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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 4/19/06

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Written By Siri
Pictures by Boo

Lizzie Spaulding – In the Light 

An excited Lizzie prepares to leave for a party.  Daydreaming, she envisions herself with Coop all to herself without Ava.  With a smile on her face and all decked out in a designer red dress, she leaves Roxie at home to go to the party.

At Towers, the birthday party is revving up.  Frank arrives loaded down with gifts and stumbles as his dad, Buzz, attempts to help him.  Buzz looks at the gifts and tells an obviously irritated Frank that he got carried away.  Frank, with a scowl on his face says, “Yeah, you’d know all about that wouldn’t you?”  Buzz tells Frank that he will do anything to make things right between them.  Frank says that this is not the place to discuss this and it is Coops’ day.  Frank suddenly looks suspiciously across the room and says, “Great”.  He walks over to Jonathan and Tammy.  The waiter has a tray and a distrusting Frank says, “What is this?”  The waiter holds out a stick and says, “blow”.  Jonathan lets out a cackle and says, “Yeah, Frank, blow”, and continues to laugh out loud.  Frank looks skeptical but the tray contains bubbles for the party festivities.  Ava tells Frank to play along because Buzz planned the party for Coop.  Buzz says it wasn’t he, that Harley and Frank planned the party.  Frank says that no it was Ava.  Ava said she couldn’t afford anything like this.  Tammy thinks Coop threw the party for himself.  Coop arrives and in deed looks surprised as Ava kisses him hello and Tammy comes to his side.  Lizzie arrives with a huge gift and saying surprise, surprise, surprise.  She is all smiles and Coop’s face falls as Ava looks disgusted.

Lizzie tells everyone she planned the party all for Coop.  He takes her aside and explains that they are not together.  Tammy looks at Lizzie prancing around Coop showing him her new red dress and says this is desperate even for Lizzie.  Jonathan starts to think back on the night of Lizzie and his love making and says, “Forget Lizzie.  Let’s go get a drink…..”.  Ava questions Lizzie about the party planning and Lizzie says she had this planned for a long time.  She tells everyone listening that she was going to cancel the party after she and Coop broke up but that the people were going to keep her deposit.  She looks at Ava and says the deposit was, “How can I put this, Ava, like six months in tips?”  Ava looks very embarrassed.  Coop tells Lizzie she has already bought him a gift and she asked him did he want her to just leave.  He said no and Lizzie was all excited.  Coop tells Ava that she will sit by him.  As they start to kiss, Lizzie interrupts with a lame announcement about the food for the party.  Ava goes to help Lizzie and tells her that she is in denial about Coop.  A waiter comes by with a tray and food and says, “Nachos?”  Lizzie gags and says, no to get them away from her.  Ava thinks she is faking and Lizzie says no she’s not and she wasn’t faking it the other night when she and Coop slept together.  Ava’s mouth drops open!  Ava calls her a liar.  She tells Lizzie it doesn’t matter because she and Coop were not even together then.  Lizzie tells her she can give her details.  Coop, listening, breaks in and tells Ava to go with him to get some air.  They leave.  Tammy tells Jonathan that maybe they should drag Lizzie out of the room and he tells her no, to leave her alone. 

Meanwhile, out on the terrace of Towers, Coop tells Ava that he and Lizzie did indeed sleep together.  He tells her it just happened and Ava asked him, “Is it going to just happen again?” 

Tammy tries to curtail Lizzie.  Lizzie tells her, “If whatever you and your cousin have is really that great, then he would have never……”  Tammy says, “Would never what?”  Jonathan walks up about that time and the conversation ends.  After Lizzie leaves, Jonathan tells Tammy that Lizzie is psycho and to steer clear.

 As Ava tries to tell Coop that it is o.k. that he slept with Lizzie, the party magician walks onto the terrace to entertain Coop.  They walk back into the party and the magician starts to announce he needs someone to help him with his swords.  Jonathan says, “Use it on the little one in the red dress” pointing to Lizzie. 

