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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 5/10/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

Coop, Reva, Cassie and Harley - In the Light – Happy Mother’s Day

On Main Street, Buzz is throwing a huge 23rd annual Mother’s Day picnic celebration. He pauses and mutters to himself, “G-d, another Mother’s day without you”. He yells for the potato salad and Coop brings it in, telling Buzz it was the last thing in the car. Buzz whispers, “Jenna”. Cassie and Harley arrive. Cassie shows her the necklace she got from Tammy. Harley tells about the wonderful breakfast the boys made for her. Reva talks to Josh about the nice flowers she got from Dillon, Marah and Shayne. After he leaves, she pulls from her purse, a business card from Cedars Gynecology. Ava tells Coop she has a date with the policeman. Lizzie shows up and asks Coop to sit with her. Beth offers her help to Buzz, telling him she used to be a waitress at Company. Ava looks sad as Coop walks away with Lizzie.

Buzz announces a happy Mother’s Day to everyone. Harley tells the boys that Gus will not be able to come to the celebration and suddenly, she looks ill. Just as suddenly, Cassie looks ill. Others at the party look the same and as Coop notices, Lizzie grabs her stomach. The potato salad sits in the middle of the table, most of it gone. The wind eerily blows down the Mother’s Day banner as the crowd leaves.

Reva arrives at Cedars Hospital demanding to see her files. As she waits, she sees a delivery person with Mother’s Day balloons. She whispers to herself, “G-d, mama. If there ever was a day I needed you”. Many flock in from the celebration and all look ill. Cassie tells Reva that it is food poisoning.

Jonathan arrives and gives his mom a hug. He explains that the potato salad was the cause of the food poisoning, but he had seconds and is okay. Lizzie accuses Ava of making the potato salad. When Lizzie sees Coop approaching, she suddenly grabs her stomach and starts crying, telling him and Beth that she, too, ate the salad.

Buzz lies in an examination room, half asleep. Suddenly, there are voices in the room. They all run together as echoes saying, “Oh, Buzz, if only I could have spared you…..Jenna, you can’t let him see you…. Oh, relax, Nadine…..I just want to look at him……Well, I do, too…..You are breaking the rules……Will you two just stop your bickering……You tell her, Sarah”. Buzz lies in silence, unable to hear the bantering voices echoing back and forth. Suddenly, as he lies quietly, Jenna appears whispering in his ear, “Poor Buzz. Buzz, I’ve missed you….Our son is in trouble, you know that…. Don’t worry because I am here to help”. She starts to kiss him and is suddenly called back by Nadine’s voice. Buzz suddenly sits bolt upright. He is suddenly back at Company where he meets up with Olivia. He tells her that his symptoms vanished just like divine intervention.

Jenna walks outside Cedars Hospital to find Coop crying. “Having a tough time”, she smiles, questioning. He turns around and cries in surprise, “Mom”? They embrace as Jenna cries, “Henry”? They walk hand-in-hand back into the hospital. She is amazed at how he has grown into an incredible young man. He tells her, “You know, don’t you? I’m going to be a dad”. She nods. She tells him that she hopes the mother of the child knows how lucky she is to have him, but realizes that she trapped him.

He tells her that Lizzie needs him and when he saw her sick today, no one will look after her like he will. They walk down Main Street together and she notices a diamond ring in a window. “Oh, I like that one over there. Yes, I’d say that’s one and half carats. I’ve always had affection for diamonds”, she says, drooling over the ring. She adds, “So, I was a jewel thief”. He tells her that would cost more than he makes in a month and she corrects, “Six months to one year. I can always show you how to pawn it”. He goes on to tell her that a child needs both parents and she agrees.

