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Guiding Light Update Friday 5/26/06

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Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Harley meets with two men in the town square about business. Gus is nearby, so he starts saying that Harley is a mover and shaker, and gets things done. He says it is a sarcastic way, so she wonders what's going on. He holds out his badge and gun to her, saying it's over--he's off the force. He thanks her for having them take his job away. Harley looks embarrassed. She takes Gus aside, asking him to put it away. She points out that she is in the middle of an important meeting. He asks loudly if he is embarrassing her and pretends to apologize. Then he adds that she's not as innocent as she looks. She apologizes sincerely to the men, but they tell her that they will reschedule. Harley is furious and yells at him. He questions her about having him thrown off the force. She claims that it was only supposed to be temporary. She only told Frank that he was under pressure and needed some time off. Gus wonders why she's doing this to him, so she tells him that she's cared because the last time he was out on the street, his partner got shot. He seems to realize that this is all about Mallet, but she denies it vehemently. He yells that the whole last year has been about Mallet. She shakes her head. He pushes her away so that they are farther apart. She asks what happened to the guy in the cabin that was going to break the drug habit. He says that he can't hear her when she talks. He only sees her and Mallet together when he looks at her. She begs him to let her help him. He pushes her away again, then he walks away.

Alan-Michael reads the newspaper headline that says "Spaulding project to make Quarterly Gain; success attributed to CEO Cooper. He sighs and throws it down, then goes into the bathroom. A woman comes in quietly. She drops a bag. We only see her legs and feet at first--all in gold. She sits on the bed. He comes out, wiping his face with a towel, and sees her. it's Dinah. He tells her that this is starting to get old. She assures him that she's not armed this time, calling him "Sweetie". They trade insults. She asks him if he's still after Harley. He counters that he's only after her job, but she thinks he's fooling herself. She warns him to stay away from Harley. He doesn't believe her attitude but is shocked to learn that Harley knows all about his plans against her. He wonders why she told her, since he wouldn't have sold her out. She says suspiciously that he hasn't yet. He tells her that she's no fun any more. He suddenly realizes that Dinah is playing good girl for Mallet's sake. She informs him that she is doing what's right, including standing by Harley.

Alan-Michael accuses Dinahof still being jealous of Harley, as well as insecure and angry. He adds that she will one day do what she does best, as he points to his head with a gun gesture. She knows that he is just trying to manipulate her. She tells him that he can't shake her because her relationships are secure. She even urges him to try. He asks her how sure she is that the worst thing Harley ever did to her was sleep with Mallet. She is unfazed by his attempt and tells him that she can't wait to drive his sorry butt out of jail. He thinks he represents the real her. She tells him that he is her enemy. He tells her that they're finished and that he needs to take a shower. He gestures toward the door, but she doesn't move, so he starts undressing. She gets real close to him and whispers, "Is this supposed to impress me?" He says it will do something to her. She watches with a smirk as he walks into the bathroom. She stuffs his clothes into a drawer, wadded up, so they will wrinkle. She walks into the bathroom while he's in the shower and flushes the toilet. He screams loudly and she grins mischievously, then she leaves.

Tammy finishes up a phone call from Mel. She gives Jonathan that news that Doris Wolf refuses to negotiate. He's not surprised because she's out for blood. Tammy wants to prove her wrong. He thinks that she should concentrate on other parts of her life, but she just wants to help him. she thinks they should find someone to stand up for him that would know the truth about him and Ashlee. She asks if he can think of anybody. She says he should talk to Brad because he was at the bar that night. He stops her from phoning Brad and tells her that it's his problem, not hers. She wonders why he won't let her help. He convinces her to let him do it himself. He goes to take a walk to clear his head, but she doesn't believe him. He swears that he plans to go sit on this one bail of hay on the farm. She warns him to be careful. He kisses her goodbye. She says to herself that he needs her help, like it or not.

Lizzie runs into Rick in the hospital. He has a box, since he is cleaning out his office. He apologizes for not phoning her yet. She asks how her dad is. He says that he doesn't know because he hasn't spoken to him since this all came out. He doesn't know where he is. Lizzie is disappointed. He assures her that when they were in touch, Phillip asked about her all the time, so Rick knows that he loves her and misses her. Lizzie sees the box and asks if he was fired. Rick sighs and says he was suspended. Lizzie says she's sorry. He starts to say that it was his own fault, but Beth comes up and grabs Lizzie's arm, saying they have to leave. The two women leave. Lizzie protests, but Beth only cares that Rick lied to them all. Lizzie tells Beth that she feels that Rick got suspended. Beth first says that she couldn't do anything to stop it, but then tells her the truth, that she didn't want to help. Beth doesn't want to argue and leaves for an appointment. Jonathan comes up and grabs Lizzie's arm. She is startled by his sudden appearance and attitude. He blames her for his current legal troubles and says she'd better help or else the baby will grow up without Coop. Lizzie reacts by stamping on his foot, warning him away from her and Coop. The argue and threaten each other. Lizzie tries to bluff by saying she will call Tammy, but he calls her bluff by saying they should go do that. He drags her off, much to her surprise. Jonathan tells Lizzie to tell Doris Wolfe that she was the one who gave her daughter alcohol. Lizzie doesn't want to go to jail, but he thinks that she will get off since she's a Spaulding. He yells at her that he's not going to jail for something she did. She counters that he was involved with Ashley on his own and she had nothing to do with it. He threatens again to tell Coop, then he walks away and leaves her by herself.

