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Guiding Light Update Friday 4/28/06

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Written By Michelle
Pictures by Boo

At Springfield Airport, Reva tells a stewardess she’s happy to be home fresh from Paris. She gathers her belongings reaching for her phone, looks around, has blurry vision and falls to the floor, passing out.

At Reva’s house, Jonathan and Tammy are preparing for Reva’s Welcome Home Party. Jonathan doesn’t see the big deal, Reva went on vacation and now she’s back. Tammy points out that she’s back with Josh, that’s the big deal. Jonathan distracts Tammy and tries to start making out with her when Josh, who is on the phone comes into the room and notices the two of them. He asks them not to do that on his couch, which cracks Jonathan up. Josh is on the phone with a Mr. Kelly talking about H.B.’s dream of building the hospital in his father’s memory and he plans to send him a proposal. Off the phone Josh says he has to pick up Reva at the airport. Josh leaves steps outside house and receives a phone call about Reva and takes off.

At Company, Marina walks in and sees Ava looking at a letter and asks her if she wants her to mail it. Ava says it’s not her decision its Coops dream and nothing should get in the way of it. Marina can’t believe Lizzie is pregnant. And goes on to say that nothing will stand in her and Coops way if they are meant to be. Ava asks “not even Lizzie?”

Outside the movie theatre, Lizzie thanks Coop for calling her there and says she thought he’d never talk to her again. Coop says he needed time to figure things out. Coop says he wanted to talk things out before she announced the baby to their families. Coop wants to take it slow. Lizzie says she knows everything is going to be ok as long as she has Coop. Coop tells Lizzie they are not together.

At the hospital, Reva is being examined and her blood pressure is fine, but the doctor is going to order blood work and an EKG. Reva says that Josh was supposed to pick her up at the airport, the doctor says her nurse called and he’s on his way. Some homecoming, Reva says. The doctor wants Reva to relax, and leaves, in comes Josh. He wants to know what happened. Reva says she fainted and she kisses Josh hello. She tells him it’s nothing, but they want to run a zillion tests. Josh says she’s not a fainter and she should let them run the tests. Reva wants to go home and get in bed with Josh, who kisses her passionately.

Outside the movie theatre, Lizzie tells Coop she knows they aren’t together but they are having a baby and they need to be supportive of each other. Coop acknowledges that and says he’s not going anywhere. She asks not even Oxford? Coop says it’s what is best for the baby but it doesn’t mean he won’t have a life. Lizzie asks what that means. Coop says a life, a career and eventually a relationship. Lizzie asks “Ava”? Coop confirms. Lizzie says she’s ok with that as long as she’s there for their little boy. Coop asks if she thinks it’s going to be a boy and she says yes and Beth walks up and says little girls are nice too. Lizzie asks Beth if she’ll find out the baby’s sex today. Beth says no it’s too early. Beth offers to help Coop and Lizzie do their baby shopping and rattles off a list of items they will need. Coop looks afraid, very afraid.

At Company, Marina is trying to reassure Ava that Coops’ into her and not Lizzie. Ava says she likes Coop but they have no history. Ava says she wants Coop but wants him to have Oxford more. Marina says that Coop has an obligation to his baby, and it’s tougher than having another woman in the picture and there will be times he’ll have to be with his baby. It will usually be when Ava needs him the most, holidays. Marina says if she and Coop are smart the baby will make them value the time they have together. Ava asks if that’s what she told herself when she was with Danny Santos.

At Reva’s house, Jon and Tammy are arranging flowers and Jon can’t keep his hands off Tammy. She says it’s not fair and he needs to stop so she can finish. Then she admits that she wants him, Jon quips “damned family” because they are about to return. He then points out that Tammy loves the family stuff, celebrating, making parties. Tammy blames Cassie for always trying to make things better, even when they were poor. She tells a story which makes Jon laugh, and call her a sap. They kiss and the phone rings, Jon doesn’t want her to answer but it could be Josh. Tammy answers the phone and Jon notices her notebook and some papers. It was Josh he and Reva are held up, Tammy says. He asks what the papers are and Tammy says nothing, and then asks him if he wants to get some coffee. Jon says sure.

At Cedars, Reva wants to go and is peeved that Josh always plays by the rules. Josh says if he hadn’t they wouldn’t be together. He tries to occupy Reva with television and magazine, but she says she has something else in mind. Josh says the last time they were that adventurous they got caught. Reva says it was part of the thrill. She then asks what she missed when she was gone. Josh says Tammy and Jonathan got back together. Reva wants to know how Cassie took it. Josh says well. Josh adds he’s dealing with it too. He tells Reva he has a surprise for her but she has to wait, he teases her. Josh goes to see what the hold up is telling Reva to stay put. Billy walks in and wants to know how she is. She tells Billy she’s fine. When Billy tries to leave, Reva says not to, they have unfinished business. Reva encourages Billy to stay despite Josh. He asks about Marah, Reva says she’s fine and asks how Billy is doing. Billy says he should have seen “this” coming and that he was an old fool. But he bets the kids are happy she and Josh are back together. Billy says there was a time he was hoping that Reva would choose him. She tells Billy she loves him and he’s the best friend she could have asked for. She hugs him and Josh walks in looking angry.

At Company, Marina says Coop isn’t like Danny. She said the situations were similar, and Ava said look how that turned out. Marina says she can’t compare Coop and Lizzie to Danny and Michelle. Danny and Michelle were destined to be together. Ava says that Lizzie said Ava is messing up her destiny. Marina says that Ava is a fighter and she won’t give up on Coop. Ava thanks Marina for the pep talk, and advises her to check up on Lizzie if she thinks Lizzie is up to something.

