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Guiding Light Update Monday 5/15/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

At Company, Coop attempts to ask Ava about her date. She isn’t interested in discussing this and tells him to stay out of her business. Lizzie arrives and asks Ava to join her and Coop. Coop tries to get Lizzie away from Ava. But, Lizzie is adamant and wants to talk to Ava.

Lizzie tells Ava that all she wants to do is thank her for being such a good sport about everything. Lizzie apologizes for being so horrible and that she knows the baby feels all the jealousy and hatred. She asks Ava to be friends and to do it for Coop. Ava tells her they can never be friends. But, Ava tells her that Coop and she are friends and that’s all. Coop can’t stand the fact the two of them are talking and walks up and interrupts them. Lizzie goes through Coop’s coat pocket while he is talking to Ava, out of sight. She finds a ring box and opens it to find the diamond ring. She starts to giggle and squeals to herself, “O.K., it’s barely two carats and there is a slight flaw, but who cares because it’s from Coop. Getting pregnant by Jonathan was pretty stupid, but who is going to know because I am going to be Mrs. Henry Cooper Bradshaw”. She hurriedly replaces the ring as Coop walks back to her table. He asks Lizzie to have dinner tonight someplace quiet. She tells him she wants to go to the Club. She kisses him goodbye and scurries off. Coop tries once again to confront Ava about her dating someone else, retrieves the ring box from his coat and Lizzie is watching everything from the window, squealing with delight and jumping up and down.

Alan and Beth arrive at the island retreat. He tells her it is perfect for their wedding. She plays coy and he grabs her, kissing her passionately. Beth tells Alan that every time she kisses him she needs to look for the knife in her back. He tells her that she loves it when a man tells her she is independent and strong and pregnant and beautiful. He turns and presents her with a white wedding gown. She is surprised it is white. Alan tells her that she can now be a happy bride and he is a true romantic at heart. He adds that he wants them to be husband and wife in every way and he wants their child to redeem the wrongs of his past. Beth, very happily, tells him that they will renew their vows, have a wonderful vacation, return to Springfield united and Harley and Gus will not know what hits them. A contrite Alan tells Beth that he realizes not one of his son’s wants a thing to do with him and realizes it is his fault. He tells Beth that because of his values being all wrong, he lost his sons and his company. But, now, he has another chance with her and the new child. Beth tells Alan that she knows he wants to be loved. Alan tells her, “Yes, I want to be loved by this child and this child’s mother”. Beth embraces him and tells him that he is loved. Suddenly, she notices two dinner settings on the table and remarks that this is strange to see that someone has been in their house. Alan looks perplexed and uneasy. She finds papers of the Springfield journal and Alan tells her that he has subscriptions sent to the suite. She shows him where every time Spaulding is mentioned in the paper, someone has circled the article in red ink.

Inside a jet, Mallet frantically tells Dinah that he has to get her off the island because she killed Alan-Michael. She proceeds to tell him that she didn’t shoot Alan-Michael. Mallet tells her again that once she gets back to the states, she can get her story straight. Dinah starts telling him that she knows that she shouldn’t have come to the island and saw Alan-Michael on the railing, he was holding on for dear life and just let him go. Mallet looks horrified and drops his head. She realizes what she has said and tells Mallet that she didn’t let him go off the balcony, but let him go as in laying the gun down and telling him to get lost. Mallet is greatly relieved to know that Alan-Michael is alive. He still tells her that she was stupid to steal his gun and hopes there will never be a next time. Dinah tells him there will never be a next time because she will not allow Alan-Michael to push her that far again. Dinah tells Mallet that when she held the gun in her hand, all the memories of Hart and playing Princess Cassie rushed back. She suddenly realized her conscious came back to life and that Mallet makes her hear the little voice inside her much more clearly. She tells Mallet she loves him and thanks him for giving her a glimpse of a life she has always dreamed of; they kiss. Mallet asks her again why she let Alan-Michael go and wonders if he has something on her. She tells him that she and Alan-Michael had made an agreement a while back to plot against Harley. She tries to explain that she had been feeling like she was taken for granted and Harley yanked away her job. Mallet yells at her and tells her that Harley was a friend and gave her a chance. Dinah retorts that friends don’t sleep with the guy you are in love with. Mallet hushes a bit. Mallet tells Dinah that he is pretty sure how she can make everything up to him and tells her come on.

