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Guiding Light Update Monday 5/1/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo


At Cedars, Dinah is preparing to take Mallet home. He refuses to be escorted out in a wheelchair. She makes him promise to take care of himself and kisses him passionately. Dinah leaves to get the car and calls Alan-Michael asking him about the photos of Gus pumping pain pills while at the cabin and about the plan to get Harley to resign. Frank visits and asks Mallet questions about what happened when he was shot. Mallet tells him that things were a little blurry. Dinah helps and adds that Gus let Mallet take the bullet. Frank and Mallet look confused. Mallet tells Frank that he is glad he was the one shot. Frank tells Dinah the suspect was an airplane mechanic who worked on Ross’s plane before it crashed. He thinks the crash wasn’t an accident and Dinah looks horrified. She starts yelling at Mallet and Frank wondering if her father was murdered. They try to tell her the mechanic obviously worked with someone, but cannot be found. Frank thinks that Ross found out something in D.C. and was working with his personal assistant. Dinah interrupts, “The woman my father was having an affair with”? Frank tells her that Ross wasn’t having an affair because the female personal assistant was already involved with another woman. Frank finally admits the investigation is now looking into, “The house of Spaulding”.

Dinah cannot understand why Alan wanted to hurt her father and Frank tells her that it was not Alan, but Alan-Michael. Dianah is shocked. Mallet tells her that they know Alan-Michael met with Ross at least a dozen times before the crash and asks her does she have any idea why they would be meeting. Quietly and still in shock, she tells them no. They ask her to tell them if she hears from Alan-Michael. Mallet apologizes for telling her in this way. When she leaves, she curses, “Alan-Michael, if you killed my daddy, I’m going to get you, you son-of-a-bitch”.

Tammy and Jonathan are at Outskirts. She talks about Lizzie and the pregnancy and points out that Lizzie is pregnant by someone who doesn’t love her. Jonathan is less than interested in the subject and Tammy tells him she knows what he is scared of; babies. Jonathan says that he’s not ready to share her right now. Tammy hears a knock on the door and answers it. Jonathan, in the meantime, mutters to himself about how he hates surprises and remembers Lizzie saying that she was pregnant the night they were together. He also remembers that Lizzie said she would never drink alcohol while pregnant, but got trashed the night they were together.

Alan and Beth walk into Company as Alan tells Buzz that Henry took advantage of Elizabeth. He says that he personally wants to see the child raised without a father. Buzz says, “Over my dead body”. Alan says he is only thinking about what is best for the baby. Buzz tells Alan again that Coop will be in the baby’s life. They both argue back and forth about the situation and Beth says she will do anything to make her daughter happy. Tammy pays a visit to Buzz at Company wanting to know what kind of surprise she can get Jonathan for his bike. Alan and Beth shop for their baby. They stop at Outskirts for a drink. Jonathan eavesdrops on their conversation about Lizzie and Coop’s pregnancy. Jonathan butts in and tells Alan that he needs to let Lizzie have Coop. Alan is suspicious of Jonathan’s curiosity in Lizzie. Beth agrees with Jonathan that Lizzie and Coop need to live their own lives. Alan tells Jonathan that he is so glad Lizzie wasn‘t foolish enough to be involved with him. Suddenly, Jonathan leaves.

As Alan and Beth continue shopping, Alan continues to bash Jonathan. Beth gets enough of it and hails a taxi. She tells Alan that she is leaving since Alan is fixated on Jonathan. He finally admits that he is excited about having their child and about her being the mother. Beth looks coy.

Inside Cedars, Coop and Ava look at Lizzie’s ultrasound picture. Ava gives him the letter about his turning down the Oxford deal. Meanwhile, in the examining room of Cedars, Lizzie asks Mel when she conceived. Coop comes in and interrupts their conversation. Mel holds the conception date: April 10th. But, Lizzie, not wanting Coop to see the record and before she herself could see them, tells Mel she will talk to her later. Mel places the records in a box outside the exam room door. Ava eyes them. Ava walks into the exam room and tells Lizzie that she doesn’t want to cause any problems. After Coop leaves, Lizzie taunts Ava. Ava tells her that she just doesn’t trust her and that she is going to ensure Coop’s happiness. Holding the sonogram picture in Ava’s face, Lizzie teases, “You will never compete with this”. Coop returns and leaves with Lizzie. Ava attempts to look at Lizzie’s records and Coop comes back in. As they are talking about the pregnancy, Coop very moved by all of it, Ava tells him that he is worth fighting for. They agree to work through everything and leave Cedars, Ava casting one last glance at the medical records.

Downtown, Lizzie peeks into a baby shop, tears in her eyes. Tammy, after leaving Company, finds Lizzie crying. She tries to console Lizzie and offers to help. Lizzie tells her she realizes that she really is alone and Tammy tells Lizzie, “Hey, you got me. Jonathan and I will both be here for you and your baby”. Lizzie tells Tammy that she doesn’t deserve Tammy’s friendship. Lizzie and Tammy go to Company where Buzz tells Lizzie he is concerned about her.

Ava and Coop arrive outside Company and find Buzz. Coop shows him the sonogram picture and asks him to mail the denial letter to Oxford. Buzz is irritated that Coop is doing this, but at the same time tells him he is proud of him. Ava tells him that she needs him and suddenly Jonathan appears. He immediately asks Coop when he and Lizzie got pregnant. Coop slams Jonathan up against the side of the wall. Jonathan tells him to be honest and continues to try and find out when they slept together. Coop asks Ava to leave them alone and tells Jonathan that today is not the day to mess with him.

At their apartment, Mallet continues to apologize to Dinah for having to hurt her with Ross’s news. They sit on the bed and kiss, Mallet groaning in pain as they embrace. Dinah goes to get something to eat and immediately phones Alan-Michael. She leaves a threatening message on the voice mail, “You have a mortal enemy and now you don’t have to bother looking over your shoulder because I’m coming straight on, right at you”.

Back inside Company, Tammy tells Lizzie that Jonathan would make a great dad one day. As the closing music builds to suspense, suddenly, the two are startled by screaming as Jonathan and Coop come flying through the window crashing on their table.

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