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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 5/2/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

While taking a stroll, Blake runs into Cassie. Blake is concentrating on one of Jeffrey’s campaign posters and Cassie tells her that Blake is all over him. Blake gets flustered and starts stammering. She asks Cassie if she is over Jeffery and Cassie tells her no. Blake finally comes clean and tells Cassie that she and Jeffrey slept together as Cassie looks shocked. Cassie grills Blake about sleeping with Jeffrey while at the same time telling Blake that she knows it’s not any of her business. Jeffrey arrives and Cassie dashes off.

Blake and Jeffrey talk to reporters about the campaign. The reporters make the two of them pose with arms around the other, for a picture. Jeffrey pats a grinning Blake on the behind and Cassie, looking mortified, watches. Blake tells Jeffrey that she told Cassie about the two of them and he is shocked and displeased. He finally agrees that it might be a good thing that Cassie knows.

Jeffrey, looking at her very sexily, asks Blake if she need a ride. Frank walks up and tells Jeffrey that he wants to compare notes on Ross’s case. “I promise you that we are going to find out what caused Ross’s plane to crash”, he tells a surprised and confused Blake. Frank asks if Jeffrey told Blake anything about Ross’s assistant. He realizes that Jeffrey hasn’t told Blake a thing about the case. Frank tells her that the female assistant had a female life partner. He suddenly realizes after looking at Blake’s shocked face that he needs to leave. Blake proceeds to ask Jeffrey, “You knew that Ross wasn’t having an affair when he died. When did you find out; before or after you slept with me”? Jeffery stares at her but doesn’t answer. Blake looks ill and says, “Oh, my God” and proceeds to tear up his campaign pictures. She tells him that he is low and that the only reason she let him sleep with her was because she thought Ross was cheating on her. Jeffrey tells her that she came after him like a heat-seeking missile and all is fair in love and politics. She storms off.

At Cedars, Reva tells Josh she is ready to be discharged. They cuddle together in her very small hospital bed. She asks him what the big secret he has for her when a nurse comes in to tell Josh he cannot be in the bed with Reva. After Josh leaves, the nurse tells a grinning Reva that her pulse is racing. Reva tells Josh after he returns that she just fainted because she was tired and wants to leave. Her doctor will be delayed and cannot discharge her.

Josh sneaks Reva home. She is so thrilled to be home and the house looks gorgeous. He treats her like a new bride, kissing her and providing champagne. He tells her that Tammy, Jonathan and Cassie helped him give her a welcome home gift. Josh looks at her with very tender eyes and tells her he hasn’t been more sure of anything in his entire life. She tells him the reason she fainted was overexcitement in anticipation of seeing him again. They continue to kiss but he interrupts them and says they must get back to Cedars before they are missed. They sneak back into Cedars and are caught by a nurse who tells them she knew they had left. Josh sweetly presents a surprised Reva with an engagement ring. It is engraved, “Always”. There are stones for each child including Jonathan. She cries and they kiss again. The nurse returns and advises them that the doctor will be in shortly.

Jonathan and Coop get in a major fight, crashing through a window of Company onto Tammy and Lizzie’s table. They start to pummel each other as the girls try to separate them. Coop tells Lizzie that he threw Jonathan through a window because they were fighting about the baby. The police arrive to investigate the fight. Coop tells the officer that the whole thing was his fault. Jonathan tells them he will not press charges and leaves with Tammy. Lizzie tells the officer the only reason Coop was upset was because of the pressure of her pregnancy and giving up the Oxford scholarship. Coop looks at her amazed.

Lizzie asks Jonathan why the two were fighting. He tells her it was because of Coop trying to be Mr. Wonderful. He tells her to do what Lizzie asks and stay out of Coop and Lizzie’s business. Cassie walks up as Jonathan leaves. Cassie looks very sad as she can see Blake and Jeffrey talking. Cassie and Tammy go to Outskirts and Cassie tells her about Jeffrey and Blake. Cassie is obviously upset about the whole thing and says that Jeffrey just reverted to his old bad self. Tammy tells her that she should be mad at Blake. Cassie, after talking about the Jeffrey-Blake thing, feels better.

Cassie tells Tammy that she noticed that Jonathan was in a fight. She explains about what happened and that Jonathan really goes to bat for the underdog; Lizzie Spaulding. Cassie is surprised that Lizzie can be an underdog. Tammy tells her that Lizzie is pregnant with Coop’s baby.

Coop cleans up the mess in Company as Lizzie talks about the pregnancy. She tells him the last time she ate was a muffin that morning. He tells her she must eat more than that and offers to make her a meal. She looks very happy and mutters that she isn’t going anywhere. Suddenly Lizzie’s cell phone rings and it is Ashley, the girl at the OB-GYN clinic; the very one who fixed the medical records for Lizzie. She asks Lizzie if she forgot that they were going to hang around that day. Jonathan is nearby and overhears the conversation. Lizzie feigns a bad connection and hangs up on Ashley. Jonathan tells her that he couldn’t help overhear and knows where Lizzie is.

Suddenly Ashley appears at Company. Lizzie hurries her out and tells her that something came up preventing them from having a good time together. Ashley tells Lizzie that she thinks Lizzie doesn’t want her to be her friend and is just using her because she works at the medical clinic. Lizzie tells her about Coop getting hurt and Ashley tells her again that she just wants to be friends. Jonathan lurks out of sight, listening. After Lizzie walks back into Company, Jonathan asks Ashley if she found Lizzie. She looks surprised but pleased to see him again. He asks her if she would like to grab a cup of coffee and get to know each other better.

Jonathan and Ashley get something to drink. She asks him his name and Jonathan says, “Nate, I’m Nate and you are…”? She tells him her name and that she helped Lizzie in the high school play. Jonathan asks what she is doing now and when she tells him that she works in an OB-GYN clinic with her uncle- doctor, he nods as if the wheels are turning. Ashley tells him that she knows the reason he is so interested in the clinic, as she looks at his scrapes from the injuries. Jonathan lies and tells her that he really is interested in medicine and not a user like everyone such as Lizzie. Ashley quickly tells him that Lizzie isn’t a user because she had a good excuse today and that her boyfriend was hurt. Jonathan tells her that he wants to see her again. “You mean like a date”, she suspiciously questions. He tells her yes and to give him her number so he can call her. “I promise you that we will be seeing a lot of each other”, he tells a very excited Ashley.

Coop prepares a huge meal for Lizzie and she eats the whole thing telling him with a grin, “For a baby the size of a peanut, the kid can eat”. Coop, smiling, says the baby takes after his dad. Coop tells her he doesn’t care if it’s a boy; just all is okay. She relays her fears of not being a nurturing mother. He assures her they will figure out together how to make it work. They hug and Lizzie looks relieved. As they walk out of Company, Lizzie tells Coop she appreciates all he is doing for their baby. When he goes to get the car, she rubs her stomach and tells the baby, “Baby steps. Little ones…baby steps”.

Reva tells Josh that she will meet him at home. They kiss and as he leaves, she gently rubs her left shoulder, wincing. The doctor arrives and tells Reva that the lab tests came back normal. As Reva is excited to be leaving, she rubs her neck and looks uncomfortable. The doctor questions her about the shoulder and Reva tells her it is all because of a car accident recently. The doctor asks to examine the area. As she examines Reva, a concerned look comes over the doctor as she asks, “Reva, when was the last time you had a mammogram”? Reva’s face freezes.

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