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Guiding Light Update Thursday 4/27/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

Josh takes Cassie to Cedars for treatment of her injured ankle. While there, she tells him she doesn’t need to be treated. A very good-looking doctor (played by the famous actor, Fabio) approaches her and Josh tells him she needs to be able to dance. Josh asks him if he dances. She tells the doctor that she doesn’t need a cane or a dance partner. Josh asks the doctor if he needs a dance partner and the doctor tells Josh that he isn’t his type. Cassie laughs nervously. The doctor instructs Cassie on how to take care of the ankle and leaves, flipping his hair from his face. She quizzes Josh on why his sudden interest in her life and Josh tells her that it would be nice to have a doctor in the family. Cassie says the doctor was cute but that she isn’t into that “type”. Josh apologizes and says he will not play cupid again. She goes on to tell him that she is just fine and looking forward to new adventures; she says she is just great. Josh replies, “You sure are”.

Outside Cedars, Jeffrey is giving an interview about when he is elected mayor of Springfield that he will ensure a new trauma unit will be established. He sees Blake just down the hall giving an interview as well. She is running as Jeffrey’s opponent and promises that a new neonatal health clinic in memory of Ross will be built when she is elected. Jeffery and she ask what the other is doing. The photographers snap a picture of them together, forced smiles each. Blake and Jeffrey continue their conversation as Cassie and Josh walk out. The photographers and interviewers suddenly turn to them and ask, “You two are both registered voters. Who do you trust…The mayors’ widow, Blake Marlar or Jeffrey O’Neal”? A startled Cassie stares at Jeffrey. Cassie proceeds to tell the interviewers that she hasn’t decided who she will vote for. She tells them that she trusts them both. Jeffrey looks at her very pleased. Josh leaves to bring around the car and Jeffrey thanks Cassie for the kind words. She explains that she has had a lot of time to think about things. He tells her that he thinks their time together was…and, he stops in mid-sentence. She excuses herself and tells him good luck with the campaign. He watches her walk away, sighing.

Jeffrey, in his car, has a conversation with a man that has some information about Ross’s plane crash. The man tells Jeffrey that Nicole Landers, Ross’s assistant, was a private investigator. Jeffrey thinks that Ross and Nicole were having an affair and the man shows him a picture of Nicole and another woman together, adding that she and her partner had been together for the past 10 years. Jeffrey surmises that whatever Nicole and Ross were up to that it didn’t include sex. Suddenly, Blake asks to speak to Jeffrey and gets into his car. She starts to unbutton her blouse and comes on to Jeffrey. He is astounded and asks her what she’s doing. She loosens his tie and talks to him in a purring voice about all the campaigning she is doing. Suddenly, she sits in his lap and kisses him passionately as Jeffrey throws up his hands. He kisses her back as well and Blake pulls away, laughing at him. Out of breath, Jeffrey asks her again what she’s doing. She explains that they both want the same job and that the competition is very sexy. She tells him that he probably thinks her advances on him are in an attempt to get back at her cheating dead husband. He agrees. She further tells him that he wants to get over Cassie and she is trying so hard to get over Ross.

He interrupts her and tries to tell her about Ross’s assistant but Blake tells him she doesn’t want to hear anything about Ross or Nicole or Ross’s affairs or fund raising…she starts throwing campaign signs around. She stops, unbuttons her blouse again and places his hand on her breasts. “You want it”, she says sexily. “Tell me. Answer the damn question. Answer it now”, she demands of him. He can’t take it anymore and panting, kisses her hungrily as they fall together on the car seat. Suddenly, Blake slaps Jeffrey and moves away from him, straightening her clothes. He is flabbergasted. She tries to explain that ever since Ross cheated on her, her brain has shut off. He tries to tell her about Ross and she stops him again. She lets him know that he is a gentleman and Jeffrey lets her know that he is no gentleman. He also tells her that he will never pull out of the race. She tells him that she isn’t dropping out of the race either for she will be a very good mayor. They both continue debating back and forth what each has planned when elected mayor.

Lizzie is at her apartment and beside herself because she cannot find Coop. She is talking on the phone to her grandfather’s security and says, “Find Coop”. Suddenly, she grabs her stomach and groans, “Oh, no, not again.” A knock on the door reveals Beth. Lizzie falls into her arms crying that she is afraid Coop is gone for good. Beth tells Lizzie that she will be going through a lot of emotions but she will have her mother. Lizzie whines, “I’m gonna look like you? Me? Wearing those tent dresses and those shoes”? Beth tells her that Coop will come back and in the meantime, she has her. Beth tries to make her feel better and tells her that she will help Lizzie find Coop. Lizzie suddenly tells her mother that Ava knows where Coop is and rushes out of the apartment.

