and has a silly grin on her face. Mallet asks her what the tip is and she finally comes back to reality and hands him the paper. Mallet announces they need to go on stake out. Dinah begs to go, looks into the camera and asks if they have a mike for her. Mallet says no and the camera crew says they love it. Mallet agrees just to hush Dinah up. They ride in the same car and Dinah yells, “Oooh, there’s chewing gum stuck back here”. Mallet tries to act cool saying the job is never the same on the same day. Dinah suddenly yells, “Hot damn, that guy just ran a red light baby, move it”. She giggles and Mallet looks at the camera and says that she is just nervous. Dinah says she isn’t nervous and that all the excitement just gets her mojo going. She says, “What do you think baby; you think you just might have to shoot somebody tonight”? Mallet turns to her with an exasperated look on his face, sighs and says, “Oh, I just might”.

The theme song from the TV show, “The Law” starts to play ala the TV show, “Cops” and its theme song; “Policeman, Policeman, we’re makin’ it safe for you. Policeman, Policeman, we’re puttin’ way bad guys. Policeman, Policeman, we’re makin’ it safe for you. Protecting the people in town. You break the law we gonna bring you down. We’re working night and day to keep you safe in every way”. It stars, Gus, Marina, Frank, and Mallet. The program opens and shows them in various action scenes.

Mallet sits in his car, talking to the camera crew, “Well, that’s the thing about surveillance, you cannot relax”. Dinah leans over the seat and says she doesn’t see anything. She says this over and over again, getting impatient. She asks him when they are going to see something and Mallet sighs. She says, “You guys have got to buy some snacks; my blood sugar’s plummeting”. She starts to use the radio to call for snacks and Mallet stops her. She is bored and tells him to play the “word game”. Mallet tells her no word games for he needs to be alert. She tells him that she can be the sexy new partner and Mallet tells the camera crew that he doesn’t think they need to shoot this for it isn’t police business. The camera person tells him they need to see the personal stuff, too. Mallet changes the subject and tells her he thinks they have snacks, but Dinah isn’t impressed with his choice of them. He tells her that Company is close by and to go get everyone some coffee.

Dinah goes to Company and the camera crew follows her. She starts to ramble that she isn’t a cop, but spent some time in a Turkish prison. She rapidly changes that subject and goes inside Company. Buzz asks her if she is doing a reality show and she tells him it is an episode of “The Law”. Buzz sheepishly looks into the camera, chewing his gum. She introduces him as Frank Cooper’s father. He waves to the camera and she tells them that Company is the coolest place in Springfield. Buzz starts to talk to her and says that he has had some on camera experience. She takes the coffee and snacks and leaves in a hurry.

Back in the patrol car, Mallet eats Pringles and talks to the crew. They talk to him and ask him if it’s hard to maintain a good relationship with Dinah what with the danger everyday. He tells them that things with Dinah are great, but doesn’t want to talk about it. Meanwhile, Dinah talks to the camera and says that she doesn’t open up too easily but she’s been hurt a lot. She starts talking about Mallet and how he is amazing. She proceeds to tell them that Mallet has had problems, too, and that he cheated on his past wife during stakeout. Mallet continues to talk, while in the car, that he sees the same people making the same mistakes over and over. Dinah continues to talk about when Mallet cheated in his car. Mallet says that one can learn from their past. Dinah finally leaves Company and returns to the car, eating a donut. Mallet hurries her in, telling her it’s time to leave. She spills some coffee, yells, and fumbles with her seat belt. Mallet tells her to be quiet.

On Main Street, the camera crew follows them, and Mallet stops a drug deal saying to the perp, “You have the right to remain silent”. The perp tells him that he is clean and Mallet searches the bag, finding… grocery items. Mallet looks at the camera, embarrassed and says, “Sometimes you miss”. He tells the people on the street to move along and the crew says, “Detective Mallet, that guy doesn’t look too good”.

