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Guiding Light Update Monday 5/29/06

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Written By Siri

At Cedars, Reva listens as Lizzie and Beth talk about the baby being Jonathan’s. Lizzie tries to explain to Beth the circumstances surrounding the night in question. Beth is appalled and says she cannot imagine a worse father. Reva rolls her eyes. Lizzie tells Beth that Jonathan never has to know he is the father and that he is only a donor. Lizzie tells her that her baby deserves a good and decent father like Coop. Beth tells her that she needs to think about this for a while. Lizzie tells her not to get in the way. Lizzie tells her, “Besides, nobody will know the difference”. Reva listens intently. Beth asks if Jonathan believes the baby is Coop’s and Lizzie tells her it took a lot of work, but yes. Beth raises her voice and tells Lizzie that she should know better. Lizzie tells her she knows that Jonathan is trouble and she cannot stand his hair. Beth turns to her and exclaims, “That hair, his hair, eyes and you look like me”. Lizzie tells her that Coop has brown hair and it will not be a problem if Beth keeps her mouth shut. Beth tells her it will be known sooner or later and Lizzie tells her she chooses later. Lizzie says she shouldn’t have told Beth and that she just doesn’t love her. Beth tells her that all she has is Lizzie and James and Lizzie tells her then help her not to make Jonathan ruin, “my life”. Reva can’t stand it anymore and walks around the curtain saying, “Excuse me. What did you just say about my son”? Beth stands with her mouth open and Lizzie smiles, nervously.

At Cassie’s house, Jonathan and Tammy are making out on the couch when RJ walks in. Jonathan tells a curious RJ that the two were wrestling. He bribes RJ with some money to leave the two of them alone. Cassie walks in and angrily, takes the money from RJ. Cassie makes RJ go to his room and chastises Jonathan and Tammy for bribing RJ. Jonathan tells her that guys have been paying off little brothers for centuries. Cassie doesn’t buy it and tells him that they are not respecting the house rules. She reiterates that he will control himself. Tammy tells her that it just wasn’t Jonathan. Cassie tells them they have to move out.

At his room, Gus is trying to steal a kiss from Dinah. He tells her that this is their time and now they can get revenge. He pushes her against the wall and kisses her hard. She jerks away from him and wipes her mouth with her hand, muttering, “We both know how much you love Harley, stop”. Gus, leaning against the wall, tells her that he was just too loyal and faithful and that everybody in town is laughing. He appears drunk and stoned. Dinah laughs at him and tells him, “Yeah, that’s what they’re doing. They have nothing better to do but gossip (about) Gus and the fact Harley cheated on him”. She takes him by the hands and tells him that the “people” will tell him to get over it. He asks her if it’s okay what Mallet did to her. She tells him that she forgave him and that Harley and Mallet are not getting back together. She also tells him that Mallet would do anything for her just like Harley would do anything for him.

In her room, Ava shows Harley the nursery. She asks Harley why she isn’t chasing after Gus. Harley tells her that Gus doesn’t want to be chased. Ava tells her that one must fight for the person one loves. Coop stands in the doorway and listens as Ava turns around to see a grinning Coop. Harley tells her that she probably is right and shouldn’t give up so quickly on Gus. As Harley leaves, she pats Coop on the shoulder, smiling knowingly. Coop tells Ava that she should be a designer or something for she is so creative. They critique the room and she knocks over a can of green paint all over Coop.

Meanwhile, back at Cedars, Beth tells Reva they were not talking about Jonathan. Lizzie corrects her mother and tells Reva that they were talking about him and just remarked it was a shame about the charges from that girl, Ashley. Reva tells Lizzie that it is nice she cares so much for her son. Beth asks what Reva is doing at Cedars and she lies, telling her she is collecting medical statistics for Josh’s new project. Reva tells Beth she is sorry for the loss of her baby. Beth says thank you and that all that matters now is that Lizzie and her baby have the best future possible. Reva tells Beth it is good to hear her say that and leaves. Lizzie asks Beth if she thinks Reva heard anything and Beth, trying to convince herself, says, “I don’t think so”. Beth tells her that she needs to trust the man she is with and that she will keep Lizzie’s secret. Lizzie hugs her and Beth tells her that she will see to it that Lizzie and Coop have a wonderful life together.

