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Guiding Light Update Monday 4/24/06

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Written By Siri
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Harley finds a disheveled-looking Gus at Cedars Hospital Emergency Department and he asks her what she is doing there. She tells him she was to meet him for the boys’ T-Ball try outs and he tells her he was sorry that he had a deposition and couldn’t make the tryouts. Gus hugs Harley and tells her he will meet up with them later and throw the ball around and they can be a real family. As Harley hugs him back, Gus again sees the prescription pad on the counter and pockets it. He sees a nurse walk by and tells Harley she is the nurse he needs to interview. Obviously wanting to hang around, Harley watches as Gus asks the nurse what her name is on her name tag. Harley finally walks off and Gus, obviously in pain, quietly asks the nurse, “Where is the pharmacy?”

Mallet and Dinah, outside Company, talk about her having a week off and plans to go to “the island”. She still cannot understand why Harley gave her a week off. He tells her she just needs to enjoy it. Mallet tells Dinah that she is amazing and brilliant, “Did I leave out something?” he asks. She replies, “Yeah, I’m also house broken” and laughs. She reiterates that she doesn’t understand why Harley is trying to send her away. Mallet tries to encourage her and build her up by saying that she was great as the CEO and Harley knows this. They kiss and he tells her that he will see her tonight. As soon as Mallet leaves, Harley walks up frantically looking through her purse and muttering to herself, “I just cannot believe this”. She finally sees Dinah standing in front of her and suddenly stops, both staring at the other. Harley, frustrated, says she cannot find her cell phone again. She continues to look through her purse as Dinah tells her she has something she needs to talk to her about.

Harley, very distracted, tells Dinah that she needs to make an important phone call and proceeds to locate the nurse Gus was talking to at Cedars. Dinah attempts to talk to her as Harley keeps getting distracted on the phone. Harley finally is able to speak with the nurse in question and asks the nurse about Gus’s interview with her. It is obvious the nurse did not know of what Harley was speaking for Harley says, “Really? No, I’m obviously wrong. I’m sorry”. Dinah is relieved that Harley is finally finished on the phone and politely tells her that she will not take much of her time and needs to talk to her. Harley starts to walk away telling Dinah that she knows she wants to talk, but she cannot do this right now and needs to find Gus. Dinah grabs a startled Harley by the arm and says in a determined voice, “No, no, no. You don’t walk away from me. No”. “Dinah, what the hell”, Harley exclaims as she jerks her arm away. Harley sarcastically apologizes that she is distracted and cannot understand why Dinah is acting like this. Dinah tells her that Harley never has five minutes to give her. “You’re the one who needs a vacation”, Dinah yells. “I just want you to know that I will be here to watch your back; making sure that Alan’s not going to come over you or Alan-Michael is not going to do his thing”, Dinah continues as a very confused Harley listens. Finally, Harley tells her that she appreciates her and wants to know just what this is about. Dinah finally screeches, “You slept with my boyfriend”.

Inside Company, Ava questions Coop on what bombshell Lizzie dropped on him this time. He hesitatingly tells her that Lizzie got him to her apartment and when he walked in, there were baby things all over the apartment. Ava tells him she doesn’t understand. “Ava, she’s pregnant. Lizzie is pregnant.” Ava drops a tray of dishes on the floor in disbelief. “She’s a lying, vindictive little bitch”, she tells Coop. Ava tells Coop that Lizzie’s mother is pregnant and that Lizzie just wants the attention. He replies that she didn’t see Lizzie when they were dancing at his birthday party. “She was dizzy and nauseated. Those are symptoms of pregnancy”, he tries to explain. Ava tells him not only are these symptoms of pregnancy, but too much tequila, too. She tries to tell him that Lizzie is making everything up. He says that he knows and that this makes perfect sense. Ava goes on to tell him that Lizzie wants him to pass on the Oxford fellowship and to get her, Ava, out of the picture, too. Coop admits that he wants nothing more than for Ava to be right, but, “Lizzie might be telling the truth.”

Ava tells Coop to call Lizzie and ask her to do a doctor’s office pregnancy test. He phones Lizzie and leaves a message that he needs to talk to her. Ava asks him did they use birth control and he tells her they did, but that sometimes it’s not a hundred percent. Suddenly a British gentleman comes into Company and announces that he his there for the Oxford interview. A surprised Coop looks at the man. The gentleman asks Coop if it is a bad time and Coop says it’s not. He admits that he forgot about the appointment.

