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Guiding Light Update Monday 5/22/06

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Written By Sarah

Dinah and Mallet are in their room, and she is rehearsing what she is going to say to Harley when she spills her guts about teaming up with Alan-Michael. Mallet suggests being honest but not so brutal.

Josh goes to Outskirts to find Reva (she is supposed to be there meeting with a potential donor, but she’s really at the hospital getting her chemo treatment). When he calls her, she lies and tells him she is at Company looking for her. Her doc comes in to talk about her treatment, and she tells him that she has to go because Josh is coming to Company to meet her.

Gus tells Harley that he overheard Dinah talking about Mallet & Harley sleeping together. He is very upset and wants to know that if it was just that she needed someone or that she needed Mallet. She tries to reason with him that she thought he was dead and that she was numb and didn’t know what she was doing, but she finally admits that she needed Mallet.

Vanessa comes to check on Dinah. She seems worried that Dinah will be trying to get revenge on Rick for being part of the reason that Ross died. Dinah assures her that she is different now. Dinah also tells her about almost going after Harley with Alan-Michael. Just then, Buzz shows up to talk to Dinah.

Reva’s doc wants to go over possible side effects with her, but she tells him that she’s read everything and that she’ll be fine. She tells the doc that she has a lot of living to do tonight before the big, bad symptoms kick in tomorrow from the chemo.

Buzz wants to talk to Dinah about the weird tension between Gus & Harley since coming back from the island. Then he sees Vanessa there and starts catching up with her. Before they get back to talking about G&H, Frank comes in to talk to Mallet (who is still in the bathroom). Before he realizes that they have guests, Mallet comes out in a towel asking is someone wants to join him in the shower. Everyone laughs and tells him they’d rather not.

Remy & Marina are at the station talking about her lack of a love life. He suggests she find someone. They joke about how they could never be together because they get on each other’s nerves so much.

Josh and Reva meet up at Company. He tells her about the evening and about Jonathan being arrested. She tells him that Tammy & Cassie will handle that tonight, so she just wants to be with him (Josh). They decide to have a nice, romantic evening with just the two of them since things will be getting crazy once the groundbreaking takes place for the Veteran’s Hospital.

Remy suggests that Marina take a vacation. Then he suggests that she go visit Shayne. The flirting/teasing goes on.

Everyone laughs a little more at Mallet’s expense. Frank plans to tell everyone at the station. They all leave.

Harley and Gus discuss the situation some more. She thinks he shouldn’t have left her to go after Alan. He thinks that she shouldn’t have slept with Mallet. They yell enough to wake up Zach. They put him back to bed. Gus tells Harley that he loves her but he can’t do this.

At the station, Frank asks Mallet to do an interview for another officer that called in sick. Buzz is there and he asks to talk to Frank alone. Buzz thought they were making progress, but Frank can’t even look at him. Frank tells Buzz that he is trying. Gus comes in. Mallet says hi and then Gus punches him.

Dinah goes to Harley’s to confess to her. When she opens the door, Harley is crying. Harley hugs Dinah.

Mallet tells Gus that he put Harley through hell and that he shouldn’t have gone off without telling her. Gus is not getting over the fact that they slept together and is giving Mallet a hard time. Mallet asks if he wants him to tell everyone about him being doped up and almost getting Mallet killed. Gus thinks that he covered for him out of guilt. Mallet tells him that he did it for Harley because she’s been through enough. Gus tells him that he’ll never have to cover for him again because it’s over. Mallet thinks Gus is talking about them being partners. Gus explains that he’s finished with Harley.

Harley tells Dinah about Gus leaving. Dinah tells her that he will be back and he will get over it. Harley asks what she wanted to talk about. Dinah tells her that it can wait and leaves. Harley thanks her for being a good friend.

Marina tells Frank and Buzz that it’s nice to see her two favorite guys together. She tells Frank that Olivia called and wants to know if he’s free for dinner. Awkward silence…then Buzz tells him to take her someplace nice.

Josh and Reva arrive at the Beacon to a really nice and fixed up room. Josh gets a call and Reva tells him to take it. While he’s on the phone, she pours him champagne and herself water. She is talking to herself telling herself that she can handle this and that she has to be ok for just tonight. Meanwhile, Josh is on the phone with Cassie thanking her for having the room ready and for taking care of Jonathan’s situation tonight. After he’s off the phone, they proceed with their nice evening.

The show closes with a montage of all the couples (together or separate).

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