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Guiding Light Update Monday 6/5/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo


The first five minutes of Guiding Light have been inadvertently omitted, with apologies.

Jonathan begs Tammy to leave with him. He tells her that he does everything for them, to protect them. She begs him to tell her what is going on. Mel calls him and tells him to stay away from the courthouse for Doris Wolfe is on the warpath. Tammy asks him once again what Lizzie’s medical file has to do with them. He tells her nothing and she starts to leave to find Ashley, opens the door, and runs into Lizzie. Lizzie says, “Please, I can explain everything”. Lizzie grabs her medical records and says it is a violation of her privacy. Tammy tells them both to come clean about everything. Jonathan says he will, but leave Lizzie out of it. Tammy says, no, Lizzie is already involved. Lizzie tells Tammy that Jonathan was trying to do something nice for Ashley, but it backfired for Ashley has a thing for him. When he told her that the feeling wasn’t mutual, Ashley told her mom that Jonathan got her drunk. Lizzie tries to find the correct words for the lie and tells Tammy that Jonathan came to her for help. She continues and tells Tammy that Ashley told him something that was in her medical file. Lizzie tells Tammy that she went to Ashley’s clinic for counseling about an abortion. She says that she didn’t do it, but was so scared that if Coop found out, she would lose him. Tammy looks at Jonathan with contempt and says, “So, you would use that against her”? Tammy leaves and Lizzie checks to make sure she is gone. Lizzie tells Jonathan that they must find some way to stop Ashley and that it is all Jonathan’s fault. Jonathan tells her that she lied to him and that the baby is his.

At Company, Rick sits at the bar, drinking a beer. A woman approaches him and asks him why he isn’t taking care of her son. He, slightly inebriated, tells her that he is no longer working at Cedars. Leah comes in, looks at him, and tells him that he is a mess. Leah tells him that she knows what is going on, he is sleeping on the couch and he misses Mel. Rick lies and tells her that he has a bad back. He cracks jokes with her, hugs her, and tells her that he is sorry she had to come home to this. Leah tells him that she will fix everything. They leave together.

Meanwhile, Mel walks in the hallway at her office building, muttering to herself. Jeffrey approaches her and tells her she appears to be trying to get her mind off of someone. Jeffrey talks to Mel and she is preoccupied, not hearing him. She seems tense and distracted. Jeffrey tells him that she can make a bad decision sometimes. Mel laughs and says that is bad advice. Jeffrey finally asks her how she is and Mel laughs again, but tells him that she is worried about Rick. She tells him that Rick was suspended from the hospital and that she cannot stomach what he did; his loyalty to Phillip. She adds that all of this will hurt Leah and Jude.

Outside Company, Josh receives a phone call from Reva. “What? No, I’m standing here with Cassie right now. Listen, don’t panic, I’m sure it’s fine”, Josh tells Reva. Cassie starts to panic and Josh tells her that everything will be fine for Reva has already phoned Frank Cooper. He tries to tell her that kids will do funny things and the best thing to do is go back to the house and wait for RJ. He hugs her and she looks scared.

Meanwhile, Reva talks to Colin on Main Street and tells him that she cannot find her nephew. Colin becomes mad and tells her that he canceled a patient to come see her and is not her babysitter. A frightened Reva tells him that because of the chemo, he is partly responsible for losing her nephew. Colin tells her that she has a husband and a family that she can lean on. She looks awful and Colin tells her so. He asks why she sat for her nephew and she cries, telling him that babysitting was something she thought she could do. She finally tells him to leave, but he sits by her and asks about RJ.

Meanwhile, downtown, Cassie thanks Josh for helping. She tries to call RJ on the cell phone. They turn, startled to hear a phone ringing and find RJ asleep in Josh's car. He tells them he became sleepy.

