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Guiding Light Update Thursday 4/20/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

Tammy and Jonathan are talking at the bar, Outskirts, when Cassie calls. Cassie wants to come over to tell her something important. Tammy drags out of Cassie that she is going to Oklahoma to Cross Creek. She further tells Tammy that Cross Creek is about to be restored to its former glory and that ‘we’ will be there in a minute. Tammy says, “Who’s we?” Cassie says, Josh and I. Jonathan says with a smirk, “So, Josh and Cassie taking a trip together.” Tammy says to stop saying that and Jonathan laughingly says, “So? It’s not like they are cousins or anything.” Jonathan tells Tammy that Josh better behave himself or he will have to report him to his mommy. Jonathan kisses Tammy and he leaves.

Inside Company, Coop is trying to carry on a conversation with Ava. She is setting the tables and tells him that she’s listening, but counting forks. He tells her she is missing her shoes and she explains they are outside for she didn’t have time to clean them. Coop goes back into the kitchen to retrieve more forks as Ava has a flashback of yesterdays’ conversation with Lizzie. Ava remembers Lizzie telling her that she was a big hit when she and Coop slept together when suddenly Beth appears before her and tells her she needs to talk to her. Beth asks Ava is there something about Spring that makes you want to change your ways and broaden your horizons and she says that she guesses so. Beth tells Ava that she must miss home and that maybe she can help her with that. Ava says she has been saving up for a move and Beth smiles, “Really? Have you?” She proceeds to tell Beth how Coop has been planning this fellowship at Oxford. Beth tells her that she should just forget about Coop because she just wouldn’t want to see Ava get stuck. She tells Ava that she should know how long Coop and Lizzie have been dating and Ava shoots back, “Yeah, he just broke up with her.” Beth, with one eyebrow raised, tells Ava that every relationship has its ups and downs and that she, Beth, is a problem solver. Ava tells her that she could have used her last night to solve her problem when Lizzie locked her in an elevator. As Beth tries to explain, Ava tells her, “Where I come from, if you want to threaten someone, you just come out and say it.” Beth understands her as Ava further explains, “So, you are saying that if I don’t step off from Coop that there’s going to be problems?” Beth doesn’t get the chance to answer for Coop arrives and tells Ava he needs more sugar. Ava leaves and Coop offers to make Beth some decaf coffee. She tells Coop that she is beginning to see what her daughter sees in him.

Meanwhile, outside Company, Lizzie starts to imagine herself in the future talking to Coop as she holds a baby and says, “I feel great! Giving birth is super-cardio. I should do it all the time”. Coop replies, “I can’t believe your body snapped back so fast.” Coop looks on at the new baby and they both coo at the infant. Lizzie says to a smiling Coop, “I think he looks just like you.” Suddenly future Jonathan’s voice says, “I’ve got nicer hair” and cackles hideous laughter as a very frightened Lizzie screams and tries to get away form him. He continues to taunt her and kisses her forcefully. She snaps back to reality and prays, “Please let this be Coop’s baby, please? It was only one time with Jonathan, it was only once.” Jonathan walks by and with a confused look on his face says, “What was just once?”

Back at the bar, Tammy is visiting with Cassie and Josh. They tell Tammy the expectations for Cross Creek including finding all the original furniture, family photos, and other personal touches. Josh says Reva will be so surprised. Tammy tells them that there are people who can do this for them. Cassie finally tells Tammy that she sold her half of the Beacon to Olivia on the condition that Olivia sells Cassie Cross Creek. Josh then tells Tammy that he will turn around and buy Cross Creek from her mom. Cassie tells Tammy that she will now have more time with the family since selling her part in the Beacon. Tammy is skeptical but happy for her mom. She then tells Cassie she had better leave because she surely doesn’t want to keep Josh waiting. Cassie looks confused and asks her what that means. Tammy says it’s nothing and that Jonathan had his mind in the gutter earlier when she told him that Cassie and Josh were going away together. Cassie immediately tells her that Josh and Reva are getting back together and Tammy says that she knows this. Cassie turns to leave when she hesitates, stops and asks Tammy, “Are you sure this doesn’t look bad somehow?” Tammy says, “You’re asking me if something looks bad?” She tells he mother, with a wry look on her face, to go and have fun.

Meanwhile, back outside Company, Jonathan asks again, “Just once?” Lizzie tells him that just once she would like a warning before he ambushes her. He changes his demeanor and instructs that she is not to run her mouth every time she is around Tammy. He further instructs that, “It never happened”. Lizzie sarcastically says she can’t understand why she never thought of that and that she was not going to let it ruin her life. A curious Tammy walks in at the tail end of the conversation and says, “What’s going on, is there a problem?” Lizzie sighs as Tammy asks her if she is all right. Lizzie says yes and walks away. Jonathan tells Tammy that all he said to Lizzie was ‘hi and Lizzie’ and she freaked out. He says that she is not used to being dumped and Tammy says she doesn’t think Lizzie has ever been dumped before. Tammy thinks that Lizzie looked as if she was going to pass out and Jonathan says, “Nah”. They plan to meet up again at the bar. As Jonathan leaves, Tammy grabs the cell phone that Lizzie left behind earlier and mutters to herself, “Lizzie”.

