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Guiding Light Update Friday 5/12/06

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Written By Michelle
Pictures by Boo

In San Gabriel, Dinah sneaks up on Alan Michael who thinks he’s giving commands to a servant. She slaps him in the face with her bag, surprising him. At the hotel, Cassie is organizing the fundraiser and runs into Billy. They get on the subject of Josh and Reva. Billy expresses that he has his doubts about them.

Outside of Company, Reva is on the phone trying to schedule a radiation appointment that Dr. McCabe suggested. She’s frustrated when she is told she’ll have to wait two weeks. She lets them know she’ll be in tomorrow. When she meets Josh inside he wants to know who was on the phone. Reva jokes that it was her boyfriend. Josh quips that he hopes she told him that they are back together. When Josh spills his lunch on his tie, Reva saves the day with an extra tie. Josh doesn’t know what he’ll do without her. Reva says hopefully he’ll never find out.

On San Gabriel, Mallet, Harley and Gus are searching for Dinah and trying to figure out what her next step will be. Harley and Gus are afraid Dinah may be dangerous again, and when they ask Mallet where his service revolver is, he admits Dinah took it. He thinks she took it for protection. Mallet defends Dinah and says if Alan Michael brought down Ross’ plane they have no idea how dangerous he is.

When Alan Michael comes to, he wants to know what Dinah is up to. She says they have unfinished business. Alan Michael says he’s surprised and that Dinah is a long way from home. Dinah lets Alan Michael know that even though he used an alias she was able to track him down, and lets him know next time not to use his own initials. Alan Michael claims to want to be alone and relax. Dinah doesn’t buy it. She tells him she’s there to talk business and wants to know why he left when it looked like they were about to bust Harley. He says he didn’t bail on her, he says he left because of Marina and the corporate roller coaster but their plans are still good. Dinah is happy to hear it. Dinah says she doesn’t like to fly since Ross died, and she loved him more than anyone in the world and doesn’t feel safe without Ross. Alan Michael tries to show sympathy. Dinah tells him that Mallet tracked down the mechanic who last serviced Ross’ plane and he shot Mallet. First her father, and then Mallet and that’s why she doesn’t feel safe. She pulls out the gun on Alan Michael.

At Company, Rick and Mel walk in, she can’t believe he wants to stop and eat on their way to a fundraising event that will be serving food. She chides him, saying that he’ll never be able to fit into a Speedo for their beach vacation at the rate he’s going. He says he’s certainly burning calories renovating their daughter’s room. She jokes that his standing there and directing her where to paint will not burn him any calories. He says Mel is a better painter, cooker, everything than him. He says it’s been fun doing things together like a normal couple and he can’t wait to be a full time parent again. Mel reminds him that Leah is only going to be home for the summer. Rick thinks she could change her mind. Rick waxes poetic about the connection between father and daughter, and thinks of what Phillip and Ross are missing. Mel says they have to cherish things they have now.

At the fundraiser, Cassie says that Josh and Reva are solid, Billy disagrees. Then Josh and Reva walk in to a throng of photographers. Reva goes off to sit by herself; she looks to be in pain. Josh, Reva and Cassie can’t believe the fundraiser is going on. Billy asks where Reva is. Reva grabs a glass of champagne from a waitress and runs into her oncologist Dr. McCabe and wonders aloud “who invited the Grim Reaper?” Josh makes an impassioned speech about The H.B. Lewis Center, encouraging those in attendance to donate. The crowd loves it.

Reva and her doctor exchange barbs. He tells her that Josh invited him there and Dr. Grant thought he should be a part of the center. Dr. M wants to leave because he has research back at the lab. He steals Reva’s drink, and she lies that she is doing ok. He wants to know what will happen if Josh notices her bandage from the lumpectomy. She says it’s covered…literally. And walks off, leaving him to go dance with a waiting Josh. Josh is very excited about the center and Reva’s happy that he’s happy. He dips her and notices her pain, she lies and says she ran into the pantry door and bruised herself. Josh is happy that the whole family is involved.

At Company, Mel returns to the table and finds Rick deep in thought. He’s still thinking of fathers and daughters. Rick knows that Mel didn’t think much of Phillip especially near the end of his life, but he feels that Phillip was a great father to Lizzie. Mel says she thinks Lizzie is much better off without him. Rick quips that having Alan as a stepfather/grandfather is a horrible substitute. Rick asks if Mel has spoken with Blake, and wants to know how she’s doing. Mel says she’s busy with the kids and the mayoral race. Rick thinks Blake should drop the mayoral race. Mel tells him she invited Blake and the kids over when Leah is home. Mel goes on about how Ross children are missing out on such a great dad, and Rick says he misses him. Mel says she wants their daughter to have two happy parents when she comes home. They leave for the party; Rick says a party isn’t a party till he gets there. Mel asks if he has his checkbook, he doesn’t. Mel calls him cheap, he says he’s thrifty.

On San Gabriel, Harley, Mallet, and Gus are now outside searching for Dinah, they are coordinating their search each has a picture of Dinah and they agree that they won’t leave without Dinah. They are ambushed by an island photographer who takes their picture and tries to get them to buy it for $9, Mallet says no thank you. Mallet leaves Dinah several messages letting her know he misses her and needs to know where she’s at. Outside the Spaulding vacation home, he grabs a woman thinking she’s Dinah and asks her if she’s seen Dinah. She says she cleans for the Spaulding’s’ and hasn’t seen anyone.

