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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 5/17/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

Gus and Harley – In the Light
Even Heroes

At his island suite, Gus looks at a picture of Phillip and remarks that Phillip will not hurt his family. In the same room, Mallet and Dinah look at a copy of Phillip’s picture and Dinah crumples up the picture. Dinah tells Mallet that she doesn’t care if anyone finds Phillip because it will not bring back Ross. After Dinah walks off, Harley walks in and tells Mallet to go after Dinah for she needs him. Mallet stumbles over his words and tells Harley he can’t go after Dinah for he knew Phillip was alive, too. Gus listens to the two talking. Harley is in shock at that news. In another part of the suite, Dinah sits alone on the stairs and talks to herself crying, “Aw, daddy, are you at peace? If I knew, it would be easier. I figured it out and I know who did it and I know why you died. It doesn’t make it easier”. Gus receives a phone call downstairs.

Meanwhile, outside, Harley continues her conversation with Mallet and asks him how long he knew Phillip was alive. Mallet tells her that he saw Phillip on the day of Harley and Gus’s wedding. He finally admits to Harley that he knew what Rick found out during the autopsy and Rick assured him that Phillip wasn’t going to hurt Harley. He tells Harley that seeing Gus take her hand at her wedding, he knew she was happy and just weighed his options to tell her or not. Gus lurks outside a window and watches Harley and Mallet. He opens the door and tells the two he has news. Gus appears irritated that Harley and Mallet are outside and talking. Gus tells them there is an estate across the island and the housekeeper heard a plane take off from the house and someone needed to get out of town in a hurry. Mallet wants to check it out when suddenly a police officer walks up. The officer proceeds to tell them that Mallet and Dinah need to come with him. Mallet makes an excuse about trying to find Dinah and that any charges against her by Alan-Michael are bogus.

Gus walks back in to tell Dinah the officer is looking for her. She is upset that Gus will not let her go downstairs. He continues to tell her that things will get better and he had to get over when his father was murdered; he watched as he ate ice cream as a child. She cries and asks how he got over all of it. Gus just tells her to hang on to people who love her. She said she knows that Phillip didn’t want her father to land on the island and just cannot understand why. She weeps and asks what her father was feeling. Gus tires to console her and tells her to just be the daughter her father wanted her to be. Dinah tells Gus that yes, she has Mallet, but she has a difficult time trusting. Gus tells her that Mallet loves her because he has seen it and asks can she not trust Mallet because of Harley. Suddenly, Harley and Mallet walk in. Mallet tells them the charges against Dinah have been dropped.

Downstairs, Gus pours a whiskey for Dinah. Harley asks what he and Dinah were talking about and Gus says it was about demons and facing them. Harley tells him that he is the most important thing in her life. Upstairs, Dinah tells Mallet that she has learned a lot about grief. She tells him that all of this has made her think about Harley. Gus walks into the room out of their sight. “I get it how two people like you and Harley could sleep together when Harley thought Gus was gone”, she tells Mallet. Gus is listening and starts to take a drink of the whiskey. “I get it”, Dinah continues. With a look of horror and shock on his face, Gus squeezes the glass, breaking it in his hands. Harley rushes into the room and finds Gus standing in a daze, blood dripping off his hands. Everyone rushes to Gus. They ask what happened. Harley leaves to tend to Gus and he tells her he is okay. He still looks dazed and asks Harley shouldn’t they be open with each other. She tells him yes and asks if he is going into shock. He tells her he needs to ask her something and Mallet walks into the room. Gus has a look of rage in his eyes. Mallet and Harley dress the wound and Gus grabs the bandages, telling them he can do it. Gus continues to look at Harley with a look of anger. Harley and Mallet start to talk again and Gus asks if the two are done. He tells Mallet he needs to talk to his wife. Harley asks if his leg hurts or does he want drugs. Gus, still angry, tells her he doesn’t want drugs. She asks what is wrong. He continues to tell her that trust is everything, but he doesn’t think he can believe this.