Lizzie takes Ava by the hand as Coop is preoccupied with the magician and tells her she wants to show her the most amazing magic trick of the night.  She proceeds to lock Ava in an out-of-order elevator, turning off the lights.  Lizzie say, “Poof, she’s gone, good riddance” and turns up the music volume.  Lizzie tells everyone to dance and no one can hear Ava yelling, “Lizzie, let me out!”

Coop asks Lizzie why she told Ava about their ‘night’.  He explains to her that they are NOT together and it is over.  She tells him that he was her first everything.  She tells him that she just wanted to do something nice for him before it was all over officially.  He can’t find Ava and tells Lizzie that she probably left the party.  Meanwhile, Ava is yelling, “Lizzie, damn you!!”

As a new song starts to play, Lizzie says, “That’s our song” and asks Coop to dance.  She embraces him and tells Coop that she loves the way he smells.  She starts talking about her dad and how she loved the way he smelled, too.  She goes on to talk about Phillip’s cologne.  Coop starts to mellow out and tells her thank you for the party.  Lizzie looks up at a grinning Coop, tells him they really had some good times together and Coop agrees.  Again, Ava is yelling to no avail, “Lizzie, you little troll”. 

As their dance is over, Lizzie tells Coop that being this close to him makes her dizzy and she staggers somewhat.  Ava, continuously yelling, starts to crawl up the elevator shaft, bangs on the overhead trap door as the birthday cake is served.  Lizzie asks Coop to make the first cut of the cake.  As Lizzie tells everyone now much Coop means to her, Coop blows out the candles.  Suddenly, a filth-covered Ava appears in the room and proceeds to yell at Lizzie.  Coop hollers at Lizzie, “What did you do to Ava?”  Lizzie hollers, “Oh, you ruin everything!” and lunges at Ava.  They start to fight.  Lizzie pushes Ava and grabs her from behind.  Ava bites Lizzie.  Lizzie jumps on Ava’s back and they go around and around.  Ava finally gets Lizzie free and turns her around to shove her face again and again in the birthday cake as the onlookers try to break up the fight.  Jonathan is bellowing and howling and laughing, “Eat it, eat it!!!”

As the police handcuff a cake-smeared Lizzie, she tearfully calls her mother, “Mom, could you come down here?  I kinda did something.”  Beth arrives to console Lizzie.  Lizzie tells her mom that it’s not like she is some kind of waitress with chewed off fingernails who lives in her car.  She tells Beth that it’s like Coop traded her in for a bag lady.  Lizzie tells her she feels tired all the time and can’t eat because of the breakup with Coop.  She says when she wakes up in the morning, just wants to vomit when a suddenly ill-looking Beth tells her to stop saying that word, vomit.  Lizzie says the word again and Beth covers her mouth and gags.  She tells Lizzie that she is having a bout with morning sickness with dizziness, nausea and tired during the day.  Beth makes a hasty exit, gagging.  Lizzie has a perplexed look on her face.   Suddenly, she starts to remember that she is tired all the time and can’t eat.  She remembers the nachos earlier and how they made her sick; while dancing with Coop and getting dizzy.  A horrified look comes upon her face.  “Oh, no, she pants.  There’s no way.”  She looks over to Coop, then to Jonathan.  She starts to gag again and turns to the bar.  Grabbing an ice bucket, retching she says, “Oh, no, I’m going to be sick” as she vomits into the bucket. 

Back at Lizzie’s apartment, she picks up Roxie saying, “Positive.  Negative.  How do you work this thing?  Are they serious?  On the stick?”  She places a pregnancy test on the bedside table and watches the clock tick.  “O.K., only three more minutes, Roxie, and then we’ll know.”  She says she can’t be pregnant and that it is just the flu.  As she gets out her calendar, she starts trying to count back when she slept with Jonathan on April 10th.  Suddenly there is a knock on the door and a frightened Lizzie finds her grandfather, Alan, at the door.  He tells her it is a crime that the Coopers spoiled the party.  As Lizzie tries to explain to Alan that she is a Spaulding and will not let the Coopers get her down, the alarm clock rings.  She hurriedly ushers him from the room, explaining the clock is broken.  She tells him it is about time for her to stand on her own two feet and he leaves.

