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Guiding Light Update Friday 6/2/06

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Written By Siri

On Main Street, Gus watches a man pass a small package to another man. He stops a man dressed in a business suit and says, “Hello, Mr. Dawson”. The man looks startled and tells Gus that he didn’t see what he thought he saw. Gus tells him he knows what he saw and grabs the man’s shoulder case. Gus looks wired. Gus searches the case and finds a small bag filled with drugs. He tells the man that he already has two strikes against him. The man asks Gus if they can work something out and Gus says, “Maybe”. Gus treats the man roughly and tells the man that he can get 15-20 years for this. The man tells Gus that he will stop and begs him to let him go. Gus says, “Give me the case and I’ll let you go”. The man looks at him suspiciously, grins, and hands him the bag of drugs, telling him that he sees. Gus asks what he means and the man tells him there is a lot of good stuff in the bag. He adds as he walks off, “You might want to see me again. There’s a lot of good stuff in here, you know”. Gus takes the bag and tells him to leave. When Gus turns around, he sees Harley standing, watching him. She asks him who the man was. Gus lies and tells him that the man dropped his wallet. She asks if he is okay and he tells her he is fine. She tells him that she is worried about him and taking the drugs. Gus waves her off and tells her that he can’t take this. She tells him he must deal with the problem and asks him if he is high now. Gus, talking down to her, asks her to look at his eyes and see if he is high. Suddenly, the man returns and says that he can’t find his pager. He asks Gus if he told Harley and if things are cool. She is confused as Gus hands the man his pager. She pulls the bag of drugs from Gus’s pocket and says, “I thought you were clean”.

Outside Company, Lizzie tries to carry an armload of luggage. Coop walks up and asks what she is doing. She tells him that she has luggage for him to move into the Spaulding mansion and that he needs to be prepared should she go into labor. He tells her that they have time on that. Ashley walks up and tells Lizzie that she hasn’t returned any of her six phone messages. Ashley tells her that she needs her help with Jonathan to help make him love her. Lizzie is surprised and tells her that she cannot help her. Ashley tells Lizzie that if she does not help her, she will tell Coop about the forged pregnancy records. Lizzie tells her that Jonathan is in love with Tammy and that she will find love with someone else. Ashley still begs her to help her. She still threatens to tell Coop and tells Lizzie that she owes her. Lizzie finally makes a phone call to Tammy, who just awoke. She asks Tammy where she and Jonathan are staying and Tammy tells her the Beacon. Lizzie lies and says she has another phone call, hangs up, and tells Ashley that Jonathan is at the Beacon.

Inside Company, in the nursery, Coop and Buzz talk. Buzz tells him that he doesn’t want him to move into the mansion. Coop tells him he doesn’t love the idea either, but needs to be around the baby. Buzz tells him he doesn’t want him to give up his dreams and Coop explains that he must be with the baby to protect him from the Spaulding’s. Coop tells him that he can handle himself and doesn’t want the Spaulding’s to ruin his kid. Lizzie walks to the hallway and stands outside the door, eavesdropping. Buzz asks Coop if he loves Lizzie and Coop says he does. Buzz continues to grill him and asks about Ava. Coop tells him that he knows what he has to do. Lizzie stands outside and grins as she hears these words. Coop tells Buzz that he had a conversation with Jenna on Mother’s Day. Buzz is not really surprised. Coop tells him that he and Jenna talked and she told him to listen to his heart. Lizzie beams. Buzz says he isn’t okay with this and doesn’t think Jenna would be proud of him.

At the Cross Creek cabin, Josh asks Reva if she is okay. She tells him that she is out of practice drinking but she is okay. When Josh leaves the room, she mutters that she does not need to lie down, becomes dizzy and lies down. Jonathan, after leaving Tammy asleep, goes to see Reva. He tells her that he needs to talk to her and she is glad he has come around. He stops her in mid-sentence and tells her that the baby will ruin his life, it’s Coop’s baby, Lizzie wants it this way, and it is the end of story. Reva tells him that he cannot walk away from this responsibility. He tells her that it is his choice and to keep her mouth shut. He adds that she is always at a cross-roads in her life and she tells him that she doesn’t think she can walk away from another member of the family. Reva tells him that she only wants what’s best and to learn from her. Jonathan tells her to stop making him feel guilty and tells her not to say a word to anyone. He stares her down and tells her to stop trying to make him make up for her mistakes. He yells at her to get off his back and Reva starts to weave. Jonathan asks her what is wrong and she tells him that she has a hangover. She finally tells him that it is his decision.

Outside the cabin, Cassie and RJ walk up. He tells her that Jason Mansfield raved about how big a hit she was at the ground-breaking. RJ wants to see Reva and Josh tells him that she has a headache. Josh tells him that he can still see her and if she doesn’t feel well, she will tell him. Josh asks Cassie for a lift into town and Cassie makes an excuse to wait to see how Reva is doing. Josh, Cassie and RJ walk in and Reva jumps up all happy. Cassie asks Reva if she will watch RJ and Reva tells them it will be fun.

Josh tells Cassie that he is ready to leave after grabbing a cup of coffee and she tries to stall and tell him that she is already late. Josh tells her he will skip the coffee and they can leave. Josh asks Reva if she feels better and she snaps at him. She ties his tie and tells him, lovingly, that she wishes he could stay; Josh eats this up. Cassie watches the two.