Ava offers tea and the gentleman stays for the interview. He tries to convince the man that he really wants to go to Oxford. The gentleman is impressed that Coop desires to be a novelist and a professor. He asks Coop where he sees his life in five years and sadly, Coop tells him he just cannot answer that question. Coop tells the gentleman that sometimes things come from left field and changes things. The man responds that they want to see focus from their applicants. Ava interrupts and tells the gentleman that Coop has talked of nothing but Oxford since she met him. The gentleman sternly instructs Coop that the workshop spans several months with no breaks or holidays and the professors will expect him to be one hundred percent focused.

Tammy, at the police station, asks Remy to help her get the restraining order against Jonathan lifted. She tells him that Marina told her she had to come to the station to do this. Remy tells Tammy that he will take care of it on one condition, “Prove you are right about Jonathan.” Tammy tells him that all of the complaints on the restraining order were exaggerated. He asks her to explain the stalking comments. She tells him that guys love the chase and Remy replies, “Depends on the guy.” She finally tells him the real reason she got the restraining order was to restrain herself around Jonathan, but that she loves him. She asks are they done officially and he says yes. “But, unofficially”, he says, “you and I go back and I’m not just saying this because I used to have a crush on you. This Randall guy has a record…”

Tammy interrupts Remy, “Don’t, don’t”, she pleads. “I know what you are thinking. …Jonathan would lie, he’d steal, and he’d threaten people if push came to shove”. Remy says, “Oh, would he?” Tammy says that Jonathan would do all of that and more for her. Remy gets the judge to rescind the restraining order. Remy looks at her very suspiciously. Tammy, still trying to explain Jonathan, tells Remy that Jonathan would sacrifice himself for her. “There’s something else about him, how sweet he is”, she says sweetly and tenderly. Remy finishes up the report and hands it to her. As she leaves, Remy tells her that he is here for her and watches as she leaves the station.

In Lizzie’s apartment, Jonathan tells Lizzie that Tammy has this idea that Lizzie is pregnant. Lizzie screams at him to get out. Jonathan grabs her by the shoulders and with a stern look in his face says, “So, tell me, Goldilocks. Should I be handing out cigars?” Lizzie screams at Jonathan to get his hands off of her. Jonathan asks her again if she is pregnant or not. Lizzie shouts back in a rage that it is none of his business. “So you’re saying it’s not mine?” Jonathan queries. She tells him to get out or she will scream. He grabs her and covers her mouth. “You wanna know why you’re not gonna scream? ‘Cause I can make your life a living hell”, he threatens.

Lizzie sarcastically tells him to get out and that she doesn’t know what Tammy sees in him. She tells him he is nothing but a menace and the sex wasn’t even good. In a rage Jonathan yells in her face, “Cut the crap. Lizzie! Answer the question. Are you pregnant or not?” She screams back that she is and to get his hands off of her. Calmer now, Jonathan says, “Okay, what are we gonna do about it?” Lizzie tells him that he cannot come into her apartment and threaten her and the baby. “Shut up, shut up, shut up, JUST SHUT UP!” Jonathan yells. He hisses that she is not the only one affected and that he is trying to have a life with Tammy. Lizzie tells him to get over himself because the baby isn’t his. “It’s Coop’s”, she tells him. Relief washes over Jonathan’s face. She goes on to tell him that she was already pregnant when they slept together. “I knew the whole time”, she stutters.

Lizzie explains that the night they slept together, she already knew and just couldn’t handle everything. “I needed …….something and you were there”, she says. Jonathan quizzes on how far along she is. Lizzie tells him a couple of weeks and that she went to another clinic to find out. She tries to convince Jonathan that she didn’t want anyone to know. He asks her did she tell Coop and looks unconvinced when she tells him that he was okay but freaked out. He asks her one last time is she absolutely sure this isn’t his baby and she tells him that she is sure. As she tries to tell him about the exact night she became pregnant, Jonathan turns to leave telling her, “I’m outta here. You and me are done”, he smiles. Lizzie says amen to that. They both agree that Coop and Tammy will never have to know anything. After he leaves, Lizzie sits down very carefully, rubs her stomach and weakly says, “You’re Coop’s baby. You have to be.” She talks to Roxie and tries to figure out a way to find somebody who can prove that she was already pregnant before April 10th.

