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Guiding Light Update Thursday 6/1/06

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Written By Siri

On Main Street, Reva talks to Jonathan on the phone, telling him that he cannot avoid the fact he is the father of Lizzie’s baby. She runs into Buzz and he notices that she has a drastic hairstyle – shorter and thinner. He asks her to come with him for a boost. Buzz takes Reva to the nursery Ava painted. She oohs and aahs over the nursery. Buzz tells her that he’s not crazy about Coop being connected to Lizzie the rest of his life, but he is sappy about the new baby thing. Reva looks at the baby things, picks up a rattle and looks sad. She tells him he was always Susan’s favorite. She starts to cry and says that life comes along and knocks you flat and you think that someone is trying to tell you something. He looks at her tenderly and tells her all of the recent events makes him think of two years ago when he had his heart attack. He rolls his eyes and says he is so glad just to be here. Reva composes herself and leaves in a hurry, rushing to her next chemo treatment.

At Company, Josh and Cassie discuss the headlines in the Springfield paper: “Name the New Spaulding”. She laughs and says that she is glad it’s not her baby having a baby. She tells him about having to kick out Tammy and Jonathan for not obeying the “house rules”.

Jeffrey comes in and tells them that Tammy called and wants him to help with Jonathan’s legal issues. Josh takes offense and tells him that he doesn’t think Jeffrey needs to be around Cassie right now. Cassie turns to Josh and looks confused. Jeffrey asks if Josh thinks that Cassie will be better off away from him and Cassie says that she can handle this. She tells Jeffrey that she doesn’t think it’s fair to ask him to help and he agrees for the DA has assigned him to Jonathan’s case. He adds that the DA has a good case against Jonathan, with her under aged daughter. He says that Jonathan should take a deal and he will just contact Cassie via her answering machine the next time he needs to talk to her. Josh looks at Jeffrey and squints his eyes, a wry grin on his face.

Outside Company, Alan-Michael finds Dinah. He mocks her about Harley. She tells him that Harley and she are just fine and that she is on Harley’s side again. He tells her that a family business needs to stay in the family and getting even with her (Dinah) is personal. He adds that he intends to get his revenge and enjoy every minute of it. Marina is eavesdropping nearby. Dinah laughs and asks if he is threatening her. He tells her that it is a promise and she will be sorry for not sticking with him. Marina clears her throat and walks up to the two of them. She asks what’s going on and Alan-Michael tells her that she needs to stay out of this part of his life. Dinah asks him if he thinks he’s crazy enough to think that Marina would be interested in him. He tells Dinah that Marina maybe should return some of the gifts he sent. Dinah says, “Okay, before I puke, I think you need to slither your way into somebody else’s life because you’re not going to get the company or the girl and I’m going to make sure of that”. He looks at Marina and tells her that she knows how good it felt between them. Dinah calls him an arrogant jerk as Alan-Michael walks off. Marina offers to be in on the inside and spy on Alan-Michael. Dinah thinks that she (Marina) really wants Alan-Michael and to steer clear of him. Marina says that she can take care of herself.

At his apartment, Mallet asks a bellboy how the note got in his room. The bellboy has no idea and Mallet dismisses him. Mallet then finds a receipt attached to Dinah’s dry cleaning delivery given him by the bellboy. It is a homemade note with cut out letters that read: “Payback’s a bitch”. Mallet looks frightened. He goes back in the hallway and finds the bellboy and asks from where the dry cleaning appeared. The bellboy tells him that his manager told him to deliver it and leaves. Mallet mutters, “Okay, Dinah, who the heck is after you”?

Meanwhile, at Company, Cassie says she cannot believe that Jeffrey is going to prosecute Jonathan’s case. Josh says he hopes the case will move along for he misses Reva. Cassie tells him he must be ready to reveal his little surprise. Suddenly, Reva comes from upstairs and Josh asks where she came from. She tells him that she was upstairs with Buzz. Cassie giggles and Josh tells Reva that he has big plans for her later. He twirls Reva around and she tells him that she has an errand. Josh asks if what she has to do is about Jonathan and tells her that Jeffrey will prosecute Jonathan’s case. She tells him that’s a good idea for Jonathan is in over his head. Reva tells him that she is all his when she finishes what she has to do and leaves. Cassie tells Josh to go after Reva. Josh asks if she is trying to get rid of him and adds, “I need you”. Cassie has a funny look on her face. Josh adds, “I need you to find my wife for me and make sure she gets there on time”. Cassie looks awkward and tells him that she really doesn’t want to do that. Josh says he knows that she will do it and kisses her on the forehead. Cassie looks awkward still and Josh asks if she is okay. Cassie, looks flushed, tells him that she is fine and will go and find Reva. She casts a final glance over her shoulder at Josh as she leaves.