At Cross Creek, Josh, Cassie, Hawk and RJ meet. Hawk tells Josh that he is glad he and Reva got back together. They all talk about restoring Cross Creek to the way it used to be. Josh shows RJ pictures of the old Cross Creek and asks him to be sure they are making the new Cross Creek look the same when suddenly Cassie’s cell phone rings. It is Reva calling from France and Cassie starts to tell her that she wouldn’t believe where she is right now. Josh grabs the cell phone from her and turns it off telling her that they must all be careful to keep Cross Creek a secret. Hawk agrees and takes RJ sightseeing around Cross Creek. As Josh and Cassie continue with the plans, he asks Cassie if she would like to come to work for him. He hugs her after she tells him she will think about it. Josh leaves to get a ladder so he can remove a picture. Cassie, in heels, climbs up on a chair to remove the picture without waiting for the ladder. She suddenly starts to fall and Josh runs back into the room to break her fall. She injures her left ankle.

Josh tenderly checks out the painful ankle when Cassie starts to think about what Tammy said earlier, “You don’t want to keep Josh waiting”. She proceeds to kick Josh in the face and from the couch. Cassie immediately apologizes to a startled Josh. Later, Josh is eating and playing on the computer. Cassie limps in. He finds a dining room table at an online auction and determines the table is actually his and Reva’s table from an earlier time.

Back at Company, Ava returns with the sugar. Very mad now, she tells Coop that Beth threatened to ship her out of town and all he could do was to offer her some coffee and some sugar. She proceeds to drop a five pound bag of sugar on his toe. In pain now, Coop explains to her that she didn’t hear the rest of the conversation with Beth. He says that Beth understands and that she is just a worried mother. He also tells her that Beth left happy and he did all this just to protect her. She asks sadly, “If you’re trying to protect me, then why did you sleep with Lizzie after you broke up?” Coop doesn’t answer. Ava tries to explain that she didn’t want to bring up him and Lizzie at the party because the party was tanking when she suddenly stops and says, “Why am I apologizing to you?” They have a small fight and she tells him she just doesn’t know what she wants. Ava wonders if Coop was thinking at all when he slept with Lizzie. “Were you thinking at all? With your head instead of what’s in your pants?” Coops scoffs at her. He tries to explain that he felt something for both of them and he is sorry. She wonders how she could know that he wouldn’t do this again. He gives her his word and asks for a chance. They kiss.

Lizzie meets up with Rick at Cedars. He wants to know why she is there and she explains that she has a stomach ache. He offers to take her back for an examination and she tells him no. He asks her if she thinks about her dad and she looks sad and nods. He remembers the times when Phillip needed to talk to him that they would hang out and play basketball. Lizzie tells him laughingly that she’s not going to shoot hoops with him but wants him to be her friend. As a large very pregnant woman walks by, she exclaims, “Oh, my gosh! That one is gigormous! She must be in her third semester!” Rick corrects her, “Third trimester.” She stutters and wonders if there is any way to have a cute little beach ball thing as a pregnant belly. Rick tries to explain that this is determined by genetics. Lizzie is curious and wants to know how they figure this out, especially if they didn’t know who the father was. Rick frowns and wants to know if she is asking him what he thinks she’s asking him. Lizzie tells him that she has asked too many questions. Rick sternly asks her does she think her mother is carrying another man’s baby. She says that could happen to anybody and what would she do to figure out who the father was. Rick explains this is normally determined after delivery and Lizzie realizes one can go months and months before knowing who the baby’s father could be. As Rick sits Lizzie down and tells her that to have a baby means to love that person more than anyone in their entire life, Tammy eavesdrops from out of their sight. She has a very questioning look on her face. Lizzie is going on and on about baby this and that. Rick asks her about her ‘condition’ and the nausea. Lizzie says she is o.k. She thanks Rick for helping her with the whole pregnancy thing and he offers to help her anytime. As she is walking away, Lizzie runs into Tammy who questions her about how she looked earlier. Lizzie brushes it off and to please tell Jonathan that she is sorry. She explains that it probably was just hormones and breaking up with Coop. Lizzie rambles on about having a realization now and everything clicks. Tammy looks at Lizzie and has a very suspicious look on her face as they depart.

Tammy arrives at the bar to tell Jonathan about seeing Lizzie at Cedars talking to Rick. Jonathan tells her he doesn’t want to hear anymore about Lizzie and starts to kiss her passionately.

Back at Company, Coop asks Ava if they are o.k. now. He tells her that he doesn’t want to hear Lizzie’s name again and kisses her. As she tells him they need to work, Coop starts to place a “Closed” sign on the door, shaking his head. The closing music playing now, a very determined Lizzie bursts through the door looking at Coop and saying, “I have to tell you something and it can’t wait. You need to know this right now.”

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