Josh goes to the hospital and asks for Dr. McCabe. He is told by the nurse that McCabe is busy and will be for a while. He says he will wait. He just needs to see him about his business project. Josh' cell rings, so he goes into another room to answer it. It's Tammy phoning him. She asks him to meet her for some advice. He makes plans to meet her at Company. Tammy wants to get Jonathan another lawyer besides Mel because she seems distracted. Josh thinks she should do fine, but Tammy wants someone with more "bite", like Jeffrey. Tammy asks Josh his opinion for how Cassie will react to the idea. He is not too optimistic. Josh gets on the phone again, so she wonders if he is calling Jeffrey. He says that he gave her his opinion. He doesn't think that she should pursue this idea. They argue about it, but she is determined to help Jonathan since he didn't do anything wrong. Later, Tammy sets up a picnic for her and Jonathan. He is happy to see her surprise. They feed each other grapes and toast with champagne. She says she wants to help him with his case. They kiss and things get very passionate. Tammy gets up, so he follows. They keep kissing.

Colin, Reva's doctor, goes in to a room to see Reva, who is having trouble with the chemo side effects. She tells him that she is seeing spots and is burning up; plus it's getting worse. He notes that she was right to come in. He takes her blood pressure and asks her how she's felt this morning. She tells him how she's felt. He asks when she noticed the redness on her chest, but she didn't. He seems to be very urgent, almost panicky, which worries Reva. He and the nurse rush around. Colin tells the nurse to give her something, but Reva demands that he tell her what's going on. He says that she is having an allergic reaction and urges her to lie back and let the nurse do her work. The nurse tells her that she is giving her some oxygen. Reva is happy to finally get a straight answer. She starts to chew the doctor out some more, but she faints. They catch her. Reva awakens later. Colin tells her that he wants to observe her for a few hours. She continues to give him guff about the way he talks to her. He tells her that she had an allergic reaction, even though she was taking medication to prevent that from happening. She wonders if this will happen every time. He hopes not but explains that it is a process and they need to keep adjusting her meds. She sits up, but he asks her not to do that yet. She lies back down quickly. He laughs that she is listening to him for a change. Colin asks the nurse to get her vital signs. Another nurse, Kristi, tells Colin that someone is waiting for him in the ER. He asks who, but she didn't get Josh's name. Kristi asks him to go out for drinks with some other people, but he turns her down. Reva can see that the nurse is hitting on him by touching his shoulder and such, but he is completely oblivious. Reva makes a crack about how he is having a wild weekend reading medical journals.

After the nurses leave, Reva tells him that he's brilliant and clueless, all at the same time. He tries to ignore her and leave, but she points out that he is the one in denial now about the nurse. He tries to get out of the conversation but tells her that he doesn't date nurses. She nags him into talking to her about it by saying that she has poison running through her veins and needs to be distracted from her problems. She quizzes him about his social life. He gets flustered and doesn't have an answer, so she realizes that he doesn't have one. He says that he doesn't do well when he goes out because he's shy. She would like to pay him back by giving him some tips. She urges him to go out and have a few drinks and socialize with his colleagues. She adds that she has the greatest secret known to mankind--what women want. Reva massages his shoulders while she gives him advice about how to treat Christy the nurse. She hears Josh's voice and freaks out. He wonders if maybe this is a sign that she shouldn't keep lying to him. She asks Colin to get rid of him for her. He reluctantly goes out to meet Josh. Josh asks him if he would be a consultant for his rehab center. Colin is not sure he has the time, but Josh asks him to go for coffee with him, so he does.

Gus wakes up in his hotel room in a crumpled heap, holding a bottle of Jack Daniels. The room is a mess and he is staggering. He leaves, barely able to stand up or open the door. He is bending over to pick up the bottle and keys when Dinah comes up and makes a comment about him having a liquid lunch. She takes his keys and tells him that he's not going anywhere like this. He says he is all out so he needs to refill. She stops him and tells him that he needs to sleep it off. He tells her that he is not going to be baby-sat, but she gets the last word and forces him back into his room. When Gus finds another bottle, Dinah wrestles it away from him. She argues with him about why he's behaving this way. When she brings up Harley, he gets quiet and sits down. He wonders why she's okay with learning about Harley and Mallet. She says she's not and that she went nuts when she found out, but she's going to get through it. He says he can't do that. She thinks he can and tries to help him through. They discuss forgiveness. She points out that he was dead and that they could have decided to pursue a relationship, but they didn't. She thinks it means something that Harley chose to stay true to her love for Gus, even though he was dead. Gus thinks they would be a couple if he wasn't dead, no question. Dinah once again takes the bottle away again and keeps at him about his behavior. He tells her that he just can't take the idea of Harley and Mallet together and can't get it out of his brain. She pulls him over to bed so he can sleep it off as she gives him a pep talk about how he will feel tomorrow. Gus murmurs that he could have handled it if it were anyone but him. She understands, she tells him. Gus grabs her and kisses her.

Rick finds Harley sitting alone outside the movie theater at a table. He apologizes for what he did and they discuss it. She is very angry with him. He wishes he could make it up to her, so she asks him to fix Gus. He questions her about Gus' drug use. He isn't sure what he can do, but he promises to try. She pleads with him to do it, saying they have nowhere else to turn.

Lizzie phones Beth to ask for her help. They meet. Beth tells her to calm down and explain what's going on. Lizzie is very upset, so she doesn't make much sense. She takes Beth somewhere so they can talk. Lizzie is upset about seeing Jonathan everywhere. Reva listens from nearby where she is hiding. Lizzie blurts out that Jonathan is the father of her baby, not Coop. Both Beth and Reva are shocked.

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