Harley sits in an exam room of Cedars Hospital looking at her cell phone. “You’re not supposed to have that in here”, Nadine says disapprovingly. A shocked Harley turns to the voice, “Mommy”? Nadine jumps up and runs to her side, grinning widely. Harley asks her if she herself is dead and Nadine tells her no. Nadine tells her that she is so proud of her wheeling and dealing at Spaulding. She tells her that she always dreamed of this for her little girl. Harley giggles and says she has a business meeting. In an instant, they are at Spaulding and Nadine finds some champagne. She makes a toast to Harley being a real powerhouse. “I guess you are one of them now”, Nadine says all giggly. Harley looks appalled. “Mom, mommy”, Harley pleads, “I’m not like the Spaulding’s”. Nadine tells her she meant it only as a compliment. She tries to convince Nadine the reason she went to the company was all for Zach and Gus. Nadine tells her she knows all about the photographer the other day and she knows all about the pain killers Gus used and Mallet getting shot. “You should talk”, Harley whines. Nadine acknowledges that she was a screw up and that when Harley does bad things; she does it for all the right reasons. Harley wants to know what she meant by that.

Meanwhile, inside Cedars Hospital, Reva stands up against a wall and sighs deeply, angst written all over her face. She hears Sarah say in a stern voice, “Ah, Reva girl. Pulling away is not the answer. You know better than that”. “Mama, you’re here”, Reva says happily. “I’m here to give ya a swift kick in the britches”, Sarah retorts. Reva tells herself that Sarah isn’t there, but Sarah tells her she is there and comes and goes as she wants. Sarah tells Reva she is as stubborn and silly as ever and they are going to discuss the ‘C’ word; cancer. “As much as I want you with me”, Sarah tells her, “I’m not ready yet. Not like this”. Reva tells her that she does not want to die and that she is a fighter, but she isn’t going to live her life going through a series of awful treatments. Sarah tells her she isn’t fighting, only running. Reva tells her mother that she doesn’t understand and that she just can’t do it. “Do you know that Josh and I just got back together”, Reva cries. Sarah tells her that she is just full of excuses. Reva sobs and falls into her mother’s arms and Sarah tells her that her family needs her, especially Jonathan. Reva tells her mother that she isn’t as strong as she is. A proud Sarah tells Reva not to forget the gift she gave her; Cassie. “Think about your sister and your kids and your husband and then tell me you don’t still have fight in you”, Sarah says shaking her finger in Reva’s face. “I love you mama”, Reva cries. “I love you, too, baby. Now you stop running and start fighting”, Sarah raises her voice. Reva cries and nods, knowingly. Back at her house, Reva looks in silence at the pictures on the fireplace of Sarah and Hawk and Josh. She looks down at documents from Cedars Hospital, obvious that she is trying to make a decision.

Back at Cedars Hospital, Tammy looks at a cameo locket with Grandma Sarah’s picture in it. She places it on Cassie’s blouse. Tammy leaves and a nurse readies Cassie for discharge. The nurse tells her that she must get some rest and that her mother will understand. Cassie tells her that her mother is not around and that she never really knew her. After the nurse walks away, Cassie hears, “I’m sorry I missed out on your life, Cassie, and you mine. G-d knows I regretted it until the day I died”. Cassie turns and with a shocked smile says, “Sarah”? “Better late than never”, Sarah laughs. Cassie wonders if she is dreaming and looks so lovingly at Sarah. Sarah tells her she is a beautiful woman and adds that she needs to learn to let go. Cassie asks if she means Jeffrey and Sarah tells her yes, and her pretty little grand daughter, too. Sarah tells her that she is very proud of her. Cassie asks her, “Who is my father”? Sarah tells a sad Cassie that she will know when the time is right and that she will always be there for her in her heart. Cassie cries tears of happiness.

