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Guiding Light Update Thursday 5/11/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

At home, Reva dreams when Sarah told her that she was running and not fighting. She is mumbling in her sleep and Josh awakens her. He starts to cuddle with her and she makes an excuse that she has a cold. He tells her it is okay because they have all the time in the world. Reva, looking very serious, asks him if he will still love her if she were grey or bald. He laughs and tells her that he can’t wait to grow old with her. He makes her laugh pretending to be old. After they dress, Josh talks to the office telling Wanda that he wants to make his father proud. Reva suggest that they take the whole day and spend it together. He tells her that he has a lot of work on the project and she tells him it is okay.

Reva meets up with Colin McCabe at Cedars. She is very chipper and Colin is less than eager to see her. He proceeds to tell her that she fired him. She tells him that she wants to grow old with her husband and will fight cancer with or without Colin helping her. She adds, “Want to be on my team”? He turns to her, expressionless. “Very nice speech, Mrs. Lewis”, Colin says sarcastically. He agrees to take on her case. Suddenly, she changes her stance with him and tells him she is terrified and that all of it will go away. He tells her that she needs to tell her husband. She refuses and says, “Not now, not ever. I will deal with this on my own, understand, on my own”. Colin still tries to convince her to tell her husband and family. She turns a deaf ear. He tells her that having loved ones surrounding her at a time like this has proven to be vital in the healing process. Reva starts to cry and tells him that she wants to spare Josh. He is concerned that due to the small town of Springfield, someone might find out about her treatment. She tells him that she will do it alone. He shakes his head at her and tells her to schedule her radiation treatments. She leaves, looks at her wedding ring and says, “Always, Bud”.

Later in the morning, Josh returns home with Billy. He is very excited about the fact the announcement of the project will be in the Springfield paper in the morning. Billy finally gets Josh to slow down and tells him the deal on the adjacent property fell through. If they are to build the project, the building in the middle of the property will have to come down; Cross Creek. Josh looks crestfallen. “They can’t possibly tear down the cabin”, Josh pleads. He tells Billy to tear down the cabin and get rid of Cross Creek would be like life without Reva. Josh suddenly has an idea and starts laughing. “There may be a way to have both, Billy”, Josh says talking very fast. He proceeds to get Billy to imagine placing the cabin of Cross Creek on a truck and moving it to Springfield. Josh is very excited and Billy says, “I love it”. They both giggle like little boys.

Lizzie and Beth are at Cedars awaiting a pregnancy check-up. Rick walks up and Lizzie proceeds to tell him about how Alan is trying to keep Coop away from the baby. Beth tells her to not worry because she talked to Coop. Beth tells her that she doesn’t want to speak for Coop, but how does a big summer wedding sound? Alan walks up and says, “Over my dead body”. Beth informs him that he shouldn’t say things like that because they just might come true. Beth continues to ask Lizzie what kind of dress she wants for her wedding. Alan has daggers coming from his eyes. Alan tells Beth the two of them are ganging up on him. Beth feels the baby kick and refuses to allow Alan to touch her stomach. She proceeds to tell him that she has something for him to sign to guarantee they both get what they want. She explains the conditions of the document that state Alan will stay out of Lizzie and Coop’s way and he gets his last shot at fatherhood with his own baby. She tells him that she has spent years watching him and learning how to manipulate him. She also tells him that their baby is his last chance to make up for all his past mistakes, but if he refuses to sign the papers, it will be bye bye baby. Alan tells her that she can’t make him sign those papers because if she does, he will go to the authorities and tell them about being locked in a cabin for months; her as his captor.

Gus walks into Company and finds Harley. She tells him that she is going to try and help Dinah find the person who killed Ross. Harley thinks that Dinah might be going just a little crazy. She tells him that she owes Dinah. They both decide they have a lot of work to do. At his apartment, Mallet talks to Dinah on the phone. She tells him that Blake is taking very good care of her at the spa and she’s feeling better. She adds that she isn’t even thinking about Ross; as she looks at a picture of Ross. Jeffrey comes over and tells Mallet they need to place more man-power on the Marlar case. He voices his concern about how Dinah is handling everything. Mallet tries to convince him that she is just grieving. Gus and Harley visit Mallet while Jeffrey is still there. Angrily, Mallet begins to tell everyone that Dinah not running around like a wild and crazed woman bent on a blood mission to avenge her father’s death. Harley looks less than convinced and tells Mallet about when Dinah came to her wanting to hunt down who killed Ross. Mallet tells everyone that Dinah left a couple days ago with Blake to a spa and everyone is wrong about Dinah.

Suddenly, Blake walks through the door and tells them that Dinah is missing. Mallet is very upset and Blake tells him she will find Dinah. Blake tells everyone that Dinah just disappeared with the car. Jeffrey leaves to see if he can find out anything.

Jeffrey and Blake are at Company. He is worried that Dinah will catch up with whoever killed Ross and worried that the person will be Alan-Michael. Blake tells him that she knows exactly what Dinah is capable of and she is not out to get her. She adds that Ross deserves justice and if something did take him away from her intentionally, they deserve everything they get.

At Cedars, Rick is lurking and eavesdropping and listens as Beth proceeds to tell Alan that he has skeletons in his closet including what led up to the death of Ross Marlar. She tells him that she has a log of his cell phone calls to Ross in D.C. Alan tells her that he needs to call his lawyer. Laughing, she tells him not to bother for she has already called one to draw up the documents. He is shocked and suddenly grabs her and kisses her. He grabs her again and passionately kisses her, telling her he isn’t letting her go and they are going to stay together. He asks her to re-marry him.

She looks pleased as well as intrigued. Alan tells her that he wants her to leave with him tonight for his private island retreat to renew their vows. She tells him before they leave, he must sign the papers. He agrees. Lizzie and Rick return to the room. Rick has a very suspicious look on his face. Lizzie asks Beth if she has a master plan to get Alan to leave her and Coop alone. Beth tells her, yes. Beth gets Alan to sign the papers and tells him she is looking forward to the twice-a-day foot massage she will be getting. She has made him sign that agreement, too, and Alan doesn’t look very eager. A very serious Rick calls Blake and asks if she has learned any more news about Ross’s plane crash.

Josh and Reva meet back at home at the end of the day and he tells her he has a surprise for her. He is still giggling. He also adds that the next bit of time will be hectic for him and she tells him she will be here for him. He has to take a phone call and leaves the room allowing Reva to make a phone call, too. She makes an appointment to start radiation treatments.

Harley, Mallet and Gus go to Alan-Michael’s apartment. Gus tries to remember what Dinah was doing the last time they were there. Suddenly, Gus remembers that Dinah was looking at travel brochures. Mallet finds Dinah’s flight online at St. Gabriel’s in the Caribbean. Mallet tells them they will find Dinah and bring her back. He goes to retrieve his gun and it is missing. The three leave and Mallet doesn’t mention his gun.

As the closing dramatic music is playing, a voice says, “Can you bring the tray out”? Someone is entering the room of a lush tropical resort. “Try not to drop it”, the voice continues. Dinah walks towards a man who is reading a magazine, his face hidden. “Go ahead”, the voice pleads. Dinah says very calmly, “Surprise partner”, and whacks the man in the face with her briefcase.

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