In his apartment, Alan-Michael talks on the phone and says, “So, that little assignment that I asked you to take care of; where do things stand…….really……that’s good…..very good”. At his apartment, Mallet calls Dinah on her cell phone and asks where she is. Dinah tells him that she has one more stop and then on her way home. An anxious Mallet holds the threatening note and tells her to humor him and come on back to the Beacon now. Dinah laughs and says, “Honey, stop worrying”, then halts in mid sentence. Mallet asks what is wrong and Dinah says, “I am pumping the brakes and nothing is happening. I can’t stop”. Alan-Michael, at his apartment, tells the person on the phone, “If you can take care of that for me, I will be very grateful and when I’m grateful, I’m generous. As long as no one can connect me to….. (Pause)….you got it”.

At Cedars, receiving her chemo, Reva talks to Colin, her doctor. He appears not to hear her and she just rambles on and on. He finally looks up as a nurse enters the room. The nurse asks him to join her and the others after his speech, but he turns her down. After the nurse leaves the room, Reva tells him that the nurse has a crush on him and he needs to have a life. Colin tells her that he hasn’t the time and Reva tells him that one day, he might be hooked up to one of these things and might wish he had taken the time. Colin ignores her and returns to his paperwork. She finally asks him how much time she has, he looks up from his work, and he tells her he doesn’t know. Suddenly, Reva hears Cassie’s voice outside the room asking about Reva. Colin exits Reva’s room and tells the nurse that he will take care of this and that he will see her later after his speech. He introduces himself to Cassie and she returns the introduction.

(Reva listens as Cassie tells Colin that she is neither a Miss nor a Mrs.). He says, “What brings you to Cedars; you look very healthy”. Cassie gulps and stutters and says that she is looking for her sister, Reva Lewis. (Reva listens very intently). He tells her to walk with him to the cafeteria and look for her sister. Cassie says that isn’t necessary for Reva probably isn’t even there. Colin says, “Well, I just took a shot; I heard that voice and figured I had to come out and see the face that went along with it”. (Reva’s jaw drops wide open as she tries not to laugh). Embarrassed, Cassie tells him thank you and leaves. Colin goes back into Reva’s room and she tells him that he is a very bad boy. Colin says that he did what he had to do. “I heard your voice and thought I’d just see the face that went along with it”, Reva cackles, mocking him. She tells him that he is a flirt when he wants to be, but he did save her. She tells him that Cassie is gone and she wants to leave, too. She asks him about his speech and tells him to rehearse it with her. He declines the offer and tells her that she is almost done with her chemo. She starts to talk about Jonathan and tells Colin that Jonathan is soon to be a father. Colin tells her that she doesn’t appear to be the type to take being a grandmother. She tells him that he is wrong and some people are not lucky enough to see their children grow up and have children of their own. She adds that this is what she wants as Colin looks at her and smiles.

Strolling down Main Street, Jeffrey runs into Ashley. Ashley asks him if she has to testify at Jonathan’s hearing tomorrow. He tells her that she has to tell about how Jonathan got her drunk. She starts to cry and says if she does that, Jonathan will never speak to her again and she thinks she made a horrible mistake. Jeffrey asks if she is telling the truth. Doris Wolfe, Ashley’s mother, strolls by and asks her why she is here. Jeffrey tells Doris that Ashley wants to discuss her testimony and Doris tells her that she just needs to tell the court the truth and nothing but the truth. Jeffrey asks exactly what the truth is and Ashley looks at her mother and says, “Jonathan got me drunk, twice”. She ushers Ashley away to buy shoes for tomorrow’s court date. Jeffrey tells Doris that they need to cut Jonathan a deal and Doris says, “No way. I want him nailed to the courtroom wall”. Ashley, out of earshot, calls Lizzie and leaves a message telling her to call her back like yesterday.