Meanwhile, at Spaulding, Nadine explains to Harley what she meant and says, “Like that stuff with Dinah and the ugly business with Ross. Oh, Ross, he was such a lovely man”. Harley looks sad and admits that her mother is right. “I’ve turned into Alan Spaulding with blonde hair and boots”, Harley sighs. Nadine agrees. Harley realizes she is letting down her friends and Nadine asks her how she is going to make things right. She tells Nadine she wants a Buzz burger and suddenly they are at Company. Harley hugs Buzz and looks at Nadine, “Tell me it’s not too late”. Harley walks out of Company and finds Coop talking to himself. She says to him, “You, too, huh”, and adds, “Hello, Jenna”, waving not in the direction of Jenna. Jenna yells hello to Harley as Coop looks confused, but smiles. Jenna tells Coop she just wants him to be happy as he looks through the window at Ava. Crying, he tells his mother that he misses her and tells her happy mother’s day. He pulls out a box with a ring in it and sighing, walks away from her. “What do you think’, Nadine asks a weeping Jenna. “I think that my Coop is far too decent for his own good”, Jenna says. “Of course he is. He has Buzz’s heart”, Nadine says sweetly.

Back inside Company, Nadine and Jenna critique Olivia, who is talking to Buzz. Olivia tells him that no one blames him for the food poisoning. Nadine says, “Here we go. I’ve got to do something for my other kid now”. In walks Frank who looks at Buzz and Olivia, together. Nadine tells Jenna that maybe Olivia is just right for Buzz. Jenna disagrees vehemently. Frank walks between the two, not seeing either and picks up Emma. Olivia tells him thanks for the flowers that Emma gave her for Mother’s Day. Jenna tells Nadine that Olivia placed a wedge between father and son. Nadine thinks that Olivia isn’t out to hurt Frank and adds that he needs someone different like Eleni. Jenna says sternly, “NO! Just look at her”. And, then she comments on Olivia’s rings. Jenna tells Nadine that Olivia better make up her mind before she hurts them both. Buzz offers Emma some peach pie and Emma says, “Give it to the shiny ladies”. Buzz looks around knowingly.

Coop stands outside Lizzie’s hospital room, looking at the ring. Lizzie tells him that she is ready to go home and he offers to take her home. They walk past the jewelry store and Coop tells her he needs to talk to her. He grabs her hand gently and she asks him why he has a piece of string wrapped around his finger. Suddenly, he remembers Ava and the piece of string. He stops and tells Lizzie happy Mother’s Day.

Back at her house, Reva picks up a pink ribbon when suddenly there is a knock on the door. Hiding her medical records, she lets Cassie in. Cassie asks her if she has ever seen” and then stops. “She’s one tough cookie, isn’t she”, asks a smiling Reva. Cassie giggles and says that she feels better since talking to Sarah. They both agree that Sarah can make all their doubts and fears go away. They hug and Sarah looks at the pink ribbon on the floor, smiling an all-knowing smile.

Harley and the boys are having a meal at Company and she tells them, as she smiles at Nadine, mommies are always there. Harley phones Gus to tell him she loves him and Nadine grins at her. She tells him to grab Mallet and head back to town because Dinah, her good friend, needs her. Nadine is very proud.

Nadine tells Buzz and Frank that they will work it all out. She gently touches Frank on the cheek and Frank halts, looking around. Nadine blows a kiss and walks away. Buzz tells Frank that he still cannot figure out what went wrong with the potato salad.

Coop, standing outside Company, watches as Ava comes home from her date with the policeman. Jenna looks at him and asks, “When will you learn the truth? Soon enough”.

Back at the site of the Mother’s Day picnic, Jenna, Sarah and Nadine meet. “Our work is done her girls”, Nadine grins to Jenna, holding her hand. “That is until the next time, of course”, adds Jenna. “That’s right, girls; a mama’s work never really ends”, says Sarah. Nadine says, “Wait! Who’s got the stuff we put in the potato salad”? Sarah holds up a bottle and shrieks, “Castor Oil. My kids always did hate this stuff”. The three giggle as they fade away…

As the closing theme music is playing, Harley thinks about Nadine and says, ”Mommies are always there". Frank senses Nadine blowing a kiss. Coop, sobbing, tells Jenna happy Mother’s Day. Cassie stares in awe at Sarah. Reva hugs Sarah and weeps, “I love you mom”.

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