The camera swings around to find Gus, in an alley, leaning against a bookcase, reading a magazine. Mallet yells for them to turn off the camera. Dinah goes to the crew and tells them that Detective Mallet told them to turn off the camera. They ask why and she tells them the guy is his partner and he has personal problems. She tells the crew to leave and the camera person whispers as Dinah walks off, “Circle around; don’t let them see you”. Mallet walks over to Gus and asks him if he is getting clean. Gus, standing up and tells him that it isn’t any of his business. Gus looks disheveled. Mallet has to leave for a Code 3 (hostage situation) and the camera is viewing everything between Mallet and a horrible-looking Gus. He returns to the car and Dinah, her mouth stuffed with food, yells, “Yeehaw, gonna see some action honey”. She continues to stuff food in her mouth and says she loves listening to the siren and watching the lights. She looks into the camera and tells them that Mallet does everything by the book until he comes home at night, “When we get home in private, it’s a little naughty”. Mallet hands her another donut to shut her up. He tells her they are going to a hostage situation and she will stay in the car. With her mouth stuffed she says, “Yes sir, detective sir”. She kisses him on the cheek and suddenly he comes to a halt saying, “Let’s rock and roll”.

Mallet walks very slowly and quietly, gun drawn for action, down a hallway of a church. Dinah runs up and scares Mallet. He tells her to go back to the car. He slowly opens a door and yells, “Freeze”. A room full of people at a wedding stops and looks at him, all in shock. Mallet stands with his gun drawn and legs spread widely apart as Dinah stands behind him with her camera poised for a picture. The theme song from “The Law” plays in the background: “Policeman, Policeman, we’re puttin’ away bad guys…”

At the church, Mallet introduces himself; the Priest tells him that there isn’t a crime going on and only the groom is late. Mallet looks into the camera and then to the wedding party, telling them to have a nice day. He goes to another area of the church and knocks on the door calling, “Hey, Brian, you have a whole church waiting for you”. When there is no answer, Mallet steps back and kicks in the door.

A woman, holding a knife against a man dressed in a tux, yells and tells Mallet to stay back. The man in the tux, Brian, doesn’t move. The woman starts to tell Mallet that the Brian promised to love her forever. She is obviously distraught. Brian speaks and tells her, Sasha, that the detective can see the knife. She rambles and talks about her almost wedding. Mallet listens and tries to calm her down. Sasha continues to tell Brian that she should be the one in the wedding dress. Mallet tells her that he can help her. Sasha tells Brian that if she can’t have him, no one can when Dinah walks in and says, “Right on sister, you go. I think you should take that knife and plunge it in his heart and then cut him up in little pieces”. Mallet looks at her in disbelief. The theme song from “The Law” plays in the background: “Policeman, Policeman, we’re puttin’ away bad guys…”

Mallet tells her to leave and to please wait in the car. Dinah tells him that she can calm down Sasha. She tells Sasha that she has a decent knife and she registered for the same thing. Sasha looks at Dinah, still holding the knife on Brian. Dinah proceeds to tell Sasha that she is like her and one time held a gun in her own hand. Dinah tries to get Mallet to put his gun away. He tries to get her to go to the car and Sasha says she wants to hear what Dinah has to say. Dinah tells her that her guy wouldn’t love her, but she shot him. She tells the story of how her guy left her for a stripper and that she hated the girl named Cassie. She tells how she wanted them both dead and that her guy loved Cassie more than her. She continues and tells the story of how she held a gun, it went off while aiming at Cassie, but she shot her guy. She says that she asked him to talk to her and that she was sorry, but he wouldn’t talk for he was dead. Sasha listens intently. Dinah tells her that she was sorry and that she (Sasha) will have another chance for love. Dinah talks in a very calm voice and tells Sasha that she cannot make a man love her. Mallet listens, gun lowered. Dinah adds that she saw the groom’s father and Brian, too, will be fat and bald. Sasha asks Dinah if she has someone now and if she is over the pain. Dinah says she does have another guy, but will never be over the pain and will have to fight it the rest of her life. Sasha smiles and gives the knife to Dinah. Dinah tells her she will not be sorry and Sasha says she believes her.

Mallet tells the uniformed officer to take Sasha down town and go easy on her. Brian, the groom-to-be, tells them both thanks and that they can stay if they like. Mallet smiles at Dinah who sits down and she smiles, too. They hold hands and Mallet asks her if she would like to watch a wedding. They stand in the back of the church as the Priest conducts the ceremony. Mallet looks at Dinah, cuts a fresh flower from a bouquet beside him, and she lays her head on his shoulder. They listen to the ceremony and Mallet holds Dinah‘s hand tightly. The Priest tells the bride and groom to say the words, I love you. Mallet looks at Dinah and says, “I love you”. Dinah says, “I love you”. They kiss. They both look into each other’s eyes and Mallet tells her to let’s ditch this place.

