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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 5/9/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

In her apartment, Dinah phones Blake, leaving a message on the voice mail. She tells Blake that she has a name and face to the person who is possibly responsible for Ross’s death: Alan-Michael. She ends the message telling Blake that she is angry. Blake, sitting at her home, is listening to the message and says sadly, “I’m angry, too, Dinah”. Mallet and Dinah talk about Ross. She tells him that she had a dream about Ross and he was glowing. Mallet tells her that the light from her father is still present and around her. He tries to make her feel better and lift her spirits. They kiss and she leaves to get some rum.

At their apartment, Harley and Gus talk to a man who shows them pictures of Gus while he was coming off of drugs. The man tells them, “It’s not important where I got them. The important thing is these pictures never see the light of day, so, maybe we can work something out”. Harley and Gus are in shock. Harley tells him that he is a blackmailer. This guy knows much detail about Gus and Gus pulls out a checkbook. Harley tells the blackmailer no and that he doesn’t know who he’s dealing with. She tells him that she can find out anything about him because she is CEO of Spaulding Enterprises. Gus listens in amazement at how Harley is manipulating the man. The man hands over the pictures, negatives and the camera. After he leaves, the blackmailer makes a telephone call and says, “Mr. Spaulding, yeah, Gibson here. Definitely, they definitely seemed rattled. Don’t worry about it…you made it worth my while”. He smiles and walks away. Gus leaves to be sure the blackmailer has left the building.

Dinah arrives to see Harley. She tells Harley that she needs some help. Harley pours a drink and tells her she will do whatever she can to find out what happened to Ross. Dinah tells her that Frank and Mallet and Gus cannot do everything and she is not going to sit on the sidelines. She tells Harley that she needs access to Spaulding resources to generate leads. Harley tells her, as a friend, that Ross was possibly murdered and that Dinah needs to be careful. She adds that word on the street is that Alan-Michael might be involved. Dinah turns away. Dinah pleads with Harley to help her and Harley says she will not. She tries to tell her that someone could get hurt. Dinah, raising her voice now, reminds her that Gus was the one that allowed Mallet to get hurt and that she can now see who her friends really are. Dinah grabs her purse and leaves in haste. Harley, after Dinah leaves, throws around things in anger.

Blake goes to see Mallet at his apartment. She wants to know what he is doing to track down leads about Ross’s accident. Mallet tells her that she only has one option and that is to let the police force do their job. He quizzes her as to why she is really there, “You want justice or vengeance”, he asks. “Why not both”, she responds quickly. Mallet tells Blake that she is willing to drag Dinah into everything and get her to do the dirty work. Blake denies this. He adds that he is not going to let Blake play with Dinah’s head. “You leave Dinah alone”, he warns Blake, “just keep her away from what ever you have planned. ‘Cause if you don’t, you will regret crossing me”.

At his apartment, Coop talks to a lawyer about needing help with his ability to see Lizzie and the baby, after it’s born. When he gives the lawyer the last name of Spaulding, the lawyer hangs up on him. He curses and throws things around the room in anger. Ava can hear the commotion and touches her wall at the same time that Coop touches the same area of his wall. Both look sad. When he leaves his room, he runs into Ava. She tells him that whatever is wrong, they can work it out. Coop tells her that whatever is wrong, it is his and Lizzie’s mess and that he and Lizzie will figure it out. She is taken aback and Coop walks away.

At Company, Beth finds Coop. She tells him that she is there because she thinks what Alan is doing about the visitation documents, is wrong. She tells him she is there to help him and advises him to beat Alan at his own game. He tells her that he doesn’t want to be in a battle with Alan. She tries to convince him to decide what is important and glances over her shoulder at Ava. Ava talks with a police officer, who is ordering a take out. He asks her telephone number. She tells him that she normally does not give out her phone number. He tells her if she is interested, to call him. Coop looks on and is jealous, but tells a shocked Ava that he thinks she needs to call the guy. Ava tells him that she doesn’t want to call the guy because he isn’t Coop. Coop tries to tell her that he just wants to be fair to her and that he is not able to give her what she deserves. He hugs her and cries on her shoulder. Lizzie walks by the window of Company and witnesses this. She immediately makes a phone call and tells the person at the other end, “You have just got to find out stuff about Ava; what am I paying you for. I’ve got to get her out of Coops’ life, like yesterday”. Ava and Coop part and she runs away, crying.

