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Guiding Light Update Friday 5/19/06

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Written By Michelle

At Outskirts, Ashley sneaks up on Jonathan. She wants to drink and flashes her id saying she’s legal. Jonathan quickly spots the fake id and tells her he wants her to leave. Ashley says that’s not what happened on prom night, she was old enough to drink then. Jonathan tells her that everything about that night was a one time only deal. She thinks she’s grown from that night, she realizes she liked spending time with him. She could make him happy. Jonathan tells her if she wants to make him happy to get out, he has plans that don’t include her. She wants them to be together and then threatens him saying she knows all about him and Lizzie Spaulding. Jonathan looks shocked.

At Cedars, Coop runs up to Lizzie. He wants to know why she isn’t in a room. He thinks she’s miscarried the baby, but Lizzie says it was her moms’ baby. Coop assumed it was her. Lizzie says she’s sorry to disappoint him but their baby is fine.

At Company, Tammy asks Ava if Coop came back after Lizzie’s engagement party. Ava confirms he did, but says she and Coop aren’t together and adds that Lizzie called and once again Coop went off running after her. Cassie, also at Company, tells Tammy how excited she is over the fundraiser for Josh. Cassie thinks there will be a lot of investors. Tammy says when it comes to getting people to open up their wallets no one beats Jonathan (since when?) Cassie says she wants people to give freely and not at gunpoint. Tammy says Jonathan wants to help his family out. Cassie says Josh is counting on this, so it’s good he wants to help... Josh enters looking for Reva, he’s nervous. Cassie says Reva would rather “die” than disappoint Josh.

Outside Company, Reva calls her doctor to tell him she’s running late. He refuses to hold the appointment for her more than an hour and says that this is chemotherapy and not a pedicure appointment. Reva says it’s an important day for her husband. She hangs up and Josh surprises her asking her to come inside.

At the Beacon, Harley calls out to Gus. She wants his opinion on the dresses she wants to wear to the fundraiser. “Button down business woman or sexy” are his choices. Gus wonders to himself if she was button down business woman or sexy when she slept with Mallet. He tells her it doesn’t matter; she’ll look great in either. Harley chooses sexy. As Gus gets ready he takes his pills out, Harley calls out from the other room that he has to make sure she doesn’t spend all of Spaulding’s money on Josh’s project. She says “you know how easy I am” and Gus’ face tightens.

At Outskirts, Jonathan tells Ashley that if she’s trying to get him to like her she’s going about it the wrong way. She says she’s not a little girl, and he says he’s not interested in her at all, he’s with Tammy. Ashley says that could change when Tammy finds out the type of person he is. Jonathan says Tammy already knows how he is and that she won’t leave him. Ashley then says she wants to stay and have a beer. Jonathan tells her no, and that she’s underage and escorts her out of Outskirts. When he leaves the room she sneaks back in and orders a drink flashing her fake id.

At the hospital, Coop runs off after Lizzie who has stormed off. Lizzie says she’s letting him out of his obligation to her and when Coop calls the baby “ours”, Lizzie says he doesn’t care about the baby. Coop says now that he’s almost lost the baby it has become real to him, even more real than seeing it on the ultrasound. The baby is no longer an idea, it’s real to him. Lizzie seems happy to hear it. He wipes her tears away. He tells her he’s happy that the baby is ok and he thanks Lizzie and tells her he doesn’t want her to lose their child. Lizzie says she realizes he loves the baby as much as she does, the two of them hug. Coop looks worried.

At Company, Josh is happy that his three favorite women (Cassie, Tammy and Reva) are working together. (What happened to Marah being his favorite?) Tammy says Jonathan will show up tonight and prove everyone wrong about him and he walks in. When Tammy says they were talking about him, he quips that there must have been a fire in the kitchen. Jonathan notices the somber mood and says that it is not how to get people to give to the charity. He says they need liquor and goes off to find some. Josh gets a phone call and steps away. When he does, Reva tells Cassie she’s agreed to meet a major investor, Dan Harrison. He’s only in town for a short time and she has to meet him. Cassie encourages her to go, saying she’ll stay behind to support Josh. Reva tries to leave, Josh says he doesn’t’ want her to go see the Harrison guy. He needs her there, and asks if the Harrison guy is more important than him, Reva says nothing is more important that him.