Gus and Harley at a hotel, show Dinah’s’ photo to a passerby. He hasn’t seen her. They mention Dinah Marler’s name and the man says Ross keeps a suite in the hotel. Harley claims to be Blake Marler and wants to see the suite.

Also in San Gabriel, Alan Michael asks Dinah if her gun is loaded. She says yes, but not to worry the gun won’t go off unless she wants it to. He asks if Mallet is ok, she says everyone is ok except Ross. She tells him that Ross’ plane was sabotaged and that she knows A-M was hanging out with Ross a lot before he died, but failed to mention it to Dinah even though they were also meeting a lot. She says he is possibly the last person that Ross met with before he died, and who knows she may be the last person A-M meets with also. A-M tells Dinah that everyone is saying that is was unstable but he told them no. He also says that people die all the time in small planes; she says when they are tampered with. He claims to have nothing to gain by killing Ross and asks her what he would have to gain by killing the most beloved man in Springfield. Dinah says maybe Ross has something on him. A-M says everyone knows he wants to takeover Spaulding. He angers Dinah and tells her she’ll be nothing in Springfield if she kills him, and reminds her of how she was treated after she killed Hart. He steps towards her almost taunting her. Dinah says he’s right, she doesn’t want to shoot him, she says she wants to go home and back to her life but he’s the last person that saw Ross alive and then he vanished. He says it’s a coincidence not worth ruining her life over.

At the fundraiser, Reva says “no more dips” she’s lightheaded. Josh thinks it’s from the champagne. Cassie wants Billy to see them; he says he doesn’t think Josh and Reva will last. Cassie says he needs to let it go, he’s fooling himself if he thinks Josh and Reva are going to break up.

Mel and Rick come to the fundraiser late and chit chat with Josh and Reva about 14 year old Leah who is coming home. Mel says they are going on a romantic island vacation, where Alan and Beth are renewing their vows. Reva excuses herself and goes to sit alone in pain. Dancing, Cassie wants Billy to know that Josh and Reva will not break up; Josh interrupts and says he’s going to move the Cross Creek cabin to Springfield.

Across the room, Reva sits down in pain.

Down in San Gabriel, Gus and Harley (pretending to be Blake) inform the hotel employee that Ross is dead. He says he thought Blake had red hair; Gus says “she dyed it”. They talk their way into the suite, when Gus flashes his badge and says he’s security for the mayor’s wife.

Mallet calls Gus and Harley, worried about Dinah. He then notices a photo on the photographer’s board of Dinah.

At the Spaulding’s, Dinah pulls the gun on A-M. And lets him know she does not believe in coincidences. She tells him that Ross’s life was worth a million of A-M’s. She threatens to make him jump over the cliff the house is on. A-M tells her that she’ll lose all her accomplishments if she pulls the trigger and asks what it’ll do to Mallet if she pulls the trigger. She says she’s not going to shoot him, but he might have an accident. She says Ross grounded her and she wanted to make him proud. Ross will never see her turn her life around, see her get married, or hold his grandchildren. She says she’s not ok with that. She’s going to make A-M understand it. A-M tries to remind her that her actions will affect the people around her, Bill, Mallet, her mother. She is really scaring A-M and almost puts him over the cliff.

On the other side of San Gabriel, Mallet is bribing the photographer to tell him where he took the picture of Dinah he points and Mallet runs off.

In the hotel, Harley says she sometimes forgets Ross is going with all that’s going on with Dinah. She stumbles on a clue, Nicole Landers (the Private Eye) business card. Harley talks to her “partner” Kelsey. She apologizes and says she’s sure that she also wants to know why the plane went down. She tells Harley she has something that might help them.

At the fundraiser, Cassie lets Billy know she’s not letting anyone and she means anyone interfere with Josh and Reva. Billy says he’s having a hard time letting go of Reva. Josh interrupts and asks Cassie to dance. She says he needs to find Reva.

Reva is stuck talking to a patron about the hospital. She sees Dr. McCabe walking by and asks for his help.

Mallet finds Dinah in the fetal position, clutching his gun at the Spaulding’s. He wants to know what happened. She’s alone and seems to be in shock.

At the fund raiser, Mel comes back and tells Rick she can’t go on the island vacation because the hospital scheduled her to be on that day. Rick offers to cancel, but Mel says no. Rick says at least she doesn’t have to sit through the vow renewal.

Across the room, Reva tells Dr. M that she hates that she has to keep this from Joshua and her family, but he can’t know she’s not feeling well. He tells her to leave if she wants but don’t make this his problem. She says he’s a doctor and she’s sick, help her. Josh interrupts and says he hasn’t seen her all day. Reva lies that Dr. McCabe was reviewing medical statistics that could be helpful to them with the project. She says she’s going to Cedars to check it out. She hugs Josh and then leaves with Dr. Mc Cabe, who says she needs to let Josh know.

Back on the island, Mallet wants to know what happened. He tells Dinah to trust him. She says once she says it, he’s never going to want to see her again.

At the hotel, Gus asks if he thinks the tip is real. Harley says Kelsey was Nicole’s girlfriend. She thinks they can trust her. A picture comes over the fax machine and Harleys says she thinks she knows why Ross died.

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