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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 5/16/06

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Written By Siri

At Cedars, Reva waits for her treatment. She gets angry about having to wait on Colin, her oncologist, and tries to leave. He stops her and tells her that she probably had a panic attack, but needs treatment. She doesn’t think so and tells him she has never had a panic attack. He tells her that she’s never had cancer either. He wins the argument and tells her to roll up her sleeve for a blood test. After completing the blood tests, Reva tells Colin that the “panic” attack has gone. She yells at him and tells him to run whatever tests he wants but that she will return tomorrow for her first radiation treatment. He wants to run more tests today. She explains that she just doesn’t want to make up any more excuses to Josh. A determined Colin tells her that he doesn’t want her to be the next patient of his to die. Reva looks drained. Colin returns with the results of her tests. He explains that her lymph nodes are cancer-free and it is the only good news he has.

He further tells her that her white cell count is elevated and with her stage II breast cancer, this could mean the cancer has spread into the blood stream. He tells her he wants to cancel radiation treatment and go straight to chemotherapy. Reva is shocked and cannot believe she will need chemo now.

Outside Company, Ava finds Coop staring at the diamond ring. He asks her has she ever wished she were someone else. She tells him that she does not want him to be anyone else and wishes him luck on whatever he decides to do. Meanwhile, at the Spaulding mansion, Lizzie is planning her “engagement” party. Jonathan and Tammy stroll up outside Company and he asks Tammy to go for a ride on his motorcycle up to Laurel Falls. Tammy’s cell phone rings and it is Lizzie inviting both of them to her party. Tammy tells Jonathan the party is for Lizzie and Coop for he will propose to Lizzie tonight. Back at the mansion, Coop finds Lizzie.

She is excited to see him and he is in a kind of daze. She tells him that her grandfather is not going to run their lives. He promises her that will do all he can do for her and the baby. She tells him she is starving and to leave with her for the club. Reluctantly, he pauses and turns to see a picture of Phillip on the wall; then leaves.

On the island, Beth, Gus, Alan, Harley, and Gus hear a sound at the door. Beth quickly runs to the door saying, “Phillip? Phillip”? Gus suddenly but quietly opens the door and Rick falls in on the floor. He is followed by Mallet, Dinah, Blake and Jeffrey. “Well, isn’t this great; the entire town of Springfield is at my house”, a perturbed Alan yells. Blake yells at Alan and demands answers about Ross’s death. She adds that she and Jeffrey found out some interesting information. Gus hushes everyone and says that he and Harley have something to tell everyone and it will come as a shock to everyone except Alan. Harley explains, “Rick, the reason that Gus jumped you just now is because we thought you were Phillip; Phillip is alive”. Jeffrey stutters, “Phillip”? Shocked, Dinah asks how this is possible. Harley continues to explain about the picture of Phillip that was taken in a hotel room on the island just over a month ago. She adds that the hotel room was Ross’s room. Blake is aghast. Jeffrey tells everyone that he just learned that Ross’s plane, when it crashed, wasn’t headed back home to Springfield, but to the island. Harley adds that Ross’s private investigator tracked Phillip to the island and Ross was coming to the island to try and convince Phillip to go home. Gus says that Phillip found out that Ross was coming to the island and he made sure that Ross’s plane didn’t make it. Dinah cries and says that Phillip loved her father and why would he kill him? Harley and Gus tell the group that Phillip was as sick and dangerous as he was when he left

Back at Company, Tammy and Jonathan talk about Coop and Lizzie’s engagement. Ava overhears and Tammy asks her if she is okay. She tells Ava that she is sorry and Ava just shrugs it off and walks away. Jonathan asks Tammy again to leave with him on the motorcycle. She tells him that she needs to see Lizzie and he leaves. Ava tells Tammy that Coop hasn’t actually proposed to Lizzie. Tammy starts to leave and remarks to Ava that she has to go and save Lizzie from herself. Ava prepares to close for the night and mutters to herself, “Coop is gone for good”.

