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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 5/23/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

At Cedars, Alan very carefully and sadly walks down the hall towards Beth’s room. He is met by Charles who tells Alan how sorry he is that Beth lost the baby. Meanwhile, Rick enters Beth’s room. She tells him to leave.

Rick tries to explain his actions about Phillip. Beth tells him that she is going to do what she has to do as Charles walks into the room. Rick waits outside and when Charles comes out, he tells Rick that he regrets to inform him that as of today, Rick will no longer be practicing medicine at Cedars. Charles tells him that Beth wasn’t vindictive but his actions were not excusable. Rick begs Charles to allow him to continue working. Charles raises his voice and tells Rick he is sorry, but pending investigation by the board, he will clean out his locker, turn in his badge, and leave. Meanwhile, Alan asks a nurse the sex of the baby. She gives him a chart and a very sad Alan reads, “A boy. I lost another son”.

At her apartment, Lizzie has a nightmare about Phillip. Coop is there and soothes her as she awakens. She tells him the dream was about when Phillip tired to kidnap her and the other children. She is surprised that Coop is still there and he tells her that he wanted to stay until she went to sleep and he fell asleep. She suddenly says that she needs to see her mom and Coop tells her that she needs to eat. He tries to call Company and when Ava answers, he hangs up. He tells Lizzie that he is worried about her and the baby because of Phillip. She tells Coop that if Phillip is better, she really wants to see him. She gently moves towards Coop and kisses him. Coop pulls away and Lizzie tells him that she is sorry, blaming everything that has happened and her hormones. He tells her that if she needs him to call and leaves. Lizzie tells the baby that it looks as if they will need Coop more often.

At Company, Buzz tells Ava that he would give anything to see Coop with her. She tells him that his family has been great to her. Coop shows up to talk to Buzz. Coop tells him that he was out with Lizzie. He asks Ava what she is doing and she tells him that she is moving out today. Coop tries to explain why he stayed with Lizzie and she tells him because he is a good guy doing the right thing. She tells him that she is moving out but they will still be friends. He notices paint in her hair and she tells him to come with her for she has something to show him. She shows him her room that she is decorating as a nursery. She tells him that now Alan cannot say Coop doesn’t care. Coop looks pleased, hugs her and tells her thank you. He tells her that he hates it because she is moving out of the Boarding house and she tells him she will move into the Beacon. Once again he tells her thank you and they hug.

At the Springfield jail, Jonathan and Tammy try to figure out how to get him out of jail. Jonathan tells her that she needs a new boyfriend. Mel visits him and tells him that he can really tell her why he took out Ashley or she will leave him in the cell to rot. He tells her that he did a good deed. Mel tells him that the only way she can help him is to know exactly why he did it. Jonathan has a flashback of Ashley asking him about Lizzie and his obsession about Lizzie. Jonathan tells Mel that Ashley is alone and friendless when suddenly, Ashley walks up, with her mother, Doris Wolfe, the DA. Jonathan tells her that she is making too big a deal of everything but she tells him that she has every intention of taking this to trial. Ashley tries to tell her mother that Jonathan didn’t abuse her. Ashley turns to tell Jonathan that she is sorry as Doris makes her leave. Tammy tells Jonathan that Cassie will cover bail and he tells Tammy they are not going to take money from Cassie, slamming his hand against the bars, injuring it.

On Main Street, Remy and Leah wait for Rick and Mel. Rick walks up and hugs Leah. Rick and Remy talk about how he never wanted Leah to go off to boarding school. Mel walks up and the two hug. Leah notices a coolness between Rick and Mel. Mel tells Rick that he can stay at the house until Leah goes back to school. He tries to tell Mel that he loves her and she tells him that she doesn’t know him any longer. Rick tries to ask Leah about things in her life and Mel interrupts their conversation. Leah tells Mel that she wants a boyfriend but like her own father. Leah tells Mel that Rick is just about perfect. Mel rolls her eyes and Leah asks what is going on. She tells them she isn’t a little kid anymore. Mel tells Remy and Leah that Phillip is alive. She tells them that Rick covered up everything. Rick tells Leah that he was doing a favor for a friend and that if he could bring back Ross, he would do it. Leah tells him that she is on his side and that her father is sorry. Mel tells her that Phillip isn’t the same person she remembers. Remy tells his sister to chill. Rick tells Mel that it is what happened to Ross that is affecting their relationship and gets up, storming off.

Lizzie goes to Cedars to visit Beth. She stops before going in and lights a candle at an altar for Beth’s baby. She asks G-d to let her own baby be okay and says she knows that telling people that Coop is the father isn’t okay. She tells G-d that it is the best thing for the baby and suddenly the candle she lit blows out. She relights the candle and tries to convince G-d that lying is necessary sometimes. She tells G-d that she knows even He doesn’t like Jonathan and asks for a sign that everything will be okay. She walks away and runs into Jonathan in the hallway. Startled, she asks why he and Tammy are there. He shows her his hand that needs attention. They walk away and Lizzie pokes her head back into the altar room saying as she looks to the heavens, “See. I’m doing the right thing”.

Lizzie quietly goes into Beth’s room. Beth is glad to see her and Lizzie tells her mother that she doesn’t have to put on an act for her. She also tells Beth that Alan told her about Phillip. Lizzie tells Beth that she wants to see Phillip if he is dad again. She tells her that she misses her dad and Beth says she does, too. As Beth tells Lizzie they do not need big strong men to take care of them, Alan walks in with flowers. Beth, through clenched teeth, tells Alan that she lost a baby because he lied to her. She screams, “Get the hell out”. Alan tries to tell her they have had an external crisis. Lizzie tells him to please leave. Beth, very sarcastically, tells him that it is all a game to him and that their baby would have been just another pawn to him. She tells him again to leave. Alan turns to Lizzie and tells her he loves her and that he will talk to Beth later. He throws down the flowers in anger and leaves. Beth whispers to Lizzie and tells her that everything will be okay for she gives her word. Lizzie tells Beth that she lit a candle for Beth’s baby and her own baby. Lizzie starts to ramble and Beth asks what she means. Lizzie tells her that she is going to protect her little boy or girl from Phillip, Alan and anyone else.

Jonathan and Tammy go to Outskirts only to find that Doris Wolfe has shut down his bar for selling alcohol to minors. Tammy tells him they will go to a hotel and he says they have no money. She says they can go to Reva and he says no. They have no place to go. Jonathan tears down the barricade and they walk into Outskirts. She tries to make him feel better by telling him he tried to help out Ashley. He tells her that he will do whatever it takes to keep people from ruining their lives.

Rick meets up with Alan at Cedars. Rick tells him that Beth and Lizzie don’t want him around anymore than they want Rick there. Alan snidely tells Rick that he has lost a lot this week and Rick says no more than Alan has. He asks Alan what he would do to hold on to his family. Alan, frowning and with furrowed brows, tells Rick, “Anything I had to”.

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