Back at his apartment, Jonathan tells Lizzie that Reva overheard everything about him being the baby’s father. Lizzie looks ill and tells him she is going to be sick. She finally admits to him that he is the father and Jonathan has to sit down. She tells him that it will change nothing. They yell back and forth, trading insults and she finally tells him to look at the father that raised him. Jonathan yells back at her, red faced, that her whole family has been in a loony bin. She asks him if he wants to be a part of the child’s life.

At the courthouse, Tammy finds Remy who asks what Jonathan did this time. Tammy tells him that Jonathan didn’t do what the charges read and Doris has it in for him. She tries to convince him that Jonathan is a good guy. Jeffrey and Mel appear, telling her the charges still stand, but they have a little more time before the trial. Jeffrey asks about Cassie and Tammy asks if he wants to say hello. He says, “Better not”. Jeffrey tells Mel that she needs to relax and needs some rest. She tells him that she just doesn’t know her own husband any more. Suddenly, Leah and Rick walk up. Leah tells them to help each other out. Mel tells her that she knows Leah is trying to make things right. Leah accuses her mother of being the perfect one in the family. Mel tries to explain that this is between Rick and her. Leah demands to understand that Mel is bailing on the family; storms off with Remy. Mel turns to Rick with hate-filled eyes.

Back at Main Street, Reva tells Colin some things about where RJ might be. She receives a phone call from Josh, telling her he and Cassie found RJ. She is so relieved and tells him she will meet him at home. Colin tells her that his work is done and tells Reva to come to the hospital to be checked out. She refuses and thanks him for being almost human. As she takes her medication, she tells him that he must get a certain perversion about keeping her secret. He tells her that he doesn’t. She tells him that she had to cut her hair, can’t take care of her nephew, and is a failure as a woman, a wife and a mother. He listens, saying nothing. He finally tells her that she is determined to make her situation as difficult as possible. Reva tells him that she isn’t going to lose a grandchild and will have to knock some sense into her son; then walks away. Colin rolls his eyes.

Back at Josh’s car, where RJ was found, Cassie tells him that he can never do this again. Josh asks Cassie if she is okay. She tells him that she can always count on him. He hugs her; she pushes him away, telling him that it would be a good idea to keep his distance from her and RJ for a while. Josh looks shocked and hurt. He asks her if he has offended her. She tells him that no, but RJ will grow to depend upon him like she does and he has already done enough for her. He tells her that she is a part of the family and he loves her. They argue back and forth and he tells her that she is as stubborn as her sister. Cassie is adamant and tells him that she has put RJ through enough ups and downs and he needs stability. Josh tells her that is what he is trying to give RJ and asks her, very sternly, what the problem is. Josh tells her that he is the closest thing to a father for RJ since Richard died and he wants it to be this way. Josh tells her that pre-Richard and post-Richard it was always he helping her. He looks at her and tells her that he thinks he understands what the problem is for he is working a lot. She lies and agrees this is it. Josh tells her that he will always have time for her and RJ. Cassie looks at him, speechless as Josh tells her to, “let’s go home”.

Back at the apartment, Jonathan tells Lizzie she shouldn’t have lied. She tells him that she doesn’t know what the big deal is for he has Tammy and she has Coop. Tammy returns, asking if the two worked out an agreement. Jonathan tells Tammy that they did and that Lizzie is off the hook. Lizzie looks relieved and tells Tammy they will work out everything, then leaves. Tammy looks at Jonathan angrily. She grabs his face and says, “I want you to hear me this time for it is the last time you will shut me out; for if we are going to be together and make it, we have to share everything”. Jonathan grabs her and kisses her passionately.

At the nursery at Company, Reva walks by and watches as Lizzie plays with the baby items and talking baby talk. Reva smiles. Lizzie leaves and Reva goes into the room, touching the baby’s bed and smiling.

At their apartment, Jonathan and Tammy kiss passionately and start to make love.

Reva, at the nursery, picks up a stuffed bear, cuddles it and smiles with tears in her eyes.

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