Mallet and Dinah go back to Main Street and think they have ditched the camera crew, but they lurk and film the two talking. Mallet tells her that it was cool how she talked down that woman. Dinah giggles and says she recognized the look in the woman’s eye. Mallet tells her he is sorry she had to feel this and that his mistake with Harley brought all that back up. He tells her that he wants her to feel safe and secure with him and that he will not let her down. The camera crew films all of this. Dinah tells him that it means a lot to hear this. Mallet stutters around his words and finally tells Dinah that he was thinking that he loves her and what is stopping them. She says stopping what. Mallet asks her to marry him. Dinah stares at him, her mouth agape. The camera person says in a whisper, “Hot damn, I’m gonna win an Emmy”.

Dinah says that she could have sworn she heard him ask her to marry him. Mallet says he did. He continues to tell her he wants to get married. Dinah cannot believe this and wants him to be sure. Mallet says that he is and wants to get a ring, set a date, and send out announcements. Dinah smiles and asks him that even with her baggage he still wants to marry her. Mallet looks sheepish and says he still wants to marry her. He gets down on one knee and says, “Dinah Marlar, will you marry me; will you be my wife”? Dinah starts giggling and tells him yes. They kiss and the camera person says, “Hold the camera still; one more kiss for coverage”. Mallet picks her up and they twirl around, kissing. Mallet tells her that he needs to go to the station and asks her to come with him.

In the patrol car, the camera person tells Mallet he gave them the slip. Mallet looks like he has pulled something over on the camera crew and says that he and Dinah just needed a break. They ask him if they missed anything and Mallet tells them it isn’t any of their business. Dinah hugs him and hides her face behind the car seat behind Mallet. Back at the station now, Mallet and Dinah shuffle inside and say to each other they need to tell people they are going to get married. They both giggle and ask the other if they want to wait. Both agree they do not. Mallet turns to the camera crew and asks if they are still taping. They tell him not to worry for they will edit out what is not needed. The camera continues to roll. Mallet leaves to question Sasha and the camera person says, “Pick up Detective Mallet”. Dinah grabs another donut and shoves it in her mouth.

Frank asks Mallet if he had a big night and Mallet says yes. Franks asks if there is anything on the footage that he needs to know about before he sees it on TV. The cameras continue to roll. Olivia comes up to Dinah and tells her that she and Mallet are the talk of the station and will not be surprised that they are in the papers tomorrow. Dinah asks her who told her and Olivia tells her that no one for she saw when Sasha came in with the knife. Dinah tells her that she just tried to channel who she used to be.

Marina walks up and tells Dinah that she heard what happened, too. Olivia grabs a donut and she and Dinah continue to eat. Olivia tells the camera person that it must be pretty exciting stuff they got. The camera person says, “You have no idea”. Dinah asks the camera person if they followed her and Mallet when they were at Main Street. She tells them it was personal and the camera person says, “Why, what happened”? Dinah says, she doesn’t want them to air it and Olivia asks, “What, air what”? Dinah lies and says that it was nothing and that she is the type that gets heated up and makes a decision. Olivia continues to eat the donuts. Mallet tells Frank that he made a decision and must wait until the light of day to decide if it was a good one oar not. Dinah looks over at him and has a pensive look on her face and holds up her left ring finger, waving it in the air.

Back in the hallway of their apartment, Mallet and Dinah giggle nervously. They both remark that they are engaged. The camera crew has followed them home, cameras rolling and Mallet and Dinah don’t notice them. Mallet and Dinah ask each other if they told anyone and both say no. They both tell the other they feel good and it takes some getting used to, both acting nervous and unable to keep still. “To death do us part and that’s a big deal”, Dinah says nervously. “It’s a long time especially if your cholesterol is low”, Mallet says just as nervous. Dinah asks him if he is happy and he says yes with a little hesitation in his voice. Then, he asks her if she is happy. Dinah says she is over-joyed and can hardly speak, hesitation in her voice, too. They both embrace and each has a weird look on their face. Dinah smiles nervously and Mallet’s eyes dart back and forth.

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