Back at their apartment, Jonathan tells Tammy about the Cross Creek cabin. Tammy tells him that she knows that isn’t why he went there. He tells her he had a talk with Reva about them leaving town. Outside the apartment, Ashley lurks muttering, “I know I can make you happy, Jonathan. I just have to get rid of Tammy first”. Tammy goes to take a shower. Still lurking, Ashley mutters to herself and prepares what she will say to Jonathan. “I can make all this stuff with my mom go away and we can be happy”, she practices. Ashley knocks on the apartment door and Jonathan answers asking Ashley why she is there. Ashley blurts out that she likes him and doesn’t want to hurt him. She can hear Tammy’s voice in the shower and tells Jonathan, “Please, don’t make me hurt you”. Jonathan grabs her and ushers her out of the room. He asks if she is threatening him and she says no. She looks into his eyes and wants to know if he will be there for her after the trial. Jonathan tells her that he and Tammy are leaving town after the trial. He tells her that she is a kid and that there is no “us”. Ashley is hurt and tells him that maybe Tammy will be interested in Lizzie Spaulding’s pregnancy as she holds Lizzie’s records. Jonathan shoves her against the wall and threatens her saying, “Get this through your thick head….I’m not afraid of Lizzie’s pile, not you and the last person who tried to break up me and Tammy had a nasty little accident off a cliff and died”. Ashley looks frightened.

Meanwhile, back at the nursery in Company, Lizzie takes out a pen and starts writing in her baby book. She walks in and tells Buzz that she knows he isn’t happy about Coop moving into the mansion. Buzz starts to rant again and Coop stops him. Lizzie tells them that she isn’t sure she needs to tell them about her dream for they might think she is crazy. She proceeds to tell them that she dreamt about Jenna. Coop and Buzz look intrigued. “We were at my house and she (Jenna) reached over and put her hand on my stomach and smiled”, Lizzie tells them. Coop looks happy and is obviously moved by the story. She pulls the baby book out and tells them that if it is a girl, she wants to name her Jenna. Coop and Buzz look very moved. Buzz leaves the room and comes back in, handing Coop a bracelet. He tells Coop that Jenna gave it to him to give to Coop when he had a baby girl. He adds that he still doesn’t want him to move to the mansion, but realizes that Lizzie is carrying his and Jenna’s grandchild. He tells them that he hopes the baby will change everything. Coop thanks him for the bracelet and Lizzie grabs Buzz, hugging him. Suddenly, her cell phone rings and it is Ashley. Ashley tells her that Jonathan slammed the door in her face and now she will have to do something drastic, getting Lizzie in trouble. Lizzie hollers that she will be right there. Inside the apartment, Tammy tells an obviously shaken Jonathan to get ready. There is a knock on the door and Tammy opens it, allowing Ashley to barge in. “I tried to help him with the charges. Ask him about the clinic”. She shoves Lizzie’s medical records in Tammy’s hands as Jonathan shoves Ashley out the door. “Lizzie’s medical records”, she questions Jonathan. “What’s going on”?

Back on Main Street, Harley takes the pills and throws them away. Gus tells her sarcastically that he will just have a liquid breakfast. Harley tells Gus to focus and to please realize that he just stole drugs from a dealer. She asks him if he cares about the children, her, or his career. Gus tells her that he chooses not to care. Harley tells him that she cannot go back and change anything. Gus tells her that he isn’t the problem. Harley tells him that she is leaving him and he is on his own. Gus looks irritated and scoffs at her. He asks her where she will go and Harley tells him several different locations. Gus screams at her and tells her that he needs to get a handle on why she and Mallet slept together. Harley starts to cry and tells him that she understands it is killing him, the pills will not help this, and he is the only one that can fix this. She tells him again that she and the kids will not come back until he can fix everything.

Meanwhile, back at the cabin, RJ talks to Reva. She suddenly looks ill, covers her mouth and walks away, RJ asking what is wrong. Outside Company, Josh asks Cassie to get some coffee with him. She makes excuses and tells him that she needs to go on inside and he needs some quiet time. He reluctantly agrees and leaves. Cassie goes inside Company. Reva composes herself and returns to the living area of the cabin, calling RJ who is no where around. She is still dizzy. Back inside Company, Cassie listens to the attorney talk about the clause that Olivia’s lawyer changed. She asks him what this means, turns, and sees Josh sitting across from her, dressed as the attorney. “It means that Joshua Lewis has feelings for you, too. Joshua Lewis again, that would be me”, the vision says. Cassie stares at the vision Joshua and suddenly jumps up, apologizes to her attorney and makes a hasty exit. As she tries to compose herself outside Company, Josh walks up and says hello. Cassie looks at him and nervously grins.

Back on Main Street, Gus tells Harley he knows what he did was wrong. Harley stands with her back to him, slowly turns, and tells him that it is bigger than them. She walks away and leaves Gus standing alone muttering, “I need you”.

Strolling down Main Street, Reva phones Dr. McCabe. She leaves a message for him saying, “Colin, it’s Reva. I was taking care of my nephew and started to feel sick”….and, is interrupted by Lizzie. They stare at one another.

Back at their apartment, Tammy tells Jonathan that she believes Ashley. “I think you are scared about something”, she tells Jonathan. “Something in this file about why you really took Ashley to the prom”, she continues. Jonathan looks very nervous. “You can tell me, Jonathan. You can tell me anything”, Tammy says.

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