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Guiding Light Update Thursday 5/4/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

Strolling along Main Street, Jonathan mutters to himself, “Why am I doing this”? He thinks back when Lizzie told him that she was pregnant before she slept with him. “To protect me and Tammy”, he continues. Again, he thinks back when he overheard Ashley tell Lizzie that she thinks Lizzie is using her because she works at a medical clinic. “To prove that it’s Coop’s baby, not mine”, he tries to convince himself. Ashley breezes around the corner very excited and is surprised to actually see Jonathan showed up. When Jonathan’s cell phone rings and he has to answer it privately, Lizzie shows up. An excited Ashley tells her that she is on a date and would she and her “guy” like to go out together. Jonathan watches Lizzie from afar. Ashley tells Lizzie that she already knows her date but doesn’t get the chance to tell Lizzie his name for her cell phone rings.

It is Beth telling her that her grandfather and Coop are together in the same room. Lizzie runs off. Jonathan returns and asks Ashley what he missed. She tells him that if Lizzie had stayed, she would have been so jealous of her to see her with Jonathan. They share a drink at an outside café and talk about getting to know one another. Jonathan tries very gently to pump her for information about Lizzie. Ashley tells him that she wants to think that he is there because he likes her. She makes a deal with Jonathan and tells him that she wants him to go out with her in public and then she will tell him things about Lizzie.

Coop arrives at Lizzie’s apartment and is surprised to see Alan there. Alan wants to talk about the pregnancy. Alan tells him that he can help Coop. Coop looks very skeptical. Alan presents Coop with some numbers about how much it costs to raise a child today. Coop is shocked. He appeals to Coop and asks him does he really want to get involved with all of the expense and tells him that Elizabeth doesn’t even need his financial support. As Coop is listening, Lizzie rushes into the room. Coop tells Lizzie he is glad that he and Alan had a little talk about how rough it is to raise a child. Alan, looking smug, tells Coop to explain to a shocked Lizzie and Beth about what they were discussing. Coop tells Lizzie that he doesn’t want to be in a position to ever resent her. He pauses and tells Lizzie that he must be an idiot for he is going to be responsible and care for his baby and the mother of his baby. Beth applauds as Alan looks disgusted. Coop tells the story of losing his mother when he was a small child and that he didn’t have his father around either. He vows to never let that happen to his child. He asks Lizzie to go for a walk and adds as they are leaving, “Have a good night, Alan”. Beth, in a mocking voice tells a disgusted Alan, “Nicely done”.

Olivia is in a hurry and runs into Company. She starts to talk to Buzz about several things and he interrupts her, asking why she is trying to ruin his relationship with his son. She tells him that is the last thing she wants. Buzz tells her that every time they are together, Frank walks in and it just sets the relationship back. Olivia gets offended and leaves. Buzz tries to follow her out and catch her but is too late.

Harley and Gus talk outside Company about how good he looks since he is off the pain pills. He tells her that he will meet up with her later and Harley leaves. She turns back around and sees Gus taking something and immediately tackles him. “Gus, stop it”, she screams. She grabs a Tums from his hand and Gus says, “Yeah, it helps me with my heartburn”. He tells her that he knows she thought it was drugs. He admits to her that he is going to tell Mallet what really happened when he was shot. She tells him that he really doesn’t have to do that and that she will tell Frank. Harley finds Frank on Main Street and makes up a story about Gus leaving for a couple of days after Mallet was shot. He changes the subject and admits to Harley that he trusted his dad to help him with Olivia. He admits to Harley that he and his dad are in love with Olivia. She explains that they just have to work it out. Frank is less than enthusiastic.

Frank walks inside Company to talk to Buzz. Buzz ties to walk away and Frank tells him that it is important. He tries to tell Buzz they shouldn’t let Olivia come between them. Buzz, shaking his head, tells him that Olivia was there. They end up in a shouting match about Olivia. She suddenly storms into the room telling them to stop arguing. “Stop it! You have a family that most people would kill for. Stop taking it for granted”, Olivia yells.

She continues to chide them for arguing about her. She yells at Frank and tells him to make up with Buzz. Pointing at Buzz, she continues to yell, “Quit walking around grumbling”. She adds that they will stop making her suffer and threatens that if they don’t fix things, she will go back to the house of Spaulding. Buzz and Frank calm down and grin at each other.

Dinah, at her apartment, makes a phone call to Alan-Michael, warning him that if he is involved with her father’s death, she will find out. Mallet wakes up and confronts her about who she was calling. Mallet tells her that he thinks she is trying to hire a private investigator to find out what happened to her father. He tells her to please let the police department do the investigating. He promises her that “they” will find out who or what brought the plane down. She agrees to let him do the investigating. He wants to take her to the island and she wants him to rest and recuperate. Gus pays Mallet a visit and Dinah rushes off. A contrite Gus tells Mallet that he was high on pain pills when Mallet was shot. Mallet is angry and screams at him that he could have been killed. Gus offers to resign and give up his badge. Mallet, pacing and thinking, tells Gus that is too easy. He makes Gus tells him that he is definitely off the pills and then tells him that he needs him to watch Dinah. He tells Gus that Dinah wants to know what happened to her father. Mallet wants Gus to keep an eye on her because he cannot since being shot. Gus agrees and leaves.

Dinah goes to Alan-Michael’s room and breaks in, kicking the door open. Inside his apartment, Dinah listens to Alan-Michael’s messages from her. She starts to look through his desk drawers and finds pictures of Gus at the cabin when he was trying to get off the pain pills. She continues to look for anything to link him and her father’s plane crash.

Leaving, she runs into Gus. She drops the folder with his pictures but quickly picks them up again. He sees where she kicked in the door. Gus tells her that Mallet wants him to keep an eye on her. He makes her agree to keep her nose clean and he will keep her in the loop with the information about her father. They realize that Alan-Michael has just disappeared. Dinah finds the travel section of a newspaper and a piece of paper with a flight number on it. She hides the paper as Gus continues to find evidence of where Alan-Michael might be. Dinah, knowing she has the crucial piece of information secret only to her, agrees to work with Gus.

Harley meets up with Gus on Main Street. She tells him that she and Frank worked things out. Gus tells her about having to pay penance to Mallet about the shooting and that he will have look out for Dinah. Harley looks a little wary and tells him that Dinah isn’t exactly happy with her these days.

Jonathan and Ashley, holding hands, walk around the corner outside Company. She is so excited that her friends actually saw the two of them together. She asks him if they can do this tomorrow and he says they can. She adds that she will tell him more about Lizzie. Ashley starts to walk away and Jonathan grabs her, kissing her. She is taken by surprise and just melts as he kisses her. As he is doing this and catches her off guard, he slips his hand insider her purse. “Thank you for the great day”, he tells her. She is speechless and walks away. Jonathan holds Ashley’s keys in his hands saying in a sing-song voice, “Gotcha”.

Lizzie and Coop take a stroll on Main Street. She is so happy that Coop is taking a stand for her and the baby. She tells him that she actually saw how much he wants the best for the baby. As the closing music builds to a climax, Mel suddenly walks up and tells Lizzie that she has the reading material on how to manage her pregnancy. “There is a copy of your chart in here”, Mel tells Lizzie. “It has everything you need to know including the date of conception”, Mel adds. Lizzie grabs the chart and sees the date: April 10th and has a horrified look on her face. Suddenly, she has a flashback of the night with Jonathan and her. Coop is surprised that so much information can be made available so soon and asks to see the chart. With wide eyes, Lizzie holds clings to the chart.

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