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Guiding Light Update Monday 5/8/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

At home, Reva looks in a mirror at her chest and thinks back when she told her oncology doctor that she feels great. She puts on a forced smile as Josh comes in and they discuss their big day ahead.

Inside Outskirts, Tammy tells Cassie that she will meet her college professor. Tammy fusses with Cassie’s hair and Cassie looks perturbed. When the professor, Evan, comes into the room, Cassie realizes that Tammy has set her up. Cassie makes an excuse to talk to Tammy and tells her that she does not need to be set up with a man. “I don’t care if he is George Clooney,

I’m not ready to enter into a relationship”, Cassie tells her. Tammy tells her to enjoy it and with hesitation, Cassie says she will. Evan tells Cassie that he realizes that Tammy set them up. He offers her a free meal should she choose to stick out the “date”. Evan tries to compliment Cassie and eases in to kiss her. She pulls away and rattles off many reasons why they cannot be together. When she finishes, she gets up and leaves, hesitates, and returns to the table to pay for her part of the meal

At Company, Rick congratulates Coop on the baby. Coop asks him about the joint custody he and Harley have concerning Jude and Rick tells him that Jude changes so much he has to see him all the time. Coop and Ava talk about Lizzie and the baby. He tells her about the “pains” Lizzie had earlier. Mel arrives at Company with another man named Colin. She is a little cool to Rick because Rick has rented their apartment to Colin. She tells Rick the man has no personality. Reva and Josh arrive to talk to Mel and Rick about the project. As Josh starts to tell them about the project, Rick introduces Josh and Reva to Colin McCabe, Reva’s oncology doctor.

Reva smiles awkwardly and Colin does as well. Josh asks how he enjoys working at Cedars with Rick and Colin says, “No complaints. I’ve had a few difficult patients, but I’ve handled them”. Reva’s face falls. Colin tells Reva that he has never met a Reva before. Josh tells him that meeting Reva is one of the great firsts in anyone’s life. Josh proceeds to tell Rick and Mel about the hospital. Colin stares at Reva and slowly shakes his head. Rick informs Josh that this type of project is right up Colin’s alley. Colin tells Josh his specialty is oncology and Josh tells Colin that he would love to have him on board with the project.

At the prom on Main Street, Jonathan quizzes Ashley about Lizzie. He pulls out a flask of liquor and they both take a drink. Lizzie is there, too, and sees Jonathan and Ashley together. She is so shocked she drops her glass, crashing it to the floor. She lurks around and finally catches Ashley’s attention. Ashley, very excited, asks Lizzie if she thinks Nate is hot. Lizzie, scrunching her nose, tells Ashley that “Nate” is nothing but trouble. Lizzie tries to explain to Ashley that Jonathan is nasty and evil. Slurring her speech, Ashley tells Lizzie that she would like to see Jonathan in action. Lizzie asks if Ashley has told Jonathan anything about her and tries to tell Ashley not to give any information. Jonathan sees the two of them together and spikes Ashley’s drink. Lizzie finally realizes that Ashley has been drinking. After Ashley giggles and walks off, Jonathan grabs her and kisses her. He offers her a drink of “punch” and she takes it. Lizzie mutters to herself, “This is not good”. Lizzie walks over to a teacher and tells him that someone is at the prom that doesn’t belong, pointing to Jonathan. A drunken Ashley tells Jonathan he has incredible eyes. He wants to know more about Lizzie. He asks her to dance and while they are on the floor, he tells her that he is sorry to ruin her prom night by bringing up Lizzie. She smiles. Jonathan, pretending to be sad, tells Ashley that he will try to fix things. Ashley feels sorry for him and tells him that Lizzie only pretended to be going to the clinic.

While still at Outskirts, Tammy receives a phone call from the teacher at the prom. He tells her that he is having trouble with a Jonathan Randal and asks her to come down to the Main Street prom. Back at the Main Street prom, Ashley starts to tell Jonathan that Lizzie does not want her boyfriend to know the truth about the pregnancy when Tammy walks up and says, “Mind if I cut in”? A very startled Jonathan stares back at Tammy.

Jonathan says, “Hey, what a surprise”, and shuffles Ashley to a table. He tells Tammy that the reason he is at the prom is because he ran into a few girls at the mall who were making fun of Ashley who didn’t have a date for the prom. Jonathan continues that he decided to take Ashley to the prom just to shut the girls up. Tammy falls for the line. He tells Tammy that he will take Ashley home and then come home to her. Ashley walks up, recognizing Tammy and asks Jonathan if Tammy is his girlfriend. Ashley finally remembers that Tammy played Juliet in the high school play. Ashley hangs onto “Nate” and drunkenly tells Tammy that he has come along to make all her dreams come true.

Tammy makes up a story about Jonathan working at the Beacon and is late for his shift. Jonathan walks Ashley back to the table and turns to Tammy, “Thanks, cuz”. Tammy grabs Jonathan and tells him this is the last time she is sharing him with another woman. Jonathan returns to Ashley, who is really drunk. He continues to ask things about Lizzie. Ashley cannot stay awake and she rests her head on Jonathan’s arm.

Leaving the prom, Lizzie sneaks into Ashley’s uncle-doctor’s office. She attempts to search for her medical records. Suddenly, the lights come on and Alan walks into the room. Alan explains that he followed her from the Main Street prom. She tells him the reason she is at this clinic is because she was ashamed to tell anyone about the pregnancy and that’s why she chose that clinic. She added she was concerned the tabloids would makeup a story. Alan commended her on wanting to destroy a “paper trail”. He tells her that Henry Bradshaw does not deserve her and that he has taken care of everything by drawing up a document, limiting Henry’s involvement with her. Alan tells her that she will be better off with Henry out of the picture permanently. Lizzie looks horrified and tires to explain that she wants Coop. Alan tells her that she is going to be a fabulous mother and to think about getting Henry out of the picture. After Alan leaves, Lizzie continues the search.

Ava and Coop try to have a conversation in a noisy Company full of little boys from a sport’s team. An attorney walks in and presents Coop with a document outlining when he can visit Lizzie and the baby. The document outlines that he can only see the baby every 4th weekend. The attorney tries to get Coop to sign and when he refuses, the attorney leaves telling him that will be in touch. Coop tells Ava this just complicates everything. Ava tells Coop to go ahead and contact a lawyer to represent him.

Meanwhile, at their table at Company, Reva continues to talk about her and Josh’s good life. Colin looks and listens without emotion. Josh tells Reva that they will be together another 50 years. Colin looks even harder at Reva, who doesn’t smile at the comment. Mel takes Jude and leaves with Rick. Josh runs after Rick to ask him something which leaves Reva and Colin alone. As the closing music is playing, Reva thanks Colin for keeping their secret. Colin tells her, “If you are so determined to keep your condition a secret, you should remove your files and scans from Cedars to prevent Rick or Mel from coming across them”. “No lecture to go along with the suggestion”, Reva asks snidely. “You’re not my patient anymore. My obligation is over”, Colin says officiously. “Fine, then I guess I’ll see you at the Bauer barbeque”, Reva says with a sigh. “If you make it that long”, Colin adds.

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