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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 6/6/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

At Cedars, Mallet stands in the hallway looking at the threatening message: “Payback’s a bitch”. He mutters to himself, “Not if I can help it”. Dinah is dressing after getting checked out by the doctor after the accident. She is very chipper and tells Mallet he is acting strange. He tells her he wants to eat at home and she asks him again what is wrong. They start to leave the room and suddenly, Mallet grabs her and throws her back into the room, looking over his shoulder in the hallway. Dinah asks him why he did this and Mallet shows her the note and tells her that he is trying to protect her. He proceeds to tell her about the Memorial Day note and tells her that he thinks the brakes on the car were tampered with. She is shocked and tells him that she would like to have a heads’ up on all of this. He tells her that he will protect her and she tells him that there really is no mystery to all of this.

On Main Street, Cassie drinks a cup of coffee and envisions Josh rubbing her shoulders. She has a relaxed look on her face when suddenly she realizes Tammy is rubbing her shoulders. She looks and acts startled and tells Tammy that she has really strong hands. Cassie receives a phone call from Josh and she hesitates, not answering it. He leaves a message instead. Tammy asks if something is wrong and Cassie tells her that she was just scared from RJ’s event yesterday and tired from work. Tammy asks her what she is thinking and Cassie tells her that she has been thinking strange, weird and crazy thoughts that she should not be thinking. She tells her that she should not have left RJ with Reva because she thinks Reva had a hangover. She tells Tammy that Josh and Reva need time together, too, and don’t need to worry about her

At Company, Josh phones Reva, who is standing in the hallway at the Beacon, and starts to tell her about the news coverage for the rehab center. She suddenly tells him she has to go and moves around the corner out of Lizzie’s view. Lizzie stands outside a room and Jonathan opens the door asking why she is there. Lizzie tells him that she wants to know why he text-messaged her to be here. He tells her that he didn’t do this and Reva walks around the corner and tells them she did it. “I thought the three of us needed to have a little sit down before the blessed event”, she says, smiling. “Mommy, Daddy, Granny Reva”, she says to Jonathan and Lizzie as they stare at one another. Jonathan tells her that he and Lizzie have worked everything out.

Reva tells her that she will not turn her back on the child. Lizzie tells her that it is none of her business and Reva tells her she is trying to get her to understand how serious everything is. Lizzie tells her that the baby would not have a life with Jonathan and that Coop is going to be the daddy. Reva asks if she will lie about the baby to the rest of the family for the next few months and Lizzie says that it will be easy after then. Reva turns to Jonathan and tells him that he is a fool to pretend the child means nothing to him. Jonathan says nothing. Lizzie makes Reva stop and tells her to swear not to tell anyone else. Tammy walks in and asks if everyone is having a party. Cassie walks in, too, and asks what is going on. Reva tells Jonathan that it will be his decision. Tammy says what decision and Jonathan lies and says that Reva is only worrying about where they will live. Tammy tells Lizzie she needs to talk to her and to come get some french fries at Company. Jonathan casts a look over his shoulder at Reva as he leaves with Tammy. Reva has an all knowing look on her face.

Meanwhile, at Company, Coop and Ava run into one another. They both ask why the other is there and realize they will be working together for the day. Coop and she go about their business and have problems talking to one another. Coop tells her that he is working now because he will have to be at Lizzie’s next sonogram. He is acting nervous around her. Ava looks at him, walks to him and says, “I think that we should have just slept together for it would have been so much easier”. Coop turns to watch her walk away, a blank look on his face. Ava apologizes later and Coop clumsily tells her that it really sounded like something a guy would say. Ava tries to get him to elaborate and he just stutters over the words. She enjoys his being uncomfortable talking about sex.

Dinah and Mallet go home and she tells him that Alan-Michael threatened her. She tells him that she thinks he may or may not be behind this whole thing. Mallet receives a phone call from Dinah’s mechanic and tells her the mechanic said the brake lines just had a slow leak. Mallet tells her she needs to quit making people mad. Dinah tells him that she isn’t just going to hide and has to go to work. She adds that she has everything under control. She starts to leave, opens the door, and a woman asks to see A.C. Mallet. He introduces the beautiful woman to Dinah as Brooke Pearson. “I’m Mallet’s new partner”, Brooke says to Dinah, who raises her eyebrows. Dinah says she didn’t realize he has a new partner. Brooke says that Chief Cooper said to swing by.

Brooke tells him that it will be an honor to work with him and calls him AC. He tells her to call him Mallet. Dinah, sarcastically, tells her that she can call her, Dinah, his girlfriend, and that they live together. Brooke tells her that she is lucky and Dinah says, “So far”. Mallet tells Brooke thanks for stopping by and rushes her off. Brooke tells Dinah nice to meet her and Dinah says, “Nice to meet you, too, Blair, er, Brooke”. She turns to look at Mallet and asks him what case he is working on. He tells her that he wants to get to the bottom to those nasty letters.

On Main Street, Cassie asks Reva if she thinks she is mad at her. Reva tells her no but wouldn’t blame her if she were. Cassie tells her that she told RJ not to do that again. Reva tells her that she has been preoccupied lately and Cassie tells her that she is on her and Josh’s side for their new beginning. Reva tells her that everyone can take things for granted and Josh walks up, telling them they are tough to track down. They get some ice cream and Reva tells him that Cassie wants to back out of their lives. He tells Cassie that she makes things better in their lives and he loves that about her. Cassie looks uncomfortable. Josh spies Colin and asks if he has met Cassie. Reva looks uncomfortable now. Cassie and Colin say they have met. Cassie tells him she appreciates helping with RJ. Reva just smiles and appears uncomfortable with the conversation. Josh starts to tell a story about him and RJ and Cassie interrupts. She asks Colin, “Colin, would you happen to be free tonight”. Reva and Colin look at each other and raise their eyebrows.