At the movie theatre, Beth and Lizzie are engrossed in baby talk and Coop seems disinterested. When they try to include him the conversation, he seems distracted. They tell him that they’ll need two of everything because they are not together. They talk about twins, and how they’ll have to buy four of everything. Beth says it’s just money. Coop wants to share things equally and says he will find a way to get the money. Lizzie says she doesn’t want him to neglect his writing. He says he’ll figure things out. Beth gives Coop a book called “Fatherhood for dummies” that she had brought for Alan. Tammy and Jonathan walk in and he asks Tammy if she was doing some research, referring to the paperwork that fell out of her notebook. Tammy changes the subject and wants to go say hi to Lizzie. Jonathan is not enthused to do so but follows her. Jon tells Coop he looks green. Coop says it must have been something he ate. Beth takes Lizzie aside and advises her to keep the pressure on Coop and he’ll come around, and make him fall in love with the baby. Beth tells her to call her if she needs her and leaves. She tells them to get going so they can make the sonogram appointment. Tammy wants to know if Lizzie has time for coffee. Lizzie says not even if she wanted to, no coffee, no alcohol, because of the baby. Jonathan looks puzzled. Lizzie and Coop leave, and Tammy goes to get coffee. Jonathan remembers Lizzie saying it is Coops baby and not his and that she was pregnant before she slept with him. In his mind, he hears Lizzie’s voice say “No caffeine, no alcohol, and she wouldn’t do anything to risk the health of her baby…” He remembers Lizzie drinking shots of whiskey the night slept together and looks pale. Tammy comes back with the coffee and says it’s good that Lizzie is taking the pregnancy thing seriously.

At Outskirts, Tammy says it is bizarre to hear Lizzie so into the baby. Jonathan doesn’t think so and that it’s nothing special. Tammy asks if he saw her notes, in her book. She says Lizzie’s pregnancy has her wondering what would happen if they had kids because they are half cousins. Jon asks what she found out. Tammy says the risk of birth defects is low and rattles off statistics. She thinks she’s freaked Jonathan out, he tells her nothing would make him leave her. She says the research made her feel better and asks if he’s thought about being a father.

At Cedars, a nervous Lizzie and Coop arrive for their sonogram. Lizzie is excited they will see the baby and embraces Coop. He tells Lizzie to check in and says he needs to call Buzz and tell him he’ll be late. Coop calls Ava, and tells her he’s staying for the sonogram and he’s glad to hear her voice.

Also at Cedars, Billy tries to leave when he sees Josh. Josh tells him he wants to offer him a job. Josh says he owns Cross Creek again, thanks to Cassie giving up her half of the Beacon. Josh says he wants Billy to help him build the rehab facility for veterans that H.B. had planned. He knows that H.B. would want them working together and he says he wants to put the Reva thing behind them. The brothers embrace and want to do H.B. proud. Josh notices Reva’s doctor and goes back into the exam room. The doctor says the lab had to send out for one of the tests and she’s keeping Reva overnight. Reva is not happy.

Josh says someone is conspiring to keep them apart, the two laugh and kiss at Josh’s joke. Josh tries to leave and Reva pulls him back, they joke about the doctor. Josh promises to call Reva when he gets home, Reva calls him a coward, Josh says a coward wouldn’t have ripped up the divorce papers or married her again. Reva says he’s an idiot. Josh says a happy idiot. Reva says most people don’t get a second chance, or a ninety ninth. Josh says most people aren’t her.

At Outskirts, Jonathan wants to know why they are talking about kids. Tammy says “you mean Lizzie.” Tammy asks Jon if he wants to be a dad, he says for right now he just wants to be with her. Jon looks worried.

At Cedars, Mel is giving Lizzie an ultrasound. Coop asks if she’s nervous. Lizzie doesn’t know if she should be. Mel points out the beginnings of her baby. Lizzie has trouble seeing it. They see the heartbeat and Coop is amazed at it. Lizzie asks for a picture and Coop asks if everything is ok with the baby. Mel says everything is good. Lizzie wants to know if the baby is a boy or girl, Mel says next time. Lizzie grasps Coops hand and he doesn’t pull away. Coop steps out so Lizzie can get dressed. Lizzie is worried that he’s leaving, Coop assures her he’s only going outside. Coop steps outside into the hall and see Ava.

In another part of Cedars, Reva is resting when Josh dressed in scrubs comes in and kisses her. Reva says she thought he was afraid of getting caught. Reva wants to sneak out tonight and sneak back into the hospital in the morning. Josh says no and kisses her, and reminds her they have all their lives together because she’s his wife always. Reva repeats, always.

At Outskirts, Tammy is studying which Jon thinks is boring. Tammy asks him if he wants more cousin stats. He says no, Tammy says she can’t scare him away. Jon says no. And Tammy tells him, that he’ll be a good father despite his childhood and Nate. Jonathan tries to get Tammy to leave and go to bed with him and she does, despite the fact she has a test.

Outside the sonogram, Mel gives Coop a sonogram picture and congratulates him. Ava asks to see the baby picture. Ava tells him it looks just like him. Coop is glad to see her. Ava asks if it’s weird that she came. Coop apologizes for all that is happening, and he thanks Ava and kisses her.

Inside the exam room, Lizzie asks Mel if they have doctor/patient confidentiality. Mel says she does. She wants to know what day she conceived and Mel says she can tell her that. Just as Mel is going to tell Lizzie the date, Coop is outside the door about to enter.

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