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Guiding Light Update Thursday 5/25/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

Harley and Dinah meet outside Company as they jog. Dinah wants to talk about Gus and Harley tells her she doesn’t want to. Dinah tells her that she is sorry about things but that Harley hurt her before by ignoring her. She goes on to say that she tried to get her self-respect back by sharing things with someone. Harley asks who this someone is and Dinah tells her it is Alan-Michael. “He gave me the knife and I stabbed you in the back with it”, Dinah tells an irate Harley. She explains that she isn’t sorry because Harley had her head up the corporate butt. Harley starts to laugh and tells Dinah that she couldn’t care less for the only thing that matters is her marriage. She screams that Alan-Michael and the rest of the world can go to hell until she gets back her life. Dinah grabs Harley by the arms and screams back at her, “You tell me? Now that you are a free woman, are you going after my man again”? Harley tells her that without Gus, she is nothing. Harley storms off and Mallet arrives. She tells him that she told Harley everything and that she took it quite well.

Josh is at Cassie’s house. He tells her that the permits were not issued for the project and that he needs her help for he must go to Oklahoma. Tammy arrives, suitcase in hand. She tells a surprised Cassie that she and Jonathan need a place to stay. Tammy tells Cassie about Doris Wolfe and the closing of Outskirts. She goes on and on trying to convince Cassie to let the two of them stay and Cassie finally tells her it is okay. Tammy is so happy at this and hugs her mom. Cassie tells her there will be rules. She tells Tammy that she and Jonathan will stay in separate rooms because of Tammy’s little brother.

At home, Reva slowly awakens. She reads the note from Josh telling her to grab a late breakfast with him. She starts to get up and pauses, muttering to herself, “Oh, breakfast”. She looks for the paper with symptoms of her chemo therapy; nausea, fatigue, dizziness. She says, “Check, check, check”. Josh phones and tells her to meet him at Company for breakfast. He is upbeat and happy. After she hangs up the phone, a haggard Reva looks in the mirror.

Suddenly there is a knock at the door. Jonathan walks in and tells Reva, “What’s up with you? You look like crap”. Reva tells him it’s just one of those mornings. Reva looks ill. Jonathan goes on talking and says that his trouble will not mess up her and Josh. He asks why trouble follows him with everything he does. She tells him it is because of her for she is like this. She tells him to do as she says and not as she does. She tells him to just stop right now hurting people. He says that he’s trying. Reva tells him that some days are harder than others but he needs to take a chance and place the people he loves first in his life. As he starts to leave he says, “Raw eggs and Tabasco for your hangover”. Reva laughs. She mutters to herself, “See, I can do it. They don’t know anything”. She starts to lie down and realizes she has a fever. Once again, she realizes this isn’t a normal symptom.

Outside Company, Reva talks to herself as Josh arrives and they in go for breakfast. As Josh talks to her, Reva appears ill when looking at the food. He tells her that he is very excited about everything and wants her to go with him. She tells Josh that she needs to be there for Jonathan right now. He tells her that he understands. Josh receives a phone call and excuses himself. Reva gets up and, looking into a mirror, starts to stagger. Josh comes back and Reva grabs him for a hug. As he hugs her, she rests her head on his shoulder to steady herself.

Reva drops her purse and appears unsteady, but attempts to put on a strong front for Josh. He tells her that he hates to leave her and she tells him that she will see him on Monday. “Thank you for helping me fulfill my dream”, Josh says, grinning at Reva. After he departs, Reva mutters to herself, “Now, I’m just going to crawl my way across the street to the hospital”. At Cedars, Reva walks with the help of a nurse. The nurse asks if she can contact someone for her and Reva starts to say Josh, but changes her mind.

At the police station, Gus tells Mallet that he is putting in for a new partner. Mallet says that is great. Gus goes through his desk and finds a bottle of pills hidden in a tissue box. He takes them out of the bottle and places them in his shirt pocket. He has a flashback and sees Harley kissing Mallet. With a look of disgust on his face, he swallows a pill.

Harley goes to her hotel room and finds Gus sitting on the bed. “You’re home”, she exclaims. She tells him she is so glad he is home. Gus sits silently. She goes on to tell him that they can overcome any obstacle. He finally speaks and tells her that he needs to get his things. She starts to cry and begs him to stay. She pleads for him to forgive her. He tells her that when he looks at her, he sees her looking at “him”. She continues to beg and finally realizes that he is high. He denies this, but she yells, “I can tell. You’re high”. Gus tells her that he wishes they could take back their mistakes. He admits to taking a couple pills earlier, but now he is okay. He yells and tells her that he wants his old wife and old life back. He tries to leave and Harley screams that she isn’t going to let him go. He suddenly stops, kisses her and catches her off guard. He slips past her and walks out, leaving a startled Harley behind.

Jonathan meets Tammy at Cassie’s house. He agrees with the rules of the house. He offers to help around the house, too. Cassie is rather surprised at this. As the three sit at the table, Cassie reads the newspaper and says, “Uh, oh”. Tammy takes the paper and reads the headlines, “DA to open probe into Lewis accounting practices”. They realize that Doris Wolfe is making trouble for them. Jonathan gets up and tells the two that he caused the problem and he will fix it. Jonathan and Tammy go back to Outskirts. He starts to cry and tells Tammy that he makes things complicated and worse for people in his life. He tells her that he doesn’t get this from Reva, but from Alfred. Tammy takes his face in her hands and tenderly kisses Jonathan, telling him that he isn’t Alfred and will never be alone again. “You and me, forever”, she says as she kisses him again.

Back at their apartment, Dinah looks through the classifieds for a job. She tells Mallet that her job at Spaulding made her feel special and will be hard to replace. Dinah tells him that she is upset about losing this job, but wouldn’t change places with Harley for a second. Mallet wants to know had she and Harley had a real fist fight, who would have won. Dinah says that now, Harley would have. They kiss and cuddle on the bed. Dinah interrupts their playtime and she tells Mallet that it would be good to get Harley and Gus back together.

At the police station, Harley arrives asking Frank for help. She tells him that she is worried about Gus and that Gus smacking Mallet is partly her fault. He asks what is going on. Hesitatingly, she tells Frank that Gus hasn’t been himself lately. She tells him that he doesn’t need to keep Gus on the street right now. “Not with a badge and a gun”, Harley says. “Because if you don’t…”, she continues. “If I don’t what”, Frank asks. Harley tells him that something bad could happen. An angry Frank goes to Company and finds Gus. “We need to talk”, Frank says sternly. “We need to talk about the drugs we found in your desk”, Frank tells a not shocked Gus.

Josh goes back to Cassie’s house to get his briefcase. He is very happy and tells her that the permits will be issued after all. She shows him the newspaper with the headlines. He says that Lewis’s accounting practices are 100% clean and nothing to worry about. Josh tells her that he has changed his mind and will stay in town for a little while longer. He adds that Reva and he will be able to go to Oklahoma together for the ground-breaking ceremony. He leaves the house very giddy and says as he leaves, “I’m going to tell her the good news”.

A sad Reva is lying alone in the hospital bed and says, “On my own. That’s the way it has to be”.

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