At the Beacon, Harley comes out dressed in a slinky rose colored dress. Gus says she looks “nice”. Harley says “very nice”, Harley says nice is a card on your birthday from your aunt. Harley says she wanted to hear that every man in the room is going to envy him because he’s with her. Gus comments that it’s funny how women crave attention and continues dressing, as Harley puts on makeup. Harley thinks he’s distracted by Phillip being out there and Gus not being able to do anything about it. Harley says she didn’t sleep at all last night, Gus says he didn’t either. Harley asks if there is anything else going on she should know about. Gus says he thinks she’s beautiful and doesn’t like sharing her with anybody else. Harley says it’s just a party and then she’s all his. Gus looks mad.

At Cedars Hospital, Coop asks how Alan is taking the news of the miscarriage. Lizzie says that Beth is acting like its all Alan’s fault. Coop wonders how Alan could possibly be responsible. Just then, Alan enters the room. Coop apologizes and leaves Lizzie and Alan alone to talk. Lizzie wants to know why Beth is mad at him. Alan says Beth lost the baby because she was deeply upset about information she learned about Phillip on the island. Lizzie says Beth already knew everything about Phillip and doesn’t understand what Alan is saying. Lizzie says her daddy is gone and Alan kills him. Alan says he didn’t kill Phillip. Lizzie claims Alan is back to “that crazy” lie again and gets angry. Alan says he shot Phillip but didn’t kill him and that Phillip is alive.

At Company, patrons come through the door and Ava seems to be looking for Coop. Tammy and Jonathan go and smooze the patrons. In conversation, Jonathan learns this particular patron is the maker of his favorite motorcycles and takes him aside to talk. Cassie can’t believe Jonathan is working the room. Reva tells Cassie she’s going to meet Harrison, Cassie says she’s going to cover for her. Josh stops her before she leaves and offers to go with her. Reva says no, Josh asks if it’s going to be one of “those” meetings. Reva says yes and to remember she’s doing it all for him and that he needs to stay and be with the patrons at the party. Reva says she might be sleep when she gets home, Josh says he has ways of reviving her.

Harley and Gus arrive at Company. Harley goes off to spend time with Cassie and asks about Jeffery. Cassie says it has Jeffery is in the past. Harley is shocked to hear it and Cassie says she couldn’t get over the lies, and trust being broken. Harley says trust is everything. Across the room, Gus is offered wine and takes it. He opens his pills and pops one. Josh comes up and asks what his secret with Harley is. How does he keep Harley at his side because he can’t manage to do it with Reva?

At the hospital clinic, Reva arrives and the nurse recognizes her from her show. She shows her to a changing room, Reva is prepped for chemo. Her doctor comes in and Reva asks if she thought she wasn’t going to make it. Her doctor says he didn’t give it much thought and she’s not his only patient. Reva comments that the dressing gowns are a horrible color and she prefers a bright red. Her doctor says he’ll note that in her chart. He tells her she doesn’t have to put on an act for him, that she’s not concerned. Reva claims she’s not doing anything. She says she’s just trying to beat the disease for herself and her family. The nurse returns and they get started with the chemo. Reva rambles on about the Chicago Cubs, her doctor, doing paperwork, says he isn’t into baseball. Reva seems to be trying to strike up a conversation. She jokes with the nurse, the doctor excuses the nurse and tells Reva to relax and let the cocktail work. Reva wants to know what she has to look forward to. He wants to talk about what she can expect the morning after.

In another part of the hospital, Lizzie is still with Alan. She can’t believe Phillip is alive. Alan says it’s shocking, Lizzie says she misses Phillip but not the person he became. She doesn’t want him to come near her or the baby. Alan says Phillip felt bad and wanted to stay away; it’s then that Lizzie realizes that Alan has known all along that Phillip was alive and that Alan helped him. She realizes that this is why Beth is angry and miscarried. Lizzie doesn’t want Alan near her or the baby.

At Company, Josh is working the crowd. As Tammy and Jonathan look on. Jonathan points out that Cassie is “totally digging” all that Josh has to say to the patrons. Harley asks Gus how much of Spaulding’s money she should contribute to Josh’s cause. Gus seemingly not hearing her says that he thinks that “that” is way too much, his speech is slurred. Harley asks if he heard her and he says he did. She looks at him quizzically. Just then Doris, the DA, comes in with Ashley. Josh excuses himself from the crowd. Doris says that “this” can’t wait. She spots Jonathan across the room and says “there he is”. Cassie tells her that it’s a private party and Doris says she doesn’t know who would invest in him when Josh’s family breaks the law. Doris claims that Josh is harboring a criminal and that it’s a felony. Jonathan says he’s done nothing wrong, when Doris asks Ashley to identify him as the man who sold her alcohol. She says Ashley was just picked up for a DWI after leaving his bar. Jonathan says she didn’t drink at his place, he kicked her out himself. Doris says there are witnesses that bartender sold her many drinks. Jonathan asks Ashley if she went back. Doris tells Jonathan she knows this isn’t the first time he got Ashley drunk and knows about the prom and has witnesses. Tammy chimes in that Ashley was already drunk at the prom. Shouting ensues between all parties and across the room, Harley notices that Gus is high. She takes the car keys from him and they leave. Jonathan yells that to Doris that Ashley is drinking for attention and wants to know what Doris’ excuse it. It is then that Doris admits that she is Ashley’s mother.
Jonathan looks shocked. Ashley smirks.

