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Guiding Light Update Thursday 5/18/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

At Cedars, Mel is happily talking on the phone to Leah. She tells her she and her dad cannot wait until she comes home. In the Emergency Department, Beth is being treated by Rick. She continues to complain of cramps. Rick asks the nurse to excuse them so he and Beth can talk. Rick tells her that he will not let anything happen to the baby. Alan grabs Rick away and tells him to stay away from Beth. Mel listens as Alan tells Rick he is the reason a man is dead. Rick tells Alan that he knows better than anyone why he did what he did. Alan tells Rick that when he made that phone call, Ross died. Mel steps from around the corner and tells Rick in a hushed voice, “Good G-d, Rick. What have you done”? Alan goes in to see Beth. Beth tells Alan that he lied to her. He tells her that he will explain everything later and that she needs to calm down. Suddenly, as she is yelling at Alan, she grabs her stomach in agony. The monitors are beeping loudly. Dr. Sedgwick tells Alan to leave and they are doing everything they can do. Outside Beth’s room, Mel continues to ask Rick about Phillip. He tells her that Alan did shoot Phillip and Alan hired a loser to hide him away. She asks how long he knew about this and Rick tells her since last summer. She is livid. Rick tells her that Phillip is sick and is far away from their family. She yells at him and tells him that Ross is dead due to his power hungry self. Rick cries and tells her that he loved Ross and will have to live with everything.

Outside Company, Marina and Remy discuss Lizzie and Coops wedding plans and the party. Ava walks up and Remy and Marina tell her Coop and Lizzie are having an engagement party. Ava is obviously upset but says she knows they should get married because they are having a baby. She looks less than convinced when telling Marina and Remy, however. Remy tells Ava that she needs to fight for Coop. He adds that Coop needs to stop and think about everything. Marina tells her that she will drive her to crash the party if she wants. Ava refuses to do this.

Later, outside Company, Ava tells Buzz that Coop and Lizzie are having an engagement party. Buzz is amazed. He tells Ava that he is sorry and she says she is, too. Sadly, she tells Buzz that she needs to look for another place to live. Buzz tells her that Coop is crazy about her and she doesn’t want to hear this. Frank and Olivia walk up and as Buzz leaves, Ava tells him that he is too good for Olivia. Olivia tells Frank to go clear the air with Buzz. He hesitates and tells her that she is a beautiful person with a big heart. He also tells her he loves her. Ava looks at Olivia suspiciously and tells Olivia that she has Frank fooled. Olivia sarcastically tells Ava to take her best shot. Ava tells her that everything was good until Olivia came along and turned Frank and Buzz against each other. She tells Olivia that she reminds her of Lizzie Spaulding or maybe Lizzie learned everything from Olivia. Olivia tells her that she would rather be more like Lizzie than Ava because when she wants something, she goes after it. She also tells her that she isn’t the villain this time and Frank and Buzz are grown ups and will get through everything. Ava tells her she isn’t impressed. Olivia tells her to go off and grow up a little bit, then come back to her.

Frank walks into Company to see Buzz. They share an awkward silence and idle chit chat. Frank tells him that he hates what happened between them and wants to fix it. Buzz tells him that he is willing to give it a shot but it is Frank’s call. Frank, stumbling around the words, tells Buzz that when he slept with Olivia, it really hurt. Buzz tells him that he really owed him the truth from the beginning. Frank tells Buzz that he wants to hear the truth whether he still has feelings for Olivia. Buzz admits that he does. Olivia watches the two through the window.

At the party, Tammy and Jonathan arrive. Tammy asks about Coop and Lizzie tells them he is taking care of an emergency at the restaurant. Jonathan wants to leave. Lillian arrives and asks Lizzie if she has seen Beth. She asks Lizzie about her engagement ring and Lizzie says that Coop is saving up for one. Lillian asks Lizzie if she planned the party before Coop asked her to marry him. Lizzie tells her that she and Coop are going to be married. Lizzie buzzes around the room and welcomes other guests.

Coop arrives and calls to Lizzie who looks a little surprised. Lizzie grabs Coop and tells him that she is surprised to see him. She lies and tells him the party is a baby shower. Tammy walks up and asks them if they have set a date. Coop looks surprised. Lizzie tells Tammy they haven’t set a date as she tries to rush Coop to get a drink. Coop finds the engagement party announcement and flips out. Lizzie tells him that when she saw the ring, she was so happy and told people, going overboard. She adds that she couldn’t just call off the party after he didn’t propose. He tells her she didn’t think things through. Lizzie tries to tell him that she just couldn’t be embarrassed again. Suddenly, Conrad walks up and congratulates the two. Lizzie says thank you and tells him she will talk to him later. Coop tells Lizzie that he hates to leave the party and her, but he has to clear his head. He walks off in a hurry. Lizzie mutters to herself that Coop is going back to Ava. Conrad waves to Lizzie from across the room.

Meanwhile, back at Cedars, Rick tries to explain to Mel that what happened was a mistake. He tells her that Ross was supposed to change planes and the plane was never to take off; all this to allow Phillip to cover his tracks. Mel tells him that the plane did take off and crashed. Rick says that he was trying to help everyone and Mel tells him no, he was helping Phillip only. Rick tells her that Phillip didn’t want to be around anyone or anything that would make him snap and steal a bunch of children. Mel tells him that Phillip needed to be hospitalized and that Rick would have pushed for that with any other patient. She adds that Phillip talked him into ‘it’ again and that she is the one who has lived with 'it' for years. “I am sick of it”, she says sternly. “I am the one you are supposed to do anything for”, she adds. Crying, she tells him that Phillip is a fugitive and that Rick is the one who can be arrested and locked away. Rick silently stares at her. Rick pleads with Mel that she knows his heart and he did what was best for the family. He takes her hand and tells her he is sorry. She tells him sorry isn’t enough this time and walks away.