Back in her car, a terrified Dinah tells Mallet that the brakes were working but not now. She tells him that she is coming up on a hill, sees too many turns and is going too fast. Mallet, pacing back and forth in his room, tells her to listen to him as he tries to get her to describe what she sees. She tells him that she sees a wall and he screams at her to turn right and hit the wall broadside with the car. She screams, “Mallet”, and there is the sound of screeching tires.

Back at Alan-Michael’s apartment, Marina visits. She tells him that he doesn’t look surprised to see her. He tells her that it is just confidence. She returns the pearls he gave her and tells him that she is sorry, but she cannot wear them. As he listens, she asks him if he might have something a little lighter. She tells him that he is a liar and he uses her and her Aunt Harley. He snickers. Marina continues that she cried the day the pearls came. He looks at her tenderly and tells her to have a seat. A tearful Marina asks him what he expects from her and he tells her to not let anyone tell her what to feel. Marina walks up to him, kisses him on the cheek and leaves. Alan-Michael looks at the pearls she placed in his hand. Marina returns to Company and tells Buzz that she had some lose ends to tie up. Buzz grabs a meat cleaver and kidding, tells Marina if he hears that Alan-Michael is giving Harley trouble…… Marina stops him. She tells him that she will just have to see what Alan-Michael is after. Buzz looks at her and is confused as usual.

At the scene of her wrecked car, Dinah hears Mallet as he approaches, gasping. He asks her if she is okay and starts to check her limbs. Dinah is shaken up and Mallet gently helps her out of the car to sit down. She tells him that he had the car all week and is surprised he didn’t feel anything. He tells her to close her eyes and proceeds to check the car. He finds fluid on the street and Dinah asks him what he is doing. He looks around nervously and tells her they need to leave, moving her hurriedly away from the scene.

Back at Cedars, Cassie finds Reva, who has just finished her chemo. Reva lies and tells her that she was visiting someone with whom she used to work. Cassie places her arm around Reva’s shoulder and tells her that she needs to see something. Reva asks where and Cassie says, “Oh, about a thousand miles away or it could be right down the street”. Reva looks intrigued and leaves with Cassie. Cassie blindfolds Reva and takes her to a room. Cassie takes off the blindfold and Reva stops, looks around the room and her eyes rest on Josh. “How ya doing darlin’”, Josh says, grinning at Reva. She looks at him sitting on the hearth at the Cross Creek cabin. She says, “This isn’t real; I’m not in Oklahoma”. Cassie laughs and says, “You’re right about that, Dorothy”. Josh welcomes her to her new old home in Springfield and explains that the house would have gotten in the way of H.B.’s project in Oklahoma. She exclaims, starting to understand what is happening, “So you moved it. Cross Creek. It’s here”? Josh looks at a sobbing Reva and tells her that they will grow old together at Cross Creek. Reva kisses Josh and tells him that nothing will get in their way. Cassie looks on and admires the couple as they kiss.

At his apartment, Alan-Michael phones the same person and asks if the job is done. He tells the person good and that he needs nothing else. Before the person hangs up, he asks, “Is Englan’s still the best jeweler in town”? Back at their apartment, Mallet tries to make Dinah feel better. She sighs and tells him that she is fine. He asks her what she was doing right before the accident. She asks him why he asks this and he lies and says that he is testing her memory. He acts nervous and Dinah asks him why he is so snappy. As Mallet looks at the note, which reads: Memorial Day – How fitting, she tells him that it was just a freak accident. Mallet places the note in his shirt pocket and tells her that she is right. He sounds less than convincing and Dinah looks at him suspiciously.

Meanwhile, back at the Springfield-Cross Creek cabin, Reva looks at the mantel which reads: Reva – Josh – Always – Forever. She starts to cry again and suddenly stumbles, her knees weak. Josh catches her and she laughs it off, telling him that he always makes her weak in the knees. They embrace and Josh tells her that he would move heaven and earth for her and the house was easy; he laughs. “You have to remember something”, he says, “you are married to a man who does not give up and you do whatever you have to do to make it work”. Reva stares intently into his eyes. “You hang on and you never let go”, he whispers, tenderly. Reva cries, hugs Josh tighter and says, “Never let go. Never, never let go”.

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