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Guiding Light Update Monday 5/29/06

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Written By Jonathan

 Lizzie and Beth are in a hospital room arguing over Jonathan being the father of Lizzie's baby (as we saw in Friday's episode) while Reva is behind the curtain changing clothes from her hospital gown listening into there conversation. We go to Jonathan and Tammy making out on the couch and Tammy tries to say this is wrong we promised while Jonathan doesn't seem to be concerned. RJ walks in on them and Jonathan tries to convince him they were wrestling and gives RJ a dollar to go find an ice cream truck. Cassie walks right in and takes the dollar away from RJ. Gus and Dinah are shown kissing on the bed and Dinah jumps up and tells a drunk Gus they can't to this because it's about revenge. Gus goes on and says revenge can be fun. They continue to kiss. We go to see Harley walks in and tell Ava how amazing the room she's been painting is. They talk about how crazy it is Gus and Harley aren't together. Coop walks in to see Ava. We cut back to Lizzie and Beth they're talking about how to hide the baby's biological father (Jonathan). Cut to Dinah and Gus, Gus talks about how true and loyal he was and how everyone is laughing at him in town. They talk about how they're mates would do anything for them. Cut to Harley, Coop, and Ava. Harley leaves and Coop compliments Ava on how good the room is and Ava "accidentally" knocks a gallon of paint on Coop. Cut back to Lizzie, Beth, and Reva. Beth keeps asking if Jonathan really believes its not his baby. Reva convinces him he does. Lizzie keeps telling Beth if she loves her she will not tell anyone about it being Jonathan's baby. Cut to Jonathan, Tammy, and Cassie. Cassie sends RJ up to his room. Tammy and Jonathan both insist they didn't brake the rule and were sleeping in different bedrooms. Cassie is very angry and asks what if RJ had been a couple minutes later what would he have saw. Cassie tries to blame everything on Jonathan and kicks the two out of the house and offers to help with an apartment. Cut back to Lizzie and Beth. Lizzie is still trying to explain how terrible Jonathan is. Lizzie says Jonathan can't ruin my life. Reva comes walking up as if she didn't hear anything and asks what Lizzie just said about her son. Beth tries to say they weren't talking about Jonathan and Lizzie says they were just talking about how unfair the charges were that were up against him. Reva tells Beth how sorry she is about her miscarriage and walks off as if she knows nothing. Cut to Jonathan, Cassie, and Tammy. Jonathan tells Cassie they are as good as gone. Tammy is angry and when Cassie tries to hug her she pulls back and says we're not staying here another minute and that she hates this house. Jonathan offers for them to move to a different
town. Cut to Gus and Dinah. Dinah is fighting Gus for the alcohol bottle. Gus talks about how is keeps seeing Mallet touching Harley. Dinah comforts him. They kiss and Mallet walks right in. Mallet through Gus against the wall. Cut to Ava and Coop. Coop says his pants and shirt will be his new paint clothes and tells her he's going to help even if it is a gift. He starts to paint and turns real quick and splashes paint on Ava. She picks up a brush and throws it at Coop. They start a paint fight and both fall laying next to each other on the floor. Cut to Jonathan and Tammy. They decide they're going to leave and start a new life. Reva is standing outside. Tammy is packing and Jonathan walks outside and sees Reva. Reva tells him she's got something important to tell him. Cut to Beth and Lizzie. Beth tells Lizzie she'll keep her secret after much begging from Lizzie. Cut to Mallet and Gus fighting. Dinah breaks them up and convinces Mallet to stop. Mallet tells Gus to stay out of his life. They leave and Gus hits his table and throws everything off and screams he doesn't need anybody. Someone knocks and he says "You want more?" Harley comes in and says yes I want more. Harley asks him if he wants to hate her it's find, but let her stop the bleeding on his arm from Mallet. He says its a deep wound she says it'll heal if he will give it a chance. Harley tells Gus she just wants to make them better. Cut to Dinah and Mallet kissing. Mallet says things are looking up. Dinah tells him she thinks its hot how she came to her honor today. And about how she likes it when he's jealous. She tells him to get recharged and shell be back. Mallet sees a Memorial Day card. Cut to Ava and Coop. Coop tells her he'll miss Ava living next door to him. They start confessing how they eased dropped on each other. Ava says how lucky the baby is to have Coop as a father. Lizzie walks in and thinks Coop did everything and Coop says Ava did it. Cut to Reva and Jonathan. Reva tells Jonathan how much like her
he is. Reva starts to tell him, but stops because Tammy comes out. Reva asks for a moment alone with Jonathan, but Jonathan says no. Cut to Mallet and Dinah. Mallet puts the Memorial Day card in his pocket. Mallet asked if she got a postcard today. Dinah says no. Mallet goes to lock the door and gets on the bed with Dinah. Cut to Harley and Gus. Gus says he's done fighting and Harley says she misses him. Harley tells him they aren't perfect and everything they have doesn't have to be and asks him to come back. He tells her he's not himself these days. She tells him they can beat it together. They kiss. Gus gets up and leaves. Cut to Coop, Lizzie, and Ava. Lizzie tells Ava the room looks like professional if you don't look close. Lizzie thanks Ava. Ava shows Lizzie a shirt she has for the baby. Ava leaves. Lizzie talks about what if she hadn't come in his life. Coop
tells her how happy he is to be a new father and for her to be in his life. Cut to Jonathan, Reva, and Tammy. They tell Reva they got kicked out. Reva offers them at place at her house, they refuse. Tammy leaves to get a hamburger for her and Jonathan. Jonathan tells Reva they're leaving Reva tells him he can't and he says why and give him one good reason. Reva tells him he's going to be a father.

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