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Guiding Light Update Friday 5/5/06

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Written By Michelle
Pictures by Boo

At Main Street, Mel hands Lizzie a folder that “has everything, right down to the date of conception. Lizzie is startled when Coop comes up behind her and asks to see it. She nervously hands it over to him and then bends over, clutches her stomach and fakes that something is wrong with the baby to distract Coop.

At the clinic, Jonathan breaks in, he tells himself he doesn’t’ know what he’s looking for but that whatever Lizzie is hiding about her pregnancy probably has nothing to do with him. As he rifles through the drawers and finds Lizzie’s file he is caught by Ashlee who offers to help him.

At Company, Tammy walks in on Cassie on a business call. Cassie’s got all the latest technology since she started working with Josh on his project. Tammy invites Cassie to student/parent night Outskirts. Cassie says this is the first she’s heard of it. Tammy may have forgotten to invite her but asks. Cassie can come, and Tammy asks her to wear the new dress and shoes they got when they were shopping. Tammy tells her that there will be eligible men there. Cassie says Tammy is trying to find her a new man so she can’t keep tabs on her and Jonathan.

At her house, Reva is checking her stitches and she says to herself the lump is gone. Josh walks in on the phone. The governor is on board with his project and will lend his name to the fundraising. Josh is excited to be fulfilling his father’s dream with Reva at his side. They share a tender moment, then the phone rings it is Reva’s doctor. She lies and says the number is unavailable. Josh wants her to answer the phone but becomes distracted when his own phone rings; he leaves the room to answer it. Reva asks her doctor what he wants. He asks her to come in and go over her treatment options, when Josh comes in she hangs up and tells him it was a telemarketer. Can he believe they call cell phones? Josh hopes she hung up on him. Reva says she told him that all that matters to her is fantastic husband and making all her dreams come true. Josh rushes off to the office and Reva is excited to see him excited about the project. Josh is glad to be doing something important that will make a difference for the soldiers and maybe Shane will come home to help.

Reva says maybe Marah will come home and design the nurse’s uniforms. Josh thinks this is going to be a really good year for them. Reva tears up and Josh thinks something is wrong. Reva says nothing is wrong and what he said was beautiful. They embrace and Josh notices her phone ringing. As he leaves, they exchange I love you’s. Reva goes to answer her phone angry with her doctor for calling. He is angry that she hung up on him and says when he calls directly it’s important. Reva says he took the lump out and said that it hadn’t spread and she needs a couple more months to deal with things. The doctor tells her if she takes a couple more months to “think about things” he’ll drop her as his patient and she won’t be his responsibility. He says a couple more months could be the difference between life and death. Reva hangs up, looking worried. She gathers her things and leaves.

At Company, Cassie calls Tammy on plan to get her dating again. Cassie says that because Tammy is in love she wants the rest of the world to be in love, she remembers that feeling and it’s annoying to other people. Cassie says for the first time in her life she’s not looking for someone. She’s happy with her life and all the things she’s doing. Cassie says see won’t be bugging her and Jonathan anymore because they seem very happy.

At the clinic, Jonathan tells Ashlee he was there looking for her. She doesn’t believe him. She searches his pockets and finds her keys. Jon says she left them on the table earlier. She threatens to call the cops. Ashlee snatches the file from Jonathan, and wants to know why he wants the file and asks if he and Lizzie dated. Jonathan denies that they did and says Lizzie is warped and mean and reminds Ashlee how Lizzie blew her off. Ashlee takes up for Lizzie. Jonathan says when he pays Lizzie back it will be for the both of them. Ashlee then admits she has something on Lizzie, and says she’ll tell him if he does something for her. She wants him to meet her at 9 on Main Street, and tells him to wear a tux, he wants to know why. She says he’ll see when he gets there. They leave, leaving the file behind.

At Main Street, Lizzie is doubled over in “pain” and Mel asks her to describe the pain. Lizzie says it wasn’t that intense and that it went away. Lizzie blames it on her lunch. Mel agrees when she hears where the pain is located. Mel offers to do another examination and Lizzie wants Coop to come with her. Lizzie thanks Coop for looking after her and tells him she’s glad he’s the father of her baby. Coop doesn’t look happy.

At Outskirts, Jonathan comes in with a tux, wondering why he is letting Ashlee tell him what to do, but then says it’s best to keep Lizzie away from Tammy. Just then Tammy appears and asks what they are doing tonight. She kisses him, and tells him she doesn’t’ want anything to come between them. Jonathan says nothing will, and then Lizzie sees the tux and wants to know what it is.

At Cedars, Lizzie thanks Coop for being there for her. He says he cares as much as she does about the baby. Lizzie asks Coop to hold her because she’s “scared” about the baby. He tells her not to worry, and hold her. She doesn’t know how she’d get thorough it without him. He says she’ll never know because he’s always going to be there for her and the baby.

At Company, Cassie and Josh embrace and laugh, he’s glad he ran into her. She’s guessing showing Cross Creek to Reva was a big success, Josh says it was. And that Reva is helping him with his project, doing public relations. Cassie is pleased to hear it and says if Reva is going to be involved he won’t need her to be involved. Josh disagrees and has found an area where Cassie has experience, in zoning and variances. Cassie says it has been a great experience working with him but she’s “out”.

At Cedars, Reva walks up to her doctor and ask if she heard him right, “did he threaten her as a patient?” He says if she is there to discuss treatment options then he will set aside five minutes to talk to her. Reva says she’ll make an appointment when she’s “damned good and ready”. When her doctor hears this, he bids her a nice evening. Reva follows him to the elevators and she reads him the riot act, telling him he’s arrogant. He says he has a professional obligation to review her treatment options with her and after that he’ll refer her to another oncologist, happily. When he starts to rattle off her options, Reva cuts him off and tells him to stop steamrolling her and asks if this is how he gets his kicks, harassing cancer victims? Then she realizes for the first time, she has cancer.

