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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 5/31/06

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Written By Siri

Jonathan – In the Light
Baby Daddy

Jonathan, outside the Spaulding mansion, hears his mother’s voice, “Being in the care of Alfred, doesn’t mean you’re doomed to repeat his mistakes; just the opposite Jonathan. You would never allow a child to feel unloved or unwanted and that baby will be lucky to have you”. Jonathan composes himself and finds Lizzie and asks her if she had a good Memorial Day. He tells her that he is just checking in on her and the baby. She asks him if he is here to ruin her relationship with Coop and that she cannot lie for him. Jonathan becomes irate and trashes the desk. He tells her that he knows. He starts to run away and she grabs him making him tell her what is wrong. “You’re pregnant and the kid is mine”, he yells. He asks her if she denies it and she is silent. She finally tells him that people will know only what you let them know. He says she can’t hide and if he can tell Tammy now; Lizzie stops him. He says that he can tell Tammy and they can get through this. Lizzie tells him that she isn’t going to rest until he makes an honest woman out of her.

Suddenly, Alan, dressed in hunting gear and brandishing a shotgun, tells him he needs to think. Alan tells him that if he wants to claim his child, he will do it his way or the highway and raises the shotgun.

Jonathan is all dressed in a tuxedo and carrying a bouquet. He goes to see Tammy at Cassie’s house. He tells her that he has to get married. She is all excited and tells him that she wants that, too. He stutters and cannot get the words out. Tammy tells him she doesn’t need a big wedding. She hugs Jonathan and suddenly a very pregnant Lizzie walks in the room, all dressed up in her wedding gown. Lizzie takes the bouquet from Tammy’s hands and asks her if Jonathan told her. Tammy says, “Oh my G-d”. Jonathan tells her that he is so sorry and that the baby is his. Lizzie stands, grinning and rubbing her stomach as Tammy stands in total shock. Lizzie says that she needs Jonathan for the pictures. Tammy tells Jonathan the whole thing is a joke and tells him to tell her that baby is Coop’s. Jonathan is silent. He starts to tell her that he has to do what’s right for the kid and if he doesn’t, the Spaulding’s will make his life miserable.

Tammy is devastated and sobbing uncontrollably. He tells her that he loves her and hugs her. She tells him no and starts beating on him saying, “Once a dog, always a dog. I hope you and Lizzie have a miserable life together and hate yourselves forever”. She kicks him out. Jonathan bangs on the door over and over again, trying to make Tammy understand.

Lizzie strolls by and says, “Head’s up”, as she pitches a newborn baby to Jonathan, “First law of fatherhood, always be there for your children and catch them when they fall”. Jonathan is horrified. At Company’s nursery Jonathan, with a wedding band on his finger, holds his newborn son and rocks him. He coos to the baby and tells him that he is going to do good by him. Lizzie picks up the baby and Buzz walks in. Buzz tells Jonathan to love the baby and change his diapers and then the kid will grow up to hate Jonathan. Jonathan says he doesn’t hate his baby. Alan and Beth come in and Alan proceeds to dress Jonathan in the “Spaulding dress”. He tells Jonathan he expects Jonathan to show up at Spaulding and not burn the place down. Beth tells him he has a brand new sports car and to be at the Country Club on Saturdays, brunch with the family on Sunday and at the office Monday through Friday. Lizzie says it’s not bad being Mr.Lizzie Spaulding. Alan tells him he has no freedom as Beth, and Lizzie cackle out laughing. Jonathan looks very displeased.

Jonathan is outside Company rolling the baby in the stroller. Reva comes up and tells Jonathan how proud she is of him. She tells him to trust in his self. But, Jonathan is concerned the baby will turn out like his father. Reva coos with the baby and the baby starts to cry. Jonathan picks him up and cuddles him. He asks Reva if maybe Tammy might come back to him. Reva tells him that Tammy is living in England with Coop now. Jonathan’s face turns to anger and he shakes the baby, telling him to shut up.