Back in the island suite, everyone glares at Alan. He tells them all to quit looking at him. Gus remarks that Alan knew the whole time that Phillip was alive and Alan admits that he did but he does not know a thing about this latest business. “I haven’t seen or heard from Phillip since he escaped from when I had the doctors taking care of him”, Alan sneers. “And, that was over a year ago”, he adds. Rick has an uneasy look on his face. Jeffrey tells everyone that the Springfield police have just arrested the plane mechanic that sabotaged the airplane and shot Mallet. Blake sadly and quietly adds that the mechanic never met the person he worked for and just assumed it was a man; the money was deposited directly into a special account. Jeffrey says they traced the checks to the “Blue Skies Corporation” that was set up in Springfield about a month ago. The names were bogus and Phillip had someone working for him. He adds that he is waiting for his assistant to get in touch with him with a name who will be charged as an accessory to murder. Alan adamantly says it isn’t he. Harley wants to know who. Suddenly, Beth grabs her stomach and says she doesn’t feel well.

While strolling down Main Street, Coop tells Lizzie that he cannot believe the club gave away their table. She tells him that she is just happy to be with him. Coop stumbles and stutters and tries to tell Lizzie why he wanted to see her. He tells her what he has to say is important. Lizzie is excited. He tells her they must do everything right and make the baby’s life the best they can. She agrees. He stutters and tells her that problems will come up and how unpredictable her grandfather can be. Lizzie tells him to stop being so nervous and just spit it out. She places his hand in his coat pocket and pulls out a piece of string. Coop is very confused. “Where’s the ring”, she asks, confused as well. Coop says, “The ring”? With anticipation in her eyes, Lizzie tells him to quit teasing her but to ask her anything for he will really like the answer. Lizzie, smiling, waits for Coop to ask her to marry him. He tells her that he isn’t ready to do this. She tells him that she knows he has a ring and suddenly stops and in horror, asks him if he is going to propose to Ava. Coop tells a very mad Lizzie that he was thinking that he and she should get married, not he and Ava. He explains that he doesn’t want to rush anything. She cries and says that he doesn’t love her. He tells her that he doesn’t. She asks him if he loves Ava and he tells her it doesn’t matter. Lizzie tells him that she is very disappointed and thought he wanted to make a family. She tells him that if he doesn’t want to marry her, she doesn’t want to marry him. She adds him that she will find a guy to be a great father to her child. Coop listens and tells her that he isn’t going to leave her. She tells him to just go but to call her tomorrow. Coop leaves and Lizzie falls apart, sobbing. Tammy walks up to congratulate Lizzie and stops after she sees that Lizzie is crying.

Meanwhile, back on the island, Beth is being checked by Rick. She says she feels dizzy and having cramps. Rick wants to take her to the bedroom and have her rest. She jerks away from Alan and tells him that Rick will help her. Harley asks Dinah if she found Alan-Michael and Mallet answers that she did and Alan-Michael did not have any answers. Rick assists Beth into the bed upstairs. “Phillip is alive”, Beth gasps. She tells Rick that Alan knew all along. She is hysterical and tells Rick that if they had known, they could have helped and protected him. Rick tells her that she needs to stop getting upset. She cannot stop thinking about the night Phillip was shot. Rick tries to get her mind off of that night. Beth continues to remember the night and tells Rick that she remembers that even after the autopsy when Rick…and, she stops suddenly. Back downstairs, Jeffrey receives a phone call. Upstairs, Beth points to Rick and with shock in her eyes exclaims, “You exhumed the body; you said that he was in that coffin”. Rick, very quietly and in all sincerity tells Beth, “Just give me a second and I can explain this to you; just let me explain”. Downstairs, Jeffrey says, “Could you repeat that? The person who was fronting Phillip’s dummy corporation was…” Dinah grabs the phone and listens with shock and horror written all over her face. Upstairs, Beth screams at Rick and starts to pound him on the chest, “You knew all along; you knew”. Rick tries to control her and holds her while she continues to scream, “You knew”.

