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Guiding Light Update Friday 4/21/06

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Written By Michelle

At the jail, Gus is talking to himself, telling himself there’s no need to medicate himself when Harley and the boys come excited about t ball starting today. Frank comes and takes the boys to tour his office. Harley asks Gus if he’s ok, he says he is and doesn’t need pills. Harley is pleased to hear it. They are there to pack up Harley’s desk, Harley leaves to get boxes and once again Gus is left alone trying to talk himself out of taking a pill, as he clutches a photograph of his family.

At Outskirts, Tammy is finished with her study group and tells Jonathan (who is in another room) that she’s ran into Lizzie at Cedars and she said she’s sorry about what happened earlier between them. She begins to tell Jonathan that she overheard Lizzie and Rick talking when Jonathan comes into the room and says he doesn’t want to talk about Lizzie and passionately kisses Tammy and the two begin to undress each other.

Outside Company, Lizzie is watching Coop and Ava from the outside and she remembers all her passionate encounters with Coop, then the four positive pregnancy tests she took. She looks into the window and says that Coop is the father, because she said so.

Inside Company, Coop puts the closed sign on the window and Ava tells him he can’t do that. Coop says he can because Buzz left him in charge. He kisses Ava and Lizzie walks in saying she has to tell him something. She wants to get Coop alone to tell him the news. Ava interrupts and wants Lizzie to leave; Ava physically carries Lizzie out of the restaurant and locks the door.

At the station Frank asks when she last fed the boys, they are hungry. Harley didn’t realize but still has a lot of packing to do and goodbyes to say. Gus takes the kids to tryouts and to Company. Harley tells Gus to take it easy, she seems worried about him.

Marina and Frank come in as they kiss good bye, Gus leaves. Harley looks worried, outside the station, Gus looks worried too.

Outside of Company, Lizzie beats on the front door and yells for Coop to let her in. Ava is pleased with herself and hopes Lizzie learned her lesson. Coop asks what Ava thinks Lizzie wanted. Lizzie is outside still beating on the window and decides to call Coop, Ava grabs Coops phone away. Lizzie tries to get in again, and decides to steal Ava’s new boots so that Coop will have to come and get them. Ava can’t believe Lizzie took her shoes.

At Outskirts, Tammy and Jonathan bask in the after glow of their lovemaking. Jonathan tells Tammy he thought they’d have to lose something once it wasn’t them against the world but things are better now. Jon says that Tammy makes crazy things run through his head, things like his future, plans. Tammy asks a house and children? Then she remembers what she was going to say when she came in about Lizzie.

Outside of Company, Ava is mad that Lizzie stole her shoes and calls Lizzie immature and says that the shoes cost her a weeks’ salary. Coop offers to get them back, because if Ava goes, he’ll have to bail her out of jail. Coop leaves as Gus and the kids approach. Zack wants to know why Ava doesn’t have any shoes on. She says an evil troll stole her shoes. Zack asks why a troll would still her shoes and Ava replies that she likes to kick herself in her own butt. Both laugh. Gus sees the closed sign on the door and offers to leave. Ava says they don’t have to go, there’s no reason not to be open now. They discuss food and the boys go inside to help Ava. Ava notices Gus limping and offers him ice tea. When she leaves to get it, Gus seems to be in pain

At the police station, Mallet tells Remy that they have to keep Harley busy until Marina comes back. They plan to tease her. Mallet and Remy help Harley going through her things as she packs, Jokes are told about the contents of Harley’s boxes. Harley says she feels she’s going back to where she belongs, Spaulding. Mallet is happy for her. Harley says she’s glad he has his old partner back. Harley wants him to look after Gus. Mallet says Gus will be ok. Harley looks worried.

Outside Lizzie’s penthouse, Coop is chasing Lizzie over the shoes. She makes him come into the apartment. She has to show him something. Coop thinks it’s a trap. She wants to show him new lingerie, a bathrobe. Lizzie opens the door to the apartment and Coop sees all the baby stuff. He wants to know what it is. She says it’s for their baby and that she’s pregnant.

At Outskirts, Jonathan wants to know why Lizzie’s name keeps coming up. Tammy says she might be jumping to conclusions. She overheard Lizzie saying some bizarre things and normally she wouldn’t think twice about it. Tammy ticks off things she’s noticed about Lizzie. Lizzie didn’t feel well at Coops party, today outside of Company she was sick. Tammy followed her to Cedars where Lizzie saw Rick. Tammy tells Jon she thinks Lizzie might be pregnant. He looks shocked. Tammy doesn’t notice. Jonathan asks what she heard. Tammy says she heard Lizzie thanking Rick about the pregnancy info. Jon says it could have been about her mom, but then Rick was asking her about her nausea. Tammy says, like morning sickness. Jonathan looks pale. Tammy says the look on Lizzie’s face when Tammy saw her confirmed it. Then Tammy admits it’s just a hunch. She says she’s crazy right. Jonathan says yes and that Coop must be bugging out about it. Tammy points out that the baby might not even be Coops because they’ve been broken up for awhile. Jonathan looks worried.