Back at Company, Buzz tells Frank that he probably will always have feelings for Olivia but he wants the best for him. Frank isn’t surprised. Olivia stands behind the two, listening intently. Buzz tells Frank that Olivia has flaws, but she has character and is funny, smart and alive. Olivia smiles as she listens. Buzz tells him that Frank is the man for Olivia. Olivia finally walks up to Frank and hugs him. Frank tells her that everything is okay. Buzz makes an excuse and leaves. Frank tells Olivia thanks for pushing him into the conversation with his father and kisses her, passionately. She starts to cry and Frank looks tenderly at her.

Outside the party, Lizzie starts throwing gifts around and yelling, “Why? Why doesn’t he love me”? Jonathan runs out, grabs her by the arm, and yells, “Hey, what is this about”? Lizzie yells back that her baby needs a father. Jonathan lets her go and stares at her. He tells her that she is losing it and the only thing that matters is Coop cares about the baby. Lizzie is hysterical and yells that if Ava wasn’t in the picture, they would be engaged. She tells him that Ava has got to go. Jonathan tells her good luck and starts to walk off. She grabs his arm and he jerks away, telling her not to touch him. He tells her she is on her own. Lizzie threatens that if he doesn’t help her, she will tell Tammy that they slept together. Jonathan is irate. Back inside, Tammy asks Remy if he has seen Jonathan. She tells Remy that she thinks Lizzie jumped the gun with the party. Remy tells her that he needs to go to the airport and pick up Leah. Back outside the party, Lizzie tells Jonathan again that if he doesn’t help her, she is going to tell Tammy that they slept together a hundred times. He sneers at her and tells her that Tammy will not believe her. Lizzie tells him that she will tell Tammy about his tattoo and where it is located, looking below his belt. Jonathan has hate-filled eyes. She tells him that he will help her figure out how to get Ava out of her and Coops' lives. Lillian and Tammy walk up and Tammy asks what happened, looking at the gifts. Lillian asks Jonathan why he is there and that he is trouble. Suddenly, Lizzie starts yelling and tells Lillian that Jonathan started to rip the presents for no reason. Jonathan adamantly denies doing any of it. Tammy tells Lillian that he wouldn’t do any of this. Lillian tells him to leave and Tammy takes him away. Jonathan tells Lillian that Lizzie has never told the truth. Lillian hugs Lizzie and says she just got a call from Cedars, concern on her face. Jonathan, as he leaves the party, angrily yells to everyone in the room, “She’s crazy enough to say anything”!

Coop goes back to Company and finds Ava outside. They smile at each other. She tells him that he is home early for an engagement party. Coop tells her he isn’t at the engagement party because he isn’t engaged. She suddenly has to sit down in shock. Coop tells her that he has been looking for her for she is the one he wants to see. She is pleased. Meanwhile, inside Company, Buzz receives a phone call from Harley. He tells Frank that she said to keep an eye on the children and she is on her way back.

In her room, Beth sees Alan through blurry eyes. He tells her to rest, concern written on his face. Suddenly she bolts up in the bed, begging him to tell her everything is okay with the baby. He stares at her, about to cry. She yells for him to go away and leave her alone. Rick and Mel find Dr. Sedgwick outside Beth’s door. He asks her if Beth will be leaving for home soon. Dr. Sedgwick tells him that Beth has lost the baby. Rick holds his head. Upon hearing this news, Mel starts to cry harder, telling Rick that Ross Marlar is dead and a baby is gone. Rick stares at her and cries. She tells him to pack his bags and leave for she cannot live with him anymore. As soon as the words leave her lips, an excited Leah runs up to them, “Mom, dad, I’m home”. Rick hugs her first. Mel, drying her eyes, hugs Leah and glares at Rick.

In her hospital room, Beth tells Alan she knows what he is. Alan tells her they will get through this. Lizzie comes rushing in and falls into Beth’s arms. Lizzie wants to know how this happened and Alan tells her it was stress; a lot of things happened on the island. Beth, through clenched teeth and hate-filled eyes, yells at Alan to leave. Alan protests, but Beth yells louder for him to leave and he does. Lizzie tries to touch Beth and Beth pleads for everyone to go away. As she leaves Beth crying in the bed, Lizzie phones Coop, who is kissing Ava. Crying now, Lizzie says, “Coop”? Coop asks her what is wrong. “It is really awful; the poor baby”, Lizzie cries. Coop asks what baby. Lizzie continues, “I’m at the hospital. Coop, it’s a miscarriage”. Coop tells Ava that he has to go and runs away.

Jonathan and Tammy stroll along Main Street talking about how Lizzie trashes everything like a two-year old. He tells her there is something about Lizzie …and, she cuts him off. She tells him that he doesn’t need to explain anything and that if Lizzie doesn’t get everything she wants, there is no way anyone can know what Lizzie will say or do. “Yeah, sure can’t”, Jonathan says with desperation in his voice.

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