Gus and Harley are in one of the suites on the island, waiting for a picture to be faxed. As Harley grabs the picture, she exclaims, “I think I know why Ross died”. She shows a shocked Gus a picture of Phillip dated 4-1-06. “It’s Phillip”, she says in a disbelieving tone. “He looks pretty good for a dead guy”, Harley says sarcastically. Gus tells her that the picture was taken before Alan shot Phillip and that someone is trying to make it look like he is alive. Harley tells Gus that what if Phillip wasn’t killed and Ross’s private investigator had the picture which means Ross knew Phillip was alive. She surmises that Ross wanted to take Phillip home and what if someone didn’t want this and wanted to make sure Phillip didn’t get home no matter what. Harley phones home to tell Buzz she and Gus will not be home. Gus tells her they need to find out if the picture was doctored. She asks him if he believes that Phillip is alive and Gus says, no. Harley laments the fact that Phillip was willing to allow her to go to jail for a murder she didn’t commit. They both realize that Alan was telling the truth about Phillip being alive and wonder if Beth knows this. They both come to the conclusion that if Beth knows, she wouldn’t marry Alan. Gus tries to call Alan at home and is told that Alan and Beth are on the same island. He tells Harley for all they know, Phillip is with Alan and they leave the room.

Back at Company, Coop attempts to talk to Ava, who is flitting around the restaurant. She assures him they are still friends. He tells her he still feels lousy. She finally tells him a little about her date. He tells her that he wants her new friend to talk to her now. Coop pulls out the ring box and shows Ava the ring, telling her that he bought the ring for Lizzie. Ava’s face falls in disappointment. She composes herself and tells him that Lizzie will love it. Coop says that after his “talk” with his mom, he will follow his heart but doesn’t know if he will propose to Lizzie tonight or not. She tells him that she cannot give him permission to do this and that he needs to do what he needs to do.

Back on the island, a policeman finds Mallet and Dinah. He asks Mallet if he knows Alan-Michael Spaulding and that he is at his headquarters. He proceeds to tell them that Alan-Michael was held at gunpoint and he has a warrant for Dinah Marlar’s arrest. Dinah and Mallet stare at each other. Mallet lies and tells the policeman that Dinah Marlar has left the island. The policeman leaves and Dinah thanks Mallet for helping her. He tells her that he loves her and that she needs to apologize to Harley.

Back at his island suite, Alan tells Beth there is a simple explanation for everything when suddenly Gus and Harley stroll in. “Or not a simple explanation”, Gus tells a surprised Alan. Beth asks Gus what the two of them are doing on the island. He tells her they are just trying to find some answers about Ross’s plane crash. Harley looks at Alan and says sarcastically, “Why don’t you explain your unexpected visitor. Why don’t you tell all of us? Phillip is alive, isn’t he”? A shocked Beth turns to Alan who glares at Harley. Alan tells Gus and Harley to leave. Gus shows him the picture of Phillip. Harley shows it to Beth, and tells her to look at the date. Beth is confused and tells Harley the date is wrong. Beth asks Alan to explain. Alan tells Gus and Harley to leave again and yells that he will call the police. Harley looks sternly at Alan and says, “You already said Phillip was alive”. Alan tells her the only reason he said Phillip was alive was to stay out of prison. While Gus, Harley and Alan are yelling back and forth, Beth is looking at the newspapers. She starts to cry and yells, “The cross-word puzzle. It’s done in red ink. Phillip always did the puzzles in red ink. This is his hand writing”. Gus and Harley look on in amazement. Beth continues to cry and yell at Alan. Alan grabs the paper, confused. “Oh, my G-d. He was here. Phillip is alive and you knew it”, Beth implores Alan. “Where is he”, she screams.

Lizzie goes to the Spaulding Mansion and talks to Lillian who tells her that Beth and Alan went to the island. Lizzie proceeds to tell her Nana that every thing she ever hoped for is coming true. She tells her that Coop is going to ask her to marry him tonight. Lillian grins and asks her does she think Coop is marrying her because he loves her or out of some obligation. Lizzie slams down her cup of tea and says, “He loves me and I love him”. Lizzie asks Lillian why everyone wants her to be alone. Lizzie grabs a picture of Phillip and tells Lillian that he father died mad at the world and was alone. She vows this will not happen to her or her baby.

Meanwhile, back in the island suite, Alan tells Beth that Gus and Harley are lying. Beth is beside herself with despair. She shoves the picture of Phillip in Alan’s face and tells him that he has told lies all along. She yells for him to explain the picture and that he has lied to her. Harley yells at Alan, too. Harley screams at Alan, “You knew that Phillip was alive and you kept quiet. You are the reason Ross is dead”, Harley continues. Alan laughs and says, “Oh, yes, I put on my pilot’s cap and crashed the plane myself”. Beth is very confused and asks what Ross’s death has to do with anything. Harley tells her that Ross’s private investigator found out that Phillip was alive and somebody wanted to keep him quiet. “Oh, my G-d”, Beth says with disgust. As the dramatic closing music plays, Alan tells Beth that she cannot take Gus and Harley seriously. Suddenly, there is a noise outside the room and a shaken Beth runs to the door calling, “Phillip, Phillip”. Everyone rushes to the door. Gus peeks through the door slats and watches as a man walks down the hall. Beth looks at Gus with nervous anticipation.

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