Gus walks into Company and finds Billy at the bar, drinking a glass of cranberry juice. Gus orders up two more drinks and comments that he knows now that Billy doesn’t drink alcohol any longer. Billy asks Gus if he has something to talk about and that there are no secret codes. Gus admits that he has a little pill thing. Billy tells him there is no such thing. Gus, speaking softly, tells Billy that he would like to be able to make it to the end of a day without thinking what he might be missing every other minute. Billy wonders why Gus is telling him these things and Gus says, “Because I can’t tell my wife”.

Tammy brings a drunken Ashley back to Outskirts. Tammy asks her why “Nate” left her. Ashley tells Tammy that “Nate” had to go to the clinic and Tammy quizzes her about that. But, Ashley is all giddy about “Nate” and the fact he will be coming back for her. Tammy tells her she will get her sober and she can take a cab home. Ashley tells Tammy that she needs to leave because “Nate” will be back soon. Tammy finally tells her that she needs a reality check about her dream date. Ashley tells her that she couldn’t be jealous because she is “Nate’s” cousin. Tammy tells her that “Nate’s” real name is Jonathan. Ashley can’t understand why Jonathan would give her a fake name. Tammy finally admits to Ashley that she and Jonathan live together. “What,” Ashley says, “I thought you said you guys were cousins”. Lizzie tells her that they are. Ashley looks disgusted and adds, “Oooh”. Tammy tells her she knows why Jonathan helped her. Ashley gets mad and tells Tammy she knows the real reason Jonathan wants to spend time with her. She cries and tells Tammy that she is so tired of skinny girls thinking that the only reason why anyone would go out with her is because they feel sorry for her. Tammy quickly apologizes. Ashley tells Tammy that she is jealous and tries to leave. She tells Tammy that the whole time she was with “Nate” he seemed really interested in Lizzie and finds it strange. She leaves, telling Tammy that maybe she (Ashley) wasn’t the only person Nate wasn’t straight with.

At the clinic, Lizzie is destroying her medical records when Jonathan shows up and yanks them from her hand. When he asks her what she is doing, Lizzie tells him that she lied about the baby and he won’t like the truth. He tells her, “You lied. You weren’t pregnant when we slept together, were you”? She starts stammering and tells him that she doesn’t have her conception dates correct. Jonathan, with hate in his eyes, says, “You are not going to con me. What…did…you…do”. She doesn’t answer him and he tells her he will call Coop and compare dates and intimate details especially about her birthmark. Lizzie begs him not to call Coop. “If you call him, you are going to ruin everything”, Lizzie yells. “Why”, Jonathan asks, “because you have to tell him that I’m the real father of that baby”.

She tries to convince him that she is carrying Coop’s baby. He finally pins her down and asks, “As far as you and I are concerned, I am not the father of this baby”. She shakes her head and tells him no. Jonathan, running his hands through his hair, is very relieved. He apologizes for coming down on her so hard. She makes him promise not to tell Henry anything, and then he leaves. Lizzie lets out a huge sigh.

Jonathan returns to Outskirts and Tammy tells him that she had Ashley to keep her company. She tells him about bringing Ashley back with her after he left. Tammy tells him that Ashley was telling her that he and Lizzie had a thing for each other. “Do you know why she would think of anything like that”, she asks Jonathan, who is very nervous. Jonathan tells Tammy that he wanted Ashley to think this so she wouldn’t get attached. Tammy asks why he just didn’t tell Ashley about her. He tells Tammy that he wants to keep her out “stuff” and does not want to play games. He vows to not let anything happen to them.

Dinah returns to her apartment and finds Blake talking with Mallet. She asks Blake what she wants and Mallet says that Blake is just leaving. Blake tells Dinah that she wants to invite her to a Day Spa. Dinah tells Blake that she would rather be hit by a Mack truck. Blake begs her to come with her. As the closing music plays, Blake takes Dinah aside and whispers, “Once we get out of here, no one can stop us from taking down together whoever killed Ross”. Dinah looks at her, knowingly and tells Mallet that she needs a massage and is getting her suitcase. As she leaves the room, she shoots Blake an affirmative glance.

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