Back downstairs of the island suite, Gus asks Jeffrey who is doing Phillip’s dirty work. Everyone in the room looks on in anticipation of the answer. Back upstairs, Rick explains that he didn’t know that Phillip was alive all that time. He tells Beth that he thought Phillip had died, too. He adds that he was relieved Phillip couldn’t hurt Jude anymore. “Then one day, he came to the house”, Rick says. He tells Beth that Phillip was manic and out of control and needed to stay away. He tells Beth how Phillip begged him to lie about his being “dead” and he would stay away from Jude. Rick raises his voice to her and tells her that there would be no way he was going to allow Phillip to hurt his son again. “Beth, you would have done the same thing, right”, Rick asks Beth with fear in his voice. She stops him and asks, begging, “It was the last time you saw him. Did you talk to him? Rick, you didn’t have anything to do with Ross’s death did you”? He tires to tell her to calm down when suddenly Dinah runs into the room yelling, “You killed my father; how dare you”? Beth collapses, weeping uncontrollably.

In their respective apartments, Ava and Coop sadly look at their walls and touch them softly. Back at Main Street, Lizzie explains to Tammy that Coop had to leave and they will hook up later. Tammy wants to know where the ring is and Lizzie lies that Coop has to save up to buy one. Lizzie’s cell phone rings and she says, “Yes, you are right; order more for the bar”. Tammy asks if the party is still happening but thinks Lizzie should postpone the party. Lizzie tells her that she isn’t going to call off the party and that she and Coop are definitely engaged. Lizzie rubs her stomach and adds, “Make sure you bring Jonathan (to the party)”.

At the island suite, an exhausted Rick slowly descends the stairs to face the others. Blake begs him in tears, to tell her that he didn’t have anything to do with Ross’s death. Rick starts to explain to everyone that the whole thing was a tragic mistake and the plane wasn’t supposed to take off. He tells everyone that he up until the day the body was exhumed, he thought Phillip was dead. “I did this because he was a dangerous man and I was convinced that if he ever came home, I would never see my son again”, Rick cries. Eyes of suspicion from the others are upon him. He tells them that Phillip called last month and said he didn’t feel safe because Ross had found him. Rick goes on to explain that Phillip had already contacted a mechanic who serviced Ross’s plane and had the guy to arrange a problem that would prohibit Ross’s plane from leaving the ground in Washington, D.C. But, Ross was to switch planes and Phillip needed someone to pay the guy. “So, I did it”, Rick weeps, his voice breaking. Blake and Dinah scream with sheer grief and horror. They scream at him and ask why he did this. Rick explains, crying uncontrollably that he wasn’t going to allow anyone to kidnap him again. “I’m so sorry”, Rick sobs. “I loved Ross more than any man I ever met in my life; more than my own father”, Rick sobs. Rick begs Blake and Dinah to please forgive him. Everyone else in the room looks on and says nothing. Jeffrey tells Rick that he will take him back to Springfield for a formal statement. Harley asks Rick to tell them where Phillip is and he tells them he doesn’t know. Gus says that Rick is still protecting Phillip. Suddenly, Beth gasps and Rick goes to her. Beth screams in pain for Rick to help her.

Meanwhile, back at Cedars, Colin leaves to allow Reva time to digest what he has told her and suddenly Jonathan ambles into the hospital. He looks dazed and is bleeding, collapsing on the chair. He explains that he fell off his motorcycle. Colin walks by and she asks for his assistance. Jonathan asks her what she is doing at the hospital. She stutters and makes up an excuse that Dr. McCabe (Colin) offered to give her some information and data for the PR package of the veterans’ hospital project. Colin tells them that Jonathan doesn’t have any broken bones but would like an ER doctor to evaluate him. Jonathan cracks jokes with Colin and tells him that he and Reva haven’t known each other long for she gave him up when he was born; to a couple of circus clowns. Colin looks less than convinced and Reva giggles. Reva chastises Jonathan for not being careful. Jonathan tells Reva that he was wearing his helmet, but some Yuppie in a convertible went through a stop sign and he had to lay down his bike or would have ended up in the guy’s back seat. He asks her if she wanted him to croak and that they all have to go sometime. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to ever die and has a strange look on her face as they leave for home.

At the island, Rick explains that Beth must be in a hospital. Alan tells Rick that he doesn’t want him near his wife or unborn child. Rick explains that Alan doesn’t have medical training and Jeffrey announces he has called an ambulance. As the dramatic closing music plays, Beth screams, “Help me Rick. Help me”!

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