At the Penthouse, Coop is in disbelief and repeats that Lizzie is pregnant. Lizzie says “they” are pregnant. She shows him all the pregnancy tests. Coop thinks Lizzie is lying and gives her a chance for her to tell him the truth. Lizzie says she’s pregnant and didn’t believe it at first and the timing is bad. She thinks it could be good for them because they did love each other. Coop is in shock, but Lizzie says it will pass. It’s amazing and they are going to have a baby together.

Marina comes into Company, as the boys run past her. Gus tries to go after them but he’s in pain. They talk about Harley’s going away party. Marina notices that Gus is in pain, he says it’s the t ball tryouts. He needs help, he has to go interview a nurse at Cedars. Marina offers to take the boys to t ball.

At the station, Mallet and Remy rib Harley about being a clingy wife now that she’s off the force. Harley tells Mallet that Gus has been through a lot and hopes he knows his limitations. Harley gives Frank all her paperwork and he doesn’t want to take it. He hates to see her go. Harley says she’s excited to be going back to Spaulding. Mallet tells Harley that he will miss having her as a partner. She tells him she doesn’t regret any of it and asks if he does and he says no. The rest of the officers come in with cake and the going away party begins.

At Cedars, Gus runs into Dr. Tompkins. Gus tells him he really hurt is back trying to arrest someone and can’t find his doctor. He wants him to write him a prescription to get him through the day.

At the station, Harley and Frank talk about the station being in her blood. Frank tells her anytime she changes her mind and wants to come back she’s welcome. Harley turns in her badge and gun. Mallet says it was good being her partner again, and tells her to remember their deal. She’ll take care of Dinah and he’ll take care Gus. She wants to go to meet Gus at Company. The men help her out to her car with the boxes.

At Cedars, Dr. Tompkins tells Gus he’d be happy to help him out which makes Gus happy. But when Dr. T says he has to get his records from Rick, Gus says he doesn’t want to bother Rick. Dr. T says it’s not a big deal. His nurse will call Rick’s nurse. Gus says he just needs a refill, but Dr. T says he can’t help him without giving him a checkup first or looking at his medical records but tells Gus to take ibuprofen and in the meantime he’ll contact Rick. When Dr. T gets called away Gus notices his prescription pad.

At Company, Harley comes in looking for Gus and the boys. Ava says she just missed him but that Marina took the boys to t ball for Gus. Gus was called away to Cedars on a case. Harley looks worried, she says Gus was supposed to have the day off but maybe she can catch up with him. Harley asks where Coop is, and Ava says she’s not sure but has a good idea where he might be. Harley leaves. Ava looks worried.

At the Penthouse, Lizzie is excitedly showing Coop the baby stuff when he wants to know if the baby is even his. Lizzie is mad and asks how he could ask that. She wants to know why he’s asking. He says she has a history of lying to him and they were apart for a while. Lizzie says she was a virgin when she met him and he’s the only person she’s been with, she swears the baby is his and she never slept with Quinn. Lizzie gets mad and says she doesn’t need Coop, she’ll figure something out. Coop wants to know what she means by that. She says she’s keeping the baby if that’s what he’s implying. She goes on to say that she doesn’t need Coop financially to raise the baby and she’ll be fine on her own. Coop says to slow down and that she dropped a big bomb on him and Lizzie says pardon her for wanting him to be happy about the news. Coop says it’s a lot to digest. Lizzie tells him he’s off the hook and tells him to get out. Coop says he just needs time. Lizzie shows him to the door and tells him to take all the time he needs, she’s not going anywhere. And she congratulates him.

At Outskirts, Jonathan is trying to leave Lizzie a phone message when Tammy comes bouncing in and hugs him talking about how lucky they are to have a second chance. Jon agrees and says nothing is going to get in the way of it. Tammy wants to try calling Lizzie again, Jonathan suggests Tammy back off. Jon lies and says he needs to go meet with a distributor. Once he’s gone, Tammy decides to leave too.

At Cedars, Gus is about to take the prescription pad, when a nurse comes up and asks him if he got everything he needed. Gus says yes and asks if he should do hot and cold compresses. The nurse needs a box moved and when she leaves, Gus grabs a few sheets of the prescription pad, just as Harley walks in. She doesn’t seem to have noticed.

At the police station, Tammy comes in to see Remy. Remy is disappointed she’s back with Jonathan but he’s glad she’s happy. She’s there to drop the restraining order.

At Company, Coop comes in and sees Ava, he seems distracted and she wants to know where her shoes are. Coop says he forgot to get them. Ava wants to know what bombshell Lizzie dropped on him this time. Coop looks very worried.

At the Penthouse, Lizzie in a robe, head wrapped in towel has finished bathing. She comes out to find Jonathan sitting amongst the baby furniture. He wants to know if she has something she wants to tell him.

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