Harley tells Gus that she thinks she knows what is happening and that everything will be okay. Gus starts to ask her something and Dinah walks in. Harley tells her thank you for cleaning the glass and Gus says sarcastically, “Yeah, you’re a big help”. Dinah and Harley flash him confused looks. Suddenly there is a knock at the door and it is a Reverend Weeks who has arrived to conduct a wedding ceremony for Mrs. Spaulding. Mallet tells everyone that Alan and Beth flew down to renew their vows and Gus says sarcastically still, “Love’s all over the place isn’t it”? Dinah and Harley are still confused at Gus’s remarks. After finding out that Alan and Beth flew home, the reverend tells them it is a shame to waste the food and flowers. Harley suddenly tells the reverend to wait for she and Gus will renew their vows. Gus asks her if she is crazy. She goes on to tell him that it is a chance to reaffirm everything they think is good in the world and Dinah and Mallet can be their witnesses. Mallet tells Dinah this should be a private moment, walks to Harley, kisses her on the cheek, and takes Dinah out of the room. Gus sees Mallet kiss Harley and flashes a repeat of the kiss in his mind, mistrust written all over his face. He walks outside, Harley follows and he tells her that he has a lot on his mind. She begs him to do this because it has been a really bad two years and now they are together. He tells her that she makes it sound believable. She asks him to give her one good reason why they can’t do this.

Harley and Gus walk into the bedroom and she tells him she will change into something else. Later, the reverend starts the wedding renewal vows. Gus continues to have flashbacks of Mallet and Harley together: Harley and Mallet outside talking together; Harley and Mallet holding one another; Mallet kissing Harley. Gus suddenly tells the reverend to stop for he cannot do this. Harley is shocked as Gus walks away. She runs after him and tells him to let go of the past and the present. Gus tells her that some things are not easy to get over at all. She tells him that she will tell the reverend she loves him and proceeds to turn to Gus and tells him that he is her hero. She tells about when she thought he was dead and she wanted to just stop breathing. Gus listens and watches as Harley starts to tear. Harley continues that Gus is her best friend and her life. Gus drops his head. She tells him that she loves him and he is her only hero she will ever want or need. Harley takes his ring from her finger and hands it to Gus. Gus tells her that he loves her and stares into her eyes. He tells her that he has made mistakes like on New Years’ Eve when he didn’t show up at the theater. She tells him he didn’t do it on purpose. He quietly tells her that if it hadn’t been for him, she wouldn’t have needed anyone else to get through the pain. Harley tells him they cannot rewrite history and he says it is a shame. She tells him that tonight is all about moving forward. Gus nervously laughs and says that is nice. Gus tells her that he cannot see his future without her in it. They place the rings on their respective fingers, kiss and turn to the reverend to complete the ceremony.

Back in another part of the suite, Dinah tells Mallet that she needs to look at the room where her father stayed. He finally tells her that he knew Phillip was alive and he suspected that Rick covered up everything. Dinah, shocked, asks why he tells her now. He says now he knows that Phillip was involved in Ross’s death. She wonders if Mallet could have said something earlier but didn’t. She is angry and tells him he should have told her. Mallet tells her that they are going to hurt each other sometimes but lying and secrecy adds to the problem. He asks her can she forgive him for everything. They walk into a room and Dinah finds a letter from Ross addressed to Mallet. He reads the letter where Ross says he is proud of Dinah and that Mallet is a good man; good for Dinah. Dinah is happy with the words of her father. She weeps silently. Ross closed the letter by telling them he looks forward to seeing them soon.

In their suite, Gus and Harley, after the ceremony, look at each other with love in their eyes. Gus takes Harley upstairs. While he sits on the bed staring into space, Harley pours a glass of champagne. She turns to Gus and hands him a glass.

As the closing music plays:

Dinah and Mallet are in their rooms. He kisses her passionately.

Gus starts to kiss Harley very roughly and removes her gown.

Mallet and Dinah make sweet, slow love.

Gus is rough with Harley, tearing at her clothes. She winces as he throws her against the wall. With anger in his eyes, Gus throws her on the bed and Harley appears to cry out.

Mallet and Dinah share a quiet post love-making moment. She tells him that she is the happiest she has ever been in her life. He holds her and tells her all will be okay.

Gus watches as Harley sleeps. He gets up; hair tossed, pauses at the doorway and sighs. He proceeds downstairs in a hurry and grabs a bottle of whiskey, then another bottle of alcohol. Gus takes a long drink from the latter. Suddenly, he eyes Harley’s purse and places both hands on it. Gus opens the purse and finds a bottle of pills. He takes a pill from the bottle and stares at it longingly then pauses, turns and looks upstairs. Gus slowly shoves the pill in his mouth and quickly washes it down with long gulps of alcohol. He pauses, a look of disbelief and disappointment written on his face.

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