At the clinic, Reva’s doctor tells her they are almost done and Reva’s glad to hear it, she thinks she still may be able to make the party. Her doctor doesn’t’ want her to run off so fast, he needs to monitor her for the effects of chemo. Reva says she knows all the side effects and says that he told her she might not have any the first treatment. Reva thinks she’ll be one of the lucky ones. Her doctor wonders how long she’ll be able to keep this a secret from Josh once her symptoms show. Reva jokes that it depends on how he feels about red heads. He thinks she’s trying to set him up with one of her friends. Reva laughs and says no, that she went by a wig shop and said that when she starts to lose her hair she was thinking of getting it and telling Josh she’s going for a new look and that maybe Josh will go for a redhead. He doctor laughs and says she has a real talent for being devious. He tells Reva that chemo is tough and doing it alone has been done before but she will be sick. Reva says she will feel sick but refuses to be a sick person and that she hates keeping the truth from Josh. She’d tell him if it wasn’t the worst possible time for Josh right now. He’s project is his life’s dream and he doesn’t’ want her to give it up for her. She says she’s not telling him out of fear; it’s out of love and wants to know if the doctor can understand that. He sighs and says he’s going to get the nurse. Then he shows his sense of humor by saying, he liked a redhead once, an Irish setter, a cute dog…Reva chuckles.

Outside Cedars, Lizzie tells Alan to stay away from her. She has a right to know that Phillip is alive. Coop walks up in time to hear that Phillip is alive. Coop is stunned. Lizzie says she’s happy that her baby is going to grow up with Coop as a father and that maybe it won’t turn out as screwed up and her family. She tells Alan to leave and he does without argument.

At Company, Doris has Jonathan arrested. Jonathan wants Ashley to tell Doris that he didn’t force her to drink at prom and that he didn’t serve her alcohol today at the bar. Ashley keeps mum, but wants to know if she and Doris can leave. Josh tries to stop his patrons from leaving. Cassie says she should go to the police station with Tammy, but she wants to stay with Josh. Josh tells her to go on with Tammy he has to call Reva and tell her about Jonathan’s latest run in with the law. Josh looks at the charts from his presentation sadly, as Cassie glances through the window at him, obviously sad for him as well.

At the Beacon, Harley and Gus arrive at their room. Harley is mad at Gus and tells him to get his feet off the bed, to which he replies “yes mommy”. She says he’s not his mom; she’s the woman who sat with his through every minute of his detox and believed him when he said he could break the habit. Gus rolls over and doesn’t want to talk. Harley asks him why he’s doing this. He was clean and things were good between them. Gus says “stuff happens” and Harley wants to know why he would ruin a good thing. Angrily Gus wants to know how it’s him that ruined everything when she was the one who blew everything to hell.

(There was some local interruption for special weather report, so I may have missed a minute of two). At the police station Tammy wants to know who the witnesses are. Cassie says that she thinks that Doris’ personal feelings are interfering with her doing her job. Doris quips that Cassie isn’t much of a mother letting Tammy run around with Jonathan. When Cassie looks like she’s going to go after Doris, Tammy pulls her back and says Jonathan didn’t do anything wrong. Doris says he’s not getting off this time and they book him. Tammy asks if Jonathan gets a phone call, Doris says he will later, much later and adds she’s going to take her “sweet time” finding a judge for the bail hearing. Tammy once again calls out for Jonathan and then asks Cassie to call Jeffery or Josh, anyone who can help get Jonathan out of jail. Cassie doesn’t believe Jonathan is innocent; she’ll help Jonathan but wants him to have nothing to do with Josh’s project. Tammy agrees and Cassie goes off to make some phone calls for Jonathan.

At the Beacon, Harley wants to know how she’s the one who ruined everything when Gus is the one popping pills and drinking alcohol so he can not feel anything. Gus says he has reasons he doesn’t want to feel, the pills put him “nowhere” and he doesn’t feel and it beats being there with Harley. Harley asks if it’s leg that’s hurting. They scream back and forth and then Gus says he knows she slept with Mallet. Harley looks sad.

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