Meanwhile, in the corridor at Cedars Hospital, Gus is carrying a paper sack. He sits down on a bench, opens the bottle of pills and hurriedly swallows one. Suddenly his cell phone rings and it is Mallet. He proceeds to tell Gus that he is needed down at the police station because the Commissioner expects all the paperwork to be up-to-date for inspection. With slurred speech, Gus says, “It’s my day off and I’m napping.” Mallet tells him that he napped for months up at the cabin and if Gus doesn’t help him he will have to cancel his trip with Dinah. Gus, sleepy now, looks at the prescription bottle. He has difficulty reading the label for the words are blurred. When he realizes he cannot get out of the job, he finally tells Mallet that he will be there. As he starts to rise from the bench he stumbles and staggers down the hallway. Gus makes it to the police station muttering to himself that he can do this. His eyes blurring, he speaks to Remy and watches as others pass by. Mallet walks in and Gus tells him that he didn’t get much sleep the night before. Mallet discovers there is a lead on the Marler case. He tells Gus to come with him so they can question the airplane mechanic. Gus still is having problems focusing and tells Mallet he needs to stay behind. Mallet, obviously hyped by the new lead, tells Gus to move, “Let’s go check out the mechanic”. Gus haltingly gets up and they leave together.

At Jonathan’s bar, he arrives to see that Tammy has a romantic atmosphere prepared. Smiling widely, he tells her she is beautiful and they passionately kiss. She tells him she has a surprise for him as she presents him with the rescinded restraining order. Jonathan teases her that he can do anything around her now without fear. Tammy takes the restraining order and burns it. “From this moment on, she says, I’m burning away the past……from this moment on, we’re one. Nothing and nobody can come between us”. Jonathan looks very happy.

Gus and Mallet are sitting in the car at a stake out waiting for the plane mechanic. Gus naps. He tells Mallet that this is a bum lead and they should leave. Mallet seems concerned that Gus is drinking too much coffee and that he needs to take vitamins for Gus looks like an extra from The Night of the Living Dead. Suddenly, Mallet sees something. “Yeah, that’s him, that’s the guy, let’s go and act casual”, Mallet exclaims to Gus. Gus has great difficulty focusing and tries desperately to get out of the car. As he is trying to open the door, Gus once again looks with blurred vision to see a man standing in front of the car. Suddenly, in slow motion, the man pulls out a gun and Mallet yells, “Get down, he’s got a gun” as gunfire rings out. Mallet, in slow motion, looks over in Gus’s direction.

After the man from Oxford leaves Company, Ava apologizes for monopolizing the conversation. Coop tells her that because of her, he still has options. Tenderly, he takes her hand and tells her that Oxford isn’t all he wants. They kiss and look into each other’s eyes.

Meanwhile, at her apartment, Lizzie tells Roxie that she is going to have a little brother or sister. She talks about living in a big house with Henry and her and a little “whatever”. “And, no one is going to find out that anybody but Coop could be the father”, Lizzie emphatically tells Roxie.

Back at the bar, Jonathan tells Tammy that she makes him very happy and that she is the first person that has ever chosen him. Almost crying, Jonathan tells her that he will do anything to keep her forever.

Sirens wailing, Gus drops a gun and stumbles. He grabs his chest and slowly slides down the side of the car, a look of fear and disbelief on his face. “Officer down”, yells a police officer.

Back outside Company, Harley admits to Dinah that she is right for she did sleep with Dinah’s boyfriend and that it was a huge mistake. She tells Dinah that she and Mallet regretted it that very day. Dinah looks less than convinced. Harley tells Dinah over and over that Mallet loves her. Dinah yells, “Don’t pick up the phone”, as Harley’s cell phone rings. Harley tells Dinah that the call is from the police station. A very concerned Dinah listens as a shaken Harley says, “Harley Cooper here”. What, what, what? Say that again? Who was shot? As the suspenseful closing music plays, Harley listens to the caller, shock and disbelief written on her face.

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