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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 5/30/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

On Cassie’s porch, Jonathan tells Reva that he and Tammy will move far away after his trial. She tells him they cannot do that and Reva pauses and says, “Because, you’re going to be a father. Jonathan blows her off and starts talking about something else. Reva asks him if he heard her and continues to tell him that she knows he slept with Lizzie. He tells her to drop it for Tammy is coming home. She finally asks him if he did sleep with Lizzie and Jonathan admits he did. He tells Reva that Lizzie proved to him the baby was Coop’s. But, Reva tells him that she overheard Lizzie telling her mother the baby was his. “Congratulations, Jonathan, you’re gonna be a daddy”. Jonathan looks very upset and tells her that Lizzie is lying. Reva asks why Lizzie would lie to her own mother. Jonathan starts yelling and says that he and Tammy are leaving anyway. Reva tells him that he cannot walk away from a baby and Jonathan tells her that she did it and more than once. She acknowledges this and tells him they all turned out as damaged goods somehow. Jonathan screams, “So what am I supposed to do; stay here and make up for your mistakes”? Reva tells him that he cannot make up for stuff later.

At Cross Creek, Josh hoots and hollers about moving the Cross Creek cabin to Springfield and surprising Reva. He tells Billy that he cannot wait to surprise Reva. They hear a knock at the door, it opens, and Josh grabs… (surprise) Cassie and kisses her. They both are in shock at what transpires as Billy laughs. Josh apologizes profusely. Billy continues to laugh. RJ walks in and Josh and Cassie rapidly turn their attention to him. Josh wonders where Reva is and steps outside to call her. Billy tells RJ to make a sandwich and when he leaves, Billy laughs and tells Cassie that she is still blushing like a bride. She tells him to stop and don’t project his feelings about Reva on her and Josh. Cassie tells him that she helped Reva and Josh get back together and she isn’t messing that up. Billy tells her that maybe Josh and Reva don’t want to be together. She tells Billy that when she gets ready for a relationship, she hopes to have someone as kind as Josh. Billy giggles at her and tells her, “Nice speech”.

At the Spaulding mansion, Lizzie and Coop talk. She tells him that she likes being at the mansion for it feels like home. Coop is less than convinced. She tells him that she feels freaked out staying in the apartment alone and it’s not good for the baby. Coop tells her that she isn’t the typical single mom and she tells him that because she has money doesn’t make her feel any less alone. She tells him that she wants to move back into the mansion and Coop tells her that he can’t let her do that. He adds that the Spaulding place is just weird and anyone who lives in the house becomes weird. “I don’t want our child to be the next victim”, he tells Lizzie. She looks sad and tells him that she doesn’t know where to go. Alan walks up and tells Lizzie that Coop doesn’t want his child raised by the big bad grand dad. Lizzie tells them to stop bickering and looks at Alan telling him that Coop has a lot to offer her.

In the nursery at Company, Ava walks around the room muttering to herself about how she wants to be baby Cooper’s friend. Tammy comes to visit and remarks on how wonderful the room looks. Tammy tells a sad Ava that Coop has a big heart, enough for her and the baby. Ava stops short of telling Tammy that she loves Coop. Tammy tells her she understands and says, “I don’t think I’d be nearly as generous as you are if the guy I loved was having a baby with somebody else”. Ava asks if she and Lizzie are friends and Tammy tells her they are. Tammy tells Ava that it must be hard to know that Lizzie is pregnant with Coop’s child. Tammy tells the story of when she received her first card from her father and Ava tells her that she didn’t grow up with a father either. She adds that it is so important that Coop’s baby has all his attention. Tammy turns to take once last glance at the baby bed and says, “Every baby deserves that”.

Lizzie and Coop take Alan to Company to see the nursery. Tammy tells them that Ava did a great job. Alan looks perturbed. Coop and Ava share a glance at each other. Tammy tells Ava that things will get easier. Lizzie shows Alan the room and goes on and on about how cute the room is. Alan doesn’t speak and Coop stares at Alan. Lizzie rambles on that the baby will never be alone for he/she will always have Buzz, Marina, Frank, and Harley. Alan finally interrupts her and tells her that the baby will not be raised in a fraternity house. He bashes the place and tells her the baby will have plenty of time to broaden its cultural horizons. Coop tells Lizzie that her grandfather is absolutely right.

