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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 4/25/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

Josh, Cassie and RJ find H.B.’s old desk in an antique shop. It is in amazing condition. He explains to a curious RJ that this was the desk H.B. Lewis was sitting at when he developed Lewis Oil. When Josh opens a drawer, he almost cries for he has found an old document in his dad’s own handwriting. It is blueprints for an idea. RJ asks Josh if these are as old as the Declaration of Independence and Cassie laughs. He tells RJ that this is his fathers dream. He proceeds to tell them about his father being a WWII pilot. They would visit the soldiers in hospitals and these are blueprints for a privately funded medical center community and rehabilitation center. Cassie wonders why H.B. never fulfilled his dream and Josh tells him that H.B. just ran out of time. Cassie sees the wheels turning in Josh’s mind. He tells her that the soldiers need this now more than ever. She encourages him to pursue this dream. “So, H.B. was going to build this right here on Lewis land”, she asks.

Josh explains that a guy named Buck Larkins, a greedy old coot, owned most of the land and stood in the way of the land development. Cassie tells Josh that ‘we’ need to, “Make him an offer he cannot refuse”. Josh and Cassie talk to Buck, about wanting to develop the land as purposed. He is not agreeable. Cassie tries to get Buck to see what an incredible opportunity this is, but he tells them the land is not for sale. Josh gets Cassie aside and tells her he doesn’t have the proper background to close the deal. He whispers to her, “Use your past”. Cassie, looking confused and shocked, hears Buck say, “Getting awful lonely over here”. After Buck leaves, Cassie tells Josh that she is shocked he wanted her to use her past as a hooker to land the deal. Josh, knowing that he gave her the wrong idea, tells her that he meant use her negotiating powers. They make plans to partner for the new development for the medical center. They shake hands on the deal and remark that Reva will have many changes to come home to.

Coop calls Lizzie at her apartment demanding to talk with her. She squeals with delight and tells him that she felt the baby kicking. He immediately tells her that it is impossible for she’s not that far along. He again tells her they need to talk and she tells him she has to baby-sit James for her mother. After trying to get her to allow him to come over, she hastily tells him goodbye. When she leaves the apartment, Coop is lurking outside the door out of her sight. Lizzie goes to a doctor’s office, an OB-GYN, to see her so-called friend, Ashley. They discuss how Lizzie has been too busy for them to get together. Lizzie tells her that she needs to accompany her to a charity event next week. Ashley wonders what favor Lizzie needs. “I need you to put me down on the books as being a patient for the last month”, Lizzie whines. Ashley tells her that she can’t do that for her uncle, the doctor, would not be happy about it. Lizzie tells her that it is the only way for the insurance to cover her pregnancy and Ashley asks who the father is. Lizzie tells her that it is Coop, of course. When Ashley is called away, Coop surprises Lizzie and sarcastically tells her that he has come to help her baby-sit.

Lizzie pours on the charm telling Coop that she knows why he is here and that it is so sweet. Coop cannot believe that she has a doctor in a free clinic in the worst part of town. He wants to talk to the doctor and Lizzie tells him he is way too busy. He begins to think that Lizzie doesn’t want him to talk to the doctor and Ashley walks back into the room. Coop asks to see Lizzie’s medical record.

Ashley allows him and tells him that Lizzie has been a patient for about a month. Coop asks to see the doctor and Ashley tells him that the doctor is swamped. While Coop waits for her outside, Lizzie thanks Ashley for helping her. Ashley tells Lizzie not to forget to call her about the charity event.

At Company, Buzz tells Ava to prepare for a private party; a baby shower. Buzz wonders what she has against babies after she looks at the itinerary and looks less than excited. Ava frowns and tells him that she loves babies but any idiot can have one. Buzz looks confused as usual. Frank and Olivia, outside Company, have a conversation about his relationship with Buzz. Frank doesn’t want to go inside and Olivia tells him that he and his father need to hash out everything. She begs him to talk to Buzz telling him that she doesn’t want to be the one to tear up the Cooper family. Suddenly Franks’ cell phone rings and it is the police station giving him the news about the shooting. He tells Olivia that one of his men is down and runs off.

Buzz goes outside and finds Olivia sitting alone on the bench. He asks her to come in and she refuses. Buzz tells her that she was concerned that Frank would find them together. Gazing off in space, Olivia tells him that Frank was there, but had to leave because one of his officers was shot. When Buzz wants to know who, Olivia tells him she doesn’t know. She proceeds to tell him about when her father was an officer in the Army training recruits. Her mother always worried about him. She would wait up for him, pretending to read a magazine and the whole time, wondering what would happen to him. Her father would always tell her mother that he would be just fine. When her father would come home, her mother would say, “Hi, honey” and her father would plop in front of the TV while her mother would go about doing other things. Olivia continues to tell Buzz that she found out later when her parents were first married that her father had a little accident at the firing range. Then, when she was a freshman in high school, he had another one. But, this time it was a freak accident and he died. Crying, she realizes that is when her life changed. “Just like that, life changed”. Buzz hugs her as Olivia cries in his arms