Back at Cassie’s house, she tells Tammy and Jonathan she will be leaving for the ground-breaking in Oklahoma and that the two of them need to be gone when she returns. She tries to hug Tammy and Tammy pulls away. Jonathan tells her that is okay. They both start to plan where to stay now and he suggests a new town. Tammy looks sadly at a picture of her mom, RJ and herself. She tells him that it is a good idea and people will not know they are cousins. As they kiss, Reva watches through the door window pane. She mutters, “Why can’t I just have cancer in peace”? Tammy tells him that this will be an adventure and she will go get their things and plan for tonight. Jonathan goes outside and finds Reva. She tells him that something happened tonight and that she needs to leave it up to him. He questions her and she tells him there is something he needs to know.

Back at Gus’s, Dinah screams at Gus and tells him to just let it go. He tells her that all he can see is Harley touching Mallet and Mallet kissing Harley. She takes his hand and tells him that she understands completely. She tries to tell him that the imagination will eat him up. He starts to cry and turns to her pleading, “Help me. Will you help me”? Then, he kisses her again. Suddenly, Mallet comes in and runs to Gus, throwing him up against the wall. Gus fights back, telling Mallet to take a swing at him. Gus looks horrible and extremely irate. Dinah tells them both to stop or she will call the police. She tells Mallet that she handled everything and holds back Mallet. Mallet tells Gus to stay out of his life. As they leave, Gus screams at them and pounds the table in anger and frustration. The door opens and Harley walks in. She tells him that it is okay to hate her for what happened with Mallet and what she told Frank. Gus has injured his hand during the temper tantrum and Harley dresses it. She asks him who he was expecting when she arrived. Gus tells her that Mallet was only defending the honor of Dinah. He tells her that he couldn’t get a decent revenge. Harley tells him that she only wants to make things better.

Meanwhile, back at the nursery, Coop and Ava try to clean him up. They laugh about the paint spill. They decide to paint the molding around the door and acting silly, Coop begins. She tries to critique him and he throws paint on her. They exchange this back and forth, making a mess. She and Coop laugh and have a good time, falling to the floor. They talk about how they both used to listen to the other through their respective walls and both agree they enjoyed it. Ava asks him if he can change a diaper and he admits he doesn’t. She tells him that his baby is really lucky to have him and Lizzie walks in, gasping in excitement about the room. She thinks Coop did the room and he tells her that it was all Ava’s idea. Lizzie stands with her mouth agape. She sarcastically tells Ava the room looks almost designer quality, but thanks Ava. Ava tells her that there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for Coop’s child. Ava presents Coop with a little baby shirt and leaves. Coop tells Lizzie that he is looking forward to being a father. Lizzie grins and tells him that she is going to like him being the daddy. Ava stands in the doorway, listening.

Dinah and Mallet go home and she tells him that she thinks it was sexy for him to defend her honor. She kids with him and tells Mallet that she liked Gus’s kisses. He kisses Dinah and tells her that she didn’t respond to Gus like she does with him. Dinah goes to change and Mallet eyes a note on the desk which reads, “Memorial Day - How fitting”. He looks confused. He places the note in his pocket and when Dinah returns, asks if she received a post card today. She tells him no. She also tells him that she is dressed sexy and all he can think about is junk mail. She lies on the bed and Mallet starts to move slowly towards her, kissing her. He pauses, locks the doors, and returns to her, kissing her harder.

Back on Cassie’s front porch, Reva tells Jonathan that he is so much like her. She looks intently in his eyes and tells him that things he does cannot be taken back and everything changes. Jonathan is very confused, again. Reva finally tells him that she was at the hospital and she heard something. “I don’t believe in chance and I heard what I heard because you have the right to know”, she tells him. Tammy walks up and Jonathan tells her that his mom has something important to tell him. Reva asks to speak to Jonathan alone and he tells her that he and Tammy don’t keep secrets. Reva looks perturbed.

Back at Gus’s room, Harley tells Gus they have fought so long and hard to be together. He tells her that he is done fighting. He stares blankly ahead as Harley tells him that she loves what they had. She begs him to come back to her and the kids and her bed. Gus, gulping, tells her that he isn’t quite himself. She tries to tell him they can do anything together and kisses him. Gus pulls away and tells her that he needs to be some place. As he leaves, he tells her, “Thanks for trying to treat the wound”. Harley looks sad and dejected.

Meanwhile, on Cassie’s front porch, Tammy tells Reva she and Jonathan are moving out and Reva offers to let them stay with her. Tammy declines and says that Jonathan and she will do this on (their) own. Tammy leaves to get lunch and Reva asks him where they will go. He tells her he isn’t sure and when the trial is all done, they will go away. Reva raises her voice and tells him they can’t do this. Jonathan asks her to give him one reason why they shouldn’t go. Reva says, “Because”, and she hesitates, “you are going to be a father”. Jonathan stares at her in disbelief.

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