Meanwhile, back at Cassie’s house, Jonathan tells Reva that he will not lose Tammy and Reva agrees for Tammy loves him. Jonathan tells her that Tammy has forgiven him too many times already and knowing he is Lizzie’s baby’s father, she will leave. He also tells Reva that no one has to know the baby is his and that everyone knows the baby will be better off without him as a father. Reva tries to tell him that he will be a good father. Jonathan tells her, “No; what child would want to be a part of the cycle that Alfred started”. Reva says that she will help him. Jonathan tells her that as far as he is concerned, the baby is not his. Reva tells him nice try and that doesn’t believe him. Reva, crying now, tells him that he did have a horrible father and she regrets that he had to spend one day with Alfred. Jonathan tells her not now. She tells him not to be afraid and she will help him. Jonathan starts to tear up listening to Reva tell him that he will be a great father. Tammy returns home with the meal as Reva whispers to Jonathan, “Don’t give up this opportunity for you will never be able to live with yourself”. Tammy asks Jonathan, “What opportunity”? Jonathan stares at Reva, trying to hold back the tears. Tammy thinks the two are talking about Jonathan and Tammy moving. Reva tells them they can have a decent life here with people who care for them. Jonathan tells Reva through clenched teeth that everyone will be fine without him. Tammy tells her they don’t want to hurt anyone.. Reva, staring at Jonathan, tells them to think about what they are doing. She starts to cry and leaves. Tammy asks Jonathan if he is okay. He cries and tells her that he is okay but that things are a little more complicated than he once thought.

Back at the nursery, Coop tells Alan that he loves the room, but he wants his child to be happy and he wants to work with Lizzie’s family, not against them. He takes Lizzie’s hand and tells her she looks tired and for Alan to take her home. A smug Alan says, “Gladly”. Coop tells her to go home and when he gets off work tonight, he will meet up with her at the house. Lizzie is surprised. He tells her that if she is going to move back to the mansion, he will too. She giggles and hugs him as Alan looks on in disbelief. Lizzie lets out a yell and starts jumping up and down yelling, “Yay, we’re all going to live together”. Alan tells Coop that he doesn’t remember inviting Henry. Coop tells Alan that he could run it by his sister, the Spaulding CEO. Alan says fine and that he will see Elizabeth in the car. Lizzie is ecstatic and tells Coop that they will be a real family. She kisses him and Coop backs away. She tells him that she is sorry and stops, then tells him that she isn’t sorry. As she leaves, she tells Coop that she as always been right about him. Coop sits down, lets out a sigh and stares at the baby bed.

Standing outside Cassie’s house, Reva mutters to herself, “Oh, no, not now”. She calls the hospital to confirm her next chemo session and then she receives another call. It is Josh. He asks if she is at the airport, ready to come to Oklahoma. She lies and tells him that she missed her flight and it is the last flight of the day. He tells her he will send a jet and she tells him that she can’t because there are things going on with Jonathan. He tries to tell her that he needs her and there will always be a problem with Jonathan. She tells him he has Billy and Cassie and that Cassie can step in for her. Josh tells her that he has another surprise and she tells him to make the most of the day. She tells him she will see him soon. “To hell with this,” she tells herself. “No more cancer. I want it gone because I have too much to do. I have a life, damn it. I have a life”, she sobs to herself.

At Cross Creek, Josh yells and says that Reva isn’t coming. Cassie asks him how she cannot be here and tells Josh it is a major crisis. Josh tells Cassie that Reva was in a cosmic mom mode with Jonathan. He tells Billy and Cassie that they will make HB and Reva proud. Later, they all play pitch with RJ. Josh asks Cassie if she is ready for her speech at the ground-breaking ceremony. Cassie says she thought all she was doing was to clap and cheer. He tells her that Reva told him that Cassie will be excellent doing this and she will be standing by his side at the ceremony. Cassie argues that no one can take Reva’s place.

At her home, Reva takes a shower. She suddenly stops washing her hair and stares in disbelief at her hands. Her hands are full of hair. She gasps and shudders. She desperately runs her fingers through her hair and pulls out hands full of hair. As the water runs on her head, Reva starts sobbing in horror, “Oh, nooooo”!! She continues to find more and more hair and sobs louder and louder.

Meanwhile, back at Cassie’s house, Jonathan, tells Tammy that he wants things good and simple and they never are. He tells her that he wishes they could just go. Tammy tells him that she saw Ava today and how she really wants to be with Coop but cannot get past the baby. Jonathan stares off in space. He grabs her and tells her that he only wants her to be happy. He tells her that he needs to put behind him his mistakes and the things that happened with Alfred. “I don’t know who I am and who he (Alfred) made me”, Jonathan tells her. She stops him and tells him that he is nothing like Alfred and is a loving person. Jonathan is not convinced. Tammy kisses him, Jonathan stops and tells her that he needs to go tie up some lose ends. He leaves as Tammy looks after him, confused. She picks up a brochure of San Francisco and mutters that she and Jonathan will like it there.

Back at the mansion, Lizzie tells Alan thank you for giving her hope for the future. He tells her there is nothing he wouldn’t do for her and the baby. She asks if he cares that Coop is moving in and he tells her that he plans to spend some quality time with young Henry. He adds that he will try to make young Henry into a Spaulding for the baby will be a Spaulding. Coop goes back to Company and talks to Ava. He tells Ava that Lizzie and the baby are his full time job and Coop says that sometimes one needs to make a choice and go with it.

Back at the mansion, Lizzie sits, looking at a baby book and considers baby names. “Daschal Henry Bradshaw”, she says as she rubs her stomach. She starts to get some more cookies and suddenly, Jonathan stops her. “Hey, Lizzie how was your Memorial Day”, he says hatefully. She asks him what he wants. “Just checking in on you, the baby…”, he adds with disgust.

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