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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 5/3/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

Reva – In the Light
“In a Moment”

At Cedars, Reva asks her physician if a mammogram is important to do right now. The physician tells her that the lump she felt in the breast is not from the accident and has been there too long. Disgusted, Reva drives alone to another facility. She takes a deep breath and very hesitantly, walks inside the building. Fear and trepidation written on her face, she takes her seat and waits her turn. Time creeps by slowly. Finally, her turn comes and she gets ready for the test. Donning a gown, she walks to the mammogram machine, staring at it. She goes through the movements of the exam, first the left side, then the right. Her face is wrought with fear. She cries silently. When finished, the physician tells her they need more testing because something is there. They need a needle biopsy and the physician has made an appointment for her. The physician tells her she needs to see another physician now and discuss the procedure. Josh phones her and Reva tells him she will be home soon. The doctor assigned to Reva tells her to take a seat and wait for him. She meets a little girl named Suzy in the waiting room.

Finally the doctor arrives and tells Reva the biopsy is relatively painless. Reva tries to lighten the situation by cracking jokes. She undergoes the biopsy and the doctor informs her he will contact her at home. Reva tells him no because she wants to keep this private even from Josh. She gives him her cell phone number. As she starts to walk off, she asks him what happens if all of this isn’t a false alarm. He tells her it is better to know. As she strolls along a park, she meets Tammy and Jonathan. She seems preoccupied and they pick up on it. Jonathan tells her that he is glad she is back and tries to apologize for letting her down. Reva tells him to stop and who is she to say that she is not okay with the fact that Tammy and he are together. She hugs Jonathan and cries. Jonathan, sensing something is wrong, asks her if she wants to go with him and Tammy and see a movie. She tells them no and hurriedly walks back to see the doctor, unable to wait for the biopsy results. She finds another doctor instead. He tells her that he is an oncologist and has taken over her case. Confused, Reva says, “A cancer doctor”?

Reva looks shocked and demands to know what is going on. The oncologist informs her that the biopsy revealed a mass. He begins to tell her, in very clinical terms, about a lumpectomy; the diagnostic test she needs now. She listens skeptically. He wants to perform the lumpectomy in the morning. He is called away from the conversation and tells her to make herself comfortable. Reva walks around the room, looking at the doctor’s diplomas. Time passes slowly. Finally, she grabs her purse to leave and as she starts to walk out, runs into the doctor who is returning. He begins again to talk to her. Reva gets stern and tells him that she isn‘t thrilled with him as a doctor. She asks him why she should do this and why she should let him do it. He stops and tells her that he is the best. She is concerned about his youth. He informs her that age is irrelevant. Finally, Reva stands up and starts yelling at him. She tells him she is more than a color-coded file with a number on it. She informs him that he needs to get to know her. She tells him that she wants him to put her first when he scrubs for her surgery. He turns the conversation around and asks her if she cares about herself and advises her that she hasn’t had mammograms like she should have. He points out that she has ignored the aching in her chest and that she has a responsibility as well. Reva quiets as he tells her that he will take care of her tomorrow. Reluctantly, Reva tells him she will be there first thing in the morning.

At home, Reva kisses Josh hello. He asks her did she get a clean bill of health and she tells him, “Squeaky clean”. She wants to know about the surprise he has for her and he stalls. Reva starts to take a drink of some wine and realizes that she cannot do this before surgery. Morning comes quickly and Josh wants to know why she is up so early. Reva makes an excuse that she has lots to do. They kiss and Josh tells her to get back as quickly as she can for a surprise.

With tears in her eyes, Reva walks out the door for the biopsy. On the operating table, the attendants ready her for surgery. The doctor wants to know if he can tell her husband anything and Reva tells him that he doesn’t know anything about the surgery. The doctor tries to tell her that it isn’t a good idea and Reva tells him to just get on with it.

Reva awakens in a room, sore. The doctor informs her he is waiting on the laboratory report to tell them if the lump is benign or malignant. He tells her, as he walks away, that he will call her and how to care for herself with rest and fluids.

Reva goes home, sore and tired. She gently touches her left breast, the surgical site, and winces. Time passes by; she dresses and leaves the house. While strolling along, she sees Suzy again. The little girl tells her that her mommy’s hair came out and she cried. After the little girl leaves, Reva realizes her cell phone is dead. She is very upset because she is expecting a phone call from the doctor. Cassie comes along and helps her. Cassie tells Reva, with a grin on her face, that she needs to call Josh then leaves. Suddenly Reva’s phone rings. It is her doctor. She answers, “Doctor, I have found a very sexy low cut dress. Should I buy it”?

A shocked Reva walks out of her doctor’s office. She hears the words echoing, “As we feared, the tumor we removed from your breast was malignant”. Words confuse themselves in her mind. She cries softly and walks away. At home, still with tears in her eyes, she waits outside the door. Josh opens the door and she sees suitcases packed and waiting. He tells her he is ready to reveal the surprise but she will need to go with him to the airport. Reva tells him that she has something to tell him and Josh says it will have to wait. He is so happy and excited and tells her he must show her the surprise and it will change their lives.

Josh takes Reva to Cross Creek. She is shocked to find the place is just like it used to be. Josh stands by watching her, a smile on his face. Reva finds the rocking chair where she rocked Mariah to sleep. He tells her that most of the furniture is original and shows her H.B.’s desk. Josh is elated. Suddenly, Reva realizes the pictures on the mantel are not Olivia’s pictures, but theirs. Josh, very proud and grinning, tells her that the whole place is theirs and everything in it. “Honey, I bought Cross Creek for you. This place is once again, the Lewis home”. Reva cries with tears of joy. Reva attempts to talk to Josh again but he interrupts. He shows her the plans that H.B. had about the long-term care facility. He is very excited as he explains how all of it will come about. Josh tells her that he has been searching for something that will last and tells her that he hopes to break ground by Memorial Day. Reva smiles and looks distracted. Josh tells her that he is the most blessed man on the planet. Reva, searching for the right words, tells him that life can come up with some surprises of its own. Josh, very happy, tells her it will take a lot to derail these plans.

With tears in her eyes, Reva takes his hand and tells Josh that he deserves this for it is his time. She, with love and tenderness in her eyes, tells him everyone will wait their turn for now it is his turn. Josh starts to cry and hugs her then realizes that Reva was trying to tell him something earlier. She tells him that it isn’t important. She grabs a knife and Josh’s hand. They walk to the mantle and carve the word, “forever” under their names and the word “always”. He hugs her and whispers, “Now everything is right where it should be and that’s the way it’s going to stay…always”. Reva looks sad.

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