At the mansion, years later, Jonathan reads the headlines about Henry Cooper Bradshaw coaching the Oxford crew to a victory and sees a picture of Coop's wife, Tammy. A young boy, Jonathan’s son, asks who Henry is. Jonathan tells him to just eat his cereal. Lizzie gets mad because Jonathan is allowing their son to eat snack food. His son begs Jonathan to help him throw a football. Lizzie tells Jonathan to take him outside and teach him how to throw the ball. Jonathan tells Lizzie that he has to take orders from Spaulding’s all day, don’t you start, too. Jonathan gets up and throws the ball outside; screaming at his son to, “GO”. His son starts to cry and runs outside. Lizzie gets mad because their son is crying. Jonathan screams that Lizzie is a spoiled brat, he lives in this house and kisses Alan’s ring all day long. “That’s not me”, he yells. He stops and tells Lizzie he is sorry and kisses her. Suddenly, he sees Tammy’s face and kisses Lizzie harder. He calls Lizzie, Tammy and Lizzie explodes in anger. “It’s been six years; get over her”, she spits at Jonathan. She tells him that she had everything all set up for the baby to be Coop’s and Jonathan messed it all up. “Don’t ever yell at our son again”, she hisses.

On the mansion patio, Jonathan phones Tammy and leaves a message, “I know it’s been a long time, but I really need to talk to you”. Suddenly, his son pitches the football at him, ending the call, and is very happy that he can throw the ball. He tells his son to go play catch by him self. Jonathan goes back inside the mansion and picks up the paper, staring at Coop and Tammy’s pictures.

Years later at the mansion, a slightly graying Jonathan with a beer belly walks to the bar and downs a bottle of beer in one gulp. A door opens and teenager walks in. “You’re late”, Jonathan says in a raised voice. He walks over to the teen and asks where he’s been. He pulls the teen’s coat from him and goes through the pockets. “Yeah, that’s right; check the right pocket because that’s where I keep my rubbers, cigarettes, and drugs”, the teen says. The teen tells Jonathan that he isn’t doing anything wrong and wouldn’t want to do anything to disappoint mom. Jonathan stops the search and says, “Ouch”! The teen asks why Jonathan is always waiting around for him and says, “Why don’t you go drink your beer, stare at the walls, and finger through your stash of old pictures of that girl you used to know”. Jonathan stops drinking his beer and with hate in his voice says, “What?” He tells the teen that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Jonathan asks the teen does he know who he is dealing with and the teen says, “The guy who gets paid to be married to mom”. Jonathan approaches the teen and all but challenges him to a fight. A young girl walks in and says, “Hey baby”, to the teen. Jonathan takes the teen outside and asks him why he would trade this girl for a good girl. The teen tells him that the good girl is too good and spends all her time with her family. Jonathan tells him that he doesn’t want to see him make the same mistakes. “Like me”, the teen says. Jonathan says, “No, Johnny, I didn’t mean you were a mistake”. A slightly graying Lizzie walks up and chastises Jonathan for making Johnny look ‘like that’. She tells him they have to go to the Country Club before all their friends start to talk about them.

Jonathan goes to see Cassie and finds a picture of Tammy and Coop. Cassie tells him that Tammy is teaching at an all-girl’s school in London and Coop continues to write. Cassie continues that Tammy is learning how to ride a horse and asked if he remembers when Jeffrey was thrown by a horse. Jonathan remarks that that was 16 years ago. Cassie tells him that she didn’t believe Jonathan loved Tammy, but he says he always prays that she will walk through the door. She asks about Johnny, his son, and he admits that he comes down on him too hard. He tells Cassie that he must leave and she tells him to give back the picture he is holding of Tammy. She tells him that she will be home tonight and he says that he has to go back to the mansion. Cassie looks sad. On her porch, Jonathan pauses and sobs quietly.