As she starts to approach the pregnancy test, there is another knock on the door.  It is Buzz this time.  He tries to make her feel better about her and Coops’ breakup.  He tells her she is a very strong and nice lady who has made a few mistakes and need not be alone tonight.  He tells her he can take her to her moms and she tells him that’s o.k., she’ll be fine.  She ushers him out the door.  As she makes another attempt to look at the pregnancy test, another knock on the door.  This time it is Coop and he says, “Let’s go.” Hesitantly, she leaves with him, the pregnancy test results unread.

Coop takes her to Phillip’s tomb.  She asks if he is trying to hurt her and he explains he only wants to talk to her.  She remembers when her dad tried to kidnap her and that Coop saved her.  When her dad died, Coop was there.  She tells him he is the only good thing in her life.  He tells her that he is only worried about her.  She thinks he wants her to see other therapists and tells him she thought he was different.  He tells her that what she did tonight to Ava was serious and that she could go to jail for something like this.  She tells him that without him she will become just like the rest of her family.  Coop tells her she can get over the breakup.  Tearfully, she asks why he doesn’t love her anymore.  He explains that he really wanted it to work and that someday she will meet someone who will love her the way she needs to be loved.  But, that man is not he.

Back at her apartment, Lizzie finally looks at the test results.  She nervously says, “The box says that if I’m pregnant, the stick will turn blue”. Holding a very very blue stick, she tells herself that she left the stick in too long.  She decides to do another test and lays the stick beside four already very positive sticks.  “I can’t even take care of myself.  How can I take care of a baby”, she cries.  Looking at Roxie she says, “I can’t even remember if I fed you!  No, I can’t be a mom.  I’m too young.  I don’t even have the wardrobe”, she continues.

Lizzie walks to the Cedars Hospital Maternity ward.  She sees Parenting Magazines with the title, “Who’s Your Daddy?” and looks painfully nervous.  As a very pregnant and in labor woman walks past, Lizzie looks as if she is going to faint.  As she starts to walk away, Lillian walks up to her and Lizzie falls into her embrace.  She tells her grandmother that she doesn’t know what’s wrong with her.  Lizzie tells her that she has never been normal, “I shot someone when I was supposed to be playing with dolls.”  Lillian tells her that she is so lucky that she is a strong young woman.  Lillian further tells her that her daughter, Beth, helped her get through things and that she, Lizzie, helped her mom get through things, too.  She tells Lizzie that being a mom means to place someone ahead of you.  Lizzie asks did she ever want to run away and Lillian says, no.  She tells Lizzie that they are survivors and to have faith in herself.  Lillian tells her that when she, Lizzie, and James were born that they brought so much joy into the family and having a baby is a joyous event.  Suspiciously, she asks Lizzie why she is here at Cedars.  Lizzie tells her she had a stomach ache and now she feels better for this talk is what she needed.

As they embrace, Lizzie watches as a new mother with her baby is wheeled down the corridor of the hospital.  Lillian talks a smiling Lizzie into holding the baby.

Back at her apartment again, Lizzie looks at herself in the mirror.  She places a pillow under her clothes to simulate a growing pregnancy and sweetly rubs her stomach.  After leaving the apartment, she sees her mother and Alan a in a tender moment as Alan rubs Beth’s pregnant belly.

Lizzie goes back to Phillip’s tomb and talks to her dad.  She tells him she is going to be a mom and knows he might not be happy but he would help her.  She places a bouquet of flowers at his tomb and sees another bouquet lying beside her.  She walks to Company and sees Coop consoling Ava.  Jonathan and Tammy are there, too, having a drink and laughing together.  Lizzie looks on sadly.  She turns to leave and touches her stomach, stops and turns back to the window.  As the closing music plays, she frames Coop’s face with her hands.

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