Tammy, Lizzie and Jonathan go to Company and Lizzie peeks in the window to see Coop and Ava talking. She runs to him and tells him that he missed feeling the baby kick. Ava announces that she is going to the kitchen. Tammy asks to show the nursery to Jonathan and Lizzie tries to make an excuse that the room is too small for so may people. They go upstairs and Tammy picks up a stuffed animal.

Jonathan looks at all the baby items, not saying a word. Lizzie watches both of them, especially Jonathan. Coop stands, clueless to all. Coop finally says that it seems strange the baby will be here in just a few months. Lizzie nervously says she is hungry. Jonathan asks Coop if Ava did the room and looks at Lizzie. He tells Tammy that Lizzie wants to name the baby, Jenna, after his mother. Jonathan just stares at the baby things and picks up a blanket, touching his lips to it. Lizzie freaks out seeing this and runs out of the room, makes a phone call, and tells the person that Jonathan knows about the baby. She continues and tells the person that Jonathan is in the nursery with Coop and Tammy. Beth, on the other end, realizes that Lizzie has hung up after her frantic call.

Back on Main Street, Cassie tells Colin that she can take him around Springfield and show him the sights. Reva says that she doesn’t think Colin would…and, Colin interrupts her. Reva says that she wants some coffee and ushers Colin away. Josh asks Cassie if she saw the newspaper cover and walks with her. Colin asks Reva why she did that and she says that he doesn’t need to get a life with Cassie. He doesn’t understand the big deal and Reva tells him that she is afraid that he will talk about her cancer treatment. Meanwhile, Josh tells Cassie that it is unusual for her to ask a man out on a date. She explains that she had an impulse and went with it because of Josh and Reva. Colin walks over to Cassie and gives her a cup of coffee. Josh tells them he will leave the two of them alone. Colin asks her if he should call her later and says that maybe they could take some pointers from Josh and Reva. Cassie turns to look at the two and says, “There is nothing they cannot overcome”. Colin looks at Cassie, obviously thinking differently. Josh asks Reva if she feels okay and she says she does. Reva tells him that she has one last errand and will complete it even if it takes drastic measures. She hugs him and looks as if she doesn’t feel well.

Back at their apartment, Dinah tells Mallet that a beautiful, tall, and gorgeous woman is not going to mess her little mane to take a bullet. She says, “You need a bullet-taker”. Mallet tells her that he checked her out and that he is here for her (Dinah). He tells her that she is his full time job. Dinah says that Alan-Michael may be her partner but doesn’t have to depend on him. She tells him that he will bond with this woman and when that happens, things happen. Mallet tells her that she still doesn’t trust him. They eat their meal and Mallet tells her that they are great partners. She agrees. He wants to know who is behind the notes and they need to quit doubting each other. He tells her that no one will come between them. Dinah says that she will still hold out that his new partner will be a big, hairy, and smelly dude. Mallet laughs at her. He goes to take a shower and Dinah makes a phone call, telling the person that she has important business tomorrow and will not be in the office. After looking at the Memorial Day note, she goes to the shower with Mallet.

Back at the nursery, Coop leaves for work. Jonathan still stands, looking at the baby items with a sad look on his face. Tammy asks Lizzie when she is due and Lizzie stalls, not answering the question. Lizzie tells Tammy that Jonathan is all babied out and she and Tammy walk away. Jonathan remains behind still looking down at the baby items.

Coop returns to the bar and Frank is there covering for him. Ava tells him that what she meant earlier about you and me and sex….and, Coop interrupts her, telling her not to talk about those 3 words together. Tammy realizes that Jonathan is not with them. Upstairs, in the nursery, Jonathan winds up the baby mobile and stands, listening to the music. Lizzie and Tammy start to go up and Lizzie remarks that the day is turning out to be a horrible day. Tammy tells her to chill and that Coop is dedicated to her and the baby. Lizzie says she knows and that her hormones keep kicking in. Lizzie tells Ava she needs a cup of decaf coffee from a fresh pot and bats her eyes at Ava. Ava receives a phone call from Officer Morris whom she has a date with tonight. Coop looks up and walks over to Ava, eavesdropping. Lizzie looks irked and says she will get the coffee herself. Lizzie proceeds to climb on the bar to reach a cup and Jonathan runs to her yelling, “Hey”. He grabs Lizzie in his arms. Lizzie looks at him, exasperated. Beth walks in just in time to see this. Coop asks her if she and the baby are okay. Lizzie is obviously irritated. Coop tells Jonathan what if he wasn’t there and Jonathan says, “No, you would have caught her; if you weren’t so distracted”. Ava looks at him and rolls her eyes. Lizzie runs to Beth and says she wouldn’t believe what happened. Beth tells her she saw and is safe now. Lizzie, in an audible voice, tells Beth that Jonathan knows and Beth tells her to lower her voice. Lizzie says her life is going to hell and Jonathan will blow it for her. Beth says that she has already started helping her.

Meanwhile, Tammy tells Jonathan that the baby owes him a lot. Jonathan shakes head and scoffs, “I’ve had enough baby drama crap” …..his voice trailing. They walk to the door and Jonathan casts a final look to Lizzie and Beth; Lizzie looks away.

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