Alan pays a visit to Buzz at Company. He tells Buzz that he is concerned about Elizabeth and Henry. It points out to Buzz that Coop has the opportunity to attend Oxford University and the last thing that Coop needs now is to be saddled with a child. Buzz groans and tells Alan that Alan thinks Coop isn’t good enough to raise Alan’s grandchild. Alan tells Buzz not to get defensive and that he realizes that Coop is a very talented young man. Buzz is still skeptical of Alan’s motives and calls Frank to ask him to check on something. Ava and Jonathan have a conversation about Coop missing. He tells Ava that he knows Lizzie is carrying Coop’s baby. Ava says she doubts that Lizzie is really pregnant. Jonathan tells her to let it go and let Lizzie have Coop. Ava asks him just what does he know about the pregnancy and Jonathan has a flashback of his and Lizzie’s passionate one night. Ava tells him that he spent a lot of time with Lizzie after she and Coop broke up. Tammy walks up, kisses Jonathan and realizes she walked in on a conversation between him and Ava.

Jonathan tells Tammy that Ava is just upset because Coop pulled a Houdini and ran out. He tries to steer the conversation to breakfast, but Tammy still wants to talk to Ava about Lizzie. Ava tells Tammy that Lizzie is just trying to trap Coop and Jonathan has another flashback of when Lizzie told him that the baby wasn’t his (Jonathan). Jonathan tells them both to just drop it because it isn’t their problem. Olivia comes into Company and starts to tell Ava that she is rather impressed how she has handled her life since she came to town. Ava tells her that she doesn’t know what to do. Lizzie walks in and Ava starts to grab her. “Easy, Ava.”, Lizzie squeals. “It is very important that I avoid stress at this stage of the pregnancy”, she continues as she pushes Ava away. Ava, sarcastically says, “Oh, yeah, if you are pregnant”.

Lizzie and Ava banter back and forth about Lizzie’s pregnancy. Ava tells Lizzie to let Coop off the hook and Lizzie tells her that she and Henry are in love. Ava blows a raspberry. She screams at Ava and asks what it would take to get her to leave town and leave Henry alone. Olivia tries to come between Ava and Lizzie and actually stops the conversation. Tammy wants to try and intervene and Jonathan tells her to stay out. “Ava, back off”, Olivia tells Ava. “She is going to be a mother”, Olivia says quietly. Olivia tells Lizzie that she hopes Lizzie doesn’t use the baby to hurt anyone. Lizzie erupts and screams that everyone hates her. Tammy can’t stand it anymore and rushes to Lizzie’s side telling her if Lizzie needs anything or she can help…Ava looks on disgusted. Jonathan tells Ava that he has a hard time dealing with Lizzie and Ava tells him as she looks at him suspiciously, “Somehow, I don’t believe you”. She tells him that he was there when Coop sent Lizzie packing. Jonathan tries to avoid the conversation by being flip. She asks him if he helped Lizzie and he tells Ava that Lizzie tried to get him to help her dig up dirt on her. Sighing, he says he refused to play along with Lizzie.

Cassie arrives with Josh and tells Tammy all about their attempts to restore Cross Creek. Jonathan, all smiles and acting silly, grabs Josh to hug him. Josh allows the hug…barely. He tells Jonathan not to tell Reva, when he sees her, and to keep the secret about him and Cassie planning the surprise. He asks Jonathan to promise that he is done hurting Reva or any of her family in any way. Jonathan, with a smirk on his face, says, “Yeah, I’m done”. He tells a forced-smiling Josh that he knows how to hold on to Reva this time. Cassie continues to tell Tammy about finding the old Cross Creek furniture and the surprise for Reva. She also tells her about the plans for the renovations.

Buzz suddenly rushes to the Springfield airport and frantically searches for Coop. Buzz, in a frantic tizzy, tells Coop not to run away like he did. “Being a family man drove me crazy”, Buzz stammers. Coop tries to get a word in edgewise, but Buzz keeps on talking. Coop finally stops Buzz from rambling and tells him the only reason he is at the airport was to get a refund on the ticket to England, if the need arises. Buzz looks very relieved. Coop slept at the airport just to get away and do something. Buzz tells him that he can still go to Oxford and that Lizzie still has her own family to help. Buzz tries to convince Coop that everything will be okay. Coop tells Buzz that his ‘kid’ will be lucky to have a grand dad like Buzz and they leave the airport, arms around each other’s shoulder.

Coop and Buzz arrive at Company. Coop tells Lizzie that he needs to be alone with Ava. Lizzie is so happy to see him and cannot understand why he wants to be with Ava. Buzz takes Lizzie outside. Lizzie yells at him that she cannot believe he is going to let Ava do this to his grandchild. He says to let them sort things out and returns inside, leaving a very disgusted Lizzie out. Coop tells Ava that their timing is lousy and that she deserves to be with someone with a little less baggage. Ava has a hard time understanding what he’s trying to tell her and says, “Now you’re gonna dump me”?

Inside Company, Josh is very excited that Reva is coming home today. Jonathan and Tammy talk about the fact they deserve to be happy. Coop tries to get Ava to understand about him and Lizzie. She finally tells him that she has an answer for him, kisses him and tells him he is stuck with her. Coop melts. Lizzie watches through the window as Coop kisses Ava. Beth walks up and Lizzie frantically begs her to help her.

As the closing music plays, Reva arrives at the Springfield airport after flying on stand-by. She talks to the air flight attendant about how happy she is to be home and that she will miss Paris, but she missed her husband more. As Reva dials the cell phone, she suddenly drops her packages and looks around, unable to see due to blurred vision. Surprised at what is happening, the smiles leave her face as she bends down to pick up the packages and falls to the floor.

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