At Company's bar, Jonathan slams down a glass of booze and mutters, “I can’t do this anymore”. Suddenly, he turns to see Tammy standing across the room, staring at him and smiling. He approaches her and tells her it has been a long time. They embrace and nervously start to talk. He tells her that he hasn’t left Springfield and that she is still very beautiful. She says that she is more used to being a wife and mother these days. She tells him that they could never catch a break and that he always made her feel everything would be okay. He tells her that he thinks about what could have been. They reminisce about old times and how they always spent a lot of time in the back room of Outskirts. They laugh. He tells her that when she left, the best part of his life was over and she says that when he married Lizzie, she died inside. As they look at each other, Coop walks in and says, “Johnny, how’ve you been”? Jonathan tells him that he and Tammy were just catching up and not to worry. Coop smiles and says that he won’t. Tammy excuses herself and Coop tells Jonathan it is good to see him and he agrees. Coop tells Jonathan that being with Lizzie cannot be too easy and that he hung in there. Jonathan tells him thank you. Coop shakes his head and says, “Just think, that could have been my life”.

Jonathan goes outside Company and trashes the table and chairs. Buzz takes a drunken Jonathan home and tells Lizzie not to let him back into his restaurant until Tammy and Coop leave. Lizzie tells him that the love of her life is in town too, but he doesn’t see her getting sloppy drunk. She tells him that he ruins things for everyone, including his son. “Your son hates you”, she says hatefully. Jonathan gets up and pours another drink as Johnny comes in. Jonathan grabs Johnny by the ear and tells him he didn’t raise a spoiled brat party boy. “You go where I say you go and do what I say you do”, Jonathan screams at Johnny. Johnny tells him that he isn’t the man of the house because great-grandpa Alan is and at least he loves me. Jonathan tells him not to disrespect him for he gave up his life for his son. Johnny tells him that everyone in Springfield hates Jonathan and to do all a favor and leave and go drink yourself to death. Jonathan lunges at Johnny and slaps him across the face. Suddenly, Jonathan realizes what he has done and as Johnny screams at Jonathan, runs away. Jonathan tells him he didn’t mean it and yells after him.

Meanwhile at Reva’s house, Jonathan talks to Reva and cries and screams how the treated Johnny. “I turned into Alfred”, Jonathan says. Reva tells him that he tired harder than Alfred did. “Do you remember that day at Company, when Johnny was a baby; even then I looked at that kid and told him all was his fault”, Jonathan cries. Reva tells him he was just very young. Jonathan tells her that feeling took hold. She tells him that Johnny is just going through a phase and it will pass. Jonathan says that if Coop was Johnny’s father, things would be better. Reva tries to make him feel better. “I hit him, Reva”, Jonathan sobs. He tells her that he and Johnny don’t need to be in the same house. Jonathan tells her that Johnny is so angry and upset and that he taught him to be this way. He admits that he never really tired and feels sorry for Johnny. Jonathan finally stops and tells Reva that all changes now and he will do all he can to save him and be a good father.

Suddenly, at Reva’s house, the phone rings. “Jonathan Randall”, the voice asks Jonathan. “You’re son has been in a motorcycle accident; your son is Jonathan Randall, Jr. and you need to get down here as fast as you can”, the Dr. Brown at Cedars advises Jonathan. Arriving at the hospital, Lizzie screams and beats Jonathan on the chest screaming, “You did this; this is your entire fault and all you ever did was reject him”. As Lizzie continues to scream and cry, the doctor takes Jonathan to a room where a body lies under a sheet. Jonathan stands with his mouth covered with his hand. As he enters the room, he glimpses a toe tag on the body. He slowly pulls back the sheet from the disfigured face and sees his son, Johnny.

As Lizzie screams, “No, this is your fault”, in the background, Jonathan falls on his son’s body, his own body wracked with uncontrollable heartbreaking sobs.

Suddenly, at the mansion, Lizzie brings Jonathan back to reality. “Jonathan, what do you know”, she implores. He looks dazed and tells her that he just spaced out. She asks if he is okay and wants to know what he knows. “Regardless what ever type of screw-up you are, Coop is going to make a great father”, he says, voice stronger now. Lizzie tells him of course, for this is Coop’s baby. Jonathan goes to Cassie’s house where Tammy opens the door; he falls into her arms and kisses her. He thinks about his last words to Lizzie as he kisses Tammy, “Yeah, the baby is all Coops’ and I am not going to give you anymore trouble for we both have exactly what we want.

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