At Cedars, Coop tells Lizzie that she has to stop doubting him. He’s not going to leave her and he’s not going anywhere. Things aren’t the way they planned but things will be fine and amazing. Lizzie listens to him describe how things will be with the baby, and she’s listens happy. Coop says he wants to be there no matter what their child needs. He will be there for the baby. As Coop is talking, she imagines Jonathan describing the things he’ll do with their baby, like baby’s first tattoo. He’ll make sure they use sterile needs. She comes out of it, gasps, and Coop thinks she’s in pain again. Lizzie then says she’ll never doubt Coop again, she knows how really, really lucky she is that he’s her baby’s father. She wants to leave, but Coop says no. They notice a birthing class sign up sheet and a nurse says she’s teaching. She asks if Lizzie if her and her husband will be taking the class. Lizzie says Coop is not her husband, just her baby’s father. Coop corrects her and says they will be taking the class together.

At Outskirts, Jonathan tries to distract Tammy with kisses. She wants to know what that is. Jon says it’s a tux that was in the lost and found and asks her to take off her clothes to contribute. They kiss and he carries her into another room.

At Company, Cassie tells Josh she doesn’t know what she wants to do. Josh says he needs Cassie to work with him. Cassie says Josh is just trying to keep an eye on her to make sure she won’t get depressed over the men in her life. Josh says he needs her, and describes all the ways Cassie can help. He convinces her to stay on the project.

At Cedars, Reva’s doctor is glad to hear she can admit she has cancer. Then tells her the mass he removed looks like it was localized. He tested the surrounding tissues and there was no cancer but he wants to do radiation treatments on her to make sure. She zones out, and he says he’ll do tests to make sure nothing has changed in her conditions before doing the radiation treatments. Reva wants to know what changes could happen, could it be worse. Will he have to be pumped full of chemo? Reva’s seen what chemo does to people. The doctor wants to take things one step at a time. Reva asks if she agrees to the treatment will she be cured. She wants him to promise her she will be and he can’t promise her that.

At Outskirts, Tammy catches Jonathan leaving. He lies and says he has to do something with Reva. He says he wishes he could stay with her but what he is doing is for them. Tammy says she’ll miss him. Jonathan goes back in and grabs the tuxedo.

At Cedars, Reva tells her doctor off, saying that he has some bedside manner, telling her she could die. The doctor says he isn’t going to waste her time with guarantees and if she’s looking for one no doctor can give her that. He’s a good doctor and they have no time to waste. He can offer her excellent treatment. Reva blows him off, tells him he’s given her the facts and she’s opting to hold off. He tells her that there is no “opting” and wants to know why she is putting off treatment. He then wants to know why she avoided doing a yearly mammogram, was it because of her fear of the situation she’s currently in?

He tells her to get her hand out of the sand and it’s not going to do her any good. Reva tells him he knows nothing about her. She goes on to tell him about Josh and his project and how he needs her by his side, whole and healthy. Not wearing a wig and barfing every two seconds. He needs her and she’s not going to let him down. The doctor indirectly tells her she’ll die without treatment and Reva tells him he’s fired.

At Outskirts, Josh babbles on about the project and how they can help each other and other people to Cassie. Josh jokes around and makes fun of Cassie. Josh’s phone rings and he has to leave. He wants to know if Cassie is going to work with him or sit around in her house all day. She takes the file from him and he leaves.

At Cedars, Lizzie tells Coop the baby will be ok. And talks about their parents and their marriages and how each of them turned out ok. Lizzie says a baby does not need its parents to be together, it just needs to know it’s loved. Coop goes to make a phone call. He calls Ava and breaks their date. Once alone, Lizzie looks at the date of conception, April 10th and asks out loud why the baby has to be Jonathan’s and not Coops.

At Main Street, Jonathan, in a tux, meets up with Ashlee who is excited to see “Nate”. She pins a boutonnière onto his lapel and he wants to know what’s going on. She says it’s her senior prom and she’s there with the hottest guy in Springfield. Jonathan says no, but she begs “Nate” to stay. Ashlee then introduces him to some girls passing by. Jonathan wants to know how old she is. Ashlee says she’s “legal” and just a couple of years younger than Lizzie. Jonathan says she promised to tell him what she had on Lizzie if he came there. Ashlee says she will if he dances with her, Jonathan says he doesn’t dance and walks off. Ashlee says, “Just one dance.” Jonathan says he’s sorry, and walks off. As he is leaving, Ashlee says that Lizzie is a liar that she lied about being seen at her Ashlee’s uncle’s clinic. She says that Lizzie never saw a doctor there.

At Cedars, Tammy tells Coop she thinks it’s great how he’s standing by Lizzie and that she knows he never expected to find himself in that position with someone he’s not involved with. Coop corrects her and says he’s involved with Lizzie; they are connected for life by the baby. Tammy says she grew up watching Cassie struggle to raise her alone and knows how much a father means to Lizzie and her baby. Coop says everything has changed, he was ready to go to Oxford, and things with Ava were great. Now he’s a new guy, with new problems. Tammy asks what he’s thinking. Coop says something has to give; he has to make a choice.

Inside Lizzie tears up the proof, the date of conception.

At her house, Reva takes out a sports bra which will give her all the comfort and support she’ll need while her stitches heal. Josh comes home and she says she’s brought new lingerie. Josh wants to know what the occasion is. Reva says they don’t need one, not anymore.

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