At the scene of the shooting, Harley and Dinah arrive. An officer tries to prevent Dinah from passing and Harley tells him to let her go. Dinah finds Mallet on the ground, EMS attending to him. She cries and holds his hand saying, “Baby, you’ve been shot?” Groaning, he tells her that it looks worse than it is. Harley finds Gus leaning against the hood of the car. She takes his chin in her hand and asks him if he’s o.k. He says he is fine and she disagrees with him, “You don’t look fine. You are as white as a sheet, you are trembling, and you are not fine.” Gus immediately has a flashback of taking a pill earlier while sitting in the corridor of Cedars, before the stake out. As he looks over at Mallet lying on the ground surrounding by the EMS workers, Harley once again looks him in the eyes saying, “Hey, what’s going on?” After the EMS workers load Mallet on the gurney, Gus tells him that he’s going to be o.k., blood stains visible on Mallet’s left shoulder. Gus tells Mallet the guy was a lousy shot and Mallet says the guy was aiming for Gus. Harley asks what did happen. Gus, with difficulty speaking, tells Harley and Dinah that the guy was, “Going in his car, saw us and he freaked out….” In pain, Mallet corrects Gus and says, “Yeah, he freaked but he was headed to his car; he was coming into the garage”. Gus stammers and continues, “He was headed to….from the car”. Harley asks if they approached the guy. Gus explains that they wanted to show their IDs to the guy and talk to the guy. “Yeah, well we didn’t show our IDs, man, he made us as cops right away”, Mallet again corrects Gus. Gus says well he (Mallet) showed his ID and Mallet corrects him again saying, “No, remember, he started shooting at us as soon as I got out of the car?” Gus says the point is the guy got away, as he looks around the area. Dinah says she doesn’t understand what happened as Harley looks on in silence, watching Gus. Mallet is ready for transport and Dinah wants to go with him.

After they take away Mallet, Harley steps in front of Gus and sternly scolds him, “Mallet may be clueless, but I’m not. You are high and your partner almost got killed because of it”. Gus looks at her, mouth open and shocked. Gus tells Harley he wants to go to the hospital to see Mallet. Harley stares into Gus’s eyes and tells him his pupils are the size of nickels. She tries to coerce Gus into admitting the only reason he went to Cedars was to get pills and not to see the nurse for an interview. Gus denies taking pain killers. Harley intensifies the conversation by telling Gus that he came loaded and put a gun in his hand; he risked both of their lives. Gus says, “That’s not the way it happened”. Harley, her voice raised, says, “DON’T LIE TO ME”. She tells Gus, who is crying now, that he made a promise to her and the kids. He still insists that he is not on drugs. Frank walks up and asks what is going on. Harley tells Frank that Mallet will be o.k. Gus, looking very tired and sad, tells Frank that he (Gus) should have been there for Mallet. Frank tells him to not be hard on himself. When Frank leaves, Harley asks Gus again why he did this. Gus, backing away from her says, “I needed to take them”. Harley finally starts sobbing. Gus, biting his nails, tells Harley he is so sorry and that now he knows what he has to do. She tells him that he cannot do it by himself. “Do you trust me”, she asks Gus. “With my life”, Gus replies. He places his hand in hers.

Mallet arrives at Cedars as Rick and the other attendants bark out orders. Dinah asks if Mallet will have surgery and what she can do to help. Rick tells her that it will be a minor procedure and that she can help by donating a pint of blood. An anxious Dinah passes out as the nurse prepares her for the blood donation. After Dinah comes to, Frank tells her that having a cop in the family isn’t easy. Rick appears and tells Dinah that she can now see Mallet. Mallet gave Dinah a message to Rick to give to Dinah before he “went under”; “I love her”. Dinah consoles a post-operative Mallet. He tells her that they won’t be able to make the trip as she kisses him gently.

Meanwhile at Company, Buzz and Olivia walk in as he receives a phone call telling him that Mallet was the one shot. Ava announces that the baby shower is all taken care of as Coop and Lizzie stroll. He tells Ava that he and Lizzie need to be alone. Suddenly, Alan and Beth walk in. Lizzie is so excited and blurts out, “I was hoping that Frank and Marina would be here. Henry and I have a very important announcement to make”. Coop tires to stop her. Lizzie, smiling and all a flitter says, “We’re pregnant. We’re having a baby”, as Beth, Alan, Olivia, Ava, and Buzz have varying shocked reactions. Coop looks timidly at Ava as Lizzie glows and gloats.

Suddenly, Alan lunges at Coop and puts him in a choke hold. Everyone is screaming and trying to pull Alan from Coop. Frank bursts in and asks, “What the hell is going on here?” Lizzie tells everyone that they are going to process everything and just deal with it. Frank asks deal with what and Lizzie proudly tells him, “My pregnancy. Coop and I are going to have a baby”. Coop is no where to be found.

As the closing music plays, Harley accompanies Gus to the Greentop Residential Center. Gus tells her, “I’ve spent all my time with drug addicts and alcoholics”. He tells her he is not okay and that he let her down. Harley, looking more relieved now, tells him that he has not let her down. “Baby”, she tenderly says as she brushes back the hair from his face, “